Awesome Announcement: BIOMECHANIC DINO BATTLES on Kickstarter Soon!

Dear readers!

I am thrilled to make an AWESOME announcement, which has nothing to do with AWE, Elemental Clash or any of my other game projects I have been posting about on here previously:

With great pleasure I would like to announce that BIOMECHANIC DINO BATTLES (The Deckbuilding Game) will be on KICKSTARTER, through American publisher of awesome tabletop games GAME SALUTE, soon!

BDB Banner Game Salute


When I am saying “on Kickstarter soon” I mean as early as towards the end of this month or else some time next month, as far as I am informed.

In this brief introduction to the world of Biomechanic Dino Battles I will not go into great depth when it comes to rules and how the game actually works (I will let you know about that soon enough!) but rather give you an awesome visual tour through the basics of the game, and we have some stunning visuals to offer, which was first conceived in summer 2011 as a Customizable Card Game. When looking for playtesters for the original BDB (as we like to refer to it) I got to meet my design-partner to be, Nathan “Nate” Moore from the United States of America. Nate had the brilliant idea to turn the game into a “deckbuilder” on the lines of Dominion or Thunderstone for example, so Nate and I teamed up to create what I am able to present you here and which will hit Kickstarter soon enough: Biomechanic Dino Battles – The Deckbuilding Game.

Here an artistic rendition of the two of us (The lunatic to the left is my humble self whereas the computer-genius to the right is Nate):

Andi & Nate Dino Masters


The artwork for Biomechanic Dino Battles was done by two outstanding artists: While Michael Rasmussen, who works for Fantasy Flight Games on a regular basis for instance, my trusted long-term friend and Elemental Clash artist par excellence Enggar Adirasa on the other hand did the amazing Strategy and Tech  card illustrations among other things. Just have a look at some samples:

Artwork Showcase small


So what is the game actually about?

you may have guessed it from the title and the art samples already, but BDB is a deckbuilding game similar in the core system to the revolutionary Dominion (Game of the Year 2009), Thunderstone or Nightfall to name a few, which is set in a somewhat dystopic future where the Terran Emperor keeps the masses entertained, just like the Old Romans did, by games – in the case of BDB however no gladiators fight till the death in the arena, but genetically engineered and biomechanically enhanced dinosaurs do!

So the BDB is a deckbuilding game. That means that contrary to a regular (customizable/collectible) card game, players do not build their individual decks prior to the actual game, but every player starts out with an identical, very small deck of cards and builds, expands and modifies said deck DURING the course of the game, which is an awesome concept made popular by the aforementioned Dominion, which, to my knowledge, was the first of its kind.

An important note before I show you some actual card samples:

The following card images are just teasers/previews which may be subject to changes still and do not represent the finished product! There are many things that still need to be fixed and yeah, I saw the typo in Megalomania (the first “a” is missing!).

At the core of the game, we have a threefold resource system: The trinity of Combat Cards – Attack, Evade and Defend:

Combat Cards


Every player starts with a fixed set of the above combat cards as well as some Rage cards on which I am not going to elaborate in this first, introductory post. With these Combat Cards, which can be purchased like any other card and added to the deck from the Supply, you do a lot of different things like buying new Dinosaurs for your fighting team or new Strategies or Techs as well as powering attacks of said dinosaurs, activating Techs as well as evade or defend against opponent attacks. The three Combat Cards are the heart and soul of the game so to say!

Next up what we have all been waiting for the most: The actual Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Card Samples

As you can see, the Dino cards not only look amazing, both in artwork (good job Mike!) and layout (good job Game Salute!), but there is a lot going on on these cards. Too much actually that I want to go into detail about the meaning of all this. However I do promise to analyze the layout of the Dino cards in another post some time in the nearer future. All you need to know is that you’ll be starting the game with a “Dummy Dino” and you’ll be able to purchase additional Dinosaurs from the rotating Dino Offering to build up your team of Dinos, whereby one Dinosaur will be your active fighting one and up to 3 others can go to your “Reserves” to be fielded later on.

The goal of the game, and I almost forgot, is to inflict 160 Points worth of damage, whereby when a Dino receives damage, the player that caused the damage may put damage counters of their color on the damaged Dino. When it is defeated (has no more Hit Points left) each player takes their damage counters and they are added up to form the total damage dealt. And as said before, the first one to accumulate counters worth 160 points of damage that way will be declared the winner.

But what would be kickass Dinos without the right Strategies? Here are some samples of Strategy Cards:

Strategy Card Samples


You can usually play one Strategy during your turn (same goes for attaching Combat Cards to Dinosaurs and Combat Moves like attacking and retreating) but there are a ton of supportive Strategy cards you can use to enhance your capabilities by gaining “+Attaches”, “+Combats” or “+Strategies” etc. so it is vital to buy the right Strategy Cards that support your overall deck strategy. Besides that, some Strategies will enhance your Dinosaur’s combat values, let them deal additional damage or draw you additional cards so there is a huge variety of decks with all kinds of overall strategies you can build from the card pool available in the BDB Base Game.

Lastly, I want to show you some Tech Cards, which are usually some kind of machinery that do all kinds of devilish things to your opponent(s):

Tech Card Samples

Techs, contrary to Strategies don not use up one of your Strategies per turn and there is no limitation on how many you can play a turn. Usually, Techs come with two different, alternative effects of which you can use one by paying for its cost with the Combat Cards seen above and they can also be used on an opponent’s turn, which adds the element of surprise to the game as well.

And that, dear reader, is Biomechanic Dino Battles for you!

I will be sure to post regular updates as well as kickass art and card previews over the course of the next days and weeks up until a hopefully soon Kickstarter campaign and would be more than happy to see YOU over at Kickstarter supporting BDB however you can – even if it will not be monetary support, help us spread the news everywhere for example! Anything helps and would be much appreciated!

So see you in the arena, where steel and flesh of prehistoric beasts do clash!