MtG: The Madness Deck-a-Thon Continues!!

Dear readers!

NO – not by any means am I running out of steam and hence our daily MtG-Madness shall be continued – indefinitely!!

Never fear, tormented blog reader, the latter was but an empty threat and I will eventually post about different topics when the time comes. But for now, it is time for another tripple Magic Deck-a-Thon! And if you thought yesterday’s Decks were crazy enough, I think I can even top that and am having a hard time which decks to choose. So I will torment you with 3 crazy decks, with the third being the most original and at the same time most foolhardy by far – let me just utter the deck name to give you a small taste of the sheer insanity: Sliver Bidding FTW!!

But let’s start with a quite innovative Mill-Build I came up with all by myself (pats on his own shoulder) and which I named “Mill & Lock Around the Clock”, followed up by the boldly titled “Mighty Morphing Mages” until your brains will eventually be mauled thoroughly enough to fathom the grandheur of “Sliver Bidding”!!

So let the madness start with exhibit A:

Mill & Lock Around the Clock (Legacy/Casual):


4 x Coretapper 2

4 x Leonin Abunas 3W


4 x Enlightened Tutor W


4 x Ghostly Prison 2W

2 x Aura of Silence 2W


4 x Grindclock 2

4 x Energy Chamber 2

4 x Howling Mine 2

4 x Semblance Anvil 4

3 x Static Orb 3

3 x Clock of Omens 4


4 x Ancient Tomb

4 x Darksteel Citadel

4 x Ancient Den

8 x Plains

About the Deck:

“Nomen est Omen” would be the perfect latin phrase to describe this deck, as it features not one but two “Clocks”, one of which facilitates a crippling, one-sided, almost complete lockdown for your opponent, whilst the other Clock will be grinding away more and more ferociously at your opponent’s library. So yes, this is a Mill-Deck, yet not a proverbial “run-of-the-mill” one. Let me show you the first Clock, the one that does the actual milling. Meet Grindclock, a cheap as shit crap rare recently reprinted in M15:

All by itself, it will take quite some time until Grindclock has enough Charge Counters on it to mill substantial numbers of cards from your opponent’s deck, yet this build features lots of simple ways to add more Charge Counters such as Coretapper and Energy Chamber, but also highly potent synergies, that mainly involve the second, equally important Clock, namely Clock of Omens:

Most importantly, Clock of Omens facilitates the one-sided lockdown in conjunction with Static Orb, but also, by tapping two artifacts, it lets you untap an artifact… well how about doing it mutliple times to Grindclock to up it’s charge counter count considerably? Also, a neat little trick I came up with quite a long while ago is to tap your Howling Mine(s) during your opponent’s turn so only you will get the double draw!

Two cards that make opponent attacks simply impossible under the Static Orb lock and the playing of Artifacts or Enchantments on your opponent’s part impossible are Ghostly Prison and Aura of Silence respectively.

A last card I don’t want to go unnoticed is Semblance Anvil. With it, you will be able to play many of your Artifacts like Coretapper, Energy Chamber and many more including your Grindclocks for absolutely free. Take a gander:

On to the next crazy deck, aptly named…

Mighty Morphing Mages (Casual/Legacy):


4 x Birds of Paradise G

4 x Coral Trickster 1U

4 x Aphetto Alchemist 1U

4 x Voidmage Apprentice 1U

3 x Willbender 1U

3 x Ixidor, Reality Sculptor 3UU

2 x Arcanis the Omnipotent 3UUU


4 x Training Grounds U

4 x Secret Plans UG

3 x Trail of Mystery 1G


3 x Time of Need 1G


4 x Yavimaya Coast

4 x Thornwood Falls

2 x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

8 x Island

4 x Forest

About the Deck:

This is a Morph Deck – how lame… or is it?? Well the Main Combo which I recently discovered involves Ixidor’s activated ability…

…and the ominous, largely overlooked and underestimated powers of Training Grounds:

Well if you count one and one together, you will see how awesome this synergy or even combo can be. Ixidor can turn any Morph Creature face up for the mere cost of 1 blue mana!! Now I could have crammed the deck full of morphing fatties such as one of my favorites…

…but I wanted to do something a little more, well, “stylish”, hence I filled the deck with morphing Wizard Creatures. These aren’t half bad either when you look at effects like Willbender‘s and in the case of Voidmage Apprentice, you basically get a hard counter, the equivalent of Counterspell, for just 1 blue Mana with Ixidor and Training Grounds out.

There’s some cool combos with Arcanis, the Omnipotent, who draws you 3 cards just by tapping him, involving Coral Trickster and Aphetto Alchemist, which both untap Creatures (or other stuff) conveniently.

Secret Plans ensures that you will never run out of cards and Trail of Mystery not only fetches additional lands through Morphing but also boosts the power of your “Mighty Morphing Mages”!

