Panzer Clash: Introducing a New Card Type – GENERALS!!

Dear Comrades and Allies!

I tried to seize the opportunity, the new chance for an old game of mine (Panzer Clash as this post’s title indicates), namely the imminent Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to be launched next Wednesday, October 1st 2014, to introduce something new to said old game that will most likely be a great addition and add greatly to the gameplay value of the game on so many levels!

I am talking about GENERALS!! And here is one for you to feast your eyes on:


General Alexeij Trostzky


Looking pretty neat eh? And let me tell you this is a real person, a good friend and long-term Panzer Clash fan and supporter, in this picture, drawn as a WW2 era Soviet Generel. Why the hell didn’t I just put Erwin Rommel or George S. Patton or any other real historical figures on there you may rightfully ask. The reason is as simple as awesome, for I have an evil “master plan” for the Generals in mind.

So we will do it like this:

On our upcoming Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign we will offer a very, VERY exclusive and unique deal as our highest “perk” (backer level), and trust me this won’t be cheap at all, by means of which YOU get the once in a lifetime opportunity to be portrayed as a General in a similar way as you can see in the above sample card, and your card will be printed with the final product, the 400+ cards Panzer Clash “Mega Pack”!! So if you ever dreamt of being in a game (or of being a famed strategic mastermind WW2 panzer general), this will be your chance!! Besides you will get a “Panzer Clash Goodies Package” if you back at this high-end “General” perk, consisting of 3 copies of the game, a Panzer Clash Fan Shirt (we got 4 designs to choose from – one for each faction in the game) as well as an art print with YOUR artwork as a general.

But enough about the most awesome backer reward in the history of crowdfunding card games (well maybe there was a more awesome deal that I am not aware of – apologies for the bravado in this case) and on to how the General cards actually work and how they will greatly improve your Panzer Clash gaming experience.

For those few brave ones who were crazy enough to buy my game Elemental Clash, or those who have at least some knowledge about it, all that needs to be said is that the Generals in Panzer Clash are the almost exact equivalent of the very popular Spellcasters in Elemental Clash.

For those without any Elemental Clash knowledge or even experience, here’s how the Generals will work:

First of all, playing with General is optional, but all players have to agree whether or not to use Generals. So if you choose the “General” mode/variant of play, you first (prior to playing) choose one of the at least 12 General cards we are planning on including in the Panzer Clash Base Game. Each General has certain strenghtes and weaknesses so you pretty much have to build your deck around the specific General you chose, in order to have a deck that works well with his unique and specific abilities and such. The choice of General influences deckbuilding a lot as you should adapt your deck to him as well as possible so as to make maximum use of his specific powers.

Every General has a name and a Faction he’s associated with as well as 3 Stats and 2 Abilities. The Stats are “Hand Size”, “Card Draw” and “Deck Size” whereas the abilities are firstly the “Static Ability” and secondly the “Flip Ability. Here a graphics that illustrates this and explains the general layout all Generals will have in common:

Generals Explanation

Let me explain how the stats and abilities work a bit more in depth. If you are not so interested in the details, you may stop reading here! 😀

First of all, the Generals are never shuffled into the deck with all the other cards but are placed face-up on the table in front of their owner.

The Hand Size in green is both the number of cards you draw at the beginning of each game AND the number of cards you need to discard down to at the end of your turn, if you have more than the number indicated in the Hand Size orb/icon.

The Card Draw value in blue is simply the number of cards you HAVE TO draw during each of your turns, during Draw-Phase.

The third Stat in red/orange is the Deck Size which is very important as it determines the maximum number of cards you can have in a deck with this General. This is so very important because the goal of the game is to deplete the opponent deck by means of dealing damage through Units and Events. So a small deck means you will have less time to win as a smaller deck is more easily torn apart by your opponent than a bigger one. So the deck size value has to be considered when building decks as you HAVE to stick to that maximum card total value when playing with a certain General.

Now on to the two Abilities that are to be found in the horizontally split text box in the lower half of the General card:

The Static Ability is a continuous type of ability that will give you a permanent bonus of one kind or another from the very beginning unto the end of the game, UNLESS you use your Generals Flip Ability:

By flipping your General card face-down, you can activate your usually very powerful but one-time Flip Ability. It can be used at any given point in the game (so also any time during an opponent turn for example) but as I said only once in one game, as you have to flip your General like so…

General Unflipped Flipped

….and there is no (not to-date and probably never will be) way if unflipping your General to use his mighty Flip Ability one more time.

What is most important about using your Flip Ability is that it will permanently shut down your Static Ability, which creates a lot of tension and forces you to think strategically about if and when to use your once-per-game Flip Ability.

Well, that about covers how the generals work.

As I have seen in Elemental Clash, where the Spellcasters proved to be so fun to play with and so popular that NOBODY ever plays the regular version of the game without Spellcasters, the Spellcasters aka Generals will add a ton of gameplay value and overall long-term enjoyment to the game and enhance your overall Panzer Clash experience greatly. You have to choose a General, you have the amazingly fun challenge to build a good “home” (a deck that suits his powers well) for him and then you can see how everything falls in place when playing some actual “General Style” games. From my personal experience I can say that timing the unleashing of your Flip Ability creates very tough choices as you have to use it just at the right time to max out the “profit” you gain from it. Smart, tactical decisions that matter are one huge quality for me, and many agree as I know for a fact.

So bottom line: I am really excited of being able to bring Panzer Clash to you along with the amazing General cards that add so much fun and value to the game overall on probably more levels I can imagine right now!! And again: If YOU want to be a general too, secure your card by backing at the presitgious “General” level on Indiegogo. 

Well we hope to see you there as our loyal supporters and will keep you updated on everything, prior to and during the campaign!!

Thank you for your time and attention and…

….Clash On!!

Yours truly,