EC: Guest Article – “Battling Spellcasters”

Dear friends and fans of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game!

This time it is not I who will treat you to a nice, EC-related article, but rather an enthusiastic Elemental Clash fan, David Hassell from the United States of America will “take the stand” and share some interesting insights from his Elemental Clash experiences in the following article or session report!! So let’s hear it from David!!

(Many thanks to David for his enthusiasm for the game and for taking the time to pen this detailed report!)

Last note before we get to David’s session report: You can check all cards mentioned at!

Guest Article David Hassell - Battling Spellcasters Medium

Battling Spellcasters!

Prisma vs Scalden


Prisma of the Many Colors

This Spellcaster grabbed my attention from the start, because I love the idea of putting together multi-element decks. How did I do? Here’s the list:


Ball Lightning x 3

Dragonslayer x 2

Jupiter-Stormmaster x 2

Archdemon x 2

Fandi of the Flaming Eye x 1

Algorn, Wizard Adept x 1

Greater Catfish x 3 (I love to eat fried catfish, and I love putting this in a deck)


Lightning Strike x 2

Mist Cloak x 2

Mars’ Rage x 3 (Oh, yeah! Mars’ Rage + Mist Cloak + Archdemon = PAIN!)

Siren’s Call x 3

Earth Ritual x 3 (I wanted 7, but that’s cheating)


Jupiter Stone x 2 / Mars Stone x 2 / Mercury Stone x 1 / Venus Stone x 2 = not that it matters with Prisma

Hastestone x 3

Powerstone x 3



Scalden Deathbringer

Ouch! This Spellcaster pretty much shuts down any 1 Defense creature from getting on the table. Then you can flip Scalden later in the game to take down an annoying creature and unleash your creatures’ attack power. Nasty!


Cosmic Griffin x 3

Cumulus x 3 (I fear this creature. I really do.)

Elder of the Skies x 3

Merman Meddler x 2


Protective Sphere x 2

Repulse x 2

Negate x 2

Royal Shattering x 3

Shattering Wave x 3 (these last two can really shut down the opponent)


Jupiter Stone x 3

Mercury Stone x 3

Miststone x 3

Powerstone x 3


At the start of the battle, Scalden has to mulligan down to a 5-card hand. The first 7-card hand only had one Stone, the free mulligan flooded his hand with Stones, the 6-card hand had no stones at all, so he’ll settle with a 5-card hand. Since he’s starting with a low 35-card Spellbook and he draws 2 cards per turn, that may not be a liability. You do need to be careful about deliberately using the mulligan rule to draw down to fewer cards, because a bad run of luck can hurt you.

Prisma uses her free mulligan and is happy with her 7-card hand.

Scalden is first, so he can’t draw any cards. He establishes his first Element Stone Stack with a dual-element Miststone (Air/Water).

Prisma builds her first Element Stone Stack, but also doesn’t cast anything.

Scalden draws two cards and pumps his first Stack to 2-level. I’ll say “x-level” to indicate an Element Stone Stack can produce x elements. He casts Cumulus. Due to Scalden’s Static Ability, all creatures have -1/-1. That will lower Cumulus from 2/2 to a 1/1 creature, though his special ability allows him to discard for a temporary +1/+2 boost for each card discarded. Prisma also has to make certain she doesn’t cast any creatures with a printed defense of 1, because the -1/-1 will bring it to 0 defense, which destroys creatures.

Prisma plays a Hastestone into her first Stack, bringing it to 2-level. That allows her to cast a Greater Catfish. The Hastestone gives the Catfish the Quickattacker Ability, so the Catfish is treated as if it was in the Attack Zone. It attacks Scalden for 1 point of damage. Scalden does have the option to use his Flip Ability to purge the Catfish before the damage goes through. That would remove the -1/-1 static impact on creatures, but it’s very important to time your spells, creatures, abilities, and attacks properly.

Scalden deploys the Cumulus into the Attack Zone. He establishes his second Stack with a Jupiter Stone (Air), then casts a Protective Sphere Permanent Spell on it. Permanent Spells occupy the Stack until the end of game or until some spell or effect is able to remove it. The Element Stone in that Stack will stay there, but it’s not needed in order to keep the Permanent Spell in place. That means that Scalden has the option to target that Jupiter Stone with either his Royal Shattering or Shattering Wave spell.

The Protective Sphere protects Scalden’s Air Creatures from opponent’s spells and abilities, and Cumulus is an Air Creature. The Cumulus attacks for 1 point of damage. Scalden casts a second Cumulus.

Prisma deploys her Catfish into her Attack Zone. She establishes her second Stack with a Mars Stone. Prisma’s Static Ability allows all her Basic Element Stones to produce any element, so she doesn’t have to worry about matching the proper element with the spells/creatures she casts. The Catfish could try to attack Scalden’s Cumulus that’s in Scalden’s Attack Zone, but Scalden could discard a card to pump it where the Catfish would be destroyed but the Cumulus survives. The Catfish attacks Scalden’s Spellbook instead for 1 damage, and a Shattering Wave Boons.

Scalden could target his Jupiter Stone that’s tied up by the Protective Sphere. That would give him an effective 1-life boost, since cards in the Spellbook = life in Elemental Clash. He decides it would be more productive to try to reduce Prisma’s stacks. Scalden targets Prisma’s Hastestone, and the Hastestone goes to the top of Prisma’s Spellbook. Yes, that does give Prisma the effective 1-life boost, but an attack from Scalden can put the stone from the Spellbook into the Archive, removing it from play.

Scalden deploys the second Cumulus into the Attack Zone, and places a Stone into the first stack to make it 3-level. The first Cumulus attacks for 1 point of damage, and that takes out the Hastestone that was put on top of the Spellbook in the prior turn. The second Cumulus attacks for 1 damage. With only four cards in his hand, Scalden doesn’t want to pump Cumulus unless necessary. Scalden casts a Cosmic Griffin and ends his turn.

Prisma has another Hastestone in her hand, and she plays it to her first Stack to make it 2-level. She attacks with her Catfish, but first pumps it by casting Mars’ Rage on the second 1-level Stack. That delivers 4 damage to Scalden, and another Shattering Wave Boons. Scalden targets the pesky Hastestone, sending to the top of Prisma’s Spellbook. Prisma has two 1-level stacks (one currently occupied by the Mars’ Rage Spell), so those Shattering Waves are hurting her ability to cast high-cost cards. She decides to “heal” by casting Earth Ritual, which will put the top 3 cards from her Archive underneath her Spellbook.

It’s Scalden’s turn. The Cosmic Griffin goes to the Attack Zone. Scalden plays a dual-element Miststone to start a third Stack. Each of the two Cumulus’ attack for 1 damage apiece, then the Cosmic Griffin (2/1) attacks the Greater Catfish (1/1) directly, destroying both creatures.