And that’s about all there is to say about this deck – yah, pretty straightforward. Still a cool combo in my humble opinion. Now let’s move on to the epitome of crazy MtG Deck…

Sliver Bidding (Casual):


1 x Heart Sliver

3 x Homing Sliver 2R

1 x Harmonic Sliver 1GW

1 x Shifting Sliver 3U

1 x Bonescythe Sliver 3W

1 x Sliver Hivelord WUBRG

1 x Constricting Sliver 5W

1 x Megantic Sliver 5G


4 x Dark Ritual B


3 x Duress B

4 x Living Wish 1G

4 x Buried Alive 2B

3 x Beseech the Queen BBB

4 x Patriarch’s Bidding 3BB


4 x Thran Turbine 1

4 x Fluctuator 2


4 x Llanowar Wastes

4 x Blasted Landscape

4 x Slippery Karst

2 x Polluted Mire

3 x Bojuka Bog

2 x Swamp

1 x Forest


1 x Homing Sliver 2R

14 x Random Creatures and/or Lands

About the Deck:

Everyone who has been around during the Onslaught era must still be familiar with the Beast Bidding Archetype. Then I came up with Mutant Bidding and now I am gone totally bonkers and present you with: Sliver Bidding! But how on heaven and earth you may ask?!?

The answer is as simple as showing you one particular Sliver that makes all the madness possible:

This little guy gives all Slivers in hand Cycling, but not regular Cycling but, as you can see, “Slivercycling: 3”! If you combine this with Fluctuator…

You will be able to discard a sliver for 1 mana and search for another one, spend another mana and discard that one to fetch the next and so on and so forth. So you will be able to fill your graveyard with Slivers pretty fast – I even added Thran Turbines, which provide extra mana for basically free Slivercycling Action. As Homing Sliver is SO very vital for the strategy, I decided to only run 3 copies main deck and add 4 Living Wishes so I have basically 7 Homing Ones at my disposal in the deck. Now what happens if a ton of Slivers are in your graveyard?? As the title of the deck suggests and you will most likely already have guessed, a massive Patriarch’s Bidding…

…will simultaneously revive ALL your graveyard Slivers. And what are Slivers good at? Right, Supporting each other!! And all their great abilities will take effect the turn you cast your Bidding. Of course I added some Bojuka Bogs to prevent your opponent from getting a few Creatures into play through your Bidding. Lets assume you managed to get all your other Slivers besides the Homing one into play at the same time via Patriarch’s Bidding: Each Sliver will have Haste thanks to Heart Sliver, can only be blocked by other Slivers thanks to Shifting Sliver, will destroy a ton of artifacts or enchantments through Harmonic Sliver, will get +3/+3 through Megantic Sliver, deal double damage thanks to Bonescythe Sliver, be indestructible due to Sliver Hivelord AND in case your opponent has Creatures, Constricting Sliver will remove them from the game. This should be pretty much overkill. And you can to some degree ensure your massive Sliver Ambush will hit bullseye by casting Duress and getting rid of nasty opponent hand cards.

Well, I warned you… the craziest deck I have built in a long while. And yes, I know it won’t be able to seriously compete but I bet it is a ton of fun to play and highly original – and that is what counts for me.

OK, dear readers, as announced, the torture will not find an end quite yet because we still have to deal with a crazy


I can’t even think of a name that does the deck justice so let’s just call it

The Galvanizer (Casual / Modern):


4 x Galvanoth 3RR

4 x Prognostic Sphinx 3UU


4 x Magma Jet 1R

3 x Reverberate RR

4 x Seething Song 2R

4 x Riddle of Lightning 3RR


4 x Serum Visions U

2 x Cruel Ultimatum UURRRBB

2 x Seering Winds 8R

4 x Time Stretch 8UU


3 x Eyes of the Watcher 2U


4 x Halimar Depths

4 x Izzet Guildgate

8 x Mountain

6 x Island

About the Deck:

Seriously, this deck is a joke – DO NOT TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY!! 😀

All revolves around the crappiest of crap rares imaginable. Behold:

So the plan is to scry a lot and manipulate your library (your secondary, maybe much better win condition Prognostic Sphinx is great at that!) so that some HUGE, eventually game winning Sorceries, namely Cruel Ultimatum, Searing Wind and, best of the three, Time Stretch, are moved in place for Galvanoth to unleash them for free. If you have a Reverberate, you can copy any of these devastating Spells for just two additional red mana. Also a cool one-two punch is possible with Riddle of Lightning!

Well, once again the deck is very fiddly and FAR from being anywhere near competitive. Still I enjoy the POSSIBLE, quite mighty interactions and am looking forward to play this in a casual environment.

