MtG: Legacy Tournament – Last Minute Change of Plans!

Dear readers and fellow Magic fans!

Yesterday I posted about the upcoming FNM Legacy Tournament and shared with you, along with another deck, my “Rainbow Landstill” which I intended to field in said event. Well as it every so often happens with me, I changed plans – last minute more or less – and decided to run an entirely different deck, which is even more original and unconventional as the one I showcased yesterday!

The deck is based on a Modern Format deck I conceived and designed while ago, which I did not see anywhere else or straight out net-decked from anywhere in the dephts of the www, and which I called just “The Survivor”. And no, it does not involve Survival of the Fittest or anything like that. Instead, it is a control style deck featuring lots of mass creature destruction such as Day of Judgment, paired with efficient and hard to kill, mostly regenerating Creatures such as Troll Ascetic or its superior version Thrun, the Last Troll. The basic strategy of this deck would be to use your boardsweepers to kill off any and all opponent Creatures whilst your “Survivor(s)” still stand(s). Add in countermagic and some awesome Planeswalkers like Elspeth, Knight Errant that give your survivor(s) a hefty stats boost and you are good to go. So I took this Modern Format Deck of mine and remodelled it to fit the Legacy format, adding in lots of old-school goodies such as Dual Lands and Forces (of Will) and turned it into something that may just be good enough for a proper, real Legacy Format tournament. And whilst I think running something less unconventional such as White Weenie or Landstill as I had planned on doing initially would put me a bit more on the safe side here, but I just LOVE playing unconventional decks, hoping to catch some opponents off guard with those!

So anyways here is my decklist for

Legacy Survivor 1.0


4 x Troll Ascetic 1GG

2 x Thrun, the Last Troll 2GG


4 x Stifle U

4 x Daze 1U

4 x Counterspell UU

4 x Force of Will 3UU


1 x Regrowth 1G

4 x Day of Judgment 2WW

3 x Supreme Verdict 1WWU


2 x Elspeth, Knight Errant 2WW

2 x Ajani, Mentor of Heroes 3GW


2 x Forest

2 x Plains

4 x Flooded Strand

2 x Verdant Catacombs

2 x Polluted Delta

3 x Tundra

2 x Tropical Island

4 x Treetop Village

4 x Mishra’s Factory

Additional Thoughts on the Deck:

Well basically the easiest way to win with this deck is to get Elspeth (or Ajani) out unleash mass creature removal constantly and then pump one of your Manlands with Elspeth (or Ajani) for some massive damage. A lowly Treetop Village would be a 6/6 Trampling Flying menace when combined with Elspeth. Of course you can use your Planeswalker’s amazing abilities with any of your Creatures as well. Ajani especially is kickass in giving 3 counters to your Troll Ascetic or Thrun every turn! Regarding the Creatures, those are highest quality as well, both regenerating at 1G and having Hexproof. And Thrun cannot be countered on top of all that! These Spell trouble for your opponent, even more so when you have Elspeth out to give them +3/+3 and Flying each turn or Ajani who’d give them three +1/+1 counters each and every turn. Hell you can even use Ajani on one of your animated Manlands. The counters will be lost at end of turn but a temporary +3/+3 boost is nothing to sneeze at either. The deck is rounded out by a huge assortment of quality countermagic. From lowly Stifle, which, as I stated in my previous post is supreme land destruction if your opponent is using Fetchlands, over the classic 2 blue mana Counterspell up to mighty, free to cast Force of Will. Together with Daze, the deck features no less than 8 free counterspells. I WANTED to splash in some black to run 2 copies of Pernicious Deed but ended swapping the 2 Deeds and 2 Underground Seas out in favor of a playset of Troll Ascetics, as I thought the deck needed some more beaters besides Thrun and the Manlands!

Well, this surely isn’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill Legacy Format Deck and I cannot possibly tell how it will fare – however I prefer to try all kinds of new and crazy shit so I am looking forward to see whether my Survivor deck is any good in the context of a Legacy Tournament!

Tournament report coming up, needless to say!

Have fun and game on!




MtG: Two Legacy Decks for the FNM Legacy Tournament in our Friendly Local Magic Store!

Dear readers and fellow MtG afficionados!

