YGO: Revisiting Normal Monsters – An XYZ-Perspective

Dear readers!

I hope you are able to keep up with my fast and furious postings these days. I have many ideas on my mind, both on games of my own and decks and strategy for my favorite “real” or rahter other card games. Thus I have the urge to post about Yu-Gi-Oh decks and strategy once again. Please be patient if you aren’t one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! lot at all – posts on different topics, such as on my latest game idea “The Magical 66”, will follow shortly. For now it is Yu-Gi-Oh strategy and deckbuilding once again. And yes, this is how I choose to spend my spare time on such a lush and nice Sunday afternoon like this one! 😀

So if you have been following my recent Yu-Gi-Oh related articles, you will already know that I have discovered, at long last and just at the time when a brand new Monster Type is making an appearance (I am talking about “Pendulum” Monsters which shall be dealt with once I have my new Space Time Showdown Starter Pack for a thorough review), my fondness for XYZ-Monstes and cards that enable easy Summoning of these black-bordered beasts.

When I went through my extensive YGO cards collection consisting mostly of random Common card lots I had bought on the cheap off of ebay, two common cards in particular caught my attention, one of which I included in my Star Seraph XYZ Budget Deck which I shared with you on here in a previous article a few days ago:

XYZ Reception is pretty awesome IF you focus on XYZ-Summoning Monsters of the same Rank, such as Rank 4 Number 39: Utopia in the aforementioned Star Seraph Deck. If you have a deck full of Level 4 Monsters, it becomes incredibly easy to put XYZ Reception to good use as you will in most cases have a Monster of the same Level in hand and another on the field, setting up instant XYZ-capabilities without much difficulty. The other card that caught my eye will be very useful in a deck like the one which I came up with just now and will be showing to you shortly:

Galaxy Queen’s Light is rather useful for facilitating high-Level XYZ-Summons. My favorite Monster Level happens to be Level 8, not because the Monsters at that Level are so exuberantly huge stats-wise, but rather for the reason that there is just so much great support for Level 8 Monsters such as Trade-In or the many support cards available for good-old Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The latter has a special place in my “duelist heart” as he has for many others no doubt and on top of that, there are a ton of great XYZ Monsters at Rank 8, one of which…

…requires you to overlay two Level 8 (there we go again!) Normal Monsters – emphasis on Normal.

Those who have been following my YGO-related posts may already know that I am VERY fond of Normal Monster Decks as I think they got some massive support going on and a Normal Monster Deck can be quite powerful and enjoyable if done right. So that leads me directly to the deck I have come up with, which is a Normal High Level XYZ Deck as I would call it – maybe it could be even called Normal XYZ Dragons for the fact that it runs mostly Dragon Creatures – not for the sake of their Dragon Type, but rather for the sake of their Level and Normal Monster Status! Besides 3 copies of the classic BEWD I am running tripple Rabidragon and tripple Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord, totalling in at 9 (!) Level 8 Normal Monsters to play around with. The latter two are a bit and considerably weaker than BEWD respectively – Seal has 0 ATK and 0 DEF even – but all that doesn’t matter in the age of XYZ.

So before I go more into detail, let me share my proposed decklist:

Rank 8 Dragon XYZ Extravaganza:


3 x Flamvell Guard

3 x Alexandrite Dragon

3 x Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord

3 x Rabidragon

3 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon


3 x Ancient Rules

3 x Summoner’s Art

3 x XYZ Reception

3 x Galaxy Queen’s Light

3 x Swing of Memories

3 x Trade-In

3 x Heart of the Underdog


2 x Champion’s Vigilance

2 x Call of the Haunted

Extra Deck…9

3 x Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

2 x Thunder-End Dragon

2 x Number 46: Dragluon

2 x Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis

About the Deck:

Well, there’s not much to be said about the Monsters in the Deck, as for the most part, their stats are irrelevant (though a 3000 ATK Blue-Eyes first turn and for free through Ancient Rules is nice as well) and their effects do not exist since they are all Normal Monsters, and pretty much all that counts is their (high) Level. As I pointed out above I have 9 out of a total of 15 Monsters that are Level 8, with the oddballs Alexandrite Dragon (Level 4) and Flamvell Guard (Level 1). The former is just in for his awesome 2000 ATK and can be “tuned up” to a Level 8 by means of Galaxy Queen’s Light whereas you can do the same with the latter, but the main reason that Flamvell Guard made the cut is the fact that he is a Level 1 TUNER, so you can Synchro into an Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon if you want to take that route. It has to be noted that there are precious few Monsters in this deck overall. However there are tons of quality Spells that should make up for that deficiency – if it even is one.