Alright, enough of the MtG Deck madness / torture already. That’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed some of my outlandish deck ideas and wish you, as always,





MtG: Three Crazy Ass Decks that MIGHT actually work – 2 out of 3 Featuring Evil Emrakul!

Welcome, welcome and thrice welcome to yet another Magic: the Gathering Deck article!!

You may wonder why this is becoming almost an obligatory, daily feature, but well, what can I say, I am might much into MtG these days yet have no opponents available to play some actual games of Magic, so all I can do is resort to writing about the decks I would be supposed to be actually testing/playing.#

Just a quick note: As the Elemental Clash crowdfunder on “Spieleschmiede” (that would translate to “Games Forge” in English) is nearing, I will post some more about my very own Elemental Clash as well as other (side-) projects on here in the future. That is a solemn promise! For now, bare with me and my “Magic Madness”.

So, this article is, as the title announces so boldly, about three pretty crazy decks that MIGHT actually work – in a casual setting mind you – I didn’t built them for a tournament environment but just for fun and would never expect them to produce any good results in any official event – so do take them with a pinch of salt!

Interstingly, two of the three crazy-as-shit decks feature the – arguably – mightiest, most vile beast the vast world of MtG has to offer. I am speaking about none other than the notorious…

I usually avoid building decks around “fatties” or high-cost Creatures but this one is simply awesome if you look at what a huge number of various, vile and evil things he does to your opponent – no wonder he averages in at about 40 US-dollars and I am glad I got a hold of 2 copies while they were half as expensive…

Furthermore, I must note that I posted many an Emrakul Deck on here before, such as a deck with Elves powering out the mighty Eldrazi Lord or one just putting him into play inexpensively with Fold into Aether. So two out of the three decks I wanna present to you in the following feature Emrakul, yet he is not the only win condition in either and what’s more, since both these decks are totally untested, I can’t even say for sure if they can reliably and early enough power out the “Tearer of Eons”. Anyways let’s start with the two decks including Emrakul and then move on to something really pathetic that CAN however be highly frustrating for your opponents –  well provided they run some Creatures lol… You will see what I mean by this but let’s get started already:

Eldrazi Enchantment Ramp (Casual)


4 x Arbor Elf G

4 x Cloud of Faeries 1U

4 x Verduran Enchantress 1GG

1 x Emrakul, the Eons Torn 15


4 x Dream’s Grip U

4 x Snap 1U


4 x Utopia Sprawl G

4 x Fertile Ground 1G

4 x Overgrowth 2G

4 x Dawn’s Reflection 3G

3 x Eldrazi Conscription 8


12 x Forest

4 x Island

4 x Darksteel Citadel

About the Deck:

Well the deck works pretty straightforward. Slam a ton of mana-producing Enchantments, from 1 cost Utopia Sprawl right to 4 cost Dawn’s Reflection on a single land (at best a Forest as that can be untapped by Arbor Elf OR an indestructible Darksteel Citadel if you are facing land destruction which could rip the deck apart like nothing) so that it produces a ton of mana each time you tap it for mana. That is step 1. Step 2 is playing stuff like Dream’s Grip, or even better, the infamous duo Cloud of Faeries…

… in conjunction with Snap:

You may have already realized it from looking at the above two cards, but with some Faeries and Snaps, you can repeatedly untap your boosted lands by first playing Faeries to untap two lands, then tapping those lands for Mana, then playing Snap, untapping two lands again and targeting the Fairies to return them to your hand, to be played once again and so forth. With this process, you may be able to produce enough Mana for Emrakul, provided you survive until the “breaking point” in your deck is met. But even if you can’t come up with 15 Emrakul Mana in time, a good backup plan would be to just slam an Eldrazi Conscription…

…onto one of your Faeries, making it a highly threatening 11/11 Flyer, Tramper with Annihilator 2!

One last note: with 19 Enchantments, I added 4 Verduran Enchantresses for massive card draw!

Alright, on to the next crazy deck featuring Emrakul:

Sac-a-Fact (Casual/Modern):


4 x Disciple of the Vault B

4 x Etherium Sculptor 1U

3 x Vedalken Archmage 2UU

1 x Emrakul, the Eons Torn 15


2 x Banefire XR


4 x Welding Jar 0

4 x Chromatic Sphere 1

4 x Chromatic Star 1

4 x Ichor Wellspring 2

4 x Pentad Prism 2

3 x Semblance Anvil 3

3 x Krark-Clan Ironworks 4


4 x Glimmervoid

4 x Mirrodin’s Core

4 x Darksteel Citadel

4 x Swamp

4 x Island

About the Deck:

This deck is crammed full of rather cheap artifacts which get even cheaper, eventually even being free to cast for a good part through awesome Etherium Sculptor…

and underrated but in many decks I could think of highly powerful Semblance Anvil:

With Sculptor, your Chromatic Spheres and Stars will be free to cast and with Anvil, even cards such as Ichor Wellspring will be free as well. All these three cards draw you cards, when destroyed or even when played and when destroyed in the case of Ichor Wellspring. This is great because not only will you not run out of (cheap) artifacts, but you will draw into the key-cards you need for victory. These are Krak-Clan Ironworks and Banefire OR Emrakul the Eons Torn.