Scalden casts a Merman Meddler in the 1-level stack. Merman Meddler can be destroyed to neutralize a creature or spell if the opponent doesn’t destroy one of her Stones. Scalden leaves his 3-level Stack free, because he has a Negate Spell in his hand.

Prisma has to Purge the Earth Ritual on her Stack, then plays a Stone on it to make it 2-level. She casts a Dragonslayer. Scalden doesn’t have any Dragons, but at least it’s a creature for Prisma. She has a 1-cost creature in her hand, but it has a defense of 1. Due to Scalden’s Static Ability, it would be destroyed as soon as it was cast. Such is the way of life.

Scalden deploys the Merman Meddler into his Defense Zone, then casts Royal Shattering to take Prisma’s 2-level Stack to 1-level. At least the Stone was returned to Prisma’s hand instead of getting put on top of her Spellbook.

Both Cumulus’ attack Prisma for 1 damage apiece. Scalden follows by casting a Cosmic Griffin.

Prisma deploys the Dragonslayer into her Defense Zone, where it could at least block one of the Cumulus’. Scalden has a Merman Meddler in his Defense Zone and would be able to block the Dragonslayer’s attack.

Oh, but the Merman Meddler has a -1 attack value, so the Merman would be destroyed if it did block. Change of plans! The Dragonslayer goes into the Attack Zone instead. This was all done before Prisma drew a card, so she’s still within her Standby Phase.

She attacks with her Dragonslayer. Blocking is optional, and Scalden decides that he wants to hold onto the Merman to neutralize something potentially nastier.

Prisma plays a Stone back onto the first Stack to make it 2-level, then casts a second Dragonslayer

Scalden’s 2-card draw and low deck size is starting to hurt him. His Spellbook is down to 13 cards, and he’s going to draw two of them this turn. Prisma has 25 cards in her Spellbook.

Ok, Scalden deploys the Cosmic Griffin to the Attack Zone, then draws 2 cards. He then uses his Flip ability to Purge the Dragonslayer on Prisma’s Element Stack. This will eliminate the -1/-1 Static Ability, so his creatures will be able to attack at full value. He targets the Dragonslayer on the Stack instead of the one in the Attack Zone, because Scalden wants to attack it. He discards a Protective Sphere from his hand to pump one of his Cumulus (3/4), then attacks the Dragonslayer (2/2) with the pumped Cumulus.

Before continuing the attack, Scalden casts Shattering Wave to take one of the stones off Prisma’s 2-level Stack and place it on top of her Spellbook. Yes, that gives her “1 life,” but the next attack will put it into the Archive. She attacks with the Cosmic Griffin for 3 damage. A Greater Catfish Boons, and Prisma places it into her Defense Zone.

I believe the Merman Meddler can try to neutralize the Booned Catfish. Even though Boon is an ability and the Catfish would not be placed on a Stack, the Boon does allow the creature/spell to be played at no cost. However, Negate and Omnia’s Flip Ability wording seems to indicate that you can only neutralize cards cast on a Stack. I’ll play on assuming that you can’t neutralized something that was triggered by Boon.

Scalden still has a Cumulus that hasn’t attacked, and he discards a card to pump the Cumulus (3/4) and attacks. Will the Catfish (3/3) block? Prisma takes the damage. Scalden leaves his 3-level Stack free so he can use his Negate if necessary.

Prisma leaves her Catfish in the Defense Zone. She has two 1-defense creatures in her hand that she couldn’t play when Scalden’s -1/-1 ability was active, but now she can play them. She casts Algorn, Wizard Adept. He has immunity from spells and effects, so he can’t be neutralized. Prisma then casts Fandi of the Falming Eye (I think that’s supposed to be Flaming). Scalden destroys the Merman, and Prisma decides she can’t afford to destroy one of her meager two stones.

Scalden moves one of his Cumulus to the Defense Zone. He plays a Powerstone on the third stack to make it 2-level, then casts Cumulus. The Powerstone gives the Cumulus a +1/+1 counter.

Scalden declares the Cumulus in the Attack Zone as an attacker, and Prisma decides not to block with the Catfish. Scalden then discards a card to pump the Cumulus (3/4) before delivering the 3 points of damage. Although not specified in the rules, it is customary to declare an attacker, cast spells/abilities, declare blockers, cast spells/abilities, then resolve damage.

The Cosmic Griffin (3/2) attacks, despite the fact that the Catfish could block and take it out. Prisma’s Spellbook is running low now, so she decides to block the damage, and both the Catfish and the Griffin are destroyed.

Prisma deploys Algorn to the Defense Zone, then plays a Stone into her first Stack to make it 2-level.  That’s all she can do.

Scalden deploys the Cumulus into the Attack Zone, then moves the Cumulus from the Defense Zone into Attack. He has three Cumulus on the attack!

Algorn decides not to block the first two attacks, and 4 points of damage go through. An Earth Ritual Boons, so three cards are transferred from Prisma’s Archive to the bottom of her Spellbook.

The third Cumulus (3/4 pumped) attacks. Algorn decides to take the damage, and Scalden opts not to pump it further by discarding Negate, because that Negate might come in handy. Actually, Algorn could destroy himself to neutralize Negate if it comes out. Ooo, decisions, decisions!

Another Earth Ritual Boons (the final of the three copies in Prisma’s deck), “healing” 3 points of that damage.

Prisma draws a Powerstone and is able to finally (!) build her first Stack to 3-level. She casts a Jupiter-Stormmaster, and the Powerstone gives her a +1/+1 counter. Scalden casts Negate to neutralize the Jupiter-Stormmaster, and Algorn destroys himself to neutralize the Negate. Working back through the spell stack, Algorn and Negate go to their respective Archives, and the Jupiter-Stormmaster goes through. Her Play-Effect sends the Cumulus with the +1/+1 counter back to Scalden’s hand.

Scalden moves one of his two Cumulus to his Defense Zone, then attacks with the one remaining in the Attack Zone for 2 damage. He then casts Elder of the Skies onto the 3-level stack, then casts Cumulus onto the third stack with the Powerstone to pick up the+1/+1.

Prisma deploys Jupiter-Stormmaster to her Defense Zone. Both Spellbooks are running low, and she’s hoping Scalden’s 2-card draw per turn will finish him off. She casts Greater Catfish onto the Powerstone Stack. She’ll leave her 1-level stack free for the Mars’ Rage card in her hand.

Scalden draws and casts a Royal Shattering to return Prisma’s stone in her open 1-level stack to her hand. I think she could play Mars’ Rage before the Royal Shattering resolves, but she opts not to.

