AWE: Faction Deck Profiles

Dear gamers and friends & fans of AWE and CCGs in general!

While the AWE-Kickstarter has been more or less stagnant for days now, I am far from throwing in the towel and instead will give it my all until the (bitter?) end! So as some have asked for it I am going to bring to you today a rahter lengthy article about the four AWE faction decks, four Deck Profiles taking a detailed look at the different strategies involved in all four. So let’s get started right  away!

Atlantean Deck Header

What sets the Atlantean apart from the others is the fact that it contains cards of all four resource types, so Barracks and Factory as well as Wilderness and Mage’s Guild cards. The Atlanteans are masterful builders and expert architects so they have lots of cards that let you put additional buildings into play, that let you search your deck for a certain resource to be added to your Building Row and that manipulate your Buildings (resources) in various ways. So in order to get all the resource types you need, in order for a four resource types deck to work, the Atlanteans have cards that let you search for specific resource cards and on the other hand, the Atlantean faction has a ton of ways to draw additional cards as well as to manipulate the deck, so that you will draw into just the right resources and other cards you need in order to win! For instance, have a look at Hermes Trismegistos, the God of the Atlanteans. His ongoing effect (Godly Power) lets you draw an additional card each turn, which is pretty powerful and if you use his one-time flip effect (Divine Intervention) you get to draw a fresh hand of 7 cards right away. All you need to do is keep an eye on  the excessive card draw so as to not die to “decking”, as you’ll lose once  your deck runs out of cards and you can’t draw anymore. So the Atlaneans are somewhat “Jacks of all Kinds” and are very flexible and versatile in what their cards do. The massive card draw the wise Atlantean scholars provide is great for cycling throuh the deck quickly to find just the resources, events or units you need in any situation during a game of AWE. Besides builders, sages and scholars, the Atlanteans possess a tightly organized military, from Infantry like Lancers and Archers, over swift cavarly on their bird mounts to heavy artillery units attacking at long range. Furthermore, the Atlanteans have the behemoths of the deeps at their command and can summon Kraken, Sea Serpents and Leviathans to either attack the opponent in unit form or to unleash mighty events like Tidal Waves that can wipe out whole opponent armies. Overall the Altantean Deck may not be the easiest to pilote among the four preconstructed decks coming in your AWE base pack, as you really need to pay attention to how you play your resources to support all four building types and must always be careful not to run yourself out of cards but it can be very rewarding to play being very versatile and flexible doing all kinds of awesome/nasty things!

Muan Deck Header

The Muans are a tribal civilization dwelling on the island realm of Mu in the Pacific Ocean, that is covered by a dense tropical forest inhabited by the great lizards and other prehistoric beasts. The Muan Deck consists of Wilderness and Mage’s Guild cards, so as compared to the Atlantean deck which has four, you have to manage just two different resource types, which means the deck is somewhat easier to handle and more consistant resource-wise. The Muan tribal society is rather cruel and celebrates death and decay as parts of the natural order of things. Muans have sinister powers like necromancy and raising the dead from their graves. This is reflected by the effects of many of the cards in the Muan Deck. You will find Necromancers like the Muan Deathcaller who has the power to reanimate a fallen unit from the graveyard, as well as many other graveyard-based effects and abilities. For instance the Muan Gravedigger lets you put cards direclty from your deck to the graveyard so as to set up for summoning those as zombified units from there. There are also an array of terrible dinosaur warbeasts with the ability to resurrect from the grave like the Resurrecting Razormaw in the above card samples. The Muans are fearsome tribal warriors which is reflected in their worship of Oro, the Immortal Warrior. Oro reduces the costs of all Wilderness units in your hand by 1 and gives a Power boost to all your wounded Wilderness untis and when you flip him, he will become the “Avatar of War” and incarnate on the battlefield in the form of one of your fallen units to wreak havoc there. The array of different, fantastic units in the Muan army is dazzling: Besides fearsome Spiritwarriors and Raptor Riders, the Muans send terrible great lizard warbeasts into battle while pterodactyl-riding Muan Skyharriers rule the clouds. If you want powerful units that grow stronger when wounded or resurrect from the grave to terrorize your opponents or want to harness the sinister powers of black magic to manipulate your graveyard and such, then the Muan Deck may just be right for you!