Tomorrow is the day! I am finally going to participate in a REAL (Friday Night Magic) Legacy Format Tournament held this Friday evening at our Friendly Local Magic store in the next big city to me – Linz, Upper Austria. The Legacy Format is actually my favorite official format (right after Commander/EDH) but as it happens I never even once actually participated in a real Legacy Event yet, which is a crying shame as I own all the “good stuff” such as Dual Lands, Force of Wills etc etc, and just play them in the casual environemnt of my own home for fun with my Magic buddies. Well, I am really looking forward to tomorrow evening when this unbearable situation is bound to change! Together with my new friend, fellow Magic enthusiast and terribly nice person in general Stefan from a small town nearby I will be participating in the FNM Legacy Event which is held on a regular basis in the Magic Shop Linz. I did participate in quite some casual tournaments there in summer last year and after a prolonged break, I decided to get more involved in the local tournament scene over here again, starting with tomorrow’s Legacy Event.

Anyways in this article I want to showcase two decks I built especially to compete in the local Legacy tournament, which, again, will be a first for me. One of the decks is a fresh and different take on my long-time  favorite  deck of all times – Landstill, which I have played in various iterations over the past 10 years or so, but never once fielded the deck in a real tournament. The other deck I will show to my buddy Stefan offering him to use the deck in the tournament, as his old-school Mono Black “Suicide” deck, which is more than decent, just a bit outdated as he quit Magic more or less after the Urza Block, is missing a few cards. I think he’d have a fighting chance with his own deck so either I borrow him some cards to replace the proxies he is currently running in his deck OR he buys some actual replacements for said proxies OR he can just play the second deck that I built for tournament use, which is kinda a rogue deck (an unusual build) which I developed myself refering to and drawing some inspiration from VERY early magic history top contender deck “Erhnageddon” – well my deck doesn’t run any Erhnam Djinns for once!

So  let me first show you my new take on the classic  Landstill type of deck, which I’d like to call:

Rainbow Landstill:


4 x Stifle U

3 x Lightning Bolt R

2 x Crop Rotation G

1 x Swords to Plowshares W

1 x Enlightened Tutor W

4 x Daze 1U

4 x Force of Will 3UU


3 x Summer Bloom 1G

1 x Regrowth 1G


4 x Standstill 1U

3 x Pernicious Deed 1BG


2 x Nevinyrral’s Disk 4


4 x Underground Sea

2 x Volcanic Island

2 x Tropical Island

2 x Tundra

3 x Polluted Delta

2 x Scalding Tarn

2 x Verdant Catacombs

1 x Flooded Strand

1 x Forest

4 x Mishra’s Factory

2 x Farie Conclave

1 x Bojuka Bog

1 x Maze of Ith

1 x Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

About the Deck:

Well this deck adopts the classic Landstill approach of playing heavy control in the form of great countermagic, first and foremost Force of Will and Daze to a lesser extent, as well as powerful board sweepers such as Nevinyrral’s Disk and, in this particular build, Pernicious Deed as well as the combo between Standstill and Manlands, Lands that can be turned into Creatures temporarily that is, which explains the name “Landstill”. As stated before, I have played countless of different “incarnations” of this deck, with varying color combinations, however for this latest iteration of the classic Landstill build of mine, I decided to run all 5 colors and hence the name “Rainbow Landstill”. Some colors could be easily skipped and it may be a better and more focused deck all in all if I did that but I like my decks unusual and stylish, so I am running red just for 3 Lightning Bolts and white for a single Swords to Plowshares and one Enlightened Tutor to fetch Standstill or other key Enchantments/Artifacts. Overall, the focus on this deck is, besides the obvious blue, quite in the green area of the Magic color spectrum and I am running some creative card choices here as I would think. The three Summer Bloom may seem odd but the ability of playing up to 3 additional lands in one turn has great potential for this kind of deck, in which almost half of the cards are lands, many of which do very useful things besides or even instead of providing Mana. The über-awesome Maze of Ith and Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale are prime examples for the latter. In order to get my key “special” lands like the aforementioned two into play I am also running two odd copies of Crop Rotation, which lets me sacrifice a land at the cost of 1 green Mana to put into play any land from my deck, not just a basic land, so I can use it to grab Maze or Tabernacle or any other land that I might need most at any point in the game. Another great card from the green end of the color spectrum is Regrowth, which lets me retrive a broken Standstill or ANY used up card to use them once again. Besides many useful lands as well as Manlands, the deck is packed with countermagic, of which 8 counters are basically free to cast (Daze and Force of Will). I am also running a playset of Stifle because, well, I just love to Stifle Fetchlands! 😀 Considering the ongoing popularity of Fetchies, Stifle quite often reads “Destroy target Land and deal 1 damage to its controller”. That is pretty kickass for the cost of 1 blue mana! Also the deck runs a lot of boardsweepers as I mentioned before in the form of Nevinyrral’s Disk and Pernicious Deed!

