MTG: Various Random Deck Ideas in Various Formats!

Dear readers!

As I am in a writing mood once again and after a long, productive day not in the least tired, I will just spam out some random deck ideas intended for various formats, well just Modern and Legacy, that I had just today.

The first one was inspired by me advising my magic companion Luki, seen on my previous post, to include the “Splicer” Creatures, which all generate 3/3 Golem Artifact Creatures and give them some special abilities, like this rather expensive for example…

…. and combining them with the Commander of one of his new Commander / EDH Decks:

So there are various such Splicers which, as I said, have all in common that they generate one, or even two as in the example above, 3/3 Golems, and give all Golems some specials such as Trample, Vigilance, Flying and so forth. Splicers mainly come in White and Green, with just one of blue color. Somehow these reminded me of Slivers, which also share all their special abilities with one another. And since I love Slivers and love Artifacts, it was somehow just natural to think about how to build a Splicer/Golems deck! So here’s the list.

GoGoGolems (Modern Format):


4 x Birds of Paradse G

4 x Steel Overseer 2

4 x Blade Splicer 2W

3 x Master Splicer 3W

3 x Vital Splicer 3G

3 x Wing Splicer 3U

3 x Sensory Splicer 4W

2 x Maul Splicer 6G


4 x Otherworldly Journey 1W

4 x Harrow 2G


4 x Tempered Steel 1WW


4 x Seaside Citadel

10 x Forest

5 x Plains

3 x Plains

About the Deck:

So the Creature-wise and pretty obviously, the deck  consists mostly of Splicers. Each of them creates a 3/3 Golem Artifact Creature Token, except the costly (6G) Maul Splicer, which spawns even 2 of those. The additional abilities the Splicers grant all Golems are as follows:

Blade Splicer (which is the cheapest at 2W) gives all First Strike, Master Splicer gives all Golems +1/+1, Vital Splicer lets you regenerate them at the negligible cost of 1 generic Mana, whereas Wing Splicer (the only blue Splicer) turns all Golems into Flyers, Sensory Splicer gives all Vigilance and lastly, the mighty Maul Splicer grants all Golems Trample. So the more Splicers the merrier obviously. The more Splicers the more 3/3 Golems and the more additional abilities for all of them.

To support the “Splicer base” I am running several other Creatures as well. Besides Birds of Paradise, which speed up the deck and make a turn 2 Blade Splicer a possibility, probably this one is the most important Golem/Artifact Creature supporter:

Obviously, this awesome guy will power up all your Golems permanently, through +1/+1 Counters, turn after turn. Not a Creature but serving pretty much the same quite powerful purpose are the four copies of Tempered Steel. It is an Enchantment for 1WW that gives all your Artifact Creatures +2/+2 which is obviously pretty neat as your Golems will all be 5/5s by default instead of “just” 3/3s.

There is a minor combo involving a card that I really really cherish as an universal life saver for any Creature, however in this deck it serves another purpose:

Just use it to “flicker out” any Splicer and when he returns you get another Golem Token… or even two in case of Maul Splicer!

Despite the fact that the Splicers are all quite costly (but hay, they give you a free 3/3 Golem or two plus awesome additional abilities) the deck has worked out pretty well in our casual environment. I would not play it competitively though as obvioulsy, this is a low-budget, fun deck!

“Jeskai”(RWU) Aggro Control (Casual/Legacy Format):


4 x Meddling Mage WU

4 x Lightning Angel 1RWU


4 x Brainstorm U

4 x Lightning Bolt R

2 x  Path to Exile W

4 x Accumulatd Knowledge 1U

4 x Magma Jet 1R

4 x Lightning Helix RW

3 x Fire/Ice 1R/1U

3 x Electrolize 1RU

Enchantmetns… 4

4 x Steel of the Godhead (an Aura)


4 x Arid Meas

2 x Scalding Tarn

4 x Mystic Monastor

4 x Plains

4 x Mountaiens

About the Deck:

So the new Khans of Tarkir brings us, among many other awesome things, 5 new three color combination cards, quite similar to the 5 “shards” in the Alara block. I was exceedingly pleased that my  all-time-favorite three color combination UWR (Blue White Red) is represented as well, so it was only natural that I chose the UWR (they call this faction “Jeskai”) Sealed Deck pack in yesterdays prelease event, about which I will report briefly in a future post to follow soon. So yeah, there are, among many other cool cards, tripple mana lands again, and here is my favorite of them all:

So having been all pumped when we, my sister, my buddy Robin and I that is, came home after the prerelease event was over, I just HAD to build a fun “Jeskai” Deck, although I did not use any cards of the brand new set, save for the above awesome tripple land, but rather classics such as the in my humble opinion magnificent Lightning Angel:

As you can see, she is a pretty awesome deal as a 3/4 for just 4 Mana that attacks right away, is hard to block through flying AND has vigialance on top of all that, making him not only a great attacker but in fact a supreme defender as well.

I would call this deck an “Aggro Control” type of build, despite the fact that it is running only 8 Creatures, albeit quality ones, such as 4 of the above Angel as well as 4 absolutely pesky Meddling Mages:

How my two only playsets of Creatures will become unstoppable forces of nature will be revealed at the end of this deck description!

Notably, the deck features no less than 28 Instants, all of them high quality and terribly cheap with tons of 1 Mana ones and the costliest coming at just 3 Mana. If it weren’t for Lightning Angel, the deck could well win with only 3 lands in play. You may ask why I am not running Isochron Scepter, which would allow me to cast one of the many quality 2 mana or less Instants over and over again. The reason is simple. I will have ample such Instants in hand and it may seem unreasonable, but Scepter is actually too slow for this kind of deck and prone to be destroyed by artifact hate.

Instead of describing all my Instants galore, please look them up at However there is one GREAT GREAT card that is a pet card of mine in any deck with Blue and White Creatures (such as, incidentally Meddling Mage and Lightning Angel). When I had my Creatures and Instants together, I realized I had 4 card slots left to fill. And our test games showed that adding four of this one really paid off:

Think about it: Your Meddling Mage will become a 4/4 unblockable Lifelinker and Lightning Angel will be downrigth insane with one (or even more!!) Steel of the Godhead attached, making him a 5/6 Flying, Vigilant, Hasty, Lifelinker that CANNOT be blocked!! Holy shit!! That SHOULD spell serious trouble for any opponent. Testing showed that including Steel of the Godhead to fill up the four empty slots was probably the best card choice when constructing this deck!

Lock Around the Clock – Revisited (Casual/Legacy):


4 x Daze 1U

4 x Counterspell UU


4 x Surpeme Verdict 1WWU

2 x Wrath of God 2WW


4 x Ghostly Prison 2W

2 x March of the Machines 3U


4 x Talisman of Progress 2

3 x Howling Mine 2

3 x Static Orb 3

3 x Clock of Omens 4

3 x Icy Manipulator 4


2 x Elspeth, Knight Errant 2WW


4 x Mishra’s Factory

4 x Seat of the Synod

4 x Ancient Den

6 x Plains

4 x Island

About the Deck:

This deck, which is a pure control lock-down build,  is just plain evil and a major annoyance to any opponent as its very goal is to totally shut down said opponent – and when I say totally, I mean TOTALLY!! How! Let me show you some key-cards and then elaborate on how well they actully work together like the gears fo a well-working and well constructed engine. Have a look at the following cards and you may be able to figure it all out on your onw!! 😀

Exhibit A: Clock of Omens (maybe THE central card in the lock-down engine, hence the deck’s fancy name “Lock around the Clock”!)