Now, in case you manage to survive until you can pull off the overkill, you’d sacrifice a ton of your manifold artifacts to Krark-Clan Ironworks and use Chromatic Sphere or Star to produce one red mana for Banefire and invest the colorless mana gained from sacking a ton of artifacts into said Banefire. If you cast it with X being 5 or more it can neither be countered nor can its damage be prevented. That should Spell game over for your opponent in many cases. What would make things even worse would be having a Disciple of the Vault around, which is a 1/1 Creature for a cost of 1 black Mana which lets your opponent lose 1 Life Point whenever an artifact lands in a Graveyard – and that would be happening quite often if the deck unfolds as intended.

Besides the card draw through artifacts (Chromatic Star and Sphere as well as Ichor Wellspring) I added some copies of Vedalken Archmage, who may be risky cause he requires double blue to be cast (2UU to be more precise) but on the other hand he draws you a card each time you play an artifact.

Oh and not to forget, just for the fun of it, I added an Emrakul for a possible overkill in case I manage to make 15 mana in one fell swoop!

OK, now on to the next and last of today’s crazy decks – this time totally devoid of nasty Eldrazi like Emrakul:

The Overtaker:

Before I share the decklist with you, I wanted to remind you that this deck is utter crap… errr built just for fun. It can be highly annoying to an opponent but can totally suck ass as well, especially when playing against (nearly) creatureless decks. You will see. OK, here comes the decklist anyways!


4 x Perilous Research 1U

4 x Fling 1R

4 x Downhill Charge 2R

4 x Grab the Reins 3R


4 x Threaten 2R

4 x Unwilling Recruit XRRR


4 x Hatching Plans 1U


4 x Claws of Gix 0

4 x Spawning Pit 2

2 x Ashnod’s Altar 3


4 x Terramorphic Expanse

12 x Mountain

4 x Island

About the Deck:

Ok so this is as crazy (or maybe even stupid) as it gets: This Deck has no other way of winning besides overtaking opponent Creatures, attacking with them and then doing nasty (for your opponent – beneficial for you) things to them.

The plan is simple: Take control of an opponent Creature with Threaten, Unwilling Recruit or Grab the Reins, attack your opponent to deal some (or some more with Unwilling Recruit and/or Downhill Charge) damage and then, laughing in your opponent’s hopefully shocked face, sacrifice it for 1 Life to Claws of Gix, for a charge counter on Spawning Pit, for 2 Mana to Ashnod’s Altar or for drawing two cards with Perilous Research OR, maybe most nasty, to deal double damage by Flinging the ovetaken Creature into your opponent’s sad face!

Of course the deck, having no other win condition than attacking with and sacking of enemy Creatures, is useless against any creatureless builds and highly unlikely to win against decks with only few creatures. Playing against a Creature heavy deck however can be pretty fun… the mischievous kind of fun no less!

Two things I would like to say on a closing note: Firstly, Running Hatching Plans with Perilous Research and/or Claws of Gix is card draw at its best and secondly, having lots of Mountains at your disposal, a cast-for-free Downhill Charge can greatly increase the damage done by an overtaken, attacking Creature!

Alright, that was my article about some of my more crazy deck ideas. While they may not work out all that well and not equally well against some decks, and while I cannot emphasize enough that these are only fun decks, intended for a casual environment, I think the three decks showcased above are quite original and can be a lot of fun. And the fun is what counts, isn’t it so you guys? 😀

Alright, until next time, I thank you a lot for reading and command you to have a




Getting stomped in Modern, my new Modern Deck Plans + Bonus: Doran Tiny Leaders!

Dear readers and friends fo the grand Magic: the Gathering TCG!

First off my humble apologies to those who are anxiously waiting for a non-MtG related post direly… Don’t worry I will eventually bring in some diversity sooner or later but it is just that I am REALLY really much into Magic these days as you may already have realized by now! 😛

Anyways, yesterday Friday a good buddy and I gave us quite the MtG tournament marathon at the local Magic Shop, first participating in a Modern Tourney from 4 pm till about 8 pm and then, on top of that a Legacy Tournament from 8:30 pm until almost midnight. So, while much fun was had, I got stomped badly in Modern, as, rather than playing my pretty standard but highly powerful, quite competitive “Affinity” Deck (you can barely call it that anymore since the only Affinity card it still runs is 4 copies of Thoughtcast…), I chose to play something out of the ordinary, rarely seen but, well, less competitive. The Deck I ran was a Doran/Defenders Deck in Green/White/Black. I will spare you the full list but just so much: The key card is this nice, quite new, crap rare here:

While well-known and quite popular Doran the Siege Tower is great, Assault Formation is THE key to the deck’s suggest as it runs lots of powerful Defenders, such as the massive mana generating Overgrown Battlement, the card drawing Wall of Omens and Carven Caryatid and the – with Assault Formation – quite insane Tree of Redemption, which is a 0/13 for 4 mana, with an awesome ability to boot:

Well, in theory the deck should work like a well-oiled engine and if you draw properly it can apply quite some pressure pretty early on – however, and this may sound like a bad excuse – if you draw badly time after time, all the intricate plans are in vian more or less. So yeah out  of 5 rounds I won just 3 games and finished last or second from last with my Doran Defenders Deck. Luckily, I am not the person taking pride in or desiring victory – for me it is all about an interesting and entertaining gameplay experience – and that I did definitely have, so all is fine! 😀

Still, I wanna retry my hand in a Modern Tournament again some time soon, and I already have a deck in mind which has the qualities I am looking for in a deck – it being original, in fact being a build I came up with all by myself, a kind of deck which I take most pleasure in running – and which I played in a Legacy Event while ago. In Legacy it had zero chance but many people recommended to try it – in a modified version without old Dual Lands and stuff obviously – in a Modern Tournament and noted that it might in fact perform decently well in a Modern setting.

The deck I am talking about is one I showcased here before, but it’s been a while and I think I had some ideas for modifying it a bit as well, so I will just show you my WIP, preliminary list right away and then discuss the plan, the strategy behind it. So here comes…

Modern Survivor:


4 x Birds of Paradise

4 x Fleecemane Lion GW

4 x Troll Ascetic 1GG

2 x Thrun, the Last Troll 2GG


4 x Path to Exile W


4 x Day of Judgment 2WW

4 x Supreme Verdict 1WWU


4 x Oblivion Ring


3 x Chrome Mox 0


2 x Elspeth, Knight Errant 2WW

2 x Ajani, Mentor of Heroes 3GW


4 x Seaside Citadel

4 x Yaviamaya Coast

4 x Brushland

3 x Adakar Wastes

4 x Treetop Village

4 x Mutavault

About the Deck:

Well as I said I posted a very similar deck list – for Legacy Format with proper, original Dual Lands etc, on here already but as it has been quite some time since that, I doubt many will remember it.

Anyways I named the deck “Survior” because it is all about efficient mass Creature removal (4 Judgment Day and 4 uncounterable Divine Verdicts) combined with (rather) cheap and equally efficient Creatures that would survive said mass removal, either by being indestructible – that would be Fleecemane Lion –  or by inexpensively regenerating them  – in this case: Troll Ascetic and his superior Thrun, the Last Troll.

The latter is especially evil and VERY hard ot get rid off, as he cannot be countered, has Hexproof AND regenerates for 1G. What an awesome package on a 4/4 body for 4 Mana.

But even if my Ascetics or Thrun get removed SOMEHOW I got an awesome backup plan that actuall helps the main (Creature based) strategy a ton as well. So get this: I am running 4 so called “Manlands”, lands that is, which can be turned into a Creature until end of turn by spending some mana. Namely I got 4 Treetop Villages which will be 3/3 Tramplers when activated for 1G and 4 Mutavaults, which cost just 1 generic mana to active and will be 2/2s (with all Creature types, but that doesn’t really matter in the context of this build). Now destroying all Creatures and then beating down on your oppoent with Manlands would be, in many cases, enough for the win. However: Add two copies each of two awesome Planeswalkers to the mix. For once I am running 2 of…

as well as this awesome fellow:

First off, giving +3/+3 and flying OR place three +1/+1 counters on Troll Ascetic or Thrun should be quite unfortunate for your opponent, as they will become insanely huge faster than you can say Planeswalker three times in a row. However, what I find even more awesome is to use the Planeswalker’s Effects on some of the Manlands. Remember, Judgment Day and Supreme Verdict will most likely level the battlefield when it comes to Creatures. Planeswalkers and Lands will be unharmed, so with Elspeth you can easily turn your Mutavault into a quite impressive 5/5 Flyer. A Treetop Village would be a 6/6 Flying Tramper even! The more I think and write about it, the more I like the concept to be honest.

As for some of the other card choices: I am running 4 Birds (of Paradies) as I want to have a one drop that enables me to play an Ascetic on turn 2 and play my mass removal one turn earlier, even if the Bird(s) will fall to it.

