EC: Welcoming a new artist to the team + An awesome new card preview

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

I am very pleased to show you anoher brand-new card preview for the planned EC: Dragonforce “Demi-Expansion” (90 cards mini-expansion) and at the same time welcome another talented member of the ever growing, quite international EC art team. All started with this ominous but awesome Creature many of you will know from the Master Set:

Venus Wurm:

venus wurm

For those who are not familiar with the card: It is a 3/4 Creature costing 3 Earth with the quite awesome Destroy-Effect of putting as many cards as Venus Wurm had DEF from the top of your Archive (dicard) under your Spellbook (deck) in any order.

Whilst pondering card ideas for the upcoming DRAGONFORCE Demi-Expansion, I had a quite neat idea how to build on what is already there in the Master Set. So why not, I thought to myself, take one of the most popular Creatures in the game so far and do a re-interpretation of it in the Dragonforce expansion. What followed was this sketch I made:


Then I assigned the artwork to a new artist whom I had found on He was quite amazed about my sketch and started to paint the above Creature which I called Venus Dragon, as it is obvioulsy the draconian cousin of Venus Wurm.

The new artist, Rubén Castro from Chile (Yay, another South American team member, besides Emmanuel Bou Roldán who hails from Argentina),  kindly offered me to do one artwork for free, but I will pay him for the awesome illustration he did based on my sketch as a matter of course. Before I show you the final Venus Dragon artwork and card, I would like to give Rubén the opportunity to introduce himself briefly in his own words:

“Hello everyone! I’m Rubén Castro from Chile, I’ve been playing tabletop and rpg games for a long time and I’m super exited to tell you that I’ll be painting some cards for the upcoming EC dragon expansion Dragonforce. I’m very glad to be part of this awesome project and I hope to be up to the challenge! Happy gaming!”

Well I think Rubén has already proven that he is more than up to the challenge, as you can see in the stunning final Venus Dragon artwork below:

Venus_Dragon_Final small

Well doesn’t this look amazing? I for one love it and I am really looking forward to seeing more of Rubéns great works!

And here, for all who are interested, the Venus Wurm card preview, featuring the new “Tribute” ability:

Venus Dragon

As you can see, Venus Dragon is similar to Venus Wurm but also very different, the major difference being that you need to “Tribute” Creatures to him when you play him so he gets stronger or even extremely strong. You may summon him without Tributing any Creature but that would make him a lowly 0/2 Creature for 3 Energy. However as you can read for yourself, the more Earth Creatures you feed to him, the more +1/+1 Counters he will enter play with and the more cards he will return from your Archive to your Spellbook in case he is destroyed. For example if you Tribute two Earth Creatures he will be a 4/6 that will restock your Archive with 4 cards when he dies (unless he is purged, as Destroy-Effects only trigger when the Creature goes to the Archive from play). In theory, you could sack all your Earth Creatures to Venus Dragon, but I would recommend being cautious with Tributing, since one Creature is easier to get rid off than several Creatures. So it is really a high-risk/high-reward kind of deal.

Good “Tribute Fodder” for Venus Dragon (from the Master Set) would be for example Restless Corpse, which cost 1 Earth and respawns from your Graveyard when destroyed or Loam Shaman, another 1 Earth Creature that has the Destroy-Effect of returning two cards from your Archive to the bottom of your Spellbook. More great interactions with this awesome card are possible and will grow in number as new cards are being released. One thing I’d have to note: Powerstone would go extremely well with this one!

Well I hope you liked this new Dragonforce card preview and again a very warm welcome to Rubén from Chile!

Happy Gaming!






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