EC: Announcing the Trolls vs Goblins Duel Pack & EC going BRAZIL!!

Dear friends and fans of the more or less obscure Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game!!

It has been quite some time since I last posted about the game, but I have two amazing annoucnemnts in store for you this time around!

First off, I would like to break the awesome news to you that Elemental Clash has finally found a publisher from where I least expected one, so

Elemental Clash is soon to hit BRAZIL!

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I will tell you the whole quite unbelievable tale shortly, but first the second announcement: Right in time for Christmas sales I will be releasing the

English Version of the Elemental Clash Duel Pack – Trolls vs Goblins


on, which will be an intro-type pack containing two ready-to-play 40 cards Theme Decks (The Troll and the Goblin Deck) and should be the perfect entry point for those who have been curious about Elemental Clash for a while but did not want to make the investment of purchasing the full Master Set.

But before I go into detail on the upcoming, first of hopefully many Duel Packs, let me tell you how it came about that my humble game will soon be on the shelves of game stores in Brazil:

So I have been bravely soldiering on with my “firstborn” when it comes to games, that is of course nothing else than Elemental Clash, for years, tried numerous crowdfunders – without any success – and managed to release the approx. 300 cards Master Set as well as an equally voluminous expansion set (Legendary Legacy) all on my own, all funded out of my own pocket.

So when I was expecting it least, an email came in some weeks ago: A kind gentleman hailing from Brazil and going by the name of Helio Greca of Rocky Raccoon Games, a small scale Brazilian games publisher approached me with a bold proposal or request rather:

Helio proposed to me to release the Elemental Clash Master Set in Brazil and to do whatever was in his powers to make the game a success over there!

We soon agreed on common terms and as it looks now, we will be introducing Elemental Clash in the form of the Portuguese Version of the Elemental Clash Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins right in time for Christmas sales! That was honestly a lot more than I was expecting and Helio furthermore ensured me that he would be following up with a release of the full Elemental Clash Master Set right after the famous Brazilian Carnival, around March 2015! I was thrilled to hear all that as you might be able to imagine! 😀

So now that the big announcement is out of the way, a few words about and visual teasers/previews from the upcoming Elemental Clash Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins:

So we will be releasing the Brazilian version of this first of hopefully many Elemental Clash Duel Packs in Brazil in Portuguese language hopefully just in time for Christmas sales. The same will be done with the English version of the Pack, which will be available in about a week from now on, exclusively. I will announce the actual release date on this here blog as soon as I know the definite date for the release!

The Duel Pack Trolls vs Goblins will contain two readily-assembled and playable straight out of the box theme decks of 40 cards each – the Troll Deck (which will be of the Earth Element) and the Goblin Deck (of the Fire Element) and is hence intended to be an intro-type product and can be considered as the ideal entry point for those who are new to Elemental Clash and/or have been curious to try the game for a while already, yet weren’t willing to commit to purchasing a full Master Set. So if you are new to Elemental Clash and curious about the game, the Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins is your chance to take a dive into the fantastic world of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game! 

For those who already own the Master Set and the Legendary Legacy Expansion, this Duel Pack may be less desirable, as all the cards save for 2 are taken out of the Elemental Clash Master Set as well as the big Legendary Legacy Expansion… unless you are a dyed in the wool Elemental Clash fan and want to get a copy of each of the two unique and powerful Promo Cards, which have been made for this pack especially and hence were never released before in any way. Here they are again: Azragruul, King of the Trolls and his archenemy Rak’Shazzar, King of the Goblins:

Promo Cards

The Troll King and Goblin King promotional card artworks as well as the awesome cover art seen on the box shot preview above have been made by incredibly talented artist and illustrator Evgeni Maloshenkov, from the Ukraine, who defined the style, look and feel of both the Trolls and Goblins races or “Tribes” through his many fantastic artistic contributions to the Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy Expansion Set.

Here are a few cards samples from the Trolls Deck, all of which were illustrated by Evgeni Maloshenkov…

Some Troll Cards

…and here some card previews straight out of the Goblins Deck, also done by the same, hightly gifted illustrator.

Some Goblin Cards

Lastly, to close this article of amazing announcements, I will provide you with the full card list for the Trolls and Goblins Decks, just in case you want to know in detail what cards will be found in each deck. You will find all the cards in the following list at under the “Cards” section, as all are either from the Master Set or the Legendary Legacy Expansion, with the exception of the promotional, exclusive Troll Kind and Goblin King cards shown above!

TvG Decklists

So yeah, dear readers and friends&fans of my Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game; if you are looking for a Christmas present for a friend or if you are new to but curious about Elemental Clash, do take a closer look at the Elemental Clash Duel Pack: Trolls vs Goblins. Actually, you can have a look and even order right now at the preview link over at The Game Crafter at

I will publish the Duel Pack to the TGC Shop officially within about one week’s time from now and will keep you all updated on this, as well as on the exciting developments over in Brazil!!

So thank you for your time and attention and as always;







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