The Elder of the Skies is unblockable, so it attacks first for 3 damage. The non-pumped Cumulus declares an attack, and Prisma decides not to block. Scalden discards both of the cards in his hand to pump it, and 4 damage goes through. A Greater Catfish Boons into the Defense Zone!

Scalden decides to attack with the last Cumulus (3/3), knowing that if Prisma blocks, the Cumulus would take out one of the blockers in the Defense Zone. Prisma has to block, and chooses her Catfish to block. The Catfish and Cumulus are destroyed.

Prisma deploys the Catfish into the Attack Zone, and moves Jupiter-Stormmaster from Defense to Attack. She plays her Mars Stone to set up a 1-level Stack, then declares the Catfish (3/3) as an attacker. Since the Stormmaster has a higher attack value, Scalden decides not to block. Prisma casts a Mars’ Rage to pump the Catfish (6/3), and 6 points of damage go through! That depletes Scalden’s Spellbook.

The game isn’t over. A player only loses if he/she has to draw a card and can’t. However, Scalden can’t pull any tricks from his sleeve. Prisma ends her turn, and Scalden loses the game during his Draw Phase.

Prisma wins the game… with only 3 cards remaining in her Spellbook!



EC: Taking the Clash to a New Level with TRANSFORMATIONS!

Dear readers and friends of Elemental Clash!

Well I haven’t written anything about good old EC in a while, but now is the time to break the long spell of silence. And for good reasons. As the new year approaches and will come, a new era in the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game will be ushered in.

Just recently, I had one of my notorious “epiphanies” regarding the game and came up with an altogether new type of cards that might change or literally “transform” the way we know and play the game drastically. I am talking about


What the hell is a Transformation Card you may rightfully ask. Explaining what the Transformations will be all about is what I will try to explain in this article. And not only will I tell you how the new card type and concept will work, but I will also provide some thoughts on why I think this totally new thing will influence the game as a whole in a beneficial manner and on the potential of the new Transformation cards!

So let us get started with the first question you may have now: What is a Transformation Card and how does Transformation work in the game. Only one more thought to keep in mind: However drastic of a change this novelty concept may seem to be, I think the introduction of the Spellcasters to the game were a more fundamental change in how the game was and still is played. So let me explain everything now:

First of all, now each player may (it is not a must) have a so called Transformation Deck of up to 12 cards (and no more than 12). These are all “Transformed Creatures”. Each Transformed Creature in your Transformation Deck, which is kept seperately from your Spellbook and never shuffled in with your main deck cards, has two things in its text box to keep in mind: The first is a clause that says “Transforms from X”, whereby X can be a Creature of a certain Element or Creature type or even a specific Creature name. This is the base Creature which can be transformed into a Creature from your Transformation Deck. But you cannot just transform any Creature as you wish, since, secondly, each Transformed Creature has a “Transformation Trigger” also listed in its text box. These are special requirements or conditions that must be met in order to transform a suitable Creature. If you have an eligible Creature and the Transformation Trigger requirements are met, you may take a suitable Transformation card from your Transformation Deck and place it on the “Base Creature” in play.

Here is a diagram showing you how a Transformed Creature looks like along with explanatory text:

Anatomy of a Transformed Creature

The ways Creatures can be transformed will be very diverse and creative. Here is how the Transformation into “The Draconian Archetype” shown in the above sample would work:

How a Transformation Works small PNG

OK so now that we have seen the anatomy of a Transformation card and have seen how transforming a Creature may work, I will show you some more sample previews of Transformed Creatures. Please keep in mind that there will be multitudes of different “Base Creatures” and also diverse ways of how these Creatures can be transformed into more powerful incarnations or alter egos of themselves. So here some more Transformed Creatures. As I do not have any actual art for any of the Transformed Creatures I have planned already, all the artworks are placeholders for now. Asking for your understanding.

Some Transformed Creatures

As you can see in the above samples of Transformed Creatures, their abilities are indeed quite diverse.

Bargost Reborn can only be transformed from Bargost (Thundertail) and only when Bargost enters play from your Archive. This is a prime example for the supreme flavor these transformed Creatures can add to the game. You can actually evolve your Creatures and the characters in the game such as the Unique Bargost Thundertail. When he is reanimated from the grave, you can turn him into Bargost Reborn, which is a more powerful version of the already quite powerful, regular Bargost Thundertail.

The Avenger of the Skies is  one of four similar Avengers – there will be one for each Element – that transforms from any Air Creature and only in case at least 3 of your Air Creatures were destroyed in one turn. And yes, you can also transform during an opponent’s turn. This kind of Transformed Creature can really take your revenge on your opponent. If you have at least 4 Air Creatures in play for instance and 3 of them are somehow destroyed, you can transform your remaining Air Creature into an Avenger of the Skies, which is – as you can see – quite powerful in a Spellbook dedicated to the Air Element.

Hellfire Incarante transforms from any Fire Creature as well but only if you have dealt at least 5 damage through Spells or Effects in one turn. This can be a great addition to a Transformation Deck going along with a dedicated “Burn” Spellbook.

Startsteel Golem on the other hand transforms only from Gold Golem and only when at least 3 Element-Stones were sent to your Archive from play in one turn. Gold Golem has the Play-Effect to destroy 3 of your Element-Stones, so why not add some Starsteel Golems to your Transformation Deck if you are running Gold Golem Main Deck anyways. But Starsteel Golem only shines when you have various types of Basic Element-Stones in your Archive as it gets +1/+1 for each type of Basic Stone in your Archive.

What is not represented in the 4 sample cards shown above are Creatures that transform from a specific Creature type. However I can ensure you that every major Creature type such as Trolls (Earth), Goblins (Fire), Spirits (Air) and Merfolk (Water) among others will get their very own Transformations.

All in all I think Elemental Clash as a whole will benefit greatly from the addtition of the Transformed Creatures and the seperate, 12 card Transformation Deck as you may want to tune your deck in ways so as to max out on transforming Creatures. However let me ensure you that the Transformations will NEVER be a must in order to stay competitive and there are bound to be cards in the future that not only support transforming Creatures but also plenty cards that will punish players overusing the new Transformed Creatures. I will personally see to it, that the upcoming Transformations will be balanced and you will have to make clever game moves in order to make good use of the Transformations at all.

I see the Transformation cards adding a new strategic layer to the game, which will be beneficial for Elemental Clash as a whole, and last but not least, it will add tremendous flavor to the game, as you will be able to “evolve” your in-game characters – just look at Bargost Reborn – which will let you associate with the characters you are running in your deck as you’ll be choosing the path they are going to take. That being said, I can see that there will be various Transformations of some Unique Creatures for example, that will allow you to transform one character mutliple times over the course of the game. A Transformed Creature can be transformed not only once but several times in general mind you.

