Dreams of Dystopia Hitting KS Tomorrow SUN April 12th, 6 PM Central American Time!!

Dear board and card game enthusiasts, dear readers of my blog!!

With great joy I am able to announce the launch of “DREAMS OF DYSTOPIA – The Deckbuilding Game with a TWIST” tomorrow Sunday, 12th of April 2015 at 6 pm American Central Time sharp!


Dreams of Dystopia is a highly-interactive, very much combat-centered (some people have even mentioned a similarity to “Magic: the Gathering”, in a favorable way – like, what if Dominion and MtG had a baby!) Deckbuilding Game with similar core mechanics as other games in the Genre, such as aforementioned Dominion, Thunderstone and others.

There are various things that make Dreams of Dystopia (or just “DoD”) so special, such as the direct player vs player combat mechanics (The goal of the game is not to accumulate a number of Victory Points as is standard in most Deckbuilders but to reduce your opponent’s Life Points to zero by means of combat) or a fresh take on a resource system, which acts more like a threshold than managing some sort of currency. But most outstanding – and this is why we call DoD a game “with a TWIST”, is the fact that each card (except useless Curses and the Heroic Deed cards that act as resources of sorts) has actually two sides – the “Demonic” side of one card being printed on one side of the actual card and the “Divine” side on the other side. Right at the outset of the game you have to choose a Master, and furthermore you have to decide whether you’d wanna go with their Demonic or their Divine side. This sets the tone for the rest of your game as choosing sides has a ton of influence on your later game choices – for instance, “buying” off-faction cards (like if you have a Demonic Master and you want to aquire a Divine card) will cost you 2 extra fame – resources. We really emphasized the double-sidedness of the cards and the flipping to a degree that you can even reverse cards, change from Divine to Demonic and vice versa, mid-game, actually changing your whole strategy as you go along. Please watch this short teaser trailer to understand the core mechanics of the game a bit better:

Furthermore I am pleased to be able to say we got us some awesome feedback and pre-reviews of DoD already and are very excited about the launch of the project on Kickstarter tomorrow, Sunday 12th of April!

If you want a deeper look into how the game actually works and hear some praise for the game from an expert, please watch this video preview, kindly made for us by Nick of Board Game Brawl. Thank you Nick!!

Dreams of Dystopia is a collaborative effort between game designer Andreas Propst (my humble self) and US-based artist and illustrator Robert “Misfit” Modelski.

So please everyone join in and support us on KS starting tomorrow April 12th and going all through May 11th 2015, even if you can “just” spread the word! Any and all help and support will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,


P.S.: For more information please visit the DoD Hombase at http://www.dreamsofdystopia.com! Thank you!!


One thought on “Dreams of Dystopia Hitting KS Tomorrow SUN April 12th, 6 PM Central American Time!!

  1. Dude, i played fold into æther combos back in 2007.. So you can’t take the glory for finding that one.. I even made a topic in 2006 about this type of combos

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