MTG: Follow-Up: Prismatic Dragons

Well, dear readers, I am both in a writing mood and in the mood for theorizing new magic decks. Hence here one extra deck for you, as a little “follow-up” to the threefold deck article I just posted minutes ago! I hope you don’t mind. So here comes…

Prismatic Dragons (Casual/Fun)


4 x Birds of Paradise G

3 x Joiner Adept

1 x Crosis the Purger 3UBR

1 x Darigaaz the Igniter 3BRG

1 x Dromar the Banisher 3WUB

1 x Intet the Dreamer 3URG

1 x Numot the Devastator 3RWU

1 x Oros the Avenger 3WBR

1 x Rith the Awakener 3RGW

1 x Teneb the Harvester 3BGW

1 x Treva the Renewer 3GWU

1 x Vorosh the Hunter 3GUB

1 x Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund 4RBG

1 x Bladewing the Risen 3BBRR

1 x Defiler of Souls 3BBR


4 x Harrow


4 x Supply / Demand xGW/1UW

4 x Channel the Suns 3G


2 x Belbe’s Portal 5

4 x Dragon Arch 5


4 x Terramorphic Expanse

10 x Forest

2 x Swamp

2 x Mountain

2 x Island

2 x Plains

About the Deck:

Seriously, this deck is not to be taken seriously. It may not be competitive by a far stretch but one thing it is for sure – F. U. N. !!

Well besides the 4 obligatory Birds (of Paradise) and the in a “rainbow” 5 color deck highly useful, Mana-morphing Joiner Adepts…

…this deck is packed with (nearly, not the old Legends ones) pretty much all multicolor Legendary Dragons there are to be found. Here a classic example:

WAY back in the Invasion Block, they started with a first series of five Legendary Dragons with three colors – a series that was continued with 5 new ones with other color combinations, of which the above example is one, in the Planar Chaos set. All these have in common that they are 6/6 Flyers for just 6 Mana and have a nice effect to be activarted by paying 3 Mana when they deal combat damage to a player. The Invasion ones have somewhat weaker effects, at least in my opinion, than the newer ones, but still I wanted to run all of them! Furthermore, I included one really nasty non-Dragon, non-Legendary multicolor cards which can annoy your opponent to death and won’t hurt you yourself much, but see for yourself:

Well, in this FUN deck, the basic plan is to put your multicolor Dragons (and the Defiler) into play cheaply and easily by means of…

…or alternatively through…

The nice thing about this deck is that it features a Dragon-Toolbox, and man, do I LOVE toolboxes – of any kind – in any deck (those who know me know that!), through this fine and not too expensive card:

This means you can just pick and choose the multi-colored Dragon Legend (or your Defiler of Souls) and add them to your hand, only to put them into play inexpensively through Dragon Arch or Belbe’s Portal as shown above. The cool thing is that they can’t be countered that way!

Harrow and Channel the Suns accelerate your Mana and make sure you always got the right colors of Mana, the latter making an early “hard-cast” Dragon Legend possible as well, while Joiner Adept makes all your lands produce any kind of Mana, which gives you utmost flexibility, also allowing for “hard casting” of your big, badass dragons in case Arch or Portal won’t work out for you for whatever reason!

Well, this one should be cool to play and could in theory work out well, although personally I would prefer not to show up at any tournament with it whatsoever! 😀




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