And on a closing note: Some familiar with the Yu-Gi-Oh card game will think I am borrowing a bit from the Extra Deck Special Summoning that has become so popular in that specific game, and these people are not exactly wrong with noting that. I did take some inspiration from the YGO Extra Deck mechanics but tried to be original and do the whole thing my way – Elemental Clash Style. And I think I accomplished my goal with how the Transformation mechanics turned out in the end – requiring an eligible Creature and special requirements being met in order to transform that is.

Bottom line: I am very excited about how the Transformation Cards and the addition of the separate Transformation Deck will literally “transform” the game as a whole and I am looking forward to be able to present you the first actual  Transformed Creature card previews. The art for the transformed versions of the four “legendary” Unique Dragon Lords from the Legendary Legacy Expansion, Bargost Thundetail, Ascarius Lord of Storms, Grimlock the Cruel and Finborg Sire of the Seas are already commissioned and being worked on so I will be able to present you some actual Transformations pretty soon!

Well, dear readers, I hope I was able to raise your curiosity about this new concept to be introduced and added to the Elemental Clash universe and will try to keep you updated on a regular basis!

The Transformations begin as the old year passes and the new one begins!

Stay tuned and

keep clashing!!



EC: Announcing the Trolls vs Goblins Duel Pack & EC going BRAZIL!!

Dear friends and fans of the more or less obscure Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game!!

It has been quite some time since I last posted about the game, but I have two amazing annoucnemnts in store for you this time around!

First off, I would like to break the awesome news to you that Elemental Clash has finally found a publisher from where I least expected one, so

Elemental Clash is soon to hit BRAZIL!

3D Backgrounds for Desktop Computers Free 3D Wallpapers

I will tell you the whole quite unbelievable tale shortly, but first the second announcement: Right in time for Christmas sales I will be releasing the

English Version of the Elemental Clash Duel Pack – Trolls vs Goblins


on, which will be an intro-type pack containing two ready-to-play 40 cards Theme Decks (The Troll and the Goblin Deck) and should be the perfect entry point for those who have been curious about Elemental Clash for a while but did not want to make the investment of purchasing the full Master Set.

But before I go into detail on the upcoming, first of hopefully many Duel Packs, let me tell you how it came about that my humble game will soon be on the shelves of game stores in Brazil:

So I have been bravely soldiering on with my “firstborn” when it comes to games, that is of course nothing else than Elemental Clash, for years, tried numerous crowdfunders – without any success – and managed to release the approx. 300 cards Master Set as well as an equally voluminous expansion set (Legendary Legacy) all on my own, all funded out of my own pocket.

So when I was expecting it least, an email came in some weeks ago: A kind gentleman hailing from Brazil and going by the name of Helio Greca of Rocky Raccoon Games, a small scale Brazilian games publisher approached me with a bold proposal or request rather:

Helio proposed to me to release the Elemental Clash Master Set in Brazil and to do whatever was in his powers to make the game a success over there!

We soon agreed on common terms and as it looks now, we will be introducing Elemental Clash in the form of the Portuguese Version of the Elemental Clash Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins right in time for Christmas sales! That was honestly a lot more than I was expecting and Helio furthermore ensured me that he would be following up with a release of the full Elemental Clash Master Set right after the famous Brazilian Carnival, around March 2015! I was thrilled to hear all that as you might be able to imagine! 😀

So now that the big announcement is out of the way, a few words about and visual teasers/previews from the upcoming Elemental Clash Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins:

So we will be releasing the Brazilian version of this first of hopefully many Elemental Clash Duel Packs in Brazil in Portuguese language hopefully just in time for Christmas sales. The same will be done with the English version of the Pack, which will be available in about a week from now on, exclusively. I will announce the actual release date on this here blog as soon as I know the definite date for the release!

The Duel Pack Trolls vs Goblins will contain two readily-assembled and playable straight out of the box theme decks of 40 cards each – the Troll Deck (which will be of the Earth Element) and the Goblin Deck (of the Fire Element) and is hence intended to be an intro-type product and can be considered as the ideal entry point for those who are new to Elemental Clash and/or have been curious to try the game for a while already, yet weren’t willing to commit to purchasing a full Master Set. So if you are new to Elemental Clash and curious about the game, the Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins is your chance to take a dive into the fantastic world of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game! 

For those who already own the Master Set and the Legendary Legacy Expansion, this Duel Pack may be less desirable, as all the cards save for 2 are taken out of the Elemental Clash Master Set as well as the big Legendary Legacy Expansion… unless you are a dyed in the wool Elemental Clash fan and want to get a copy of each of the two unique and powerful Promo Cards, which have been made for this pack especially and hence were never released before in any way. Here they are again: Azragruul, King of the Trolls and his archenemy Rak’Shazzar, King of the Goblins:

Promo Cards

The Troll King and Goblin King promotional card artworks as well as the awesome cover art seen on the box shot preview above have been made by incredibly talented artist and illustrator Evgeni Maloshenkov, from the Ukraine, who defined the style, look and feel of both the Trolls and Goblins races or “Tribes” through his many fantastic artistic contributions to the Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy Expansion Set.

Here are a few cards samples from the Trolls Deck, all of which were illustrated by Evgeni Maloshenkov…

Some Troll Cards

…and here some card previews straight out of the Goblins Deck, also done by the same, hightly gifted illustrator.

Some Goblin Cards

Lastly, to close this article of amazing announcements, I will provide you with the full card list for the Trolls and Goblins Decks, just in case you want to know in detail what cards will be found in each deck. You will find all the cards in the following list at under the “Cards” section, as all are either from the Master Set or the Legendary Legacy Expansion, with the exception of the promotional, exclusive Troll Kind and Goblin King cards shown above!

TvG Decklists

So yeah, dear readers and friends&fans of my Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game; if you are looking for a Christmas present for a friend or if you are new to but curious about Elemental Clash, do take a closer look at the Elemental Clash Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins. Actually, you can have a look and even order right now at the preview link over at The Game Crafter at

I will publish the Duel Pack to the TGC Shop officially within about one week’s time from now and will keep you all updated on this, as well as on the exciting developments over in Brazil!!

So thank you for your time and attention and as always;






Presenting the Elemental Clash Future Sight Preview Pack!

Dear friends and fans of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game!

Shortly after the release of the first full Elemental Clash Expansion “Legendary Legacy” (available here) and on the occasion of my 27th birthday (which is tomorrow on 31st of May), it is my great pleasure to announce the release of the

Elemental Clash: Future Sight Preview Pack

EC FS Boxshot small

This exclusive pack of 35 cards (+1 rules explanation card) will grant you, dear friend of Elemental Clash, an exclusive glimpse into the future of Elemental Clash, into what I have planned for the game over the course of the coming 2 – 3 years.

The Future Sight Preview Pack is availaible as of now HERE.