First off, the fact that this is a Normal Monsters only deck lets me run what I think is one of the most potent draw engines in existance in the YGO TCG so far, if only you run enough Normal Monsters: Heart of the Underdog. This Continuous Spell lets you draw another card whenever you draw a Normal Monster during your Draw-Phase. And another if it was a Normal Monster again and another and another and another… Heart of the Underdog ensures your supply of Normal Monsters needed direly to swarm the field with XYZs will not run dry and also interacts greatly with one of my big-bad XYZ-behemoths, which will be detailed later on.

Making up for the overall lack of Monsters, I am running 3 Summoner’s Art which let you add any of your high-Level Normal Monsters to your hand from the deck. This card could in theory be counted as a Monster as well as it will fetch you any of your Level 8s instantly. Furthermore it makes a great duo with Ancient Rules, which lets you Summon a Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from your hand straight away, which is great overall for setting up for some massive Rank 8 XYZ action!

XYZ Reception serves the same purpose pretty much as it lets you Special Summon a Monster with the same Level as one that is already in play on your side of the field right away. Imagine you Special Summon any Level 8 Monster with Ancient Rules and then a second one from hand with XYZ Reception. You would be able to go for any of your (Rank 8) XYZs straight away.

Also very useful in facilitating even multiple XYZ-Summons is Galaxy Queen’s Light. Basically what it does in this deck is this:  If you managed to put one of your Level 8 Monsters into play (and there are a TON of ways to achieve that in this particular build) and got some of your lower Level Monsters out (Alexandrite Dragon or Flamvell Guard) they’ll all be turned into Level 8s and you can go ahead and Special Summon some massive Monsters from among your XYZs in your Extra Deck.

As if the raw draw-power of Heart of the Underdog would not be enough, the deck also features 3 copies of Trade-In, which let you discard one of your many Level 8 Monsters to draw you two new cards. This is great in and off itself but you can also do something akin to an one-two punch, by sending one of said Monsters to the graveyard by means of Trade-In, drawing 2 cards and then reanimating the discarded Monster right away with one of your three Swing of Memories or one of the two Call of the Haunted.

The former, Swing of Memories is really great as it Special Summons any Normal Monster from the Graveyard for one turn. It would be destroyed at end of turn, but that “drawback”, if I should even call it that, is actually irrelevant if you Summoned the Monster with XYZ on your mind!

To round out the deck I included 4 Traps – 2 of the aforementioned Call of the Haunted and one less standard Trap Card: Champion’s Vigilance. This is a Solemn Verdict that comes at no Life Points cost at all. So it negates the Summoning of a Monster or activation of a Spell or Trap (which are destroyed) when you activate it. The only requirment is that you have to control a Level 7 or higher Normal Monster to activate it – no problemo in a deck like this I would say!!

Coming to the Extra Deck, I am running 3 Synchro Monsters, namely three copies of Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon…

…which can be handy as none of your Dragons can be targeted or be destroyed by card effects until the end of the next turn after this one was Special Summoned AND as Azure-Eyes revives any Normal Monster in your Graveyard during each of your Standby-Phases. This begs to be used for furhter XYZ-Summons and if you manage to get two Azure-Eyes out you will be able to re-use two of your Level 8s from your graveyard to XYZ-Summon on each of your turns. Pretty amazing!

Thunder-End Dragon is your emergency button so to say! He has an impressive 3000 ATK and you can detach one XYZ Material during your turn to destroy ALL other Monsters on the field. Quite brutal if you ask me!

Number 46: Dragluon has 3000 ATK as well and three Dragon-related effects, whereby the first is most important in the context of this particular deck: Simply detach an XYZ-Material to Special Summon any Dragon from your hand. That will inevitably give you even more material for further XYZ-action!

Lastly, Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis is yet another 3000 ATK dragonic behemoth with an amazing effect as well:

As you can read for youself, you can once per turn detach an XYZ Material from him to discard or tribute from your side of the field a number of Monsters to destroy the same number of cards on the field – any type, any position. This is really powerful if you think of how many Monsters the previously discussed Heart of the Underdog will draw you!

Well, overall I think I will really enjoy playing this deck – I own all the cards listed so why not give it a try. What I do not know is if it would stand a chance in a competitive environment at all. I do however like all the possible interactions and the fact that this is yet another take on the Normal Monsters kind of decks I am so fond of!

I hope you enjoyed this deck and strategy article and all that remains for me to say is…

Game on!




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