Well, overall I think this particular version of Landstill COULD work out really well, but on the other hand, I may want to revise the deck after the tourney tomorrow if it doesn’t perform like intended. In that case I will be reverting to my favorite variation of the Landstill build, my tried and tested Blue/White/Red Landstill build. It has to be seen!

Now on to the second deck I built for the upcoming Legacy tournament:



4 x Birds of Paradise G

4 x Llanowar Elves G

2 x Avacyn’s Pilgrim G

4 x Terravore 1GG

4 x Knight of the Reliquary 1GW

1 x Woolly Thoctar RGW


2 x Swords to Plowshares W


4 x Stone Rain 2R

2 x Winter’s Grasp 1GG

2 x Thermokarst 1GG

4 x Armageddon 3W


3 x Chrome Mox 0

2 x Crucible of Worlds 3


3 x Forest

1 x Plains

4 x Plateau

4 x Arid Mesa

4 x Windswept Heath

2 x Flagstones of Trokair

4 x Wasteland

About the Deck:

This deck is very losely based on a VERY old concept from the early days of MtG, when Creatures like Erhnam Djinn were considered “good”. Back then players used to pair Armageddon, which destroys all lands in play for the mere cost of 3W with back then efficient beater Erhnam Djinn. This highly successful kind of deck was dubbed “Erhnageddon” after its two key cards. My deck which I listed above follows the same basic concept, but with newer creatures replacing the Djinn which are widely superior to the latter! Basically you try to get as many lands into your graveyard as possible to turn your  Terravore (1GG, Trample, power and thoughness each equal to the number of lands in all graveyards) and/or Knight of the Reliquary, which costs 1GW and get a +1/+1 boost for each land in your graveyard  into huge threats. You accomplish that by means of lots of Fetchlands to fill your own graveyard with lands as well as through land destruction like Stone Rain and of course through the utterly devastating Armageddon. In this particular build I decided to run as many as 10 (!) 1 Mana 1 Mana-makers like classic Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves, all in order to be able to summon one of your key creatures (Terravore or Knight of the Reliquary or even your odd copy of Woolly Thoctoar) on turn 2 and unleash a mighty Armageddon as early as turn 3! Also, the Deck has 8 pinpoint land destruction spells all costing 3 mana, which will further disrupt your opponent. Wasteland is a great card for ruining the opponent mana base and at the same time putting lands in both graveyards. Times it with one of the two copies of Crucible of Worlds (which lets you play lands straight our of your graveyard) I am running and your opponent is in for one crippling land destruction experience! On a closing note, I think some burn in the form of classic Lightning Bolt and newer Lightnig Helix could not hurt but I wanted to focus on the land destruction/mana disruption here so I skipped the burn spells altogether. If this decision is a wise one has to be seen in tomorrow’s tournament!


Well, dear readers, that is it concerning my preparations for the local Legacy tournament tomorrrow. I have mixed feelings as I don’t have the slightest clue on the local Legacy metagame in Linz and also regarding the decks I built especially for tomorrow’s event as I chose to do something unusual, even experimental one might say, for both decks. As for the Landstill Deck I am going to field tomorrow, I would probably fare better with sticking to the tried and tested UWR version of the deck and for Stefan I should have built White Weenie with some red splashed for Bolts, Helixes and Lavamancers. But hell, I love to go for the unusual and out-of-the-ordinary so I am rally curious and looking forward to how my Rainbow Landstill will perform! I can always opt for a more classic approach for the next Legacy tournament if it  just doesn’t work out as intended, as this will definitely not be the first AND last Legacy Event I am going to attend going forward!