Exhibit B: Static Orb (The actual Lockdown card in the deck)

Please note the errata on this card, which tells you it loses its crippling effect when in tapped state. Back then in Tempest artifacts where universally considered to just “shut down” when tapped. So if you look at exhibit A and B, you may see the great interaction between the two of them. Simply tap Orb and Clock to untap any artifact (even Clock itself can be untapped by its own effect if you happen to have any better stuff to untap) prior to your Untap Step and you will get a FULL Untap Step while your opponent’s options will be harshly limited by being only allowed to untap two permanents each turn. Factor in this and you will be able to tap the last two untapped permanents your poor opponent will have as well, cheaply and conveniently:

Exhibit C: Icy Manipulator

Oh man how I love it to “give a good home” to old classics like the highly used and valued back in the olden days of MtG Icy Manipulator. You’d best use him in conjunction with Clock and Orb, as you can pay one mana to tap one of the two permanents your opponent will be allowed to untap and then use Clock’s effect to  untap Manipulator only to tap the very last opponent card remaining untapped as well!! This is really putting your opponent in the thoughest of imaginabel situations, being unable to do ANYTHING at all!!

But the synergies don’t stop here. Have a peek at…

Exhibit D: Ghostly Prison

Ghostly Prison is just awesome against any aggressive and fast creature rush deck, but just imagne it with Static Orb around. The opponent will have a choice between a rock and a hard place so to say: Either they untap 2 mana to pay the harsh tax demanded by Prison and then have no untapped Creature to attack with OR they untap a Creature and a Land, but then again, they will be one mana short of being able to let the Creature attack.

One more great great synergy for you, which is based on a cards interaction I discovered myself (yes I am aware that most likely others have realiezd this as well even before me) and which I have been using as a great and reliable draw engine in various decks. It is all about combining Clock of Omens with…

Exhibit E: Howling Mine

Same as Static Orb, Mine shuts down when tapped, so simply use Clock’s effect to tap your Mine(s) prior to your opponent.’s draw phase and all sudden this is a viable and reliable draw engine that works for you only, denying the extra draw to your opponent(s).

As this is a Control deck par excellence, I would like to mention that I run 6 Creature Mass Removal spells, namely 4 Supreme Verdict which can’t be countered and 2 Wrath of God, which can be countered but prevents Creatures from regenerating when unleashed.

Lastly, about the win conditions: I have three very different ones which I will list briefly below:

  • Elspeth, Knight Errant: You can win with this kightly lady all on her own, as she creatues an 1/1 Soldier Token by adding a counter to her and, how perfectly convenient, gives any Creature +3/+3 AND Flying for a turn, also by placing a counter.
  • Mishra’s Factory: You can just slowly and steadily chip away at your opponent with your classic “manlands” as you will be tapping any defences left by means of Icy Manipulator AND the Factories survive your mass Creature removal, which is pretty neat as well. Now what is really f’ing awesome if you combine Elspeth’s second ability with a Mishra’s Factory. That will give you an awesome 5/5 flyer for the investment of 1 generic mana per turn, which is a hell of a deal and should quicken the opponent’s downfall considerably.
  • March of the Machines: This is probably  the most original and creative win condition the game features and I am quite happy to have discovered it all by myself, not just borrowing the idea from someone else. March of the Machines is a 3G Enchantment that will turn all your non-Creature artifacts into Artifact Creatures with Power and Toughness equal to their mana cost. As I am running quite some 2 – 4 cost artifacts, dropping a “March” once you have a ton of those out can really spell unexpected instant defeat for your opponent as you’d be overrunning him with a ton of 3/3 and  4/4 artifacts. However a word of warnin: Drop your March only when you are set up to and dead sure about being able to dish out lethal damage on the very turn you cast March of the Machines. Otherwise there is the possible danger of your opponent killing off your, as Creatures, a lot more vulnerable key artifacts!

Well you guys, I hope you enjoyed my more or less out-of-the-ordinary deck ideas presented within this article. Stay tuned for more Magic Madness soon!

As always, thank you for being a reader and





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