If you want to know what you will get with this pack, please read on!

So, as I have mentioned before, after Legendary Legacy, there will be no more 100+ card expansions any more, but rather what I call


which will be smaller sets of about 90 cards each which will all have a certain theme and introduce one major, new game mechanic. Furhtermore, as announced previously, there will be so called

Tribal Packs

starting with the “Tribal Pack: Orcs”, which will be reinforcement packs of about 36 cards all about one new Creature Type.

But back to the Elemental Clash Future Sight Preview Pack:

The pack will contain 15 never-before seen, exclusive preview cards from 5 different Demi-Expansions I have planned to realiz over the course of the next few years (as always, finances are the only thing that hold me back and I cannot provide you with any release dates for any of the Demi-Expansions), with the first one being a very special set all about our favorite type of fantasy creatures:

Dragonforce Logo low res

The other four Demi-Expansions will each focus on one of the four Elements in the game and they will go by the names of

Gravestorm (Earth)

Winds of War (Air)

Reign of Chaos (Fire)

Benthic Behemoths (Water)

Out of these five upcoming sets, the Future Sight Preview Pack includes one “Unique” Creature, one regular Creature and one Spell, so 3 cards from each of the aforementioned Demi-Expansions, showcasing the new mechanics that will be introduced in these, in order to give you a taste of what is going to come in the future.

If you are curious about the exact contents of the Future Sight Preview Pack, here a full cards spoiler for your convenience:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For those of you who are extra curious, I will explain the new mechanics/keywords briefly for you:

  • Tribute:

Tribute is an additional cost you pay upon playing a card requiring a Tribute from hand. This means you have to destroy cards you control as described in the Tribute card. There are Tribute(s) that are mandatory and such which are optional, as stated on the card. If you paid Tribute for a card that is neutralized, the Tributed card(s) will still go to the Archive.

  • Last Stand:

If you have 7 or less cards left in your Spellbook, the “Last Stand” effects are applied as specified on the cards.

  • Echo:

This Spell or Effect is copied as many times as a card with the same name is in your Archive.

  • Gamble:

To Gamble just means you roll a six-sided dice and follow the instructions as described on the card that requires you to Gamble.

  • Reinforce:

For a card in play that has Reinforce, you may reveal any number of cards with the same name from your hand and shuffle them into your Spellbook. The Reinforce effect(s) resolve for each, as described on the card.


Alright, that is about all I can tell you about the Elemental Clash: Future Sight Preview Pack and the upcoming Demi-Expansions for now. Again I cannot provide you with even a general timeframe when any of these will be available, as all depends on how my financial situation develops in the nearer future.

So all I can say is please support the Elemental Clash project by purchasing your copy of Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy and/or your Future Sight Preview Pack. It is a bargain after all, offering highest quality art and gameplay value at an affordable price tag!

Thank you for your attention and interest – more new card previews will be posted as they come in so stay tuned and as always…


Sincerely yours,


EC: Welcoming Phil McDermott (UK) to the EC Art Team

Dear readers! Dear friends & fans of Elemental Clash!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our newest member to the ever-growing, international Elemental Clash Art Team.

Let us all give a hearty welcome to talented illustrator, artist, writer, animator and much more, Phil McDermott from the UK.

Let me first show you the totally stunning first piece of art Phil made for the upcoming Elemental Clash: Dragonforce Demi-Expansion at a VERY affordable price (Thank you for that Phil!). Have a look at Phil’s fatastic interpretation of Stonegorger Dragon:

Stonegorger Dragon small

Well as you can see, Phil has a VERY unique and interesting style, which is exactly the kind of art/artist I am looking for for Elemental Clash! I am really enthralled and fascinated by Phil’s style and am very much looking forward to see more awesome artwork from him soon – provided my financial situation will allow for it…

Before I show you the actual Stonegorger Dragon card preview, let me tell you a bit about Phil McDermott and his work:

Phil wanted me to extend his kind regards to you, my dear readers, and would like to invite you to visit his art portfolio as well as his youtube channel where you’ll find his “animation stuff”.

Phil is based in the UK and multi talented, being not only artist but also a writer, mostly working in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres. His style influences range from comic books, gothic and heavy metal artwork, sci-fi movies, artist like Simon Bisley and HR Giger. Phil has worked on book covers, album covers, T-shirt design, concept design- anything that needs some cool artwork and his main focus at the moment is a Transmedia sci-fi novel/motion comic series called Arcis (you can see some bits of that on Phil’s Youtube channel).

And here is the card preview of Stonegorger Dragon, featuring Phil’s magnificent illustration:

Stonegorger Dragon

Well, as you can see, this is another Dragon card featuring the new TRBUTE mechanic to be introduced in EC: Dragonforce (I have shown you two other Dragons requiring TRIBUTES before: Primordius the Kingorger Ur-Dragon and Venus Dragon if you remember). Stonegorger Dragon is yet another high-risk/high-reward card as you can feed a ton of Element-Stones to him to make him huge and possibly, if you sacked some Mars-Stones, wipe out a whole opponent army with his play-effect, BUT if you lose Stonegorger (there are plenty of options for that such as cards that destroy or purge Creatures, return them to hand or neutralize them right away) you destroyed a (large) number of Element-Stones for nothing basically. So you’d want to be careful with that one and play it only when you know your opponent does not have anything to get rid of the Dragon or figure out some way of protecting the Stonegorger. In any case, this card can be huge, but has to be used with caution as he requires a hefty tribute (quite literally) to unfold his full potential.

Anyways that was my introduction of Phil McDermott combined with an awesome card preview from the upcoming EC: Dragonforce Demi-Expansion!

So one more time, welcome to the EC team/family Phil!! I for one am very much looking forward to see more of your unique art!!

And to all my readers and friends out there, as always,

Happy Gaming,




Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!!

Finally, I have the great pleasure to announce the the first full expansion set to Elemental Clash: The Master Set…

LL Boxshot small


You can purchase the expansion, which consists of over 250 exciting, brand-new and brilliantly illustrated cards – over 100 different ones – right now.

Just click here and you will be redirected to the shop page on TGC!

On the joyful occasion of finally releasing the voluminous first expansion the Elemental Clash: The Master Set I am going to do a little


You can win 1 out of 3 highly exclusive and limited (no more than 10 copies will ever be printed!) EC: LL RELEASE PROMO PACKS, consisting of 36 never-before released, awesome and special Promo cards, some of them illustrated by my humble self!

