MtG: Legacy Tournament Report + Bonus Deck: Doran’s Walls

Dear readers!

As I had announced in a previous post not too long ago, we were to attend the FNM Legacy Tournament in our local Magic store of trust and choice in Linz. Herein I want to share some of my experiences with my very first official Legacy Event that I attended, and let me make one thing perfectly clear right from the start: Major suckage in terms of win/lose statistics. Well, I decided to run an experimental deck and was prepared to lose a lot but hell, not a single game won! ūüėÄ

So the thing was this: My goal was more like to “probe” into the local Legacy scene, or Metagame as it is called in MtG lingo, rather than win big time. So instead of running my tried and tested and, as I would think, reasonably powerful Landstill, I opted for a totally different deck which you can check out in the previous article. The problem was it was little more than just a Modern Format Deck with Dual Lands and Forces (of Will) added in among some other Legacy stuff like Counterspell for instance. So the format and/or meta was fast as hell, whereby nobody really played aggro or any other creature based beatdown decks. I saw someone play an Elf Combo deck but that kind of deck doesn’t win through beatdown either.

As for myself, first I played against an Enchantment Deck relying on drawing a ton of cards with Argothian Enchantress and making tons of 4/4 Flying Angel Tokens with Sigil of the Empty Throne. I could have punched me in the face for deciding last minute to remove Pernicious Deed from my deck, as my first opponent won almost exclusively cause he was able to drop Solitary Confinement and I had no way of getting rid of that pesky as hell enchantment. My next opponent just ran some stupid as shit (pardon me French!) monored burn deck with Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and just a ton of burn and he oblitereated me utterly, because I was too slow PLUS, and this applied to the whole evening, I had bad draw after bad draw. Talk about bad luck there. I ¬†had to skip the third game as I got a “Freilos” meaning I got one point for free without even playing as we were an odd number of players. My last game was the most interesting one, as my opponent played a deck I had never seen before. Basically it involved lots of Dredging and awesome card interactions that are triggered or enabled when certain cards were in his graveyard. One of his killers was Ichorid which is pretty sweet and I remember well how he won 2 games in a row with just one land (a Gemstone Mine).

So yeah, while I didn’t win a single game this all was a great learning experience for me and my buddy Stefan, who hadn’t done any better than me btw, enjoyed it as well. I really did not think just how FAST the Legacy Format is these days, and curiously there are some lightning fast decks that have a ton of interactions that can be unleashed aplenty on turns 1 – 3. So while I haven’t seen a single beatdown or creature rush approach, all these decks are very fast all in all. In any case, now that I know to some degree at least what Legacy looks and plays like nowadays, I am highly motivated to take up the challenge and build a deck that will or may perform at least a bit better than my Modern to Legacy conversion of my Survivor Deck (the latter should rock in Modern though and I hope to be able to play a Modern tournament playing Survivor in the not too distant future!).

Anyways here my current Landstill list – I reverted to my old-school version of this one, playing it URW as I had done in the very beginning. I was really tempted to add in green for Crop Rotation to fetch a Maze or a Tabernacle but this will do I think. Also I added a completely new, but potentially great twist to my old list, but please take a look:

Andi’s Old-School Landstill:


4 x Stifle U

3 x Swords to Plowshares W

1 x Enlightened Tutor W

3 x Lightning Bolt R

3  Fire/Ice 1R/1U

4 x Counterspell UU

4 x Force of Will 3UU


4 x Standstill


2 x Engineered Explosives X

3 x Nevinyrral’s Disk 4


2 x Elspeth, Knight Errant 2WW


4 x Volcanic Island

3 x Plateau

3 x Tundra

4 x Flooded Strand

2 x Scalding Tarn

2 x Arid Mesa

1 x Tolaria West

1 x Maze of Ith

1 x The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

4 x Mishra’s Factory

2 x Faerie Conclave

Some more Info on the Deck:

Well this deck comes pretty close to my original Landstill version and color combination, RUW (or “Jeskai” as they call it nowadays) being my all-time favorite three color combination all in all. The Deck features a decent amount of countermagic in the form of Stifle (and I said that before but I LOVE Stifling Fetchlands!!), classic Counterspell and most of the times free-to-cast Force of Will. Red is in the mix with Lightning Bolt and Fire/Ice, simply to get rid of some smaller, troublesome critters or deal the last few points of damage needed for the win if you managed to push down your opponent far enough with your manlands. White is for Swords to Plowshares which can deal with creatures of any size and/or cost. Also the one Enlightened Tutor is kinda a pet card of mine. It fetches Standstill or Disk etc so I felt adding one copy couldn’t hurt. Speaking of Nevinyrral’s Disk, I run 3 of them as they potentially whipe everything out on ¬†the field, except lands ¬†and Planeswalkers. That brings me to the only really new card I added to this deck: The awesome as shit Elspeth, Knight Errant. Using her second ability (add 1 counter: target Creature gets +3/+3 and has flying until end of turn) on your Mishra’s Factory just rocks big time, making your lowly assembly worker a mighty¬†5/5 Flyer. I haven’t tested the deck with Elspeth yet but I think she could be a decent addition to the overall plan of this deck in particular!