So thanks for being a reader and I will be sure to post a proper tournament report some time the coming weekend!

Until then, happy gaming y’all!!



MtG: Building a Bunch of Decks for the NEW Tiny Leaders Format!

Dear readers and fellow friends of the amazing Magic: the Gathering CCG!

Recently I was pointed to an article on the official MtG website by my kind neighbor and Magic-buddy Lukas Laner that instantly caught my interest and made my inner deckbuilder run wild momentarily! (Thank you Luki!)

The article in question (click here to read it in its entirety) is all about a new, to me quite exciting format called “Tiny Leaders” which is a twist on the popular Commander (formerly refered to as EDH – Elder Dragon Highlander) variant of playing MtG. Commander started out as a “fan format” made by and for Magic enthusiasts that was, a few years ago, picked up by Wizards of the Coast due to its high popularity among the players and made into an official (tournament) format, with regular releases of proper Commander products containing many a card made especially for the Commander format. Being a huge fan of EDH/Commander even before it was officially endorsed and supported by Wizards, reading about a new twist on the now classic Commander format raised my eyebrow so to say and with great interest I read what was proposed in the article I refered to above and the more I read the more my inner deckbuilding urge began to grow. The newly proposed Tiny Leaders format represents, for me, quite the deckbuilding challenge and man do I love challenges like this. So inevitably, right after reading what Tiny Leaders Magic was all about I instantly had to scour my extensive Magic cards collection and build half a dozen decks for this new, exciting variation of classic Commander!

Now let me tell you how Tiny Leaders works and after that I’d like to present you some of the decks I built with the rules of the new format in mind, providing first the decklist of each and then, as usual, my thoughts on the respective deck.

So here is how Tiny Leaders works and what you have to keep in mind when building a deck for the format:

  • Each player needs to build a deck with 50 cards and 1  Commander card. The Deck must be singleton, meaning you can only have 1 copy of each card except for basic lands which are unlimited.
  • What makes this format so special and unique and what is the reason why it is called “Tiny” Leaders is the limitation of only being allowed to run cards with a converted mana cost of 3 or less. That includes your Commander as well!
  • Your Commander may cost only 3 mana or less and he/she/it determines your deck’s color identity, meaning cards in your deck may only have the mana symbols in the casting cost of your Commander, just like in regular EDH.
  • Each player starts the game with 25 Life Points. Other than that the game is played the same as regular MtG/Commander.

Well, what a challenge indeed, being only allowed to run cards with converted mana cost of 3 or less, your Commander included! This really boggled my mind and inspired me to build a ton of decks as I said before. Let me share some of my deck ideas for the Tiny Leaders format with you. Before moving on to some actual decks, I would like to note that I am really excited to try the following decks and through them the newly proposed format as I think this could be quite to my liking. For once I like fast aggro or weenie or even aggro-control decks overpowering your opponent fast and furious by means of overrunning them with an army of cheap and efficient creatures. And this is, according to the article I linked to above, exactly how the Tiny Leaders format is supposed to play and work out. This makes me think of it like some kind of “Anti-EDH/Commander” as in regular EDH games are quite long and slow, with a slow buildup and a tendency of running higher mana cost cards you wouldn’t usually play in regular MtG. Now with the rule of “no 4 mana or up cards allowed” things are changed dramatically and I can see Tiny Leaders shine as a quick and fast-paced “filler” type of Magic variant, with fast and furious battles, pretty much like races for inflicting the 25 damage needed for the win! Again I think this could be a great alternative or even antithesis to the lengthy EDH duels I am used to (and which I do enjoy no doubt!) and hence I am really looking forward to getting the following decks to the table and give the Tiny Leaders variant a shot!

