PANZER CLASH launching on INDIEGOGO Oct. 1st 2014

“Bringing an Old Game of Mine Back to Life – Better than Ever Before!!”

FB Cover 4

Dear readers and people with a general interest in historical matters – especially the WW2 era!

I am very pleased to share with you an awesome announcement regarding a card game of mine that few may remember, and even fewer will remember the fact that it was in fact printed and published by now gone for good and for good reasons TOG Entertainment, USA. Years ago I fought to get back the rights to Panzer Clash, a Light, Card-Based War Game for 2 Players, from said company, and luckily I was successful, but afterwards, the game was forgotten and sent to “game purgatory”. Just today however, I had the genius (?) idea to dig deeply into my bountifully filled vault of games of my own devising, and the gem my digging produced was none other than the Panzer Clash Customizable Card Game!

As everything is done and the game has been finished for years (remember it had been printed and published by TOG Entertainment previously already) and I am only lacking the funds to have it printed in larger quantities, I am exceedingly pleased to announce, and quite unexpectedly to me as well, that…

Panzer Clash will be launching on Indiegogo in little more than a week from now, on October 1st 2014 to be more precise!

The upcoming Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaing, which will last all throughout October and end on Sunday, 2nd November midnight sharp, will be AWESOME for several reasons and we at AP Games are very excited about being to offer you some very special things over the course of said campaign. Here’s just a few highlights:

  • You will be able to secure your copy of the Panzer Clash “Mega Pack”, which will be a fully customizable game containing more than 400 cards – enough for nearly unlimited deckbuilding options by combining all “Base Set” cards of all four of the warring factions in one big box. We are as of now waiting for the final pricings from our US printer but promise to offer you the best deal possible money-wise!!
  • There will be a limited edition/pledge level of 350 copies of the game including the Official Panzer Clash Soundtrack, which is a compilation of various Metal tracks from such big names as Sabaton, Endstille and Hammerfall that is NOT available anywhere except in the upcoming Indiegogo campaign.
  • We will have awesome extra items in store for you such as four different Panzer Clash fan shirts – one design for each faction.
  • And here probably the most awesome highlight of all: We plan to include unique “General” cards in the game, which are not only a novelty in the game but you will be able to get YOUR PORTRAIT of a WW2 Panzer General immortalized on one of these cards as a truly unique perk/backer reward! Plus a Panzer Clash goodie bag consisting of several copies of the game and a shirt etc will be  yours as well!

But enough for the bravado and Crowdfunding madness announcements.

Let me move on and tell you all a bit about the actual game, how it works and what makes it unique!


First of all a disclaimer that should be obsolete but just to have this out of the way once and for all: We at AP Games are fanatic pacifists and although the Panzer Clash Customizable Card Game is set in the horrible WW2 era, we do not intend to glorify war or even promote Naziism or anything like that. The sole purpose of this game is to entertain, it is entirely unpolitical as we ourselves are and should, at best, create awareness for certain historical events, which, as horrible as they were, should never be forgotten. We strive to contribute to that cause!

So now on to the actual game:

Panzer Clash is a light, card based war game for 2 players that takes about 20 mins to 45 hours (play time can vary greatly due to various factors). If I would have to compare Panzer Clash to an well known other card game I would call it similar to Magic: the Gathering, as you build decks and then battle with your opponent in both games. But that is pretty much where the similarities end. Obviously, Panzer Clash adopts a rarely seen theme, as opposed to a plethora of fantasy-themed CCGs that flooded and still flood the games market. Furthermore, the goal of the game is very unique and seldom seen as well. As a retheme of my somewhat popular Fantasy CCG “Elemental Clash”, the goal of the game is to reduce the opponent deck of cards to zero before the other player does. In order to achieve that goal, you try to inflict damage to your opponent by means of Units (Tanks, Infantry etc) and Events of various powers. For each one damage dealt to your opponent through your Units and Events, they have to discard the top card of their deck to their discard pile. As soon as a player is required to draw (you must draw a card during each turn) and cannot do so because their deck is depleted, they lose immediately.