Well, as you see I won’t get discouraged so fast and am looking forward to take the above deck to another Legacy tourney soon. As for my “Survivor” deck, I think it is best suited for Modern Format and will give it a try in the same!

OK then, just for the fun of it, I’ll not stop the article here but instead would like to throw in a random deck idea of mine right here, a deck all based around super-awesome, super-abusable Doran, the Siege Tower. Take a gander:

I mean just look at him! For a measly 3 Mana you get a 0/5 that attacks for 5, so virtually, Doran can be considered a 5/5 beater in and off itself. But as you surely have read or know already, Doran gives the awesome ability of assigning combat damage equal to a creature’s toughness rather than its power to all Creatures!! That begs for a deck or two built around the gnarled, big, bad guy. While I could think of a kickass EDH/Commander build centered around Doran, let me share a Modern Format deck I built around the Siege Tower with you. Please know that I am not sure if it would stand any fighting chance in a competitive environment. Honestly, I don’t really care. I just wanted to build an unique and original decklist for me to enjoy with my magic buddies casually. So let’s take a closer look:

Doran’s Defenders:


4 x Noble Hierarch

4 x Treefolk Harbinger

4 x Wall of Omens 1W

4 x Wall of Mulch 1G

4 x Overgrown Battlement 1G

3 x Doran, the Siege Tower GWB

1 x Black Poplar Shaman 2B

1 x Indomitable Ancients 2WW

1 x Timber Protector 4G


4 x Rootgrapple 4W


4 x Putrefy 1GB


4 x Rolling Stones


4 x Windswept Heath

2 x Verdant Catacombs

2 x Marsh Flats

4 x Murmuring Bosk

2 x Stirring Wildwood

1 x Temple Garden

1 x Overgrown Tomb

2 x Plains

2 x Swamp

2 x Forest

About the Deck:

Well as you surely realized already, Doran, the Siege Tower is your main guy in this deck. A card that goes along REALLY well with Doran and in fact is one of the most important cards in the deck I would say, although it looks insigificant, is Treefolk Harbinger. Harbinger is a 0/3 at a cost of 1 green Mana. When it comes into play, you may search your Deck for a Treefolk OR Forest and put it on top of your deck. That gives you sooo many options, the best being either to fetch one of your three Dorans, or the AWESOME land Murmuring Bosk. You can also grab a Rootgrapple which destroys any noncreature permanent. Murmuring Bosk counts as a Forest but can also be tapped for 1 white or 1 black mana. That would cost you 1 Life but who the hell cares? Anyways you can fetch Bosk not only with Treefolk Harbinger but also with your Windswepth Heaths and Verdant Catacomb, which, in theory, should give you access to all 3 kinds of Mana needed to summon Doran and play the other cards in your deck. Oh and one last thing about Treefolk Harbinger: With Doran he will virtually be a 3/3 for 1 green mana, which is pretty neat as well. There are some one-of Treefolk I included, once again to be fetched with Harbinger, such as Timber Protector, which gives all your other Treefolk and Forests indestructible as well as Indomitable Ancients. The latter don’t have any special effects but hell, a 2/10 for 2WW?! Use with Doran recommended. No further explanation needed I guess!

Ok that about covers Doran and his Treefolk friends. This deck is not only about Treefolk but has a secondary, or even equally important theme as well. Walls! ūüėÄ I am running some massive draw power with including Wall of Omens which is a 0/4 for 1W that draws you a card when it enters the battlefield, whereas Wall of Mulch is a 0/4 as well but it lets you pay 1 green mana to sac a Wall and draw a card. These 8 cards can seriously speed up your game and create some valuable card advanatage. Overgrown¬†Battlement is a really neat card as well, yet again being a 0/4 for 1G. It taps to generate a number of green mana equal to the number of creatures with defender you control. ¬†That can be really hefty considering you got no less than 12 Creatures with Defender!

And now for a card that would not be ABSOLUTELY necessary for the deck and there would be better additions instead of it, but I just love my crap rares as regular readers will no doubt already know, so I had to run a playset of this:

I mean how cool is that when you combine your 12 Walls with Defender with a Doran? They are all 0/4, which means through Doran they will all attack for no less than 4 damage. And that for a converted mana cost of  2. Simply priceless and it adds even more of an individual touch to my deck as I would think.

So well, that would be my approach on a Modern Format Doran/Walls deck. Luckily the cards needed for it aren’t THAT expensive so I purchased all I need for the above deck already and am really looking forward to getting this to the table! On a closing note, there is one card that would REALLY rock with Doran, but I didn’t want to splash a fourth color just for the sake of this, however awesome it would be with Doran:

On second thoughts, I do have Hierarch that makes me blue mana, so I may be considering to add this kickass wall in somehow…

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s MtG “double feature” and please come back often or even better subscribe if you don’t want to miss my future ramblings on MtG, YGO, other games and games of my own devising!

Happy Gaming!




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