MTG: Random Modern Deck Musings – Featuring “Stolen” Deck Idea & The Return of “The Menace”!

Dear readers,

in order to relax and distract myself a wee bit from my just yesterday launched Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign for Panzer Clash, I am back with some more or less random deck musings, wanting to showcase three decks in this article. One is actually an old deck of mine which I reassembled just recently and the second one is something totally crazy which won’t probably ever work very well whilst the last deck idea is a stolen one as dear friend and doctor med. in spe Lukas Laner would insist. But more about me nicking others’ deck ideas later on.

Lets start with the old deck built anew – as always I will first provide a full deck list followed up by my comments on the respective deck!

Disclaimer: All of the following decks are built “Modern legal”!

Artifact Weenie Revamped/Revisited:


3 x Ornithopter 0

4 x Vault Skirge 1B (or 2 Life…Phyrexian Mana you know….)

4 x Etherium Sculptor 1U

4 x Ethersworn Canonist 1W

4 x Steel Overseer 2

4 x Porcelaine Legionnaire 2W (or 2 Life – again Phyrexian Mana)


4 x Dispatch W

2 x Shrapnel Blast 1R


4 x Thoughtcast 4U


4 x Tempered Steel 1WW


4 x Cranial Plating 2


4 x Glimmervoid

4 x Mirrodin’s Core

4 x Seat of the  Synod

4 x Vault of Whispers

4 x Ancient Den

About the Deck:

´This deck is raw power and I loved to play it back then as I love to play it now, although in this latest iteration or re-incarnation I decided, regretfully to drop one very fun part of how I used to play it. Last time I had this assembled the deck featured my self-conceived Clock of OmensHowling Mine – Steel Overseer (see image below) Trinity. With Clock you would tap Mine to make its card drawing powers one sided (so only you’d get to draw the extra card and your oppoenent woudln’t) whilst untapping Steel Overseer who would dish out an additiaonal round of +1/+1 Counters for all your creatures.

However cool the combo may be once assembled, I dropped Clock and Mine, keeping the awesome-on-his-own Overseer as A) Clock costs 4 and takes up card slots that could be better put to use and adding Clock and Mine only slows down the deck as on their own they are pretty useless. Only if you have at least a Clock and a Mine, Overseer is the optional part here, however awesome, the whole thing makes sense, but it was too much of a risk for me to keep them and just hope I would be getting them out together and start doing their trick every other game… Hence I ditched them for more generally juseful and more-to-the-topic cards.

‘This deck is not an Affinity deck of sorts like many or most artifact beatdown type of decks happen to be mind you. The topic is weenie, since the deck features all cheap/cost-efficient Creatures with awesome effects, and artifact weenie because all my weenies happen to be artifact creatures. That is great if you are running a playset of the above seen Steel Overseer. My mana curve for Creatures starts at zero cost but 0/2 Flying Ornithopter and ends at the sole 3 mana cost playset of Porclaine Legionaire, which is a 3/1 First Striker for basically just 2 generic mana and a nominal one-time “fee” of 2 life OR if you have the mana for 2W.

One of my favorite Weenies in here is without a doubt Vault Skirge:

I mean, come on, a cost 1 Lifelinked Flying 1/1 at an additional cost of 2 Life. Who can say no to that? Just attack twice and you’ll have your “investment” back already or just slam “must-have” artifact beatdown equipment of choice…

…on the lowly Skirge and you shall be repaid thousandfold… well figuratively speaking!

Another honorable mention deserves a certain Creature that would not by any means qualify as a “Weenie” but is so tremendously useful in speeding up the whole deck: Etherium Sculptor reduces the costs of ALL artifacts you play by 1, himself being a 1/2 for 1U. I mean you get Skirge for free basically… Same story with Porcelaine Legionnaire mentioned previously. With Sculptor he will be a 3/1 First Striker for 1 measly mana. And how about two Steel Overseers for the price of one? YES PLEASE!!

Besides decent card draw in the form of single card with Affinity in this deck, Thoughtcast, as well as awesome pinpoint removal in the form of Dispatch and a decent way to push through those last few points of damage needed for the win, namely two Shrapnel Blasts, the deck features a “Double Crusade”, boosting all my artificial Weenies greatly. Liked Steel Overeer? Well check this out:

And this almost qualifies as a “crap rare” by my standards (this is at approx. 1,50 USD now whilst I define a crap rare as anything under a dollar).

Lastly, I would like to put the spotlight on an “artifact weenie” that can severely slow down the opponent by hampering their non-artifact spellcasting efforts. Ethersworn Canonist is a 2/2 at the cost of 1W and has the following, potentially crippling for most opponents, ability:

Basically, if a player has cast a non-artifact spell this turn, they cannot cast futher non-artifact spells. That will in most cases not bother you at all with this kind of deck, but might be a serious problem for any non-artifact-based deck playing opponent!

Spiteful Nightmares (or: trying an Underworld Dreams Deck Once Again!)


