MtG: Three Awesome (??) Decks I Want to Build Soon – Just for Fun!

Dear friends and fans of the all-awesome Magic: the Gathering TCG!!

I just pre-ordered a full set of all 5 Commander 2014 Decks to serve as this years Christmas present from my big-spending parents and am mighty excited about it. So, being in an “MtG-mood” I am all in favor of tormenting you with yet three more fun decks I came up with recently and which I want to build sooner or later – after having tested them with proxies however, as I have to note. I will list the decks by power-level or competitiveness, judging by my own, very subjective standards, although I have to say I doubt any will be anywhere near to being competitive in nature, save for the first deck, which is a Modern Format legal version of a deck I wanted to have for quite some time, and which I deem to have quite some potential. So here we go, starting with our first deck:

UWG Enchantress aka “Enchant-a-Tog”:


4 x Auratog 1W

4 x Verduran Enchantress 1GG

2 x Yavimaya Enchantress 2G


4 x Rancor G

4 x Fertile Ground 1G

3 x Hatching Plans 1U

3 x Journey to Nowhere 1G

3 x Oblivion Ring 2W

3 x Banishing Light 2W

3 x Annex 2UU

3 x Copy Enchantment 2U


2 x Perilous Research 1U


4 x Seaside Citadel

4 x Terramorphic Expanse

6 x Forest

5 x Plains

3 x Island

About the Deck:

Well this Modern Format legal deck is built around a central draw-engine, namely Verduran Enchantress…

…and features no less than 26  more or less cheap but HIGHLY powerful Enchantments like…

…and has two win conditions, namely…

…whom you can enchant and pump repeatedly via…

…and draw a ton of cards while you are at it – provided you got an Enchantress (a Verduran one to be more precise) handy as well as…

…which will be HUGE in a deck that is almost one half Enchantments. Putting a Rancor on her works wonders as well, believe me!

The deck has a few cool combos and nifty tricks up its sleeve besides the solid core as illustrated and described  above, such as drawing 3 cards from the 1U-cost Enchantment Hatching Plans when you sack it to pump your ‘tog. Furthermore, you can draw 5 (!) cards at the cost of just 4 Mana if you cast Plans and then Perilous Research, which draws you two cards at the cost of  1U and sacking one of your permanents.

One awesome but seldomly seen/played Enchantment is Annex. It costs 2UU and lets you overtake any opponent land. Thus it not only robs your opponent off one of their resources but at the same time gives you an additional resource while it is at it.

Furthermore, Copy Enchantment is amazing as it copies any of your Enchantments, including Annex a well as your bountiful Creature and Permanent Removal Enchantments Journey to Nowhere (1W), Oblivion Ring or Banishing Light (the latter two are identical save for the name and cost both 2W). Of course, for every Enchantment you play you’ll draw a card through Verduran Enchantress and pump your Yavimaya Enchantress by +1/+1, just as a reminder.

With all the great Creature and Permanent Removal and a huge Draw Engine based on Enchantments of which you have no less than 26 handy – hell even your Mana Ramp comes in Enchantment form (Fertile Ground) – I think this deck has quite some potential. I already proxied it up and will put it to the test soon. I for one am excited to see if and how it will unfold!

Legacy Misers (Budget Version):


4 x Gnat Miser B

4 x Locust Miser 2BB

4 x Clone 3U


4 x Mana Leak 1U


3 x Beseech the Queen B/2 B/2 B/2


4 x Liliana’s Caress 1B

1 x Megrim 2B

4 x Propaganda


4 x Talisman of Dominance 2

3 x Howling Mine 2

3 x Font of Mythos 4


2 x Reliquary Tower

4 x Drowned Catacomb

4 x Underground River

12 x Swamp

About the Deck:

I like annoying my opponents and I like to win in out-of-the-ordinary, yes bizzare ways. This deck shines at both these things. This is the budget friendly version of a deck that could be maxed-out a lot more, but I prefer to build and play it on a budget. The basic premise is this:

Get Gnat Miser or his big brother Locust Miser…

and copy them if possible and/or necessary with Clone to reduce your opponent’s hand size drastically. Then you’ll force your opponent to draw lots of cards through Howling Mine or the “Double Howling Mine Font of Mythos…

…which will lead them to discard lots of cards. And this is how this deck TRIES to win: By having one or even two Liliana’s Caresses out:

I included the bad Liliana’s Caress – Megrim – just to play it safe so to say!

