YGO: Two Creative Decks Built On A Budget

Dear readers and friends of the fine Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG!

Well believe it or not, but I had a revelation – one of a rather stupid and (to many) rather obvious kind. So I had bought together various Yu-Gi-Oh card lots consisting mostly of Common cards of off ebay on the cheap over the course of the last 1,5 to 2 years or so. Previously, I discarded the most part of those as utter “cardboard junk” and did not pay much attention to the bulk of the cards I own from purchasing these cheap-ass lots in the past. What I just recently realized is the pretty much obvious fact, that many of the newer cards, that is since XYZs had been introduced, only make sense when you look at the card LEVELS and NOT their stats. Konami has been boosting and supporting the XYZ-Summoning thing a lot in recent years and made many, many cards that are great for XYZ-Summoning and make only little or no “sense” otherwise. So these cards are relevant and “good” because of their Level rather than their stats and often have ways to easily special summon themselves or other similar cards. Take this Common for example:

If you just see it as a 1800 ATK one-Tribute Monster this would really suck. But if you see it as a 5 Star XYZ Material that can be Special Summoned easily in the right deck (a Chronomaly Deck in this case), the card can be really, really awesome for XYZ-ing into anything Rank 5!

Well I know it is mighty late for me to realize to look at recent cards from an “XYZ perspective” but suddenly, a whole new dimension opened up in  front of me when looking through my extensive, mostly Common card collection. So just recently I build an almost all Level 3 Gorgonic Rock Deck focussing heavily on summoning loads of Rank 3 XYZs. Then today I looked through a bunch of my cards one more time and the result of my “research” or “exploration” were two decks which consist pretty much exclusively of Common cards or cards that I own and are all easily to come by as they are included in many more or less recent Starter and Structure Decks.

Let me share with you the two decks I came up with. I think they are making quite creative use of many cards that are either Common or obtained easily in said Structure and Starter Decks. The two decks are rather different from each other, the first focussing on XYZ-ing into Number 39: Utopia and other Rank 4 XYZs and the latter is what I call a “Twilightsworn” type of deck, which only features one quite costly card which I happen to own and runs tons of Lightsworn cards, which are all to be obtaine easily and cheaply since the release of the Realm of Light Structure Deck, which I reviewed on here earlier as well as a heavy focus on Synchros! Let us get started with the XYZ Deck – and yeah I admit to the fact that I am really becoming somewhat of an “XYZ Pimp” myself here, but I try to keep it in check by pursuing budget friendly XYZ-adventures! 😀

Star Seraph Utopia:


3 x Star Seraph Scout

3 x Star Seraph Sword

3 x Star Seraph Sage

3 x Nova Summoner

2 x ZW – Sleipnir Mail

2 x Vylon Prism

2 x Honest

3 x Goblindbergh

2 x Express Train Trolley Olley

1 x Kagetokage


3 x Photon Lead

3 x XYZ Reception

2 x Celestial Transformation

2 x Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen

1 x Dark Hole


3 x Lumenize

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Call of the Haunted


3 x Number 39: Utopia

1 x Number C39: Utopia Ray

3 x Gem-Knight Pearl

2 x Number 10: Illumiknight

1 x Fairy Cheer Girl

1 x Gagaga Cowboy

1 x Starliege Paladynamo

3 x Stardust Dragon

About the Deck:

First of all I have to say that I find myself building Light-Attribute-centered YGO decks time and time again  and this must be the 6th or 7th of all the Light decks I have come up with and actually assembled so far (other examples would be my Fairies and Blue-Eyes Synchro Decks etc). This is largely due to the fact that the Light Attribute not only has an amazing array of Monsters to offer, but also a ton of GREAT support cards such as the awesome Honest or the Commons Lumenize or Photon Lead. All three of these cards are featured in the above deck as you saw in the decklist.

