EC: An exclusive inside look at the even more exclusive LL-Release Promo Pack!

Dear readers and friends of Elemental Clash!

On the occasion of the release of the Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy expansion I will be distributing a very special LL-Release Promo Card Pack containing exclusive, never before released or seen cards in a VERY limited quantity (maybe only around 10 copies will ever be printed) as part of a little raffle.

promo pack presentation

How you can win your copy of the super-rare Legendary Legacy Release Promo Pack will be announced in due time, when I have all the art and have uploaded the game to The Game Crafter.

Now of course you will be curious about the actual cards contained in the promo pack, and I shall give you the full, mouth-watering card spoiler right away! (SPOILER ALERT!!)

The Legendary Legacy Release Promo Pack will consist of 36 cards in total, 12 different ones in multiples of three and the 12 cards fall into three differrent categories:

First off, we have alternative art versions of the first 4 Dragons in the game, which made their appearance in the Master Set:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next we got four reprints from the old “Austrian Tales” EC Set, but this time featuring kickass art done by Dennis Saputra:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And lastly and most special, four brand-new cards with (rather old) card illustrations I did personally:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well everyone, isn’t that terribly nice of me to unveil all the cards that are going to come in the Legendary Legacy Release Promo Pack??

In any case I will announce the raffle, how it will work and how YOU can be the lucky winner of one of these highly limited Promo Packs here and on facebook as soon as I know. All shall be revealed in due time, do not fear!

Hope you enjoyed the previews!

Happy gaming,




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