EC: Another New Spellcaster Revealed!

Dear friends of Elemental Clash!

I have so much news about the future of Elemental Clash to tell you, but for now, it will “only” be about a new Spellcaster going to be featured in EC: Legendary Legacy.

Meet Sternhart, the Master Inquisitor:

Sternhart, Master Inquisitor


Well if Sternhart punishes one crime, then it is the “crime” of discarding cards from hand! As you can see his stats are the “Pre-Spellcaster” standards of 7/1/40 (hand size, draw and deck size respectively) and his Static Ability harshly punishes opponents for discarding from hand. They will lose 2 cards from their Spellbooks (practically meaning the loss of 2 life so to say) and no, these will not go to the graveyard, have Salvage triggered and can be retrieved, recurred or reanimated later on. No, they are PURGED! Gone forever basically. The Flip Ability on Sternhart is kinda lackluster, though if used cleverly it can be of great use at times as well.

You know, while Sternhart would tear any Salvage deck apart with that, he is one of the Spellcasters that will grow in power and popularity over time, as right now, there are not that many cards around at the moment that force your opponent to discard. There is currently only one Spell in the whole Master Set which forces opponents to discard: Ritual of Smoke. Ritual of Smoke makes an opponent discard 2 cards from hand which would result in the purging of 4 cards from the opponent’s deck which is doubly devastating, as said opponent will not only have lost two cards, but also, virtually, 4 life, four cards from their Spellbook. Besides Ritual of Smoke there is really a lack of discard Spells and such in Elemental Clash, but luckily, I am the one in charge so that may change soon.

However do not fear, there is a perfect deck for Sternhart that will be available with the release of the Legendary Legacy Expansion, largely thanks to this card from the upcoming set:



Yes, Goblin Champion turns all your little Goblins into slightly larger Goblins but at the same time forces your opponent to discard a card whenever a Goblin deals damage to him or her. Thus the perfect Deck for Sternhart, with the current card pool, would be Goblin-based with Goblin Champion as the key-card to its success. In future sets more dedicated discard cards may be introduced but for now that is all we can work with.

So I had this idea for a rather unusual deck intended as a good “home” for Sternhart, Master Inquisitor. I will share it with you briefly:

Sternhart Goblin Bounce-n-Discard (Fire/Air):


3 x Goblin Cadet

3 x Goblin Arsonist

3 x Fanatic Goblin

3 x Goblin Champion

3 x Mars-Caller


3 x Repulse

3 x Sudden Gust

3 x Ritual of Smoke

3 x Astral Charge


3 x Demonic Stone

3 x Plasma Stone

4 x Mars-Stone

3 x Jupiter-Stone

How the Deck Works:

Well the way the deck is supposed to work is quite unusual actually. Well there is a straightforward part which is just swarming the fields with lots of Goblins. You should try to get out Goblin Champion as seen above out soonest, as he will turn all your Goblins into little discard engines whilst also boosting their stats which is never a bad thing anyways. Mars Caller can definitely help getting a hold of Champion as the Caller lets you reveal the top 3 cards of your Spellbook and take all Goblins among the cards in your hand. Once you have your Goblin Champion out, “bounce” (return from field to hand) your opponent’s blockers with Repulse and the new (LL) Sudden Gust. This is awesome twice: First of all the blockers will be out of the way so your Goblins will get through and force your opponent to discard (whilst dealing good damage as well), which will lead to the purging of lots of cards due to Sternhart’s Static Ability. Also, especially during mid- to late-game, it will be common that your opponent has no cards to discard to your Goblins, which would then not trigger Sternharts Ability. However if you bounce some of the opponent Creatures, preferably DEF-Zone blockers, they are bound to have cards in hand, will discard the Creatures they already had in play and will have twice the number of cards purged from their decks as they discarded cards. That sounds all pretty neat to me. Just for the fun of it, I even included Astral Charge, which, at cost 3, will make your whole Goblin army unblockable for one turn AND give each of them a temporary +2 ATK boost. That could be very devastating to your opponent, even more so if they have cards in hand that would be discarded and lead to Sternhart’s Ability triggering, inflicting even more (purging) damage to the opponent’s Spellbook. Also, I added 3 Demonic Stones to be able to play Mars Caller or, even better, Goblin Champion on turn 2, when the opponent hand will still be large. And minor combo: Sudden Gust, which bounces a Creature from field to hand, has Salvage and Goblin Cadet forces you to discard a card from hand. If you already know what “Salvage” means, go figure, if not, I shall explain: If a card with Salvage is discarded from hand to Archive, either through your own or an opponent card effect, you can play it for free, without placing it on an appropriate Element-Stone-Stack.

Well I think this is quite an oddd combination – fiery discard and airborne bounce, but with Sternhart’s Static Ability,  these two very differnt things could work together quite perfectly.

Well I hope you liked this time’s Spellcaster introduction. The remaining two of the 10 Legendary Legacy Spellcasters will be unveiled soon!

Thanks for reading and

Happy Gaming!




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