The idea for this deck came to me when I pretty much stumpled upon three Common Monsters all called “Star Seraph”. All of these are Level 4 Light Attribute Fairy Type Monsters, two of which can Special Summon additional Star Serphas rather easily. So the idea of a Fairy-focused Light XYZ Deck aiming for XYZ-ing into Rank 4 Monsters was born. I found many great cards to go along with that. First a bit about the Star Seraphs. Here’s a sample:

So Star Seraph Sage lets you easily Special Summon another Star Seraph from Hand OR Graveyard by discarding a Spell Card. Star Seraph Scout lets you Special Summon another Star Seraph from hand even easier: When it is Normal Summoned, you can just Special Summon another Star Seraph from hand. Lastly, Star Seraph Sword has no such effect but you can once during your turn discard another Star Seraph from Hand to give it an ATK boost of the original ATK of the discarded card. This would make its ATK anything between 2600 and 3000 depending on which Star Seraph you discard.

Nova Summoner is great in that it lets you search for either Star Seraph Sword or Scout when it dies in battle, which can be useful to facilitate some easy XYZ-Summons. Besides Nova Summoner and the Seraphs, which are all Fairy Types, I am running a number of support non-Fairy Light Monsters. ZW – Sleipnir Mail can be attached to one of your Utopias from hand or from play to give it a permanent and mighty 1000 ATK boost, turning your 2500 ATK Utopias into 3500 ATK behemoths. Furhtermore when the equipped Utopia dies, you can Special Summon an Utopia from your Graveyard. Vylon Prism is a Thunder Type Level 4 Tuner that can be equipped to a Monster when it leaves the Monster Card Zone to give it 1000 ATK during damage calculation only. You could use it to Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon and give the Dragon that ATK boost right away, making it a 3500 ATK Monster. Or you could boost an Utopia in a similar way by just detaching the Vylon Prism XYZ-Material from said Utopia. The last Light Attribute Support Monster is the obvious Honest, which can be a real life saver in a deck with mostly Light Monsters. If you still don’t know what it does, please look it up on the yugioh wikia!

Lastly, I am running a number of non-Light Monsters that go well with the overall (XYZ) theme of the deck. Goblindbergh is a staple in many decks and that for good reason. When he is Normal Summoned you can switch him into Defense Position to Special Summon another Level 4 or lower Monster from hand. This can facilitate some XYZ-Summons very easily. One good target would be the ridiculously named Express Train Trolley Olley. Summon Goblindbergh and then the Express Train from hand and XYZ into anything Rank 4, and the XYZ Monster will get a permanent +800 ATK boost from Trolley Olley, which is quite nice as it will give you a 3300 ATK Utopia or a 3400 ATK Gem-Knight Pearl etc. Lastly I run one odd copy of Kagetokage (since I own just one) which can be Special Summoned from hand whenever you Normal Summon a Level 4 Monster, once again setting up some instant XYZ-action!

Coming to the Spells: I have tons of ways of Special Summoning Fairy and/or Light Type Monsters. First off, Photon Lead Special Summons any Level 4 or lower Light Monster from your hand, which means you can Special Summon any Monster in the deck except 6 (your Goblindberghs, Trolley Olleys and the sole Kagetokage). XYZ-Reception lets you target one Monster you control with a Level and lets you then Special Summon a Monster with the same Level from your hand. The Monster’s ATK and DEF become 0 and its effects are negated, but all that does not matter cause you need it for quickly XYZ-Summoning some Monster from your Extra Deck anyways. I find XYZ-Reception an exceptionally great and useful card, especially for a common which I can imagine to be just SO useful in many XYZ-focused builds. Also, I am running two Celestial Transformations that serve the same purpose: They Special Summon a Fairy Type Monster from your hand. Its ATK is halved and it is destroyed at End-Phase, however, once again, you won’t need the Monster any longer than you can say “XYZ!”. Lastly, Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen does a similar job in that it lets you Special Summon a Fairy from hand if you control no Monsters currently. Also one copy of Dark Hole was added – just because it is a staple!

As for the Traps, I run tripple Lumenize which I think is an exceptional Common card which just works so well in any deck running at least some Light Monsters. Basically it lets you negate an attack and gives one of your Light Monsters an ATK-boost equal to the ATK of the Monster whose attack you negated until your next End-Phase. To round out the Traps part of the deck I am running one Mirror Force and one Call of the Haunted – pretty much standard…

As all my Extra Decks, this one is quite raw and is far from final. Besides Number 39: Utopia I put in just some more or less random Rank 4 Monsters which I happen to own. I just lack the knowledge of existing XYZs to come up with a more focused, better Extra Deck as I have to admit. Still I think the Monsters I have in the Extra Deck currently are not that bad of a mix, and I even found a home for my Illumiknights which require 3 Level 4 Monsters to be XYZ-Summoned. With so many ways to Special Summon Monsters as in the above deck, I think meeting these requirements will not be too hard and indeed very realistic!

