EC: Foresight of a Future of Draconian Fury + A New Member in the Art Team

Dear friends and fans of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game!

I bring tremendous tidings to you, on what is almost the very eve of the completion and subsequent release of the full, 100+ cards strong Legendary Legacy Expansion of which only two card artworks are missing and will be handed in soon, as I write these lines.

Believe it or not, despite of what one could call a financial failure – and I do realize I will NEVER break even with the EC project as a whole, which is not my motivation behind pursuing it with full fervor anyways – I have great plans all laid out already for the pleasure of those trusty and loyal few, who are able to appreciate my creation (you know who you are you guys – and you are awesome!) and keep me going, soldiering on with the project, when it comes to the future of the Elemental Clash CCG.

However I will slightly change my plans and not do any more 100+ diffferent cards “full” expansions anymore in the future, as they are far too expensive to complete and far too time-consuming as well. Instead I will be releasing several smaller ones, which I would like to announce as and call


A Demi-Expansion will be about 30 different cards in playsets of 3 copies each (same convenient model as before) and come in a neat and small 90 cards Tuck Box which will considerably drop the price point as the boxes the Master Set and LL Expansion are coming in are quite costly. This and the fact that I will need only a third of the art than I would need for a Full Expansion, will make the Demi Expansions cheaper and thus more accessible and attractive for the customer, the gamers. On my end, I will have to pay for less artwork and will be able to release new sets in shorter intervals. Furthermore, each Demi Expansion will have its own theme and introduce one major new key mechanic each.

So far I have worked out 5 of these Demi-Expansions and I will share with you the names and themes as an exclusive glimpse into the future. Please note that I am not sure about the order in which they will be released and neither can I say how long it will take me to complete all 5 Demi Expansion, as all depends on the big unknown, on how my financial situation will develop, but I would say it could be realistic that all 5 sets could be finished and released within the next 2 – 3 years.

4 of the 5 Demi Expansions will focus on one of the Elements each, from the Undead-themed Earth Demi Expansion “Gravestorm”, to “Winds of War”, having an Air-theme over “Reign of Chaos” which will be a Fire Set introducing dice rolls as a factor of luck in the game to the “Benthic Behemoths” Water Set.

I have not yet completely made up my mind but I think the first of the Demi Expansions will be the one about the most awesome fantasy creature type of all times, going by the name of


(Not to be confused with the Power/Speed Metal band of the same name!)

I must apologize that I do not have a proper expansion set logo for it yet and for torturing you with so much text . In compensation, I’d say feast your eyes on the very first artwork from the first Demi Expansion – Primordius the Kingorger Ur-Dragon:

Primordius small

The highly talented artist behind Primordius (and do not worry, you will see the card preview with its awesome effects and abilities soon enough) is in fact a new member to the Elemental Clash art team, who based the character closely on a sketch I had provided.

Please everyone give a hearty welcome to

Le Rastislav 

from Slovakia, so basically a neighbour of mine, me being from Austria. Rastislav wanted to extend his greetings to you, dear readers, and introduce himself briefly in his own words, which are as follows:

“Hello guys! My name is Le Rastislav and I’m from Slovakia (that unknown country in central Europe 😀  I am 20, I love digital art, doing this only 1 and half year (really!), and I am an art school graduate as Industrial designer. I am a huge fan of card games and the art that is used in them. It always was my dream to be a card artist and here I am! Thank you EC for giving me a chance and I hope you guys will enjoy my art.”

Thank YOU Rastislav – I for one am enjoying your art and working with your very much so far!! (Le is his last name but he prefers to have his name written last name first for reasons that are beyond me – but so be it!).

So I guess you wanna see the first card preview from the Dragonforce Demi Expansion now. Your wish shall be granted.


Primordius, Kingorger Ur-Dragon Presentation

Primordius is supposed to be the very first of the dragon kind, so he is called the “Ur-Dragon”, unites all elements in one, as you can see by the colorful reflexes on his skin and is named Kingorger (as in Kin-Gorger not King-Orger, which is not even a word!) as he has to devour two dragons, two of his own kin, to be summoned. That brings us to the new keyword / mechanic to be introduced in the Dragonforce Demi-Expansion:


Tribute is not just ripped straight out of the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game as it works in a differnet way. Cards requiring a Tribute can only be summoned from hand by paying the Tribute as listed on the cards. There may be cards with optional Tributes, but also ones that specifically require tributing like Primordius. Furthermore, different things can be required or optional as Tributes, such as a number of Creatures of a specific Element or Creature Type or Element-Stones or even Equip- and/or Permanent-Spells. In Dragonforce, you will be seeing a  lot of different tributing as well as cards and abilities interacting with that new mechanic.

Well as if this had not raised your curiosity enough already, I will end this post with a few teasers from some of the other Demi Expansions I have all planned through already.

First a sketch I made of a card called Venus Dragon, which is, and you can see it below, inspired by the ominous as well as popular and powerful Venus Wurm:


Secondly and lastly (for now) a sketch I made of Coelocaudus, Leviathan Monarch, who is going to be featured in the “Benthic Behemoths” Set and is supposed to be the king of all Leviathans and Sea Serpents:
Coelocaudus Concept Sketch Presentation

Well that is all I am willing to give away about the upcoming Demi Expansions for now. I hope you enjoyed the previews and are at least a bit excited, and I am for sure, about the upcoming sets of Elemental Clash!

Just one more thing:

I will be releasing the

“Future Sight Preview Pack”

shortly after the release of Legendary Legacy, which will be a 37 cards pack containing 3 cards from each of the 5 Demi Expansions I discussed above so you can get an exclusive glimpse into what the future will hold for Elemental Clash in the form of acutal cards ahead of time!

Be prepared for more awesomeness soon!!

Sincerely your,



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