EC: A New Spellcaster and his Trollish Tribal Minions

Well dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash,

the waiting time for the Legendary Legacy expansion set to Elemental Clash: The Master Set is almost over – almost! Right now I have all artworks save for two, one being a portrait of a supporter and friend and the other being the cover image that will look super-duper awesome as I can ensure you!

So this means all 10 new Spellcasters are completed as well and today I want to introduce you to one of them:

Meet Umbriel, the Tribal Avatar:

Umbriel, Tribal Avatar


The major “tribes” or Creature Types were already established in the Master Set but with Legendary Legacy, a lot of tribal Creatures and supportive Spells will be released – this just begged for a Spellcaster like Umbriel you can see above! As you can read for yourself, Umbriel is the perfect choice of Spellcaster if you would like to run a dedicated tribal deck, from A as in Albs to W as in Wizards!

Umbriel himself has awesome stats, giving you a somewhat smaller than normal hand of 6 cards but drawing you 2 cards per turn from a deck of not standard 40 but instead 45 cards. The “double draw” should fit Creature rush decks especially well because you will never really run out of steam when it comes to Creatures.  This should also give an Umbriel tribal deck a fair chance against “control” or Creature destruction types of decks. And should you ever run out of Creatures, just use Umbriel’s Flip Ability, while his Static Ability of reducing the cost of the Creature Type you chose for him at the beginning of the game is something you want to benefit off of for as long as possible, as it reduces the costs of all Creatures of the chosen Type by 1 (with a minimum of 1). Beware of “mirror matches” though as Creatures of the chosen Type will all cost one less, yours and your opponents!

So you can run an Umbriel tribal deck with all Creature Types imaginable, but the most viable options would of course be the four primary tribes which will be getting much love in the Legendary Legacy expansion: Trolls for Earth, Spirits for Air, Goblins for Fire and Merfolk for Water. As I have posted tribal decks of the last three – Spirits, Goblins and Merfolk – already, I will share with you a Troll Tribal Deck how I would play it with Umbriel as my Spellcaster – Set to “Troll mode”!

Umbriel Tribal Trolls:


3 x Troll Familiar (1)

3 x Troll Shaman (1)

3 x Graveborn Troll (2)

3 x Troll Chieftain (3)

3 x Venus Caller (3)


3 x Earth Ritual (1)

3 x Stonelore (1)

3 x Club (1)

3 x Trollhide Spell (2)

3 x Enduring Strength (3)


11 x Venus-Stone

2 x Powerstone

2 x Hastestone

About the Deck:

Well this deck should be quite formidable, featuring 12 awesome Trolls and only 3 non-Troll Creatures, which however do go very well with Trolls – Troll Familiar:

Troll Familiar



As you can see, this one is a life saver for the Troll it is attached to, and moreover it gives its “Master” a +1 ATK and +1 DEF boost too, which is nothing to sneeze at either.

The actual Trolls are pretty amazing too:

Troll Shaman has the Play-Effect to return any 1 Troll from your Archive to your hand, Graveborn Troll can be played on turn 1 thanks to Umbriel and will be a respectable 2/3 (or a 1/2 if you summon him through Boon), Troll Chieftain…

Troll Champion


…boosts all other Trolls with +1 ATK and +1 DEF and whenever a Troll deals damage to a player, you get to recur a card from Archive to Spellbook, which is nice in order to survive and, last but not least, Venus Caller supplies you with more Trolls as you can look at the top 3 cards of your Spellbook when he comes into play and take all Trolls among them into your hand. The latter two, Chieftain and Caller can be played turn 2 thanks to Umbriel’s Static Ability.

The deck features awesome Spells as well, such as the classic Earth Ritual, Stonelore which can fetch you a non-basic Powerstone or Hastestone to give your Trolls even more power or the Quickattacker ability respectively, as well as some simple Clubs, the über awesome Trollhide Spell…

Trollhide Spell

… which will turn your Trolls into invincible fortresses and Enduring Strength which you can basically cast for free instead of paying 3 Earth by purging it and another Earth card from your hand, then distributing three +1 ATK and +1 DEF Counters among your Trolls to make them even more menacing!

Concluding I have to note that this Spellbook features a total of 12 cards with Boon, which is pretty neat! Just hope you don’t run into a “Korlash, Orc Purger” deck!

Well, the above deck is only one example of an Umbriel-powered tribal deck – as I said there are many possibilities and you could do more creative decks such as Dwarves or even Dragons! With the release of further expansions (I will be releasing smaller ones – Demi-Expansions as I call them – in the future) other Creature types may emerge, gain more support and momentum so Umbriel is a Spellcaster you will be able to play in many and always new ways!

I hope you enjoyed this Spellcaster preview – more are bound to come as 3 Spellcasters out of 10 are yet to be revealed – and wish you

Happy Gaming!




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