YGO: Revisiting Anti Meta & Rock Stun

Dear readers and friends of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG!

Recently I revisited some old favorite decks of mine – namely my dreaded Anti-Meta Deck and my old, long-neglected Rock Deck, the two of them having many parallels but playing differently still, even more so with the changes I made to both decks recently.

I reported about my Anti-Meta deck, which I have semi-successfully played at tournaments already, previously on this blog. Back then I already noted that I really loved how the deck worked, since it screws any Special Summoning, including the still booming XYZ-ing, royally and manages to win with really small Monsters averaging in at maybe 1500 ATK, with the lowest being under 1000 and the very highest being 1900 ATK. I really enjoy not “being in with the crowd” and to venture off the beaten path in general so an Anti-Meta Deck without any Extra Deck whatsoever winning with some weakling Monsters is right up my ally. So I had thought the deck was already nasty enough, annoying the crap out of most opponents, but through experimenting on the amazing YGOPRO Android App (do download it from Google Play – it is well executed, free and fun!!) I realized that the deck could be made even more annoying and indeed powerful. The result could be called “Rainbow Anti-Meta” or “Rainbow Stun” since it includes not only Earth Attribute Rock Monsters but Monsters of various Attributes as you are going to see. So here I present you with the card list for my new Anti-Meta build:

Rainbow Anti-Meta:


2 x Koa’ki Meiru Maximus

3 x Banisher of the Radiance

3 x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

3 x Koa’ki Meiru Boulder

2 x Koa’ki Meiru Tornado

2 x Koa’ki Meiru Ice

1 x Koa’ki Meiru Guardian

1 x Koa’ki Meiru Sandman

1 x Koa’ki Meiru Wall

1 x Thunder King Rai-Oh

1 x Neo Spacian Grand Mole


3 x Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru

2 x Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru

3 x Catapult Zone

3 x Pot of Duality

1 x Forbidden Lance


3 x Call of the Haunted

2 x Dimensional Prison

1 x Bottomless Trap Hole

1 x Solemn Warning

1 x Mirror Force

About the Deck:

So as I said above this is an Anti-Meta deck that mainly punishes or downright shuts down Special Summoning of any kind as well as many other things. The deck contains a good number of Earth Attribute Rock Monsters but features a lot of different Monster Attributes, hence the name “Rainbow Anti-Meta”. As I have written in a previous article on a former incarnation of this deck, what I wanted to achieve with this deck is to go a different route rather than buying into the XYZ & Synchro “craze” I had encountered previously on tournaments. So what is different about this new Anti-Meta build of mine? Well basically I took out some Koa’ki Meirus and then added even more but different Koa’ki Meirus, whilst Rock Monsters still build the core of the deck, allowing me to still run tripple Catapult Zone, one of my all-time favorite Field Spells, as a core element of the deck:

Catapult Zone is simply great as it does two awesome, very much (ab-) usable things. As you can read for yourself, not only does it prevent one of your Monsters (any, not just Rocks) from dying in battle once per turn, but also lets you send a Rock Monster from deck to graveyard whilst doing so. If you run some Call of the Haunteds for instance, this creates a Rock toolbox kinda thing in which you send just the Rock Monster you need most to the graveyard only to reanimate it with Call of the Haunted.

But on to the Koa’ki Meiru cards, of which the better part of the deck consists. What I took out were 2 copies of Guardian, Sandman and Wall each, as I found something even better than those quite awesome Monsters and I figured I could use these 3 toolbox style via Catapult Zone + Call of the Haunted. So the Koa’ki Meiru Monsters I added are Koa’Ki Meiru Tornado on the one hand…

…and Koa’ki Meiru Ice on the other…

…as well as 3 Koa’ki Meiru Boulders and 2 Koa’ki Meiru Maximus. As you can see in the above images, both Tornado and Ice have effects that let you destroy Special Summoned Monsters, which will give most competitive decks you are going to face a hell of a hard time in most cases. While Tornado will stay on the field longer as he doesn’t have an upkeep cost as most Koa’ki Meirus tend to have, Ice is kinda a one-shot deal. You use his effect to destroy a Special Summoned Monster, possibly let him attack for 1900 damage and then let him die. There are no Continuous Spells to reveal from your hand to save Ice and discarding an Iron Core will most likely not be an option either, but that is fine really as experience with testing this deck shows.

Another one-shot Koa’ki Meiru Monster is Koa’ki Meiru Maximus. Maximus has a fearsome 3000 ATK and can be Special Summoned (yeah, despite of all the anti-Special Summoning stuff in the deck, it does some Special Summoning as well! Trust me, it works!) from hand by banishing an Iron Core from the hand. Once per turn, Maximus lets you destroy any one card on the field. Similar to Koa’ki Meiru Ice, Maximus is best used as a one-shot weapon, as the upkeep cost is quite difficult or uneconomic to pay for (discard a Koa’ki Meiru Monster or an Iron Core). So what I’d recommend is to Special Summon your Maximus, destroy a card with his effect and attack for 3000 and then let him die at end of turn. Of course if you have a spare Iron Core or expendable Koa’ki Meiru Monster in hand, making Maximus do his thing for another turn would not be a bad thing either.