As my weapon against anything non-Land, I am running 4 Oblivion Rings, mostly out of sheer fear againt nasty Planeswalkers like über-powerful (and über-expensive) Liliana of the Veil, which had cost me 2 rounds in yesterday’s modern tournament pretty much. Furthermore I am running what is probably the best Creature pinpoint removal in the white color in Modern – 4 Path to Exile. Lastly, I added 3 Chrome moxes so I can speed the deck up further. Note that Fleecemane Lion is even quite good without being Monstrous as I could play a 3/3 on turn one with a Mox in play.

OK you guys, I think this rogue-like, very unusual and self-developed deck in then next Modern tourney I am going to attend – hopefully soon – and put it to the test in what is quite a hostile environment – not when it comes to the games who are pretty cool and relaxed but rather concerning the decks they play!


OK, as promised in the post title, I have some bonus for you: My new Tiny Leader Deck about which I am highly excited to try it out some time soon hopefully. So here comes the decklist – explanation and thoughts will follow on the foot!

Tiny Doran Defenders (Tiny Leaders Format):

Leader: Doran the Siege Tower BGW


1 x Birds of Paradise G

1 x Treefolk Harbinger G

1 x Pride Guardina W

1 x Perimeter Captain W

1 x Disowned Ancestor B

1 x Overgrown Battlment 1W

1 x Angelic Wall 1W

1 x Wall of Blossoms 1G

1 x Wall of Omens 1W

1 x Wall of Mulch 1G

1 x Carven Caryatid 1GG

1 x Axebane Guardian 2G

1 x Black Poplar Shaman 2B


1 x Enlightened Tutor W

1 x Worldly Tutor G

1 x Vampiric Tutor B

1 x Smother 1B

1 x Aprupt Decay BG

1 x Tower Defense 1G

1 x Kin-Tree Invocation BG

1 x Mortify 1BW

1 x Putrefy 1BG

1 x Maelstrom Pulse 1BG


1 x Unearth B

1 x Inquisition of Kozilek B

1 x Demonic Tutor 1B

1 x Idyllic Tutor 2W


1 x Lignify 1G

1x Eland Umbra 1W

1 x Heroes Resolve 1W

1 x Sterling Grove WG

1 x Assault Formation 1G

1 x Pernicious Deed 1BG


1 x Slagwurm Armor 1


1 x Marsh Flats

1 x Windswept Heath

1 x Wooded Foothills

1 x Temple Garden

1 x Overgrown Tomb

1 x Command Tower

1 x Sandsteppe Citadel

1 x Forbidding Watchtower

1 x Stirring Wildwood

3 x Forest

2 x Plains

2 x Swap

About the Deck:

Well, this Tiny Leaders Deck is pretty much an adaptation of my Modern Deck which I discussed briefly above. So the basic plan is to get Doran out and attack for massive damage. However the most important card, even more important than the leader is, once again, Assault Formation. I will show it to you once again in case you forgot what it does! 😀

With Assault Formation, as long as I have green mana to spare, will be able to attack, and attack big because even most of my one mana Creatures have a respectable 4 toughness. In order to get out my single copy of Assault Formation, I am running tutors galore, some of which can fetch you other card types than just Echantments but all my 6 Enchantment Tutors should make sure I WILL get a hold of Assault Formation rather sooner than later. The best cards to “finance” Formation are Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian.

This deck futhermore features a ton of highest quality pinpoint Creature Destruction, such as the super-awesome…

…as well as similarly awesome Smother, Mortify, Putrify and Maelstrom Pulse. I think the Black-Green-White color comination is just awesome when it comes to removal! Oh and if need be, I have also kinda a “reset button” in the form of Pernicious Deed!

Futher cards that I want to mention are Slagwurm Armor, Heroes Resolve and Tower Defense. Slam Slagwurm Armor on Doran or any attacking, high-Toughness Defender (being able to attack through Assault Formation) or likewise a Heroes Resolve and in the case of Doran, he will attack for 11 or 10 respectively, whilst Tower Defense gives ALL your Creatures +5 Toughness (and Reach to boot!) which could be a game winning move.

A card that deserves a honorable mention is Kin-Tree Invocation:

With a regular Doran out you will get a 5/5 for just two mana through Invocation… if Doran, or any other high-toughness Creature is pumped consicerably, the token might well be 10/10 of even more. I like! 😀

Alright you guys, that was my article about my plans on my next Modern Format Tournament Deck and about my new, kickass (at least I could imagine it’d kicks some butt lol!) Doran Tinly Leaders Deck. Can’t wait to try these out, even if it is just with friends at home for the time being.

Well as always I hope you enjoyed the article and I thank you very much for being a reader!

Game on!



MtG Tribal Decks: Of Merfolk, Goblins and Mono-Red Dragons…

Hello everyone!

