MtG: The Madness Deck-a-Thon Continues!!

Dear readers!

NO – not by any means am I running out of steam and hence our daily MtG-Madness shall be continued – indefinitely!!

Never fear, tormented blog reader, the latter was but an empty threat and I will eventually post about different topics when the time comes. But for now, it is time for another tripple Magic Deck-a-Thon! And if you thought yesterday’s Decks were crazy enough, I think I can even top that and am having a hard time which decks to choose. So I will torment you with 3 crazy decks, with the third being the most original and at the same time most foolhardy by far – let me just utter the deck name to give you a small taste of the sheer insanity: Sliver Bidding FTW!!

But let’s start with a quite innovative Mill-Build I came up with all by myself (pats on his own shoulder) and which I named “Mill & Lock Around the Clock”, followed up by the boldly titled “Mighty Morphing Mages” until your brains will eventually be mauled thoroughly enough to fathom the grandheur of “Sliver Bidding”!!

So let the madness start with exhibit A:

Mill & Lock Around the Clock (Legacy/Casual):


4 x Coretapper 2

4 x Leonin Abunas 3W


4 x Enlightened Tutor W


4 x Ghostly Prison 2W

2 x Aura of Silence 2W


4 x Grindclock 2

4 x Energy Chamber 2

4 x Howling Mine 2

4 x Semblance Anvil 4

3 x Static Orb 3

3 x Clock of Omens 4


4 x Ancient Tomb

4 x Darksteel Citadel

4 x Ancient Den

8 x Plains

About the Deck:

“Nomen est Omen” would be the perfect latin phrase to describe this deck, as it features not one but two “Clocks”, one of which facilitates a crippling, one-sided, almost complete lockdown for your opponent, whilst the other Clock will be grinding away more and more ferociously at your opponent’s library. So yes, this is a Mill-Deck, yet not a proverbial “run-of-the-mill” one. Let me show you the first Clock, the one that does the actual milling. Meet Grindclock, a cheap as shit crap rare recently reprinted in M15:

All by itself, it will take quite some time until Grindclock has enough Charge Counters on it to mill substantial numbers of cards from your opponent’s deck, yet this build features lots of simple ways to add more Charge Counters such as Coretapper and Energy Chamber, but also highly potent synergies, that mainly involve the second, equally important Clock, namely Clock of Omens:

Most importantly, Clock of Omens facilitates the one-sided lockdown in conjunction with Static Orb, but also, by tapping two artifacts, it lets you untap an artifact… well how about doing it mutliple times to Grindclock to up it’s charge counter count considerably? Also, a neat little trick I came up with quite a long while ago is to tap your Howling Mine(s) during your opponent’s turn so only you will get the double draw!

Two cards that make opponent attacks simply impossible under the Static Orb lock and the playing of Artifacts or Enchantments on your opponent’s part impossible are Ghostly Prison and Aura of Silence respectively.

A last card I don’t want to go unnoticed is Semblance Anvil. With it, you will be able to play many of your Artifacts like Coretapper, Energy Chamber and many more including your Grindclocks for absolutely free. Take a gander:

On to the next crazy deck, aptly named…

Mighty Morphing Mages (Casual/Legacy):


4 x Birds of Paradise G

4 x Coral Trickster 1U

4 x Aphetto Alchemist 1U

4 x Voidmage Apprentice 1U

3 x Willbender 1U

3 x Ixidor, Reality Sculptor 3UU

2 x Arcanis the Omnipotent 3UUU


4 x Training Grounds U

4 x Secret Plans UG

3 x Trail of Mystery 1G


3 x Time of Need 1G


4 x Yavimaya Coast

4 x Thornwood Falls

2 x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

8 x Island

4 x Forest

About the Deck:

This is a Morph Deck – how lame… or is it?? Well the Main Combo which I recently discovered involves Ixidor’s activated ability…

…and the ominous, largely overlooked and underestimated powers of Training Grounds:

Well if you count one and one together, you will see how awesome this synergy or even combo can be. Ixidor can turn any Morph Creature face up for the mere cost of 1 blue mana!! Now I could have crammed the deck full of morphing fatties such as one of my favorites…

…but I wanted to do something a little more, well, “stylish”, hence I filled the deck with morphing Wizard Creatures. These aren’t half bad either when you look at effects like Willbender‘s and in the case of Voidmage Apprentice, you basically get a hard counter, the equivalent of Counterspell, for just 1 blue Mana with Ixidor and Training Grounds out.

There’s some cool combos with Arcanis, the Omnipotent, who draws you 3 cards just by tapping him, involving Coral Trickster and Aphetto Alchemist, which both untap Creatures (or other stuff) conveniently.

Secret Plans ensures that you will never run out of cards and Trail of Mystery not only fetches additional lands through Morphing but also boosts the power of your “Mighty Morphing Mages”!

