Yu-Gi-Oh: My New Deck – Hieratic Dragons!

Dear friends and fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG!

Just a bit earlier today I posted on here again after quite a while – this time around about the new Realm of Light Structure Deck. However I also wanted to share with you, my dear readers, a new deck which I have built that features mostly Light Attribute Monsters as well. More specifically Dragon Type Light Monsters and even more specifically Hieratic Dragons!

The first time I encountered a Hieratic Dragon Type Monster was when I bought a big box of Yu-Gi-Oh! Common card off of ebay. In said box I found quite some copies of a card that seemed UTTERLY useless to me at that time. Have a look at this:

What a waste of cardboard I thought back then when I found this card in the lot I had got myself on ebay. It was not until I quite recently purchased and downloaded Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Duel Carnival from the Nintendo 3DS e-shop and started exploring different, newer deck types that I realized that the above card is far from useless if combined with other Hieratic Archetype cards and that is thus supremely power- and useful for setting up high level (level 8) XYZ-Summons when combined with said other Hieratic Monsters and support cards. Thankfully Konami programmed the new 3DS Yu-Gi-Oh! game in a way so that you got access to an overwhelming library of 5500+ cards unlocked in Free Duel Mode right from the start. This allowed me to build and test out many great decks without or prior to having to commit to purchasing any real cards at all. So whilst exploring different deck types on my 3DS, I came across the Hieratic cards and took a liking to them. Probably cause they involve Dragons and Normal Monsters to some degree, which, as regular readers will maybe know, I am quite fond of both these types of cards!

So let me show you the Hieratic Dragons Deck I have first tried out in the video game and then, after I had seen I enjoyed it a lot, acquired the actual cards for. Please know that it is far from perfect or finished. I think there is still some room for improvements and especially the Extra Deck needs some additional cards. Please if you are wise in the ways of Yu-Gi-Oh! and know some kickass Lv. 6 or Lv. 8 XYZ Monsters that would go well with the below deck, feel free to drop me a line in the comments! Much appreciated! ūüėÄ

So as per usual, I will share my current decklist with you and then talk about the actual cards and strategy involved:

Andi’s Hieratic Dragons:


3 x Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb

3 x Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

2 x Honest

3 x Hieratic Dragon of Su

2 x Wattail Dragon

2 x Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord

2 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

2 x Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh

2 x Hieratic Dragon of Asar


3 x Dragon Shrine

3 x Hieratic Seal of Supremacy

2 x  Hieratic Seal of Convocation


3 x Hieratic Seal of Reflection

3 x Hieratic Seal of Banishment

3 x Call of the Haunted


1 x Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

2 x Hieratic Dragon King of Atum

2 x Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis

2 x Number 46: Dragluon

1 x Thunder-End Dragon

About the Deck:

Well the basic strategy of the deck is to make use of the combined effects and synergies of your Hieratic Monsters, Spells and Traps as well as some of the other, non-Hieratic support cards to Special Summon high-level (Dragon) Monsters easily, reliably and often in order to overlay them and XYZ-Summon your exceedingly powerful XYZ “boss monsters” like Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis.

I must say I refused to buy into the recent XYZ-craze and used to build lots of decks totally devoid of any such thing as an Extra Deck such as my Monarchs and Rock-Stun Anti-Meta Deck, but somehow I changed my mind, at least for this deck in particular as I really enjoy the way it is played – and that revolves around powerful XYZ-Summons!

Let me share my thoughts on each of the cards I included in my Hieratic Dragons Deck:

  • Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb:¬†This Lv 4 Hieratic Dragon is highly efficient and flexible as it has two awesome effects: Firstly, if it destroys a Monster in battle, you get to Special Summon any Normal Dragon Type Monster from your deck, hand or graveyard. Your targets would be Blue-Eyes White Dragon if you need a Lv 8 Monster or Wattail Dragon if you need a Lv 6 Monster for instance. Its ATK and DEF will become zero but that does not matter as you’d only need it for the sake of its Level to XYZ Summon something big and nasty! But that is not all there is to Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb. His second ability says when he is tributed, you may Special Summon any Hieratic Dragon from hand, deck or graveyard. Now this deck has SO many ways to Tribute Hieratics for beneficial effects. Just take a look at that XYZ behemoth above or take the Traps Hieratic Seal of Reflection and Hieratic Seal of Bansihment for instance (the latter two will be dealt with later). Overall this is easily your best non-Tribute Monster in this deck and highly powerful due to its twofold effects!
  • Hieratic Dragon of Nuit:¬†Your second Lv 4 / non-Tribute Monster in the deck is a bit weaker both stats-wise and when it comes to effects than Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb. It lets you Special Summon a Normal Dragon Type Monster from hand, deck or graveyard when it is targeted be the effect of a Trap/Spell/Effect Monster. Can be situationally useful as well!
  • Honest:¬†Honest is just a staple in any deck with a substantial number of Light Monsters. Although it has nothing to do with Hieratics or even with Hieratic Dragons, it is just so useful and it is generally a good, a safe feeling to have it in hand. Why? Well when one of your Light Monsters battles, you can just discard Honest from your hand to give that Monster of yours an ATK Boost equal to the ATK of the Monster you are battling. You can use that effect to save a Monster of yours from destruction in battle or to push through major extra damage! And your opponent will never know if it is safe to attack when you have at least a card in hand. It could be Honest after all!
  • Hieratic Dragon of Su:¬†This is a Level 6 Hieratic Dragon that can be Special Summoned from hand by Tributing a Hieratic Monster. Furthermore you can Tribute a Hieratic Monster except this card from hand or from the field to destroy a Spell or Trap. When this card is Tributed however, you can Special Summon a Normal Dragon Type Monster from hand, deck or graveyard and make its ATK and DEF 0. See a theme here? ūüėÄ
  • Wattail Dragon:¬†Wattail Dragon is not too weak for a Level 6 Monster in and off itself at a respectable 2500 ATK, but it is mainly in the deck as XYZ Material for Summoning Rank 6 Hieratic Dragon King of Atum and possibly other Rank 6 XYZ which I might add to the Extra Deck at some point, through the various Normal Dragons Special Summoning capabilities of my Hieratics.
  • Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord:¬†This one has like the longest name ever but does not do much by itself. It is mainly in the deck cause it is A) a Hieratic Monster, B) A Normal Dragon ¬†Monster and C) has Level 8, which are all qualities that make this card surprisingly useful for facilitating high-rank XYZ-Summons!
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Good old Blue-Eyes is in for the same reasons as Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord… to enable you to, through numerous interactions, XYZ-Summon your big bad Rank 8 XYZ Monsters!
  • Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh:¬†Another Hieratic Dragon, this time Level 8 and with quite a decent ATK of 2800 and DEF of 2000. Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh has to be Special Summoned from your hand by banishing 3 Normal Dragon Type Monsters from your Graveyard and has an awesome effect: You can bansih any one Dragon Type Monster from your graveyard to destroy any one card on the field. Pretty powerful I would say!
  • Hieratic Dragon of Asar:¬†This is a¬†Level 7¬†Hieratic Dragon with “only” 2600 ATK and a measly 700 DEF. This one can be Special Summoned again, namely by banishing one Light Dragon Type Monster and one Normal Dragon Type Monster from your graveyard. Furthermore, if this would be destroyed you can Tribute another Hieratic Monster to prevent that destruction.
  • Dragon Shrine:¬†Dragon Shrine is essential to get this deck working on many levels. It lets you send a Dragon Type Monster from deck to graveyard and if it was a Normal Monster you get to repeat the process once. You can activate only one Dragon Shrine per turn. This effect is important because it sets up the requirements to Special Summon both Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh and Hieratic Dragon of Asar. Also you can just send some monsters you need to your graveyard and simply reanimate via Call of the Haunted, which can make many powerful XYZ-Summons possible.
  • Hieratic Seal of Supremacy: This just Special Summons any of your Hieratic Dragons from your hand. Simple as that!
  • Hieratic Seal of Convocation:¬†Lets you add any Hieratic Monster from deck to hand. Simple as that!
  • Trade-In: One of my all-time favorite draw Spells. By discarding a Lv 8 Monster from hand you get to draw 2 new cards. In a deck where Monsters are better located in your graveyard for many reasons, an effect like this can be highly useful
  • Hieratic Seal of Reflection:¬†A Trap that lets you Tribute any one Hieratic Dragon to negate the activation of a Trap/Spell or the effect of an Effect Monster and lets you then destroy that target. A pretty nice one-stop solution for pretty much any bothersome card effect PLUS many of your Hieratic Dragons have nice effects like Special Summoning a Dragon from your deck, hand or graveyard when Tributed, so there are bound to be some nice interactions/synergies there!
  • Hieratic Seal of Banishment: This one is similar to the above Trap: At the cost of Tributing one of your Hieratics, you get to banish any one card on the field.
  • Call of the Haunted:¬†You are going to Tribute and/or send a lot of Monster cards from hand/deck to your graveyard anyways through Trade-In and Dragon Shrine etc so why not conveniently bring them back with tripple Call of the Haunted? This will greatly improve your XYZ-Summoning capabilities!
  • Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon:¬†A Rank 4 XYZ Dragon Monster with a more than decent 2400 ATK and 2000 DEF. You will hardly ever manage to pull off the first of its effects by removing 3 XYZ Materials to destroy all other face-up Monsters on the field but I still wanted to add it as the possibility is definitely there! The second effect requires you to detach 5 cards so that is totally out of the question…
  • Hieratic Dragon King of Atum:¬†My Rank 6 Hieratic Dragon XYZ Monster features an ATK of 2400 and DEF of 2100 and has a great effect that may be used to easily set up for summoning your higher Rank/Power XYZs as you can once per turn detach an XYZ Material to Special Summon any 1 Dragon Type Monster from your deck and make its ATK and DEF 0. Dragon King of Atum however cannot attack the turn you used that effect…
  • Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis: This one is clearly the uncrowned “king” of the Hieratics lots! This behemoth of a Hieratic Dragon has an ATK of 3000, so is nothing short of a classic Blue-Eyes White Dragon stats-wise, plus it comes with an amazing ability to boot: Once per turn you may detach an XYZ Material to Tribute/discard any number of Monsters from your side of the field/your hand in order to destroy the same number of cards on the field – any type of cards no matter the position, face-down or face-up which IS pretty powerful. Also there are some nice synergies with your Hieratics that have special effects when Tributed…
  • Number 46: Dragluon:¬†Dragluon, not being a Hieratic Monster, does go quite well with an almost all-Dragons deck, requiring 2 Lv 8 Dragons in order to be XYZ-Summoned. It has an awesome 3000 ATK and 3000 DEF and three great effects, some of them more situational than others: You can detach an XYZ-Material once per turn in order to do one of the following: Either Special Summon a Dragon Type Monster from your hand… which is amazingly useful in this particular deck… or take control of an opponent Dragon permanently, which is obviously great against other Dragon decks, or an opponent Dragon cannot activate its effects until end of the opponent’s turn.
  • Thunder End Dragon: Yet another Rank 8 Dragon Type Monster. And what a powerful one, with 3000 ATK once again and a very powerful effect: You can detach one XYZ-Material from it to destroy ALL other Monsters on the field. That is kinda your panic button for clearing the field – and attacking unhinderedly afterwards with a darn 3000 ATK behemoth!!