Lemurian Deck Header


Quite unlike the Muans, who abhor technology and rather embrace magic and shamanism, the Lemurian civilization located in today’s Indian Ocean are technolgoically highly advanced and have harnessed the nowadays forgotten powers of Vril to construct a huge fleet of advanced Vimana aircraft of various types and sizes. The Lemurian preconstructed deck features three “colors” or resource types: Factories produce the various types of Viamana aircraft as well as other machinery such as equally advanced war walkers for instance. At the Barracks the Lemurian Infantry Units as well as commanders and generals are recruited, such as the Lemurian Sky Captain seen above. Among the most feared Lemurian infantry units are the elite Thunderrod-Wielders, who are equipped with staves able to unleash bursts of lightning on their terrified foes. At Mage’s Guilds, various priests, wisemen and scientists are trained, who even meddle with the very fabric of space and time, giving you effects that gain you extra turns among man other things. The God of the Lemurians is Krisha, the Heavenly Prince who boosts the power of all your Aeriel Units, and there are a ton of those in the Lemurian Deck, for as long as he remains face up on the field. However Krishna can be flipped to unleash the Brahamastra mentioned in ancient and sacred Hindu texts that allows you to flexibly choose to either destroy a whole Building Stack, a unit or a guardian of your choice in the blink of an eye. So the Lemurian Deck contains a huge airforce of Viamana craft of various sizes and types, from small Sky Chariots as seen above over swift Vimana Warhawks up to heavy bomber type craft that are able to destroy opponent buildings. Futhermore the deck features lots of engineers and technicians as well as commanders and generals and other ground untis that support your Vimana Fleet with various abilities that grant them boosts in power and/or additional useful abilities. This deck can be a bit tricky to play as well because many of your units will be aerial, and as per the rules aerial untis can destroy guardians but cannot dethrone a god themselves. So this means you need to cleverly plan your strategy so as to blast open a path for your ground-type infantry and other units with your Vimana airfleet, for only your non-flying units can deal the final blow to your opponents’ gods!

Hyperborean Deck Header

The Hyperborean society is built on gunpowder and steam, and this is of course reflected in the Hyperborean Deck coming in the AWE base game box. This Deck has only two resource types among its cards, namely Wilderness and Factory. The Hyperboreans dwell on the snow-covered, volcanic island continent of Hyperborea far to the north of Iceland, which acts as a Hyperborean outpost, and their army consists of a huge variety of different unti types, from tamed Ice Age megafauna beasts such as War Mammoths and Rhinos, over various warriors and infantry units such as the feared Steamgunner Squads, wielding steam-powered MGs similar to Gattling Guns up to also steam-driven iron carriages and juggernauts. The weakness of the armed-to-the-teeth Hyperborean fighting forces is their aerial units. There is only one of that type, however that single airborne unti type is pretty powerful: The Hyperborean Dragonrider – tamed firebreathing dragons that have their native homes in the volcanic wastelands of Hyperborea. The Hyperborean God is Heimdall, the Guardian of Asgaard. Heimdall supports the wondrous Hyperborean war machinery by reducing the costs of all your Factory units by 1 for as long as he is face-up  on the field. You may flip him anytime to bring the “Götterdämmerung”, the terrible Ragnarök, upon which will wipe out all Units on the filed, yours and your opponents’. The Hyperborean Deck features many powerful units, many of which love to go berserk when wounded, lots of machinery and support cards for that as well as resource destruction and effects that deal damage to units directly, reflecting the fiery environment of their volcanic island home Hyperborea. If you want a powerful unit rush deck with plenty of ways to destroy your opponents units by flame as well as to annoy the heck out of them by decimating their resources, you will surely enjoy playing the Hyperborean Deck!


So there you have it, the Deck Profiles of the four preconstructed Faction Decks coming in your basic pack of AWE, which you can pre-order by pledging on the ongoing AWE Kickstarter! Please note that you can easily upgrade your AWE experience to a fully customizable one with plenty of options for tweaking the pre-built decks or knocking yourselves out with buidling lots and lots of differnet decks from scratch by pledging for the AWE-Champion deal. Please do check it out on Kickstarter!

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