2 x Seizan, Perverter of Truth 3BB


4 x Thoughtseize B

4 x Burning Inquiry  R

3 x Sign in Blood BB

4 x Beseech the Queen B/2 B/2 B/2

4 x Damnation 2BB


2 x Liliana’s Caress 1B

3 x Underworld Dreams BBB

3 x Spiteful Visions 2 B/R B/R


4 x Talisman of Indulgence 2

3 x Howling Mine 2

2 x Font of Mythos


1 x Mikoro, Center of the Sea

4 x Evolving Wilds

3 x Mountain

13 x Swamp

About the Deck:

I must admit that I have a certain obsession with this particular kind of deck. Since I first laid eyes on…

… but a deck around it was out of my reach in a monetary sense as back then those went for like over 15 dollars a piece at minimum, I was obsessed with buidling a working “Underworld Dreams” deck, which has the basic premise of letting your opponent draw lots of cards (which is actually very bad for you!) by various means so they would  draw themselves to death through the above seen, diabolic contraption of an Enchantment. Now I am back to my old obsession, and all was started all over again as I realized the existence of this card:

Holy Shit, I thought by myself… an Underworld Dreams combined with a Howling Mine all in one package… and that at an unbeatable average price of less than 50 (US) cents a copy!! Well you will take damage as well from Spiteful Visions but I built the deck in a way it will hurt the opponent(s) more than myself.

So you see, this rekindled my love for this kind of utterly crazy deck and hence I present you with my latest attempt at building an at least somewhat decently working Underworld Dreams Deck. Somewhat decently working I said – no chance you’d be seeing me going to ANY form of tournament with this!! But it is surely well-suited for some casual and fun opponent annoyance in a non-competitive environment!

About the individual cards there is not  much to say I guess. Cards like Howling Mine and the “Double Mine” Font of Mythos draw you and your opponents additional cards whilst your Underworld Dreams and Spiteful Vision punish for drawing cards by means of damage inflicted on your opponents (or on yourself as well in the case of the latter). Furthermore, I embedded a lot of Mono-Black-Control-stlye card such as the now quite costly Thoughtseize as well as black’s answer to Wrath of God: Damnation! (I just realized that one full art promo Damnation goes for over 50 bucks these days – I think I got my playset of the latter for under 20 while ago! Lucky me!!)

Two cards I would like to highlight are on the one hand Sign in Blood and on the other Burning Inquiry. With UWD (Underwordl Dreams) out you can target the opponent with Sign and let them loose 4 life for just BB. Burning Inquiry on the other hand rocks as well as at the mere cost of 1 red mana, all players draw 3 cards, losing 3 life to Dreams and  THEN….IF you happen to have this out as well…

…they will lose 6 more life as Burning Inquiry forces them to discard 3 cards at random as well!! That is a net loss of 9 Life at minimum for the one time investment of 1 red mana on you part! Awesomeness!!

 The Return of the Menace:

(aka Jund Menace Mash-Up aka “The Deck Idea I Stole From My Neighbour)


4 x Birds of Paradise G

2 x Elves of Deep Shadow G

4 x Bloodhall Ooze R

4  x Sprouting Thrinax BRG

4 x Scarland Thrinax BRG

4 x Dreg Mangler 1GB

4 x “The Menace” 2GB (Corpsejack Menace of course!!)


2 x Bioshift U/G

4 x Terminate BR

4 x Altar’s Reap 1B

4 x Putrify 1BG


4 x Savage Lands

4 x Llanowar Wastes

2 x Oran-Rief, the Vastwood

4 x Forest

3 x Mountain

3 x Swamp

About the Deck:

A deck idea bluntly nicked from you you say, valued friend and neighbour? Pfffh! In fact all you did is tell me about…

…mentioning there would be +1/+1 Counters dished out if black and/or green permanents are on your side of the field. Now whom do all readers of this here blog know well that is both black and green and LOVES to do nasty things, more specifially double, +1/+1 counters everytime they are placed… You guessed it. None other than…

…himself! So much about notions and rumors about Andi going around nicking other people’s deck ideas! Good old myself would never even consider doing such an ugly thing as my mind is no less than an endless nexus of deck ideas, no matter which game – as long as it is customizable! Thank you for pointing me to Bloodhall Ooze though, Luki – that I have to say!

So this deck is basically Jund just built around or with a somewhat strong focus on cards involving +1/+1 Counters, which you’d double through Menace.

Besides Bloodhall Ooze, this one…

…and especially this hasty guy are good examples for cards massively profiting from Menace’s menacing powers:

The deck consists only of Creatures, Instants and Lands notably and features lots of efficient pinpoint Creature Destruction like playsets of Terminate and Putrefy. Blightning would have been nice but not worth the four card slots for me in this particular build, so I ditched it in favor of 4 x Altar’s Reap, which is decent card draw at the price of sacking a Creature.

About Bioshift I am sitting on the fence. I could replace it with Rancor, giving +2/+0 and Trample for 1 green mana, which could be great on a massive Ooze. On the other hand, Bioshift doubles counters one more time under the sinister influence of “The Menace” and you can do nasty things like attacking with all your Creatures and shifting all the counters from one blocked, counter-heavy Creature to one of or your sole unblocked Creatures. Flying Birds (of Paradise) come to mind here…


OK I think that’s all for now regarding my new Modern deck musings! I hope you had a good read and thank you for being a reader!

Game on!!




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