Now on to the actual decks in no particular order:

Tiny Artifice

 Commander: Sydri, Galvanic Genius


1 x Ornithopter 0

1 x Arcbound Worker 1

1 x Court Homunculus W

1 x Arcbound Ravager 2

1 x Arcbound Stinger 2

1 x Hovermyr 2

1 x Baleful Strix UB

1 x Tidehollow Strix UB

1 x Tidehollow Sculler WB

1 x Salavage Slasher 1B

1 x Vault Skirge 1B

1 x Steel Overseer 2

1 x Etherium Sculptor 1U

1 x Ethersworn Canonist 1W

1 x  Vedalken Engineer 1U

1 x Master of Etherium 2U

1 x Spined Thopter 2U

1 x Porcelain Legionnarie 2W


1 x Dispatch W

1 x Thirst for Knowledge 2U


1 x Steelshaper’s Gift W

1 x Compulsive Research 2U


1 x Copy Artifact 1U

1 x Tempered Steel 1WW


1 x Aether Vial 1

1 x Sol Ring 1

1 x Energy Chamber 2

1 x Time Sieve UB

1 x Thopter Foundry W/BU

1 x Lightning Greaves 2

1 x Swiftfoot Boots 2

1 x Cranial Plating 2

1 x Semblence Anvil 3


2 x Swamp

2 x Island

2 x Plains

1 x Tolarian Academy

1 x Darksteel Citadel

1 x Seat of the Synod

1 x Vault of Whispers

1 x Ancient Den

1 x Adarkar Wastes

1 x Underground River

1 x Marsh Flats

1 x Glimmervoid

1 x Command Tower

1 x Blinkmoth Nexus

About the Deck:

This deck is a singleton version of my “Artifact Weenie” Deck which I am playing casually and features a ton of cheap but powerful artifact creature cards such as Vault Skirge, which is basically a 1/1 Lifelinked Flyer at the mere cost of 1 generic mana and 2 life, or Porcelaine Legionnarie, a 3/1 First Striker that costs you 2 Mana and 2 Life etc etc. There are plenty of cards to power up your cheap artifact beaters such as Master of Etherium, Steel Overseer and Tempered Steel, the latter granting none less than a +2/+2 boost to all your artificial critters at the mere cost of 1WW, as well as cards that make your cheap beaters even cheaper, such as Etherium Sculptor and much underrated card Semblance Anvil. Of course there are killer cards such as the awesome Cranial Plating and your Commander, Sydri, Galvanic Genius (as seen above) turns all your artifical creatures into menacing Deathtouch/Lifelinkers quite cheaply! My do I love my artifact decks!!

Tiny Drawbeat

Commander: Edric, Spymaster of Trest


1 x Birds of Paradise G

1 x Scryb Sprites G

1 x Reef Shaman U

1 x Stonybrook Banneret 1U

1 x River Boa 1G

1 x Wild Mongrel 1G

1 x Spiketail Hatchling 1U

1 x Plaxmanta 1U

1 x Lord of Atlantis UU

1 x Master of the Pearl Trident UU

1 x Vedalken Plotter 2U

1 x Trygon Predator 1GU

1 x True-Name Nemesis 1UU

1 x Cold-Eyed Selkie 1G/U G/U

1 x Lorescale Coatl 1GU

1 x Ohran Viper 1GG


1 x Mutagenic Growth G

1 x Giant Growth G

1 x Worldly Tutor G


1 x Aquitect’s Will U


1 x Curiostiy U

1 x Sea’s Claim U

1 x Spreading Seas 1U

1 x Lingering Mirage 1U

1 x Phantasmal Terrain UU

1 x Elephant Guide 2G

1 x Snake Umbra 2G

1 x Moldervine Cloak 2G

1 x Shielding Plax 2G


1 x Bonesplitter 1

1 x Mask of Memory 2

1 x Loxodon Warhammer 3


6 x Forest

7 x Island

1 x Llanowar Reborn

1 x Yavimaya Coast

1 x Command Tower

1 x Mana Conflux

1 x Novijen, Heart of Progress

About the Deck:

This deck is really special in my opinion! It is based on Creatures with evasion of various kinds like Flying or Islandwalk as well as about Creatures and other cards that draw you a ton of additional cards when damaging an opponent, starting with the Commander of the Deck as shown above over the classic Curiosity up unto the highly potent Cold-Eyed Selkie, which can draw you a ton of cards each turn when you enchant it with Elephant Guide or Moldervine Cloak among other cards. To ensure that your MANY islandwalkers besides Cold-Eyed Selkie hit your opponent hard each turn, I am running a lot of cards that ensure that your opponent has at least one Island, from 1 cost Sea’s Claim up to 3 cost Vedalken Plotter. This deck will draw you a ton of cards, from which awesome Lorescale Coatl will benefit directly, same as the classic Wild Mongrel which you can power up greatly by discarding spare cards from hand.