I will show you the content of the Release Promo Pack below but firt:

Here is how it works:

To enter the raffle just purchase a copy of Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy (fair warning: The Master Set is required to play) until May 31st,  23:59 pm GMT +1 and send me an email to with your receipt or just a screenshot or anything that proves to me you actually ordered a copy of the game and when the Raffle ends at midnight on 31st May (my birthday btw) 3 winners will be chosen in a random manner from all the people who participated. The three lucky winners will each get 1 of the ultra-limited, super-special Legendary Legacy Release Promo Packs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to immense  international shipping costs from TGC, only US-citizens can enter the raffle! Sorry, all others, I don’t want to discriminate anyone but I simply cannot afford 40 dollars shipping for a small pack of promo cards – asking for your understanding.

And if you are curious, here a slideshow of all the 12 different cards included in the Release Promo Pack!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This exclusive Promo Pack contains playsets of 4 alternative art versions of the Master Set Dragons, 4 Austrian folk-tale inspired cards and 4 cards that I, the designer of Elemental Clash, have illustrated myself.

Please do consider participating in the raffle – it is your chance to get some awesome Promos that will probably never be released again in this form and no more than 10 copies of the Legendary Legacy Release Promo Pack will ever be printed!

Also please do share the news on your social media or tell friends about the game and the raffle. That would be much appreciated.

As a little teaser for the actual Legendary Legacy expansion, here a few card previews from the set:

Here are 5 of the 10 new Spellcasters that come with the Legendary Legacy Expansion:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here some previews of regular cards:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the


as well as to all the countless other kind and enthusiastic people who have selflessly helped, supported and assisted me in making Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy a reality!! You guys are awesome!!

With that I would like to close my announcement post and wish you all out there

Happy Gaming!

Sincerely yours,



EC: Korlash gets an Army – Introducing ORCS into Elemental Clash!

Dear readers, der friends and fans of the Elemental Clash CCG!

These days, as I am waiting for the very last artwork for Elemental Clash – Legendary Legacy to be completed, the box cover artwork, I am happy to present to you the first of many TRIBAL PACKS!

Tribal Packs will be 36 cards Mini-Expansions – not to be confused with the 90 cards “Demi Expansions” I introduced in a previous post – all focussed around one particular creature type – or Tribe. Through a lucky windfall I will talk about probably in a future post, I came in the possession of some quite awesome Orc Creature artwork, done by none else than my trusty art team member, Emmanuel Bou Roldán from Argentina. So the first Tribal Pack will introduce, like every Tribal Pack that will come after it, a new creature type to the world of Elemental Clash – in this case it will be ORCS! Have a look at what the Orcs Tribal Pack Mini-Expansion box will look like:

Tribal Pack Orcs Boxshot


The timing for the Orc art and cards which I am going to showcase in the following post could not possibly have been more perfect.

As you may remember from a previous post, with Legendary Legacy there will be the first Orc in the game – in the form of a Spellcaster card. Here he is again for you – Korlash the Orc Purger:

Korlash, Orc Purger

Well, whilst Korlash is awesome in and off himself, with a powerful Static Ability shutting down so many decks, from Boon and Salvage decks over recursal and reanimation decks to decks using lots of Destroy-Effects. However, I was thinking that Korlash would be pretty lonely being the only Orc in the game without any minions of his own race to control and rule. This was simply begging for regular Orc Creature cards to be made and just as it happened I “came into” some kickass Orc Creature art, which I will be publishing in the form of the first of hopefully many “Tribal Packs” Mini Expansions which I will be trying to release every now and then. I have to note that each Tribal Pack will not only introduce a new Tribe, but also a new card ability – in the case of Orcs it will be “Breakthrough” – more on that later – and futhermore I will say it right away: I cannot give you a certain release date for this first 36 cards Tribal Pack all about Orcs. I will try to get all the art together, and I have a good part of it already through this obscure windfall I keep mentioning, over the course of a month and may well be able to release the Orcs Tribal Pack on in Mid-June to beginning of July 2014!

But let’s take a look at the actual Orcs, brilliantly illustrated by Emmanuel Bou Roldán. I will present them to you in the form of a deck, for which I am going to provide you with the decklist and follow up with my thoughts on the deck, illustrated with what we all want to see most – some great Orc card previews!

Korlash’s Army:

Spellcaster: Korlash, Orc Purger (35 cards)


2 x Orcish Recruit

3 x Orc Herald

3 x Orcish Hogrider

2 x Orcish Elite Archer

3 x Orcish Warchief

2 x Orc Berserker


3 x Orcish Warbanner

3 x Devastating Flames

2 x Berserk


2  x Powerstone

2 x Hastestone

8 x Mars-Stone

About the Deck:

The deck is limited to only 35 cards and probably adding Earth for card recursal like the powerful and cheap Earth Ritual would be a good idea. However not in this deck, as Korlash will purge all cards that would go to the Archive anyways, hence I chose another path – the path of a fast and fiery Orcish onslaught!! That means the deck pursues an aggressive and fast creature- (in this case Orc-) rush strategy, combined with some supportive Spells, 2 of which will come with the Orcs Tribal Pack (Orcish Warbanner and Berserk – will tell you what they do later on). Besides Korlash’s reduced deck and hand size (a hand size of only 2, so 2 less than a standard hand of 7) this Orcish Spellcaster has a lot to offer. Why his Static Ability kicks major butt against so many deck types and strategies was already mentioned above. Moreover, Korlash draws you 2 cards each turn which is bad because you will run out of cards sooner on the one hand and is awesome on the other hand especially in a creature rush deck, as you will have ample backup Orcs if your first “wave” gets killed off, always drawing two fresh cards each turn, with the odds of drawing at least another Orc being quite good. And in case you are in need of a great Orc creature, there is always your loyal Orc Herald:

Orc Herald

Well as the above card clearly states in its flavor text, the Orcs have a better organized military than their distant relatives, the less intelligent and thus somewhat chaotic and disorganized Goblins. And of course, every well-organized army has archers as well. So have the Orcs as seen in the Orcish Elite Archer below:

Orcish Elite-Archer

These guys can be great to take out small blockers from a distance or kill off some high attack Creatures with 1 toughness such as Will-o-the-Wisp or the Dwarven Double-Axe Brigand without being killed himself. So you best leave  your Elite Archers in the back row (DEF-Zone) and shoot some vulenerable targets from there. An awesome combo which I didn’t find the space for in this deck would be equipping Orcish Elite-Archer with Reaper’s Scythe. That would turn your lowly Orc archer into a true killing machine, as he would be take out any and all Creatures, no matter how much DEF (unless they have Immunity: Fire or cannot be targeted by Effects).

Another Orcish elite Unit is this one, which features the one new ability this first Tribal Pack will introduce – Breakthrough:

Orcish Hogrider

Orcish Hogrider has the classic Quickattacker Ability but also features the new Breakthrough Ability. Breakthrough simply means that if this Creature is blocked, excess damage will be inflicted to your opponent and cause him to discard cards from the top of their Spellbook. For example in the case of the above Creature, if Hogrider gets blocked by a 1 DEF Creature, the excess 2 damage will be inflicted to your opponent and they have to discard the top 2 cards from their Spellbook to their Archive – or if Korlash is stil unflipped/face-up, they’d be sent right to the Purgatory. Pretty useful and awesome ability, Breakthrough that is!