Although I just posted a Magic deck & strategy article yesterday – and likewise the day before yesterday – I still got a ton of ideas and new decks in store which I can’t help but present to you in even more MtG deck showcase posts. This time around, I will be presenting to you 3 very different decks, all of them being Tribal Decks more or less – firstly, Green-Blue Merfolk ,secondly Red-Black Budget Goblins and thirdly and lastly Mono-Red Dragons!  So let’s get started with the first deck on our list, which I’d like to call…



4 x Birds of Paradise G

4 x Stoneybrook Banneret 1U

4 x Lord of Atlantis UU

4 x Master of the Pearl Trident UU

4 x Cold-Eyed Selkie 1 G/U G/U

2 x Merrow Reejerey 2U

2  x Lorescale Coatl 1GU


4 x Mutagenic Growth


4 x Aquitect’s Will U


4 x Rancor G

4 x Spreading Seas 1U


4 x Yavimaya Coast

9 x Forest

7 x Island

About the Deck:

This deck is not strictly a Tribal Merfolk Deck, yet it revolves mostly around Merfolk Creatures, almost all of which, quite notably, have the Islandwalk ability or even give it to other Merfolk Creatures. Furthermore, no less than 10 Creatures total in the deck give all Merfolk +1/+1, namely Lord of Atlantis (UU), its identical counterpart Master of the Pearl Trident (UU) and the two Merfolk Reejereys (2U) and what’s more is that the deck features temporary and permanent stats boosting cards that are highly cost-efficient, namely Rancor and Mutagenic Growth. So as to make all my Merfolk Islandwalkers unblockable I am running 8 “Islandwalk-Enabler” Spells – 4 Aquitects Will, which draw you a card in addition to their base effect if you control at least one Merfolk Creature and 4 Spreading Seas, a card which I hold in high renown. It is in fact pseudo-land destruction combined with card draw at the affordable cost of just 1U. Spreading Seas turns any land into a plain, basic Island AND draws you a card on top of that. As if the multiple-boosted Islandwalkers in conjunction with said “Islandwalk-Enablers” woudln’t spell enough trouble for your opponent already, the deck features an awesome and highly potent Draw Engine. Take a gander at this awesome Merfolk card:

Just imagine Cold-Eyed Selkie unblockable as your opponent will most likely control at least 1 Island and boosted mutliple times by Lord of Atlantis and his ilk. Add a Rancor and you got one hell of a draw engine that dishes out major damage as well while it is at it. In the likely case that you only got the unblockable Selkie and slam a Rancor onto it, it will draw you 3 cards each time it launches an attack on your opponent. This is why I could not resist adding a card that is not a Merfolk but which has a special place in my dark, magic-infested heart:

Just times that with a boosted, unblockable draw engine like Cold-Eyed Selkie and go figure! 😀 Hence, I called this deck “Powerdraw”.

But now let us proceed without much further ado to the next deck, which is my very own remix of the popular Goblin Deck archtype, with quite some black added to the mix and somewhat built on a budget (since I am not prepared to invest in a very costly playset of the totally awesome Goblin Piledriver):

Red-Black Goblin Fun on a Budget (Casual/Legacy):


4 x Mogg Fanatic R

3 x Knucklebone Witch B

4 x Frogtosser Banneret 1B

4 x Goblin Matron 2B

3 x Goblin Warchief 1RR

3 x Goblin Chieftain 1RR

3 x Mad Auntie 2B

4 x Goblin Ringleader 3R

1 x Krenko, Mob Boss 3R

2 x Siege-Gang Commander 3RR


1 x Tarfire R


4 x  Goblin Grenade R

1 x Boggart Birth Rite B

3 x Warrren Weirding 1B


4 x Dragonskull Summit

4 x Sulfurous Springs

2 x Teetering Peeks

8 x Mountain

2 x Swamp

About the Deck:

I decided to divert from the usual route of buidling my Goblin deck mono-red, partially because I was not willing and able to invest in Goblin Piledrivers (they cost about 30 bucks a copy nowadays!!) and other expensive, red Goblin staples and partially because I think some of the black Goblins they released predominantely in the Lorwyn and Shadowmoor cycles are actually quite awesome as well. So a Red-Black Goblin deck it woul be. I decided against going for a Modern Format legal build for the simple reason that I woudln’t want to miss out on Goblin Matron and, even more vital, Goblin Ringleader. The thing that makes this deck so very special in my eyes and that makes Matron and Ringleader something I woudln’t want to miss out on is that, curiously, ALL cards in this build are Goblin cards, save for the lands of course. Indeed, besides the Creatures, which are all Goblins, and I got no less than 31 total of those, all Instants and Sorceries the Deck features are Goblin Tribal Instants and Sorceries too! This means if need be, your Matron could fetch any Instant or Sorcery you’d currently need from the deck and, even more and totally awesome, Goblin Ringleader will fill your hand with up to 4 Goblin cards reliably as, and I need to emphasize it again, all 40 non-land cards in this deck belong to the Goblin Tribe!