EDIT: I overread that Edric Spymaster of Trest was banned as commander in Tiny Leaders. I am just using this one as well, although he is not as awesome as Edric:

Tiny White Weenie:

Commander: Isamaru, Hound of Konda


1 x Weathered Wayfarer W

1 x Champion of the Parish W

1 x Elite Vanguard W

1 x Mother of Runes W

1 x Leonin Shikari 1W

1 x Auriok Steelshaper 1W

1 x Knight of the Holy Nimbus WW

1 x Puresteel Paladin WW

1 x Grand Abolisher WW

1 x White Knight WW

1 x Silver Knight WW

1 x Knight of the White Orchid WW

1 x Mentor of the Meek 2W

1 x Banisher Priest 1WW

1 x Fiend Hunter 1WW

1 x Field Marshal 1WW

1 x Knight Exemplar 1WW

1 x Silverblade Paladin 1WW


1 x Condemn W

1 x Reciprocate W

1 x Path to Exile W

1 x Raise the Alarm 1W

1 x Wing Shards 1WW


1 x Gather the Townsfolk 1W


1 x Honor of the Pure 1W

1 x Crusade WW

1 x Shared Triumph 1W

1 x Divine Sacrament 1WW

1 x Mobilization 2W


1 x Chrome Mox 0

1 x Bonesplitter 1

1 x Adventuring Gear 1

1 x Lightning Greaves 2

1 x Swiftfoot Boots 2

1 x Mask of Memory 2

1 x Loxodon Warhammer 3

1 x Sword of Vengeance 3


13 x Plains

About the Deck:

Yep, this is a classic White Weenie build – only difference, it is singleton! Man I always wanted to use Isamaru, Hound of Konda as a Commander in EDH but in that format, this plan was a bit nonesensical as there were a ton of better options for mono-White Commanders and what is more, White Weenie just doesn’t work out that well as a strategy in the slow EDH/Commander format. Much different in the new Tiny Leaders variant of play I guess! With Isamaru in your command zone, you ALWAYS have a headstart with a 2/2 on turn 1 readily at your disposal! I know there are other potential Commanders for a Tiny Leaders White Weenie Deck such as Kemba, Kha Regent, whom I conidered, but I prefered the “perfect one drop solution” over that. Other than the strange choice of Commander, there is really not much more to say about this pretty straightforward singleton White Weenie, apart from the fact that many cards in it interact with Equipment such as Puresteel Paladin or Auriok Steelshaper and that there are many Humans in there, which pleases Champion of the Parish as well as Shared Triumph!


Well, all in all I can only say that I am really excited about this new take on the already classic Commander/EDH format and that I am PUMPED to try out all the decks I built for the new variant of play with my Magic buddies soon enough, as the decks I showcased above are only part of what I built already and there are bound to come more deck ideas for Tiny Leader Magic for sure! I will be curious to see what Wizards of the Coast will do with the new fan format IF it will become popular like regular EDH/Commander. I for one see Tiny Leaders as a great, fast-paced alternative to regular, slowcoach EDH!!

Announcing Fantasy Pixel Monsters CCG – The Pixelated Card Battles Video Game!

Dear readers and friends of fine card games and retro-style pixel art!

In this here article I want to announce and introduce you to my latest, upcoming project that involves both game design and pixel art, two fields in which I excel, as I am being told constantly, going by the name of …

FPM Cover Image PNG

That is right: Fantasy Pixel Monsters! FPM will be a virtual CCG which will come to many platforms such as PC, Android and iOS among others which I am doing in cooperation with my good friend and programmer par excellence Zack Bertok from the United States of America, for whom I did and am still doing pixel artwork for his current project Siralim (do check it out at!). Over the course of our months-long collaboration it became evivdent that we harmonize well with each other – Zack greatly appreciated my work on Siralim – so I just suggested that we could do a collaborative project, me providing fine pixel art and assets and Zack doing the programming work, after Siralim was finished and, to my delight, Zack was all in for the idea without any convincing work needed on my part.

