MtG: Three Crazy Ass Decks that MIGHT actually work – 2 out of 3 Featuring Evil Emrakul!

Welcome, welcome and thrice welcome to yet another Magic: the Gathering Deck article!!

You may wonder why this is becoming almost an obligatory, daily feature, but well, what can I say, I am might much into MtG these days yet have no opponents available to play some actual games of Magic, so all I can do is resort to writing about the decks I would be supposed to be actually testing/playing.#

Just a quick note: As the Elemental Clash crowdfunder on “Spieleschmiede” (that would translate to “Games Forge” in English) is nearing, I will post some more about my very own Elemental Clash as well as other (side-) projects on here in the future. That is a solemn promise! For now, bare with me and my “Magic Madness”.

So, this article is, as the title announces so boldly, about three pretty crazy decks that MIGHT actually work – in a casual setting mind you – I didn’t built them for a tournament environment but just for fun and would never expect them to produce any good results in any official event – so do take them with a pinch of salt!

Interstingly, two of the three crazy-as-shit decks feature the – arguably – mightiest, most vile beast the vast world of MtG has to offer. I am speaking about none other than the notorious…

I usually avoid building decks around “fatties” or high-cost Creatures but this one is simply awesome if you look at what a huge number of various, vile and evil things he does to your opponent – no wonder he averages in at about 40 US-dollars and I am glad I got a hold of 2 copies while they were half as expensive…

Furthermore, I must note that I posted many an Emrakul Deck on here before, such as a deck with Elves powering out the mighty Eldrazi Lord or one just putting him into play inexpensively with Fold into Aether. So two out of the three decks I wanna present to you in the following feature Emrakul, yet he is not the only win condition in either and what’s more, since both these decks are totally untested, I can’t even say for sure if they can reliably and early enough power out the “Tearer of Eons”. Anyways let’s start with the two decks including Emrakul and then move on to something really pathetic that CAN however be highly frustrating for your opponents –  well provided they run some Creatures lol… You will see what I mean by this but let’s get started already:

Eldrazi Enchantment Ramp (Casual)


4 x Arbor Elf G

4 x Cloud of Faeries 1U

4 x Verduran Enchantress 1GG

1 x Emrakul, the Eons Torn 15


4 x Dream’s Grip U

4 x Snap 1U


4 x Utopia Sprawl G

4 x Fertile Ground 1G

4 x Overgrowth 2G

4 x Dawn’s Reflection 3G

3 x Eldrazi Conscription 8


12 x Forest

4 x Island

4 x Darksteel Citadel

About the Deck:

Well the deck works pretty straightforward. Slam a ton of mana-producing Enchantments, from 1 cost Utopia Sprawl right to 4 cost Dawn’s Reflection on a single land (at best a Forest as that can be untapped by Arbor Elf OR an indestructible Darksteel Citadel if you are facing land destruction which could rip the deck apart like nothing) so that it produces a ton of mana each time you tap it for mana. That is step 1. Step 2 is playing stuff like Dream’s Grip, or even better, the infamous duo Cloud of Faeries…

… in conjunction with Snap:

You may have already realized it from looking at the above two cards, but with some Faeries and Snaps, you can repeatedly untap your boosted lands by first playing Faeries to untap two lands, then tapping those lands for Mana, then playing Snap, untapping two lands again and targeting the Fairies to return them to your hand, to be played once again and so forth. With this process, you may be able to produce enough Mana for Emrakul, provided you survive until the “breaking point” in your deck is met. But even if you can’t come up with 15 Emrakul Mana in time, a good backup plan would be to just slam an Eldrazi Conscription…

…onto one of your Faeries, making it a highly threatening 11/11 Flyer, Tramper with Annihilator 2!

One last note: with 19 Enchantments, I added 4 Verduran Enchantresses for massive card draw!