So in Panzer Clash, you have Unit cards that fight for you or defend you against opponent attacks:

Unit Card Samples Presentation

As you can see, in the Panzer Clash Base Game, all 4 major warring factions of the WW2 Era are represented. There will also be Neutral Cards that belong to neither faction. Besides your Units that attack and defend mostly and stay on the field until destroyed, you have supporting Event cards that either have some beneficial effects on you or harm your opponent one way or another. There are three types: Regular Events that you can use in your Main Phase, Flash Events that you can use any time, even during the opponent’s turn, provided you have the resources available, and Permanent Events that remain in play until destroyed by certain cards (or until the game ends!). Here some samples for Event cards… Again one for each faction – there will be plenty of Neutral ones as well that can be used by any faction.

Event Card Samples Presentation

Besides Units and Events there are the Terrain and Terrain Modifiers Cards to be placed on the former. The Terrain Cards is probably THE most unique and innovative element in Panzer Clash, which sets it even apart from the first, the original “Clash Game” Elemental Clash. I shall explain briefly how the Terrain cards mechanic works  and why I think it is such a great fit for this game in particular and furthermore adds a new layer of strategy to the whole game, adding tremendous depth gameplay-wise. But first have a look at the Terrain cards and Terrain Modifiers:

Terrain Card Samples Presentation

Terrain Modifier Card Samples Presentation


So the Terrain mechanic works like this basically: Besides the two Player’s Decks there is one seperate “Terrain Deck” containing various types of Terrain cards like Cities, Villages, Plains, Forests and so forth (you can see some in the above sample images). Before every game of Panzer Clash, during setup, you shuffle the 30 cards Terrain Deck and then place on the table a grid of 4 rows times 5 columns of face-down Terrain Cards without looking at them, so at random. This is the “battelfield” on which your Units will be moving around, always headed towards your opponent’s “Back Row” in order to inflict direct damage on them. Terrain cards are turned face up as soon as a Unit is trying to move onto one of them. This creatures a nice “Fog of War” effect seen in many strategic video games and adds an element of unpredictability and luck (as there are beneficial and harmful Terrain types) and gives the game tremendous additional strategic depth, since you will face tough choices when trying to move around your Units most efficiently on a previously unknown grid of Terrain Cards. And no game of Panzer Clash will be the same through the very nature of the randomly created battlefield that is implemented in the form of Terrain cards.

Before moving on, a word on the resource system: There is only one type of “Resource Cards” in the game: Factories. You will stack your Factories on each other in your Factory Row that is located before you Back Row of Terrain Cards in order to be able to afford higher cost and thus more powerful Units and Events and always have the choice to either start a new Factory Stack in order to deploy more cheaper Units faster OR to add an additional Factory to an existing Stack in order to be able to afford the costlier Units and Events! You can place one Factory per turn by the way.

So much for the Panzer Clash Customizable Card Game. As the last part of this introductory article, let me showcase the awesome Panzer Clash Official Soundtrack Audio CD (Compilation):

About the CD:

As I said before, the Official Panzer Clash Soundtrack will be a special you will get on top of your copy of your game, strictly limited to 350 units (as no more do exist as a matter of fact – at least not in my posssession). The Panzer Clash Soundtrack is as of now available NOWHERE except through the upcoming Indiegogo Campaign. It features songs from big names in Heavy Metal, but also contributions from lesser known artists, some of which have taken the trouble to write and produce songs exclusively for the Panzer Clash Official Soundtrack, which is of highest possible production quality, as I would like to point out. But pictures say more than words, so have a look at the Soundtrack in physical form:

PC Soundtrack CD small

And here is the line-up in the form of a more or less representative image:

soundtrack press release poster updated small


And lastly, if you couldn’t quite make it out above, here’s the line-up along with the song titles to be featured on the Panzer Clash Soundtrack!

PC soundtrack inlay small

…and what a mighty line-up it is!!

Closing this rather long introduction, I thank you all for your interest and hope to see you on Indiegogo soon!!

Let the Clash of Panzers begin!!! (Well, only in cardboard form as I do sincerely hope!!)

Yours truly,

Andi, AP Games


P.S.: For a full visual card spoiler please visit

P.P.S.: As a little teaser as the very last thing I will torment you with in this one article, one song from the Panzer Clash Soundtrack!



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