I am well aware of the fact that both Font and Caress go for quite some money nowadays but I still call this a budget deck, because I happened to purchase my playsets of these nowadays costly cards when they were still cheap!

The “Dual Lands” Underground River and Drowned Catacomb on the other hand are quite cheap to get a hold of nowadays. Lucky me – I had to purchase those for assembling this deck.

Propaganda keeps your opponent from avalanching you with an early Creature rush, whereas Beseech the Queen is your universal “Tutor” for pretty much anything you need at any point, Talisman of Dominance speeds up the deck a wee bit and lastly Mana Leak provides some universal protection of your cards and/or can negate early opponent key Spells.

And that, in a nutshell, is how the Miser Deck on a budget is supposed to work!

For our last “deck to build” I wanted to present you with a deck centered around…

and high-Toughness Creatures like the ultra-cheap, otherwise pretty useless yet with Doran ultra-mighty…

…but I have to do some more research before I can dare to present to you a worthy deck built around mighty Doran, the Siege Tower. So instead, for now, you’ll get:

Modern Token Stampede (WG):


4 x Avacyn’s Pilgrim G

4 x Centaur’s Herald G

4 x Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage GW


4 x Wake the Reflections W

4 x Call of the Conclave GW

4 x Coursers Accord 4GW


4 x Harrow 2G

2 x Rootborn Defenses 2W

4 x Advent of the Wurm 1GGW


4 x Intangible Virtue 1W


4 x Selesnya Guildgate

10 x Forest

8 x Plains

About the Deck:

I have done various Creature Token-based decks before such as my Spirit Token or Hornets Decks, and this once again is a deck based on Creature Tokens AND on the Populate ability, which allows you to copy any one Creature token you control. The Creature Tokens in this deck are mostly 3/3 Centaurs, provided by awesome cards such as…

…with the even more awesome exception of…

A 5/5 Trampler for just 4 Mana is pretty huge I would say, but how about two of these for the cost of 1 additional (white) Mana? Have a look at this:

To speed the deck up, I added Harrow and Avacyn’s Pilgrim, the latter allowing for a third turn Call of the Conclave plus Wake the Reflections, which will give you two 3/3 centaurs for just GWW! Pretty neat! A card I really LOVE in any Token-based deck is Intangible Virtue:

This is pretty much no less than a Honor of the Pure in this deck that gives all your Tokens Vigilance as well besides the +1/+1 boost, turning your centaurs into vigilant 3/3s and your wurm into a 6/6 vigilant trampler… Sounds pretty neat to me overall.

And that’s it from me for today regarding the mighty Magic: the Gathering TCG!

As always, HAPPY GAMING!




3 thoughts on “MtG: Three Awesome (??) Decks I Want to Build Soon – Just for Fun!

  1. I’ve built a couple different versions of Enchantress decks, and they’re always really fun. 😀

    My take on Lilliana’s Caress/Megrim was different than yours, though. I went with black/red, and loaded up on cards like Burning Inquiry, Wheel of Fate, and Blightning. The goal was to drop a Caress or two early in the game, then force my opponent to draw and discard cards until dead. I also had a few Specters to add extra pressure–flying creatures that force them to discard cards. It gave control and combo decks a lot of headaches, but tended to roll over and die to aggro decks, since they could play out their hands quickly and ignore some of my spells/abilities, and they could race my damage.

    • I do have a Red Black Underworld Dreams Deck with Burning Inquiry and Liliana’s Caress though – and I think I posted it on here before…
      Burning Inquiry is real fun with Dreams AND Caress, as the opponent takes 3 damage from drawing and then 6 from discarding. 9 damage in their face for just 1 red mana – pure evil/awesomeness!! 😀 Thanks for your comment Nate!

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