Furthermore, all my Goblins are highly supportive of each other: I got 6 Goblins that boost all other Goblins by +1/+1 (3 Goblin Chieftains and 3 Mad Aunties, the latter being able to regenerate a Goblin by simply tapping the Auntie on top of the stats boost), also I have 6 Goblins (Goblin Chieftain and Goblin Warchief) that give all Goblins Haste and lastly I got no less than 7 Goblins in the deck that reduce the costs of all Goblin Creatures and Goblin Tribal Sorceries and Instants by 1 – in the form of 4 Frogtosser Bannerets at the cost of just 1B and 3 of the classic Goblin Warchiefs that cost 1RR.

All in all that sounds like one hell of a synergetic deck and the prospect of having a Goblin Ringleader draw me 4 cards, which would not be all too unlikely, as I have to mention once again, boggles my mind.

Of course I added the tried and tested Siege-Gang Commander to the mix, which will blast your opponent’s Creatures and life points faster than you can say “Goblin Piledriver” thrice  – and so does Goblin Grenade, a great (possible finisher) card that lets you deal no less than 5 (!) damage to target Creature OR Player for the cost of 1 red mana and sacrificing a Goblin – a very much affordable price to pay with Goblins galore as seen in this build!

I am very much looking forward to see how the deck will perform as I put it together now, but I am confident it will be more than half decent, even without the costly but highly powerful Piledrivers. But let us now proceed to the last deck on our list for today:

Mono-Red Big Bad Dragons (Casual/Legacy):


4 x Dragonlord’s Servant 1R

4 x Dragonspeaker Shaman 1RR

2 x Rorix Bladewing 3RRR

4 x  Imperial Hellkite 5RR

4 x Kilnmouth Dragon 5RR

4 x Bogardan Hellkite 6RR


4 x Seething Song 2R


4 x Rites of Flame R

4 x Sudden Demise XR


2 x Claws of Valakut 1RR


2 x Belbe’s Portal 5


4 x Forgotten Cave

4 x Myriad Landscape

14 x Mountain

About the Deck:

Well, this deck is quite, how can I say… primitive. It is all about getting lots and lots of powerful, flying and firebreathing, red Dragons out on the battlefield fast to overwhelm your opponent through raw, draconian power!

The backbone of the deck are however, quite ironically, two non-Dragon Creatures that will enable you to get out your Dragons earlier, faster and in greater numbers. Take a look at exhibit A, the classic Dragonspeaker Shaman:

Reducing the costs of your Dragons, which start at 6 mana with legendary Rorix Bladewing and end at 8 with the mighty Bogardan Hellkite, by 2 is nothing to sneeze at. In the Khans of Tarkier Block however, another similar Dragon-Cost-Reducer joined in. Take a look at exhibit B, which is a third cheaper than Dragonspeaker, which is quite nice:

With the aid of cheap Mana generator Rite of Flame, you can drop Dragonlord’s Servant on turn 1 and follow up with Dragonspeaker Shaman soon after. This will ebable you to get out your terrible Dragons much earlier than usual, which will no doubt apply quite some pressure to your opponent. With one Servant and one Shaman out,  a single Seething Song can easily produce an 8 Mana Dragon, 8 Mana incidentally being the upper end of your Dragons mana-curve – in the form of mighty Bogardan Hellkite. Other notable dragons can be churned out equally fast and easily such as Imperial Hellkite, which calls for backup as he is summoned, letting you search your deck for any Dragon and putting him into your hand upon entering the battlefield. A Dragon I am particularly fond of is Kilnmouth Dragon, who is, in its most basic form a 5/5 Flyer with an useful tap ability, but most notably, he has “Amplify: 3”, meaning he will enter play with no less than three +1/+1 counters for each Dragon card you reveal from your hand at that point. With a deck featuring Dragons aplenty, Kilnmouth Dragon can easily enter play as an 8/8 or 11/11 Creature or even more…

Another way of getting even more dragons into play at an inexpensive cost is the 5 Mana Artifact Belbe’s Portal. Upon playing it, you name a Creature type and it will tap for 3 Mana each turn and put a Creature of the chosen type into play, no matter how costly that Creature would be. Naturally, one would chose the Creature Type “Dragon” in this kind of deck…

Lastly I want to mention the Aura (Enchant Creature) Claws of Valakut. At a cost of 1RR it will give one of your evasive, all by themselves highly powerful Dragons First Strike and +1/+0 FOR EACH MOUNTAIN you control. That can be very deadly for your opponent indeed.


Alright, dear readers, these were my three tribal deck ideas for you. Again, I hope you found the article to some degree insightful and interestinga and I would be mighty pleased if you subscribed to this my humble blog if you liked what you read. More to come soon. Big Promise! Until then,

Happy Gaming!