And that’s about all there is to say about this deck – yah, pretty straightforward. Still a cool combo in my humble opinion. Now let’s move on to the epitome of crazy MtG Deck…

Sliver Bidding (Casual):


1 x Heart Sliver

3 x Homing Sliver 2R

1 x Harmonic Sliver 1GW

1 x Shifting Sliver 3U

1 x Bonescythe Sliver 3W

1 x Sliver Hivelord WUBRG

1 x Constricting Sliver 5W

1 x Megantic Sliver 5G


4 x Dark Ritual B


3 x Duress B

4 x Living Wish 1G

4 x Buried Alive 2B

3 x Beseech the Queen BBB

4 x Patriarch’s Bidding 3BB


4 x Thran Turbine 1

4 x Fluctuator 2


4 x Llanowar Wastes

4 x Blasted Landscape

4 x Slippery Karst

2 x Polluted Mire

3 x Bojuka Bog

2 x Swamp

1 x Forest


1 x Homing Sliver 2R

14 x Random Creatures and/or Lands

About the Deck:

Everyone who has been around during the Onslaught era must still be familiar with the Beast Bidding Archetype. Then I came up with Mutant Bidding and now I am gone totally bonkers and present you with: Sliver Bidding! But how on heaven and earth you may ask?!?

The answer is as simple as showing you one particular Sliver that makes all the madness possible:

This little guy gives all Slivers in hand Cycling, but not regular Cycling but, as you can see, “Slivercycling: 3”! If you combine this with Fluctuator…

You will be able to discard a sliver for 1 mana and search for another one, spend another mana and discard that one to fetch the next and so on and so forth. So you will be able to fill your graveyard with Slivers pretty fast – I even added Thran Turbines, which provide extra mana for basically free Slivercycling Action. As Homing Sliver is SO very vital for the strategy, I decided to only run 3 copies main deck and add 4 Living Wishes so I have basically 7 Homing Ones at my disposal in the deck. Now what happens if a ton of Slivers are in your graveyard?? As the title of the deck suggests and you will most likely already have guessed, a massive Patriarch’s Bidding…

…will simultaneously revive ALL your graveyard Slivers. And what are Slivers good at? Right, Supporting each other!! And all their great abilities will take effect the turn you cast your Bidding. Of course I added some Bojuka Bogs to prevent your opponent from getting a few Creatures into play through your Bidding. Lets assume you managed to get all your other Slivers besides the Homing one into play at the same time via Patriarch’s Bidding: Each Sliver will have Haste thanks to Heart Sliver, can only be blocked by other Slivers thanks to Shifting Sliver, will destroy a ton of artifacts or enchantments through Harmonic Sliver, will get +3/+3 through Megantic Sliver, deal double damage thanks to Bonescythe Sliver, be indestructible due to Sliver Hivelord AND in case your opponent has Creatures, Constricting Sliver will remove them from the game. This should be pretty much overkill. And you can to some degree ensure your massive Sliver Ambush will hit bullseye by casting Duress and getting rid of nasty opponent hand cards.

Well, I warned you… the craziest deck I have built in a long while. And yes, I know it won’t be able to seriously compete but I bet it is a ton of fun to play and highly original – and that is what counts for me.

OK, dear readers, as announced, the torture will not find an end quite yet because we still have to deal with a crazy


I can’t even think of a name that does the deck justice so let’s just call it

The Galvanizer (Casual / Modern):


4 x Galvanoth 3RR

4 x Prognostic Sphinx 3UU


4 x Magma Jet 1R

3 x Reverberate RR

4 x Seething Song 2R

4 x Riddle of Lightning 3RR


4 x Serum Visions U

2 x Cruel Ultimatum UURRRBB

2 x Seering Winds 8R

4 x Time Stretch 8UU


3 x Eyes of the Watcher 2U


4 x Halimar Depths

4 x Izzet Guildgate

8 x Mountain

6 x Island

About the Deck:

Seriously, this deck is a joke – DO NOT TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY!! 😀

All revolves around the crappiest of crap rares imaginable. Behold:

So the plan is to scry a lot and manipulate your library (your secondary, maybe much better win condition Prognostic Sphinx is great at that!) so that some HUGE, eventually game winning Sorceries, namely Cruel Ultimatum, Searing Wind and, best of the three, Time Stretch, are moved in place for Galvanoth to unleash them for free. If you have a Reverberate, you can copy any of these devastating Spells for just two additional red mana. Also a cool one-two punch is possible with Riddle of Lightning!

Well, once again the deck is very fiddly and FAR from being anywhere near competitive. Still I enjoy the POSSIBLE, quite mighty interactions and am looking forward to play this in a casual environment.

Alright, enough of the MtG Deck madness / torture already. That’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed some of my outlandish deck ideas and wish you, as always,





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