Alright, on to the next crazy deck featuring Emrakul:

Sac-a-Fact (Casual/Modern):


4 x Disciple of the Vault B

4 x Etherium Sculptor 1U

3 x Vedalken Archmage 2UU

1 x Emrakul, the Eons Torn 15


2 x Banefire XR


4 x Welding Jar 0

4 x Chromatic Sphere 1

4 x Chromatic Star 1

4 x Ichor Wellspring 2

4 x Pentad Prism 2

3 x Semblance Anvil 3

3 x Krark-Clan Ironworks 4


4 x Glimmervoid

4 x Mirrodin’s Core

4 x Darksteel Citadel

4 x Swamp

4 x Island

About the Deck:

This deck is crammed full of rather cheap artifacts which get even cheaper, eventually even being free to cast for a good part through awesome Etherium Sculptor…

and underrated but in many decks I could think of highly powerful Semblance Anvil:

With Sculptor, your Chromatic Spheres and Stars will be free to cast and with Anvil, even cards such as Ichor Wellspring will be free as well. All these three cards draw you cards, when destroyed or even when played and when destroyed in the case of Ichor Wellspring. This is great because not only will you not run out of (cheap) artifacts, but you will draw into the key-cards you need for victory. These are Krak-Clan Ironworks and Banefire OR Emrakul the Eons Torn.

Now, in case you manage to survive until you can pull off the overkill, you’d sacrifice a ton of your manifold artifacts to Krark-Clan Ironworks and use Chromatic Sphere or Star to produce one red mana for Banefire and invest the colorless mana gained from sacking a ton of artifacts into said Banefire. If you cast it with X being 5 or more it can neither be countered nor can its damage be prevented. That should Spell game over for your opponent in many cases. What would make things even worse would be having a Disciple of the Vault around, which is a 1/1 Creature for a cost of 1 black Mana which lets your opponent lose 1 Life Point whenever an artifact lands in a Graveyard – and that would be happening quite often if the deck unfolds as intended.

Besides the card draw through artifacts (Chromatic Star and Sphere as well as Ichor Wellspring) I added some copies of Vedalken Archmage, who may be risky cause he requires double blue to be cast (2UU to be more precise) but on the other hand he draws you a card each time you play an artifact.

Oh and not to forget, just for the fun of it, I added an Emrakul for a possible overkill in case I manage to make 15 mana in one fell swoop!

OK, now on to the next and last of today’s crazy decks – this time totally devoid of nasty Eldrazi like Emrakul:

The Overtaker:

Before I share the decklist with you, I wanted to remind you that this deck is utter crap… errr built just for fun. It can be highly annoying to an opponent but can totally suck ass as well, especially when playing against (nearly) creatureless decks. You will see. OK, here comes the decklist anyways!


4 x Perilous Research 1U

4 x Fling 1R

4 x Downhill Charge 2R

4 x Grab the Reins 3R


4 x Threaten 2R

4 x Unwilling Recruit XRRR


4 x Hatching Plans 1U


4 x Claws of Gix 0

4 x Spawning Pit 2

2 x Ashnod’s Altar 3


4 x Terramorphic Expanse

12 x Mountain

4 x Island

About the Deck:

Ok so this is as crazy (or maybe even stupid) as it gets: This Deck has no other way of winning besides overtaking opponent Creatures, attacking with them and then doing nasty (for your opponent – beneficial for you) things to them.

The plan is simple: Take control of an opponent Creature with Threaten, Unwilling Recruit or Grab the Reins, attack your opponent to deal some (or some more with Unwilling Recruit and/or Downhill Charge) damage and then, laughing in your opponent’s hopefully shocked face, sacrifice it for 1 Life to Claws of Gix, for a charge counter on Spawning Pit, for 2 Mana to Ashnod’s Altar or for drawing two cards with Perilous Research OR, maybe most nasty, to deal double damage by Flinging the ovetaken Creature into your opponent’s sad face!

Of course the deck, having no other win condition than attacking with and sacking of enemy Creatures, is useless against any creatureless builds and highly unlikely to win against decks with only few creatures. Playing against a Creature heavy deck however can be pretty fun… the mischievous kind of fun no less!

Two things I would like to say on a closing note: Firstly, Running Hatching Plans with Perilous Research and/or Claws of Gix is card draw at its best and secondly, having lots of Mountains at your disposal, a cast-for-free Downhill Charge can greatly increase the damage done by an overtaken, attacking Creature!

Alright, that was my article about some of my more crazy deck ideas. While they may not work out all that well and not equally well against some decks, and while I cannot emphasize enough that these are only fun decks, intended for a casual environment, I think the three decks showcased above are quite original and can be a lot of fun. And the fun is what counts, isn’t it so you guys? 😀

Alright, until next time, I thank you a lot for reading and command you to have a





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