A great addition to the deck is Koa’Ki Meiru Boulder, which lets you add any Level 4 or lower Koa’ki Meiru Monster or an Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru to your hand when it dies in battle. I find myself running the little guy into opponent Monsters all the time only to fetch me an Iron Core, or any of my Koa’ki Meiru Monsters (except high-level Maximus of course), which all have very diverse and useful effects. Thanks to Boulder, the deck does not only have a graveyard based toolbox (through Catapult Zone) but also a Koa’ki Meiru Toolbox so to say and thanks to Boulder, I can run only 1 – 2 copies of certain Kao’ki Meiru Monsters since I can fetch them with Boulder anyways accoring to what I need most at any point in a game.

In an effort to support and enable the effects of my various Koa’ki Meiru Monsters, I am running tripple Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru as well as two of the awesome, new Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru. Actually, rather than fetching Iron Core with Boulder, sometimes grabbing a Diamond Core is an even better option, as it adds ANY Koa’ki Meiru card from deck to your hand, including the mighty Maximus of Koa’ki Meiru. So yes, Diamond Core is VERY useful and versatile, since it even expands the Koa’ki Meiru toolbox theme mentioned before. In general, I reall like decks that are able to fetch you just the right card out of a diverse toolbox of different cards, and the fact that this deck has two of these toolboxes (the graveyard-based one enabled by Catapult Zone as well as the Koa’ki Meiru toolbox) makes it a very enjoyable and rewarding playing experience!

The non-Koa’ki Meiru Monsters, Spells and Traps are pretty similar to what I ran in the older version of my Anit-Meta Deck. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo is just plain evil, as nobody can Special Summon once he is face-up on the field AND when he is flipped, all Special Summoned Monsters are destroyed, fair and square!

He is one of my all-time favorite Monsters and can ruin the plans of many a player, as nowadays XYZ and Synchro Summoning etc are still highly popular. Then I am still running tripple Banisher of the Radiance, which has a lackluster ATK of just 1600 but the awesomely crippling (for your opponent) effect that all cards are banished instead of sent to the graveyard. This really messes up many a strategy as graveyard-based effects are highly popular as well. What is curious about Banisher and Pachycephalo is that there are seemingly some dyssynergies with other cards in the deck, such as Call of the Haunted, which would be shut down by Pachycephalo, wheras Banisher would banish the Monsters you send to the graveyard via Catapult Zone so again Call of the Haunted would not be able to revive them. However this is part of why the deck is so much fun to play, as it is really challenging and you have to make your choices right, choices that matter, in order not to harm yourself with all your Anti-cards!

Also I kept the limited Thunder King Rai-Oh and Neo Spacian Grand Mole as both can be a major pain for the opponent as well. Thunder King prevents players from adding cards to their hands except by drawing (note that this will shut down some of your cards like Pot of Duality and Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru so use with care!!) AND you can sac him to negate a Special Summon, thus supremely doing what this deck does best – annoying “mainstream” opponents. Grand Mole is awesome as well as if he battles with a Monsters, both Monsters are returned to owner’s hand before damage calculation, thus neutralizing many an XYZ, Synchro or even Fusion Monster…

All in all I love this deck and IF I should ever go back to playing at the tourneys, this would surely be my choice for four reasons:

a) It totally wrecks XYZ, Synchro and any other deck that does at least some Special Summoning of sorts.

b) It wins with small critters, which is rather unusual and taunts your opponent splendidly.

c) It is challenging to play as there exist some internalt dissynergies which need to be considered whilst playing.

d) It is very versatile and greatly able to adapt to pretty much any situation due to various toolboxes.

OK, so much about my revised Anti-Meta deck. Next up a new take on my old Rock-Stun deck:

Neo Rock Stun (aka “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”):


2 x Gaia Plate the Earth Giant

1 x Megarock Dragon

3 x Gigantes

3 x The Rock Spirit

3 x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

3 x Barrier Statue of the Drough

3 x Block Golem

1 x Neo Spacian Grand Mole


3 x Terraforming

3 x Catapult Zone

2 x Solidarity

2 x Attack the Moon

1 x Dark Hole


3 x Call of the Haunted

2 x Rock Bombardment

2 x Release from Stone

2 x Dimensional Prison

1 x Mirror Force


3 x Gem-Knight Pearl

3 x Gogogo Goliath

3 x Number 106: Big Hand

About the Deck:

This deck is VERY similar in playing style to the Rainbow Anti-Meta deck discussed above. It too is very crippling for many opponents as it stops them from or punishes them for Special Summoning. What makes this new incarnation of my old Rock Deck so awesome is the following: I got the idea to revisit and revise the old Rock build when seeing a card that really really intrigued me. When I saw that one I thought: “Stopping your opponent from Special Summoning is fine by itself, but WHAT IF only the opponent could not Special Summon anymore while I still can?” So this is the amazing card that would make my nasty plan happen:

This is plain evil… Barrier Statue of the Drought is just like Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, except with a loophole! So I set out to build a Rock deck prominently featuring the above card which does not Special Summon, except Earth Attribute (Rock) Monsters!! I can only imagine one thing more annoying than not being able to Special Summon: Not being able to Special Summon whilst your opponent can do so! This is possible now thanks to Barrier Statue of the Drought! I just had to build a deck around it and you can see the result in the above deck list. I have to note that there is a Barrier Statue for every Attribute and I was very surprised when I set out to purchase me some Barrier Statues only to realize that one went for 20 (Euro) Cents only! I did not expect them to be so cheap since the effect is soooo powerful in todays Special-Summon-crazy metagame!