Budget Graveyard-Trix Twilightsworn Synchro:


1 x A/D – Changer

1 x Vylon Tetra

2 x Plaguespreader Zombie

3 x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

3 x Necro Gardna

1 x Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden

1 x Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner

1 x Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn

1 x Ehren, Lightsworn Monk

1 x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress

1 x Wulf, Lightsworn Beast

1 x Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite

2 x Vylon Prisma

1 x Celestia, Lightsworn Angel

1 x Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon

2 x Chaos Sorcerer

1 x Judgment Dragon

1 x Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning


3 x Solar Recharge

3 x Monster Reincarnation

1 x Charge of the Light Brigade

1 x Dark Hole


3 x Skill Inheritance

3 x Breakthrough Skill

1 x Torrential Tribute


3 x Michael the Arc-Lightsworn

3 x Scrap Archfiend

3 x Stardust Dragon

About the Deck:

This deck has a rather long name, granted… Let us analyze it: First off it is a Budget Deck, as for the most part the cards are Common or easy to acquire, especially since most of the cards are to be found in the latest of the Structure Deck series (please read my review also to be found on this blog!). The only quite expensive card I can think of is Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of the Beginning, whom I was lucky enough to find in a random booster. Secondly, I called the Deck “Graveyard-Trix” because it includes lots of cards with which nasty tricks can be pulled off – from the graveyard. I am running the well-known Necro Gardna and Plaguespreader Zombie as well as lesser known and used cards such as Skill Inheritance and Breakthrough Skill. Also, the Deck is called “Twilightsworn” since I chose a Lightsworn build as a solution for getting my “Graveyard-Trix” cards into the graveyard in the first place. And “Twilight” because I am not only running Light Monsters but also a good number of Dark ones so as to make Chaos Sorcerer and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning a possiblity. Lastly the “Synchro” in the title indicates that Synchro-Summoning is an integral part of the deck.

As the main “engine” of the deck I run 11 Lightsworn Monsters (+ Michale the Arch-Lightsworn in the Extra Deck), most of them as one-ofs only. That allows me to play Judgment Dragon for instance and also lets me send a substantial number of my own cards from Deck to Graveyard. And that is where many of them become useful.

First off, some of my “killer” Monsters require you to banish one Light and one Dark Monster from the Graveyard to Special Summon them. These are Chaos Sorcerer and immensely powerful Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. Bask in his glory for a moment:

Then I have some Monsters AND Traps that are most useful when in your Graveyard. Plaguespreader Zombie is a Level 2 Tuner that can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard easily by its own effect and can be combined with a Level 4 Lightsworn for instance to Synchro into a Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn. Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite is a Level 4 non-Tuner that can be Special Summone from the Graveyard as well if needed. Then I got 3 Necro Gardnas which can be banished from the Graveyard to negate any one attack. Also I included one A/D – Changer which has an effect that may seem negligible and situational, however I think it MAY be useful at times: You can banish him from the Graveyard to change the battle position of any 1 Monster on the field. Then I got 3 copies of 2 different Trap cards that have effects that can be activated from the Graveyard. Skill Inheritance lets you give a Monster an  800 ATK Boost for a turn if banished from the Graveyard and Breakthrough Skill negates the Effects of a Monster for one turn if removed from the Graveyard.

Also the deck features lots of Tuners from Levels 2 – 4 that allow for many combinations in order to Synchro Summon Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn (Lv. 6) to Stardust Dragon (Lv. 8). Vylon Prism is especially nice. We dealt with that one in the first deck description already. It is a Lv. 4 Tuner that can boost one of your Monster’s ATK during combat by 1000.

As for the Spells, I am running the best draw a Lightsworn deck can have with tripple Solar Recharge as well as what makes a depleted deck and a full graveyard a diverse and efficient toolbox: Monster Reincarnation, three of them. It lets you discard a card to take any one Monster from your Graveyard into your hand. This means you can just dump your Ace-Monsters like Judgment Dragon and Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of the Beginning into your Graveyard to conveniently retrieve them through Monster Reincarnation!


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