EC: Welcoming Phil McDermott (UK) to the EC Art Team

Dear readers! Dear friends & fans of Elemental Clash!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our newest member to the ever-growing, international Elemental Clash Art Team.

Let us all give a hearty welcome to talented illustrator, artist, writer, animator and much more, Phil McDermott from the UK.

Let me first show you the totally stunning first piece of art Phil made for the upcoming Elemental Clash: Dragonforce Demi-Expansion at a VERY affordable price (Thank you for that Phil!). Have a look at Phil’s fatastic interpretation of Stonegorger Dragon:

Stonegorger Dragon small

Well as you can see, Phil has a VERY unique and interesting style, which is exactly the kind of art/artist I am looking for for Elemental Clash! I am really enthralled and fascinated by Phil’s style and am very much looking forward to see more awesome artwork from him soon – provided my financial situation will allow for it…

Before I show you the actual Stonegorger Dragon card preview, let me tell you a bit about Phil McDermott and his work:

Phil wanted me to extend his kind regards to you, my dear readers, and would like to invite you to visit his art portfolio as well as his youtube channel where you’ll find his “animation stuff”.

Phil is based in the UK and multi talented, being not only artist but also a writer, mostly working in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres. His style influences range from comic books, gothic and heavy metal artwork, sci-fi movies, artist like Simon Bisley and HR Giger. Phil has worked on book covers, album covers, T-shirt design, concept design- anything that needs some cool artwork and his main focus at the moment is a Transmedia sci-fi novel/motion comic series called Arcis (you can see some bits of that on Phil’s Youtube channel).

And here is the card preview of Stonegorger Dragon, featuring Phil’s magnificent illustration:

Stonegorger Dragon

Well, as you can see, this is another Dragon card featuring the new TRBUTE mechanic to be introduced in EC: Dragonforce (I have shown you two other Dragons requiring TRIBUTES before: Primordius the Kingorger Ur-Dragon and Venus Dragon if you remember). Stonegorger Dragon is yet another high-risk/high-reward card as you can feed a ton of Element-Stones to him to make him huge and possibly, if you sacked some Mars-Stones, wipe out a whole opponent army with his play-effect, BUT if you lose Stonegorger (there are plenty of options for that such as cards that destroy or purge Creatures, return them to hand or neutralize them right away) you destroyed a (large) number of Element-Stones for nothing basically. So you’d want to be careful with that one and play it only when you know your opponent does not have anything to get rid of the Dragon or figure out some way of protecting the Stonegorger. In any case, this card can be huge, but has to be used with caution as he requires a hefty tribute (quite literally) to unfold his full potential.

Anyways that was my introduction of Phil McDermott combined with an awesome card preview from the upcoming EC: Dragonforce Demi-Expansion!

So one more time, welcome to the EC team/family Phil!! I for one am very much looking forward to see more of your unique art!!

And to all my readers and friends out there, as always,

Happy Gaming,




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