So let it be known far and wide, in Summer this year 2015 we will get started on our work on the Fantasy Pixel Monsters CCG! What we have planned is something similar to the old Gameboy Color Pokemon TCG adventure game if anyone even remembers that still. So it will be a virutal, video game implementation of a CCG (CCG as in “Customizable Card Game”) in which you play through an RPG-style adventure and battle lots of opponents (NPCs) as well as collect cards to extend your collection and to enhance your deck(s). The cool thing and the major difference between FPM CCG and the old GBC Pokemon TCG implementation will be that there will be online play implemented so you can contest real players from all over ther world, as well as other common, modern video game features/gimmicks such as an achievements and unlockables system, leaderboards and everything – all state of the art.

The game will feature the finest of pixel art created by myself as you can see some samples of above and will be avaiblable on Steam eventually as it now looks like! Furthermore, a crowdfunder is planned as well, but the good thing is we don’t really rely on any Kickstarter money or the likes of that as most of the costs are covered since I can handle the art and game design and Zack can take care of the programming. The main goal of a KS or Indiegogo campaign would be A) to raise money for properly promoting FPM so we can get a lot of people to play and enjoy the game, a big, teeming community being desirable for all online players, and B) to advertise for FPM CCG as we go along! So yeah we’d be happy to see YOU join us on the crowdfunding platform of our choice later this year to raise the funds needed to make FPM popular and successful worldwide!

Lastly, a few words about the game itself:

FPM CCG is in some aspects similar to the well-known and popular Pokemon TCG as to that you also fight your opponent with various kinds of Monsters which can be evolved over the course of the game. However, in FPM CCG, the game mechanics of how that all is done are vastly different. Without praising my own “mad skillz” in game design, I would call it “the good Pokemon TCG” in some ways, as I addressed some of the glaring defects in the Pokemon TCG game system and mechanics and tried to fix them in the process of designing the FPM CCG. I may post a follow-up article elaborating on that but just take my word for it for now that the system works a lot better than the original Pokemon TCG set of mechanics.

So in FPM, each player chooses a party of 3 Basic (Stage 1) Monsters as their team that will fight the opponent party of Monsters in the game and then builds a deck around these Monsters, each of which will belong to one of 5 Elements (Nature, Chaos, Water, Light, Dark) as well as to one of 5 Classes (Warrior, Cleric, Wizard, Beast, Dragon). The Deck itself contains Skills (the actual attacks, defensive moves, abilities etc.) and Items. The Monster cards however are never shuffled into the deck of Skill and Item cards. Here a sample of each of the three main card types:

Card Samples PNG

Besides the 3 Monster cards you begin the game with and the 40 cards player’s Decks, each player has a small side-decks containing all the higher stage evolutions of each of their Basic Monsters as well as special Evolutions (optionally). Now each time a Monster uses an Action (attacks, defends, uses an ability etc.) It will gain 1 XP (Experience Point). Once a certain XP threshold (printed on the Monster card) is met, you can evolve the Monster into its next stage of evolution by conveniently taking the next stage card from your Evolutions Deck (the small side-decks mentioned above) and put it onto the previous stage Monster card. That is basically how evolution works in the FPM CCG! Have a look at an evolutionary line below:

Evolutions Sample

The actual fighting is done by means of Skill cards which may or may not be limited to certain classes and evolutionary stages. Here it is really important to adjust your selection of Skills you add to your Deck to the kind of Monsters that form your starting Monster party, as not all Skills can be used by all kinds of Monsters.

Also, choosing an offensive battle formation (2 Monsters in Front Row and 1 in Back Row) or a defensive battle formation (1 in Front and 2 in back Row) is a strategic/tactical decision you need to make prior to the actual game.

And that in a nutshell is all I want to tell you about the Fantasy Pixel Monster CCG! Well the prototype is done and already ordered and I will keep you updated if there is any news on this latest of my many project!

I for one am excited to get this started and would like to thank my partner Zack at this point!

Game on everyone!