Well every army needs high-ranking officers, so here you have the Orc Warchief, who not only boosts the stats of all other Orcs you control by +1/+1, but also gives all of them, as well as their Goblin minions, the new Breakthrough ability.

Orc Warchief

The last Orcish Unit/Creature I can show you is the most dangerous of them all. Meet Orc Berserker:

Orc Berserker

Well this is one brutal Creature for sure. You’d best attack a weak Creature that won’t kill the Berserker first, draw 1 card and then attack a second time with a respectable ATK of 4! And with at least one Orc Warchief in play Berserker will be a 5/3 beast that will have Breakthrough as well.

Well so much for the Orc Creatures and the previews of them. The one Orc for which I don’t have an artwork for and hence am unable to present you a card preview yet would be Orc Recruit. He will be a 1/1 with Breaktrough for the cost of 1 Fire Energy. No more, no less.

When it comes to support Spells I am running will be Devastating Flames from the Legendary Legacy Expansion, which you can basically cast for free and lets you distribute 5 damage among any number of Creatures and/or Players. It would be best used to get rid of (multiple) bothersome Creatures but can also serve the finishing blow if you opponent is running low on cards in their Spellbook. The other two support cards are included in the Orcs Tribal Pack: Orcish Warbanner and Berserk.

Warbanner fits the overall plan of rushing the field and attacking for max-damage quickly very well, as it gives all Orcs +2/+0 whilst attacking (and would give all Goblins +1/+0 whilst attacking – but this is irrelevant in an Orc-only Spellbook like this one…) at the mere cost of 1, being a Permanent Spell. The drawback is you’ll have to purge the top card of your Spellbook during each of your Standby-Phases. Still the investment will be worth it by my thinking, since you will want to swing in for the win in as few turns as possible anyways.

Berserk on the other hand is a Spell that gives one Creature +3/+0, Breakthrough and Purge whilst attacking, but you have to destroy the targeted Creature after Combat. This is ideal for dealing the finishing blow, and would also be the perfect timing to finally pull off Korlash’s Flip Effect, which would give all your Creatures Purge and a +2/+0 boost until the end of the turn. Provided you were able to field a formidable number of Orc warriors you should be able to swing in for the win early on if you combine the powers of the boosts from Warchief, Warbanner and Berserk combined with yet another terrific ATK boost from your Spellcaster Korlash. The new ability – Breakthrough – will ensure a quick win by bypassing small blockers.

Lastly I have to mention that I included 2 Powerstones and 2 Hastestones for additional power and speed. In a mono-element/color Spellbook like this 8 Mars-Stones should be sufficient anyways!


Well, dear reader, dear friend of Elemental Clash, I hope you found the sneak peek at the new Orc Creature type, along with many a card preview, interesting and hopefully, you’ll be looking forward to the first Tribal Pack, introducing Orcs to the Elemental Clash universe, as much as I do.

I will keep you posted on the progress and estimated release date of the Elemental Clash Tribal Pack: Orcs and will close this article with yet another, very exclusive preview:

Tribal Pack 2 is already in the workings. It will be all about…


Moon-Alb Doomblade

Be prepared for more Elemental Clash awesomeness!!

Until then I wish you all

Happy Gaming!



EC: Another New Spellcaster Revealed!

Dear friends of Elemental Clash!

I have so much news about the future of Elemental Clash to tell you, but for now, it will “only” be about a new Spellcaster going to be featured in EC: Legendary Legacy.

Meet Sternhart, the Master Inquisitor:

Sternhart, Master Inquisitor


Well if Sternhart punishes one crime, then it is the “crime” of discarding cards from hand! As you can see his stats are the “Pre-Spellcaster” standards of 7/1/40 (hand size, draw and deck size respectively) and his Static Ability harshly punishes opponents for discarding from hand. They will lose 2 cards from their Spellbooks (practically meaning the loss of 2 life so to say) and no, these will not go to the graveyard, have Salvage triggered and can be retrieved, recurred or reanimated later on. No, they are PURGED! Gone forever basically. The Flip Ability on Sternhart is kinda lackluster, though if used cleverly it can be of great use at times as well.

You know, while Sternhart would tear any Salvage deck apart with that, he is one of the Spellcasters that will grow in power and popularity over time, as right now, there are not that many cards around at the moment that force your opponent to discard. There is currently only one Spell in the whole Master Set which forces opponents to discard: Ritual of Smoke. Ritual of Smoke makes an opponent discard 2 cards from hand which would result in the purging of 4 cards from the opponent’s deck which is doubly devastating, as said opponent will not only have lost two cards, but also, virtually, 4 life, four cards from their Spellbook. Besides Ritual of Smoke there is really a lack of discard Spells and such in Elemental Clash, but luckily, I am the one in charge so that may change soon.

However do not fear, there is a perfect deck for Sternhart that will be available with the release of the Legendary Legacy Expansion, largely thanks to this card from the upcoming set:



Yes, Goblin Champion turns all your little Goblins into slightly larger Goblins but at the same time forces your opponent to discard a card whenever a Goblin deals damage to him or her. Thus the perfect Deck for Sternhart, with the current card pool, would be Goblin-based with Goblin Champion as the key-card to its success. In future sets more dedicated discard cards may be introduced but for now that is all we can work with.

So I had this idea for a rather unusual deck intended as a good “home” for Sternhart, Master Inquisitor. I will share it with you briefly:

Sternhart Goblin Bounce-n-Discard (Fire/Air):


3 x Goblin Cadet

3 x Goblin Arsonist

3 x Fanatic Goblin

3 x Goblin Champion

3 x Mars-Caller


3 x Repulse

3 x Sudden Gust

3 x Ritual of Smoke

3 x Astral Charge


3 x Demonic Stone

3 x Plasma Stone

4 x Mars-Stone

3 x Jupiter-Stone

How the Deck Works:

Well the way the deck is supposed to work is quite unusual actually. Well there is a straightforward part which is just swarming the fields with lots of Goblins. You should try to get out Goblin Champion as seen above out soonest, as he will turn all your Goblins into little discard engines whilst also boosting their stats which is never a bad thing anyways. Mars Caller can definitely help getting a hold of Champion as the Caller lets you reveal the top 3 cards of your Spellbook and take all Goblins among the cards in your hand. Once you have your Goblin Champion out, “bounce” (return from field to hand) your opponent’s blockers with Repulse and the new (LL) Sudden Gust. This is awesome twice: First of all the blockers will be out of the way so your Goblins will get through and force your opponent to discard (whilst dealing good damage as well), which will lead to the purging of lots of cards due to Sternhart’s Static Ability. Also, especially during mid- to late-game, it will be common that your opponent has no cards to discard to your Goblins, which would then not trigger Sternharts Ability. However if you bounce some of the opponent Creatures, preferably DEF-Zone blockers, they are bound to have cards in hand, will discard the Creatures they already had in play and will have twice the number of cards purged from their decks as they discarded cards. That sounds all pretty neat to me. Just for the fun of it, I even included Astral Charge, which, at cost 3, will make your whole Goblin army unblockable for one turn AND give each of them a temporary +2 ATK boost. That could be very devastating to your opponent, even more so if they have cards in hand that would be discarded and lead to Sternhart’s Ability triggering, inflicting even more (purging) damage to the opponent’s Spellbook. Also, I added 3 Demonic Stones to be able to play Mars Caller or, even better, Goblin Champion on turn 2, when the opponent hand will still be large. And minor combo: Sudden Gust, which bounces a Creature from field to hand, has Salvage and Goblin Cadet forces you to discard a card from hand. If you already know what “Salvage” means, go figure, if not, I shall explain: If a card with Salvage is discarded from hand to Archive, either through your own or an opponent card effect, you can play it for free, without placing it on an appropriate Element-Stone-Stack.

Well I think this is quite an oddd combination – fiery discard and airborne bounce, but with Sternhart’s Static Ability,  these two very differnt things could work together quite perfectly.

Well I hope you liked this time’s Spellcaster introduction. The remaining two of the 10 Legendary Legacy Spellcasters will be unveiled soon!

Thanks for reading and

Happy Gaming!



EC: Welcoming a new artist to the team + An awesome new card preview

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

I am very pleased to show you anoher brand-new card preview for the planned EC: Dragonforce “Demi-Expansion” (90 cards mini-expansion) and at the same time welcome another talented member of the ever growing, quite international EC art team. All started with this ominous but awesome Creature many of you will know from the Master Set:

Venus Wurm:

venus wurm

For those who are not familiar with the card: It is a 3/4 Creature costing 3 Earth with the quite awesome Destroy-Effect of putting as many cards as Venus Wurm had DEF from the top of your Archive (dicard) under your Spellbook (deck) in any order.

Whilst pondering card ideas for the upcoming DRAGONFORCE Demi-Expansion, I had a quite neat idea how to build on what is already there in the Master Set. So why not, I thought to myself, take one of the most popular Creatures in the game so far and do a re-interpretation of it in the Dragonforce expansion. What followed was this sketch I made:


Then I assigned the artwork to a new artist whom I had found on He was quite amazed about my sketch and started to paint the above Creature which I called Venus Dragon, as it is obvioulsy the draconian cousin of Venus Wurm.

The new artist, Rubén Castro from Chile (Yay, another South American team member, besides Emmanuel Bou Roldán who hails from Argentina),  kindly offered me to do one artwork for free, but I will pay him for the awesome illustration he did based on my sketch as a matter of course. Before I show you the final Venus Dragon artwork and card, I would like to give Rubén the opportunity to introduce himself briefly in his own words:

“Hello everyone! I’m Rubén Castro from Chile, I’ve been playing tabletop and rpg games for a long time and I’m super exited to tell you that I’ll be painting some cards for the upcoming EC dragon expansion Dragonforce. I’m very glad to be part of this awesome project and I hope to be up to the challenge! Happy gaming!”

Well I think Rubén has already proven that he is more than up to the challenge, as you can see in the stunning final Venus Dragon artwork below:

Venus_Dragon_Final small

Well doesn’t this look amazing? I for one love it and I am really looking forward to seeing more of Rubéns great works!

And here, for all who are interested, the Venus Wurm card preview, featuring the new “Tribute” ability:

Venus Dragon

As you can see, Venus Dragon is similar to Venus Wurm but also very different, the major difference being that you need to “Tribute” Creatures to him when you play him so he gets stronger or even extremely strong. You may summon him without Tributing any Creature but that would make him a lowly 0/2 Creature for 3 Energy. However as you can read for yourself, the more Earth Creatures you feed to him, the more +1/+1 Counters he will enter play with and the more cards he will return from your Archive to your Spellbook in case he is destroyed. For example if you Tribute two Earth Creatures he will be a 4/6 that will restock your Archive with 4 cards when he dies (unless he is purged, as Destroy-Effects only trigger when the Creature goes to the Archive from play). In theory, you could sack all your Earth Creatures to Venus Dragon, but I would recommend being cautious with Tributing, since one Creature is easier to get rid off than several Creatures. So it is really a high-risk/high-reward kind of deal.

Good “Tribute Fodder” for Venus Dragon (from the Master Set) would be for example Restless Corpse, which cost 1 Earth and respawns from your Graveyard when destroyed or Loam Shaman, another 1 Earth Creature that has the Destroy-Effect of returning two cards from your Archive to the bottom of your Spellbook. More great interactions with this awesome card are possible and will grow in number as new cards are being released. One thing I’d have to note: Powerstone would go extremely well with this one!

Well I hope you liked this new Dragonforce card preview and again a very warm welcome to Rubén from Chile!

Happy Gaming!





EC: An exclusive inside look at the even more exclusive LL-Release Promo Pack!

Dear readers and friends of Elemental Clash!

On the occasion of the release of the Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy expansion I will be distributing a very special LL-Release Promo Card Pack containing exclusive, never before released or seen cards in a VERY limited quantity (maybe only around 10 copies will ever be printed) as part of a little raffle.

promo pack presentation

How you can win your copy of the super-rare Legendary Legacy Release Promo Pack will be announced in due time, when I have all the art and have uploaded the game to The Game Crafter.

Now of course you will be curious about the actual cards contained in the promo pack, and I shall give you the full, mouth-watering card spoiler right away! (SPOILER ALERT!!)

The Legendary Legacy Release Promo Pack will consist of 36 cards in total, 12 different ones in multiples of three and the 12 cards fall into three differrent categories:

First off, we have alternative art versions of the first 4 Dragons in the game, which made their appearance in the Master Set:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next we got four reprints from the old “Austrian Tales” EC Set, but this time featuring kickass art done by Dennis Saputra:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And lastly and most special, four brand-new cards with (rather old) card illustrations I did personally:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well everyone, isn’t that terribly nice of me to unveil all the cards that are going to come in the Legendary Legacy Release Promo Pack??

In any case I will announce the raffle, how it will work and how YOU can be the lucky winner of one of these highly limited Promo Packs here and on facebook as soon as I know. All shall be revealed in due time, do not fear!

Hope you enjoyed the previews!

Happy gaming,