MtG: Powernauts GrowGrowGrow – Uninentionally Creating a Kickass Common Deck + Bonus Deck!

Dear readers!

Every day I am treating you to (or tormenting you with, however you may see it) a new Magic: the Gathering deck and strategy artilce. I actually have other things to do that are of more importance but I am just COMPELLED to share with you a deck I built yesterday – reassembled with some tweaks actually – that turned out to be an all-Common cards deck, and UNINTENTIONALLY so and best of all – it rocked when I played it today several times against my best gaming buddy Robin. Thursday is always games day, or rahter M:tG day these days so yeah I am pretty pumped to share this with you. As I said I didn’t intend to create a Common Deck but I eventually ended up with one – one that wins fast and furious – and if it doesn’t win fast it has already lost! So without much futher ado, here my decklist followed by my thoughts as per usual:

Powernauts GrowGrowGrow:


4 x Kiln Fiend 1R

4 x Nivix Cyclops 1UR

4 x Wee Dragonauts 1UR


4 x Brainstorm U

4 x Mutagenic Growth G/2 Life

4 x Reckless Charge R

4 x Rouse the Mob R

3 x Brute Force R

3 x Fling 1R


4 x Ponder U


4 x Terramorphic Expanse

4 x Izzet Guildgate

8 x Mountain

6 x Island

About the Deck:

This Deck is Brute Force (and also includes the card of the same name) and after having built it and having played it twice or so I realized that this is an ALL COMMONS DECK, which came as a surprise to me. The deck can win in 2 or even just 1 turns by massivley pumping your Creatures which all have in common that they get +2/+0 or even +3/+0 until end of turn for each Instant or Sorcery you cast. Well the deck has just 12 of these Creatures but 23 Instants or Sorceries that cost just 1 Mana, with the excpetion of Fling (costing 1R), which does an amazing job as a killer card that lets you inflict a lethal amount of 20+ damage on one turn. Many of these instants themselves give power boosts to your Creatures, your best “friend” being the “Wee” namesake of the deck:

This guy is just plain awesome in the context of this deck. I would suggest waiting for turn 4 to be able to drop him AND play this awesome Sorcery so your chances of pushing through serious damage would increase:

This is simply awesome with Dragonauts in particular, as you will pay 4 Mana, 3 for the ‘Nauts and 1 for Reckless Charge and will be dealing 6 damage right away, unless your opponent can do something against the “Wee Ones”. And on top of that you can Flashback Reckless Charge for an affordable 2R. If your Dragonauts survive until turn 5, you can easily swing in for the win by playing, among other things, Brute Forces or Mutagenic Growths, which is off-color (green) and especially awesome as it gives your Creature +2/+2 at the alternative casting cost of 2 Life (thank you, Phyrexian Mana) among other things to GrowGrowGrow your Dragonauts to be super huge! And if you have 2 more mana to spare, you can cast a lethal Fling, which I found to be a perfect fit for this particular deck:

Seriously if you have 5 mana on turn 5 and a Dragonaut out, you could cast at least 2 Brute Forces/Reckless Charges to make the ‘Naut grow to 11 Power, attack for 11 and would still have 3 mana left, which could easily be used on a Fling if you got it handy, which would mean 22 points worth of damage in your opponent’s face. And even if they can block the Dragonauts, you could still Fling for 11 damage, which appears to be a good thing to do to me!

Your other two Creatures, Kiln Fiend (1R) and Nivix Cyclops (1UR) get +3/+0 even until end of turn whenever you cast an instant or sorcery, but their problem is, as you can see when you click on the links, that they don’t have any kind of evasion like the flying “Wee Ones” (which just ARE your trump Creatures -end of story), but there are two ways to remedy that fact. First off, you can make them at least highly powered-up tramplers with…

…which, if you don’t do any more nasty deeds, makes Kiln Fiend or Nivix Cyclops a 6/2 or 6/4 trampler so you’ll get through some damage at least. And even if they get blocked and killed in the process of being blocked, you can still pump their power to the max and then just hurl them into your opponent’s face in a massive Fling!

Lastly I have to mention that I am running both Ponder and Brainstorm which both cost just 1 blue Mana to cycle through my deck cheaply, always hoping to find some Dragonauts, and also to boost my creatures whilst doing so!

Overall I really enjoyed playing this deck today and it had a great win-lose ratio. However if it doesn’t win fast and furious, as mentioned intitally, it will inevitable lose due to little to no long lasting standing power… Still I am enthralled about how well this ALL COMMONS deck, which I didnt intend to be a Common Deck, performed… Deckbuilding job well done! 😀

But on to our Bonus Deck as promised in the title of this blog post. Incidentally, it is Red-Blue as well, but without any green splashing shennanigans! Have a look at…

Izzet Cheapo Copycat:


4 x Goblin Electromancer  RU

4 x Izzet Guildmage R/U R/U

4 x Spellheart Chimera 1RU


4 x Lightning Bolt R

4 x Mamga Jet 1R

4 x Telling Time 1U

4 x Mana Leak 1U

4 x Disperse 1U

4 x Incinerate 1R


4 x Ponder U


4 x Izzet Guildgate

8 x Island

8 x Mountain

About the Deck:

I will not go much into detail about this deck in particular, as it is pretty self-explanatory. Like the first deck discussed in this article, this deck runs only 12 Creatures which are supported by a mass of cheap Instants, most of which cost 1R or 1U as well as 4 Sorceries,  namely the aforementioned Ponder for 1 blue Mana. The three different Creatures all do very different things but are all more or less crucial to the success of the deck, so I will show you all three briefly and discuss their relevance for this deck’s strategy. Let’s start with Goblin Electromancer:

As you can see, with this guy, all your 1R or 1U Instants will cost just R or U respectively, which will give you Mana Leaks and Incinerates for half of their actual cost, which is pretty f’ing awesome if you ask me. Next we have Izzet Guildmage:

As you can see, this little fellow can copy all your instants and sorceries (well you have only Ponder for the latter but still) by paying 2U or 2R. So if you have some mana to spare, why not make a Lightning Bolt from 3 damage for 1 mana into a double Lightning Bolt for 6 damage for 2RU? Sounds pretty neat to me! And if you got REALLY REALLY much mana to spare, you can copy away several times even. Lastly, Spellheart Chimera is the real killer in this deck…

…as it will grow bigger and bigger as you keep casting your cheap istants and sorceries (and you got no less than 28, so almost half of your deck, of those) which is awesome for a Trampling Flyer for just 3 Mana!

All in all I think this deck might work out pretty well if you take into account all the awesome synergies and interactions created by the 3 key creatures (or rahter the 3 sole creatures) of the deck. I for one am curious to try it like this, even if I’d just proxy up the deck for testing purposes. On the other hand, I own most of the cards anyways and all are just Commons and Uncommons so chances are quite good I will have the deck for real as well at some point… provided the proxy version performs well!!

OK folks, that’s it for today’s MtG decks and strategy article! As always I wish you







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