Announcing Fantasy Pixel Monsters CCG – The Pixelated Card Battles Video Game!

Dear readers and friends of fine card games and retro-style pixel art!

In this here article I want to announce and introduce you to my latest, upcoming project that involves both game design and pixel art, two fields in which I excel, as I am being told constantly, going by the name of …

FPM Cover Image PNG

That is right: Fantasy Pixel Monsters! FPM will be a virtual CCG which will come to many platforms such as PC, Android and iOS among others which I am doing in cooperation with my good friend and programmer par excellence Zack Bertok from the United States of America, for whom I did and am still doing pixel artwork for his current project Siralim (do check it out at!). Over the course of our months-long collaboration it became evivdent that we harmonize well with each other – Zack greatly appreciated my work on Siralim – so I just suggested that we could do a collaborative project, me providing fine pixel art and assets and Zack doing the programming work, after Siralim was finished and, to my delight, Zack was all in for the idea without any convincing work needed on my part.

So let it be known far and wide, in Summer this year 2015 we will get started on our work on the Fantasy Pixel Monsters CCG! What we have planned is something similar to the old Gameboy Color Pokemon TCG adventure game if anyone even remembers that still. So it will be a virutal, video game implementation of a CCG (CCG as in “Customizable Card Game”) in which you play through an RPG-style adventure and battle lots of opponents (NPCs) as well as collect cards to extend your collection and to enhance your deck(s). The cool thing and the major difference between FPM CCG and the old GBC Pokemon TCG implementation will be that there will be online play implemented so you can contest real players from all over ther world, as well as other common, modern video game features/gimmicks such as an achievements and unlockables system, leaderboards and everything – all state of the art.

The game will feature the finest of pixel art created by myself as you can see some samples of above and will be avaiblable on Steam eventually as it now looks like! Furthermore, a crowdfunder is planned as well, but the good thing is we don’t really rely on any Kickstarter money or the likes of that as most of the costs are covered since I can handle the art and game design and Zack can take care of the programming. The main goal of a KS or Indiegogo campaign would be A) to raise money for properly promoting FPM so we can get a lot of people to play and enjoy the game, a big, teeming community being desirable for all online players, and B) to advertise for FPM CCG as we go along! So yeah we’d be happy to see YOU join us on the crowdfunding platform of our choice later this year to raise the funds needed to make FPM popular and successful worldwide!

Lastly, a few words about the game itself:

FPM CCG is in some aspects similar to the well-known and popular Pokemon TCG as to that you also fight your opponent with various kinds of Monsters which can be evolved over the course of the game. However, in FPM CCG, the game mechanics of how that all is done are vastly different. Without praising my own “mad skillz” in game design, I would call it “the good Pokemon TCG” in some ways, as I addressed some of the glaring defects in the Pokemon TCG game system and mechanics and tried to fix them in the process of designing the FPM CCG. I may post a follow-up article elaborating on that but just take my word for it for now that the system works a lot better than the original Pokemon TCG set of mechanics.

So in FPM, each player chooses a party of 3 Basic (Stage 1) Monsters as their team that will fight the opponent party of Monsters in the game and then builds a deck around these Monsters, each of which will belong to one of 5 Elements (Nature, Chaos, Water, Light, Dark) as well as to one of 5 Classes (Warrior, Cleric, Wizard, Beast, Dragon). The Deck itself contains Skills (the actual attacks, defensive moves, abilities etc.) and Items. The Monster cards however are never shuffled into the deck of Skill and Item cards. Here a sample of each of the three main card types:

Card Samples PNG

Besides the 3 Monster cards you begin the game with and the 40 cards player’s Decks, each player has a small side-decks containing all the higher stage evolutions of each of their Basic Monsters as well as special Evolutions (optionally). Now each time a Monster uses an Action (attacks, defends, uses an ability etc.) It will gain 1 XP (Experience Point). Once a certain XP threshold (printed on the Monster card) is met, you can evolve the Monster into its next stage of evolution by conveniently taking the next stage card from your Evolutions Deck (the small side-decks mentioned above) and put it onto the previous stage Monster card. That is basically how evolution works in the FPM CCG! Have a look at an evolutionary line below:

Evolutions Sample

The actual fighting is done by means of Skill cards which may or may not be limited to certain classes and evolutionary stages. Here it is really important to adjust your selection of Skills you add to your Deck to the kind of Monsters that form your starting Monster party, as not all Skills can be used by all kinds of Monsters.

Also, choosing an offensive battle formation (2 Monsters in Front Row and 1 in Back Row) or a defensive battle formation (1 in Front and 2 in back Row) is a strategic/tactical decision you need to make prior to the actual game.

And that in a nutshell is all I want to tell you about the Fantasy Pixel Monster CCG! Well the prototype is done and already ordered and I will keep you updated if there is any news on this latest of my many project!

I for one am excited to get this started and would like to thank my partner Zack at this point!

Game on everyone!





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