Well this is my in-depth analysis of my new Hieratic Dragons deck for you! As I said the decklist is far from final and I would be especially happy to get some input on the Extra Deck, namely suggestions from you guys for Rank 6 / Rank 8 XYZs that may fit the deck’s overall strategy well!

So thank you for readind and

Game on!!




5 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh: My New Deck – Hieratic Dragons!

  1. If u would like to know another build that u can use in game that destroys and consistently wins let me reply back and I’ll post build asap. Been playing heiratics since they came out.

  2. I think this is a great deck! im trying it now and it works well. on your spell list you listed 8 spells instead of 10 like you said, just thought you wanted to know. I just put some mst’s to fill it in but i wonder what you would add

  3. My deck build was a fast chaos version that sided into something similar to yours it uses
    1x Flamvell Guard
    2x Dragard
    2x heiratic dragon of gebeb
    3x h.d. eset
    3x h.d. Neither
    1x chaos sorcerer
    3x h.d. su
    3x h.d. tefnuit
    2x laboradite dragon
    1x b.l.s.
    2x h.d. seal of sun dragon overlord
    1x red eyes darkness metal dragon
    1x raigeki( or dark hole)
    1x dragon shrine
    2x mst
    3x seal of convocation
    2x seal of supremacy
    1x monster gate
    1x soul charge
    3x reasoning
    2x call of the haunted
    Extra deck
    1x soul eater
    1x trident dragon
    1x azure eyes silver dragon
    1x black rose
    1x catastor
    1x Heliopolis
    1x tachyon dragon
    1x thunder charger
    1x guantlet launcher
    2x atum
    1x photon strike bounzer
    1x sword breaker
    (Two xyz/sychro of choice)
    Side deck
    2x maxx c
    2x seal of banishment
    2x seal of reflection
    1x h.d. gebeb
    1x mst
    2x effect veiler
    1x honest
    1x solemn
    1x bottomless
    1x compulse
    1x xyz reborn
    Game two can be played at a slower pace that gives u a lot of field control Dragard creates instant synchro/xyz and extends combo largely. The deck is fun for sure if u ever wanna give it a try. It may need fine tuning for newest meta haven’t updated it in a while.

    • Hi Brandon!!

      Thanks for sharing your awesome deck with me/us here. Recently I haven’t had much time playing around with my YGO cards and when I had some spare time, I rather fiddled around with MtG. I should however post an article about how my own hieratics deck evolved into something COMPLETELY different I personally haven’t seen anywhere, neither on the net nor in the local card shop. It is like a rainbow version of chaos dragons and I ended up removing all hieratics in the end lol… wait a sec… did I already post about that one? My mind is a mess these days haha ūüėõ

      Anyways thanks again for taking the time to post such an insightful comment! Keep it up! ūüôā

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