Old Meets New – My First Take on a Pendulum Deck!

Well, dear readers, Konami is ushering in a new ear of Yu-Gi-Oh! with the introduction of Pendulum Monsters and Pendulum Summoning. For once I want to “jump” the bandwagon and be “in with the crowd”, after having defied the Synchro and XYZ-craze thoroughly when it was oh-so hot and just build a Pendulum Deck – but not an ordinary one, one, with my personal touch. I will give you my work-in-progress decklist, which tries to mix old and new, right away and will provide my extensive commentary afterwards! So here comes…

 Normal Pendulum:


3 x Radiant/Flash Knight (Pendulum Monster)

3 x Focault’s (Spellstone) Cannon (Pendulum Monster)

3 x Tune Warrior

3 x Curse of Dragon

3 x Parrot Dragon

3 x Millenium Shield

3 x Blue Dragon Summoner


3 x Summoner’s Art

3 x Dark Factory of Mass Production

3 x White Elephant’s Gift

3 x Heart of the Underdog

2 x Reinforcement of the Army


3 x Call of the Haunted

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Skill Drain


3 x Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon

3 x Number 61: Volcasaurus

2 x Gem-Knight Pearl

2 x Daigusto Emeral

1 x Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

2 x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

2 x Stardust Dragon

About the Deck:

When brainstorming Pendulum Summoning deck ideas, I saw myself faced with two problems, or rather challenges as I see it. First off, the biggest problem would be to get your two different Pendulum Monsters into your hand and set up on the field both fast and reliably. The other problem or challenge would be to create a constant influx of Monsters to be Pendulum Summoned. It did not take too long until it dawned upon me that a NORMAL MONSTER Deck would provide great solutions to both problems, as there are pretty nice searchers for Normal Monsters AND Normal Monster Decks have amazing draw power, especially through one card: The amazing Heart of the Underdog:

So thank the gods of gaming that Konami also made proper Normal Pendulum Monsters. The two I am using are perfect for the deck I had in mind. Have a look:

At the lower spectrum we have Focault’s Cannon with a Level of 5 and a Scale of 2:

… and at the high end of the scale we have the Level 4 Normal Warrior Radiant Knight (Flash Knight) with a scale of 7:

These two Pendulum Monsters will give us a scale “spectrum” ranging from Levels 3 to 6! This meant for me that I was going to include Monsters from those Levels in the deck, with the ultimate goal of XYZ-ing them into some nasty things. For this purpose, I focused on Level / Rank 5 Monsters, as there are quite some powerful XYZs I like at this particular Rank, such as Adreus, Keeper of Armageddoon and Number 61: Vulcasaurus. So this deck had to do the following things:

  • Seek out and set up the Pendulum Scale formed by Focault’s Cannon and Radiant Knight early and reliably
  • Provide a constant influx of new Monsters to be Pendulum Summoned in order to…
  • …XYZ-Summon (or to a lesser extent Synchro-Summon) nasty things!

Here are my card choices with which I tried to achieve these three goals:

You can easily search out the missing “Pendulum parts” by means of some Spells. The as of the latest ban-list semi-restricted Reinforcement of the Army fetches Radiant Knight, whereas Summoner’s Art fetches Level 5 Focault’s Cannon instantly, as well as any of your Level 5 Normal Monsters, whatever you need most. Your universal searcher however is Blue Dragon Summoner. Included in the Super Starter Space-Time Showdown, as seen on my previous post, Blue Dragon Summoner lets you add ANY 1 Normal Spellcaster, Dragon or Warrior from deck to hand. And yes, that would include EITHER of your Pendulum Parts, one being a Warrior and one a Spellcaster and both counting as Normal Monsters.

Ample amounts of Monsters will be drawn through Heart of the Underdog, as shown above, which will also trigger when you draw one of your Pendulum Monsters, which do count as Normal Monsters as well, and White Elephant’s Gift. The latter lets you tribute one Normal Monster to draw 2 cards. Imagine you got 5 Normal Monsters Pendulum Summoned. You can overlay 4 of them for 2 XYZ and can then sac the remaining one to draw 2 cards… how convenient! Dark Factory of Mass Production lets you retrieve any 2 Normal Monsters from your graveyard so you have ample backup for future Pendulum action! Call of the Haunted reanimates any Monster as well so you can XYZ again and again.

The actual XYZ-materials are mostly Level 5 Monsters, all of them pretty old-school and considered more or less unplayable. Curse of Dragon and the lesser known Parrot Dragon are both Lv 5 Normal Dragon Monsters with a lackluster 2000 ATK and Millenium Shield is a Lv 5 Warrior with a respectable 3000 DEF (and only 0 ATK). All three can be fetched by Summoner’s Art and via the effect of Blue Dragon Summoner. All three make for exquisite XYZ options such as Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon…

… as well as the well-known Number 61: Volcasaurus and possibly more. Note that Focault’s Cannon is Level 5 as well and excess copies can be used in Pendulum Summons leading to XYZ-Summons subsequently.

There’s also the possibility to Synchro Summon into a Stardust Dragon using Lv 3 Tune Warrior and any of your many Lv 5 Monsters. Obviously the inclusion of Synchros in the Lv 3 – 6 Pendulum range would be a good thing, as you can Pendulum Summon Monsters with a Level straight from your Extra Deck, which would include Synchro Monsters!

Well obviously, and I state it clearly once again, this deck is a work-in-progress and highly experimental. Thank goodness there exist such things as the YGOPRO App for Android, where you’ll always find opponents to test decks with, and if not, there is also an AI mode to boot! I will further refine this first Pendulum Summoning deck idea of mine and look into the subject of other possible Pendulum builds in the future and promise to keep you updated on my “findings”!

So thank you for reading and let us welcome the new era of Pendulum Monsters with great furore!!

Game on!!




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