So the basic premise of the deck I wanted to build was this: Prevent your opponent from Special Summoning whilst doing so yourself to your heart’s content! And this is my approach on how to achieve these goals:

You stop your opponent from Special Summoning either with Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo as seen in the previously discussed Anti-Meta deck or preferably with Barrier Statue of the Drought. The latter will not interfere with your own Special Summoning at all since all Monsters in main and extra deck are Earth ones. I wanted to run tripple Giant Rat in order to easily get the Barrier Statue into play, but my decision to play Solidarity, which will give all your Monsters a hefty 800 ATK boost as long as at least one Rock Monster (and all your Monsters are Rock Types in this deck) is located in your graveyard.

Furthermore, I decided to aim for some Rank 4 Rock type XYZ-Summons and this card is just perfect for some instant XYZ-action:

If you read the card it should be pretty self-explanatory. Just Tribute Block Golem to Summon 2 of your less useful Rocks from your Graveyard to instanly XYZ into a classic Gem-Knight Pearl or any of your other Extra Deck XYZs.

Less obvious XYZ-enablers are Gigantes and The Rock Spirit. Both must be Special Summoned by banishing a Rock Type Monster from your graveyard and both are Level 4, which means you can get them out quickly and easily setting everything up for some Rank 4 XYZ-Summoning as well. On top of that, Gigantes has a very nice effect, as he destroys all Spells and Traps when destroyed by battle, which turns him into a walking Heavy Storm and which can clear the way for your attackers. The Rock Spirit has an effect as well, but nothing worth mentioning really – I mainly run him as instant XYZ-material!

Lastly, I am running 3 Monsters that could be called the deck’s “Boss Monsters”. Both can be Special Summoned and both are highly powerful. Gaia Plate the Earth Giant can be Special Summoned by removing 2 Rock Monsters from your graveyard, has 2800 ATK and the devastating ability to half the stats of the Monster it battles with. Also you need to remove a Rock Monster from your graveyard during each of your Standby-Phases, otherwise Gaia Plate would die. Megarock Dragon on the other hand can be Special Summoned by removing any number of Rock Type Monsters from your graveyard and will have an ATK of 700 times the number of Monsters you banished, which will make him huge in mid- to late-game:

Now we have seen lots and lots of cards requiring you to banish Rock Monsters from your graveyard – hence, you may have already guessed it, Catapult Zone is, once again, the backbone of this deck, THE card that makes this deck tick! As we have already seen, Catapult Zone sends a lot of Rock Monsters to the graveyard while keeping your in-play Monsters from being destroyed in battle. This and the Trap Card “Rock Bombardment”, which lets you send a Rock from deck to graveyard and inflicts a negligible 500 damage to your opponent’s life points, will give you enough “fodder” for Special Summoning the aforementioned Gigantes, The Rock Spirit, Gaia Plate the Earth Giant and also Megarock Dragon.

Now considering that you have a ton of cards that (require you to) banish Rock Type Monsters from the Graveyard, Release from Stone is an extremely useful card to run in this deck. It lets you Special Summon any of your banished Rocks, becoming the equivalent of a Call of the Haunted for banished Monsters in the context of this particular deck. I could not resist to at least add two copies to the deck.

Also, as mentioned initially, Solidarity is a great card too in this deck in my opinion, as all your Monsters have the same Type (Rock) so Solidarity will give all an 800 ATK boost, which will turn your measly Pachycephalos into respectable 2000 attackers for instance.

Another terrific card which I just recently “discovered” is Attack the Moon:

What an immensely useful card in any deck with a considerable number of Rock Monsters. Just fiddle around with the battle positions of your Rock Monsters and destroy a Spell or Trap each time you do so, which will clear the way for a safe attack with your remaining attack position monsters. This is really a foolproof solution for nasty surprises like Dimensional Prison or Mirror Force! Love that card!

Overall I must say I am really looking forward to trying out this new, surely improved version of my old Rock Deck as I think it can put a literally “rock-hard” grip on many an opponent and stopping most players from Special Summoning pretty much anything whilst you can go willy-nilly with Special Summoning your own critters would just be priceless!

So thank you for reading this once again quite lengthy Yu-Gi-Oh! deck article of mine! I hope you had a good read and encourage you to leave me a comment if you happen to have any thoughts, ideas or input on any of the two decks showcased! Thanks!!

Game on!!







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