Yu-Gi-Oh: Revisiting&Redesigning Three of my Decks!

Dear readers and fellow friends of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG,

In the following I will share with you 3 deck lists along with my thoughts on the decks, which I have posted about on here before. However I thought it might be fun to revisit and restructure/redesign them a bit, for more or less silly reasons as you will see in the first of the three deck discussions. In order, the decks will be a revamp of my Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck which I talked about on here just very recently, the second will be a new and hopefully improved version of my Cyber Dragon deck and last but not least I will showcase a new build of the “Light-Tricks” deck I have blogged about at least two times before. I lack a better name for the last one – all it does is a lot of nifty tricks with a bunch of Light Monsters, but you will see! So let’s get this started at already:

Five-Headed Ulimate Blue/Azure-Eyes XYZ Synchro Fusion Power Draw Destruction:

The first deck will be a new take on my BEWD deck which I posted about just a few days ago I think. You may wonder why I’d want to change anything about that one, and true, it works out exceedingly well as is, but for more or less silly reasons I wanted to change the deck in a certain way, that may even have me end up with a worse deck then before. All the madness you will see soon got started when my loyal gamer friend Robin bought a totally kiddy (sorry Robin but it is! 😉 ) Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

…and built a deck around it which I would play so much differnetly and I am constantly trying to tell my friend to either focus on getting out the Ultimate Dragon (which is a terrible card in my opinion as you have to spend 5 cards – 3 BEWD, 1 Polymerisation and Ulitmate Dragon himself, only to get one hyper strong attacker with no additional effects that can just be blocked as it does no piercing damage and can furthermore be taken out soooo easily by on Ryko or just a plain, old Fissure, but whatever…) or drop him altogether. I am always like “I would run this so much different” and Robin did indeed not once manage to get out either Ultimate or Five-Headed Dragon

… which I had lent him from my collection. So this one goes out to you Robin! Here’s my version of a “Megadragon-Fusion” deck, which features the same or even more draw power thanks to tripple Cards of Consonance and tripple Trade-In as well as the same regular Blue-Eyes + Lv 1 Tuner equals Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon shennanigans as my old Blue-Eyes build. Again adding Fusion Summoning to the mix might make the deck end up worse than it was before, but I just want to prove my point that I could build a deck that got out Ultimate or Five Headed Dragon more consistently – or at all even – than my friend’s deck.

Besides Synchro and Fusion Summoning Madness I added a pinch of XYZ as well in the form of Thunder End Dragon

…which I can only XYZ-Summoning by overlaying two of my BEWDS, which I could see happening quite easily. Thunder End Dragon is kinda an emergency button since he destroys all other Monsters on the field besides him by detaching an XYZ-Material, which can be quite useful at times as I could imagien. Now all I need would be a kickass Rank 9 XYZ Monster for overlaying my Azure-Eyes…

So here’s the Decklist:

Blue-Eyes Synchro/XYZ/Fusion Madness:


3 x Flamvell Guard

3 x Maiden with Eyes of Blue

3 x Rider of the Storm Winds3

3 x The White Stone of Legend

3 x Divine Dragon Apocralyph

1 x Honest

3 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

1 x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon


3 x Trade-In

3 x Cards of Consonance

3 x Dragon Shrine

3 x Dragon’s Mirror

1 x One for one

1 x Burst Stream of Destruction

1 x D. D. R. Different Dimension Reincarnation

1 x Dark Factory of Mass Production


3 x Call of the Haunted

1 x Mirror Force

Extra Deck:

3 x Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

1 x Thunder-End Dragon

1  x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

1 x Five-Headed Dragon

About the Deck:

So this is how I would play a deck that is semi-focussed on getting out the big, bad Fusion Dragon Monsters, althoug it does not rely on them to win, as it can do a ton of awesome other stuff too. First of all, we notice that Polymerization is missing in the card list. That is not a blunder on my part but intentional, for I am running 3 Dragon’s Mirror instead, which lets me Fusion Summon a Dragon Monster with Fusion Material Monsters from my graveyard. So that means all I have to do to get Five-Headed Dragon out is have any 5 Dragon Monsters in my graveyard, which should be a piece of cake in this particular build, as there are soooo many ways to dump dragons into your graveyard, some of these cards having awesome effects as well, plus 16 of my 20 Monsters are Dragon types. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon however is harder to set up as you’d need all 3 Blue-Eyes in your Graveyard, which can be done as well, but at the same time has less power than Five-Headed, so the latter is your Fusion Monster of choice, whereas the former is more or less just in for the fun of it.

What I like most about this deck though is its raw draw power! I am practically running 6 Pots of Greed in the form of tripple Cards of Consonance and tripple Trade-In (a card I really grew to love) – and that under Advanced Format restrictions. The former, Cards of Consonance, lets me discard 1 Dragon Tuner with 1000 ATK or less (almost half of my Monsters – 9 to be exact – qualify for that)  thus adding to the critical mass dragon count in the graveyard AND drawing me 2 cards. The latter, Trade-In lets me discard Blue Eyes to draw 2 cards, adding him to my graveyard where I need him more than in hand or in play. Cards of Consonance and Trade-In make for an awesome duo if you can discard White Stone of Legend to the former, drawing two cards and getting a BEWD from your deck into your hand, then discarding him to Trade-In. You have just drawn 4 cards and added 2 more dragons to the dragons-in-graveyard count.

Originally I wanted to run this card to discard Dragons and at the same time get back BEWD from the graveyard to hand for another Trade-In…

…but then I found a better option (we will meet Herald again soon though!) for an almost Dragons-only deck: Divine Dragon Apocralyph. While I dont care for his weak stats, he is a Dragon (and I need those in my graveyard) and, now it comes, I can once per turn discard a card (best a Dragon you don’t need atm) to return any Dragon from my graveyard to my hand. Just imagine this with either Cards of Consonance OR Trad-In. If I have Cards of Consonance in hand I’ll just return any of my many low power Dragon Tuners to my hand to discard and draw 2 more cards and in case I got Trade-In I will just retrieve BEWD if possible to discard right away to draw yet another 2 new cards.

Since I dropped Kaibaman and Silver’s Cry etc there are not many ways to special summon BEWD, but I got 3 Maiden with Eyes of Blue and 3 less creative Call of the Haunted so it should be fine and I will be able to pull off one or more Azure-Eyes Silver Dragons every now and then.

Of course Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon cannot be left out as he is the most AWESOME dragon you could ever wish for I guess:

Just have a look for yourself in case you do not know that one yet!

A card worth mentioning is Rider of the Storm Wind: It is a low ATK Dragon Type Tuner so you can use it with BEWD to synchro into Azure Eyes, but you can also discard it for Cards of Consonance. Well three is the charm so they say so the fun with Rider does not stop there! You can also equip him to one of your über-powerful dragons to make them inflict piercing battle damage. That is awesome on regular BEWD (or Azure Eyes or Darkness Metal Dragon) but this is insanely super-awesome on Five-Headed Dragon. I love cards that are useful in so many ways!

Oh and yeah I run an Honest just to catch the opponent by surprise and make them think twice before attacking! And with 12 of my 20 Monsters being Light Monsters I should be able to pull of an Honest every now and then.

Two Spells to note are  the single Burst Stream of Destruction as well as the lone Dark Factory of Mass Production. I run the former just cause I like to have BEWD out and destroy all opponent Monsters and then overriding the drawback that BEWD cant attack the turn you used Burst Stream by simply Synchron Summoning into Azure Eyes. The latter is fun and a pretty creative card choice in my opinion: Dark Factory of Mass Production returns 2 Normal Monsters from my graveyard to my hand. Just imagine this with BEWDs and Flamvell Guards plus Trade-In/Cards of Consonance in any combination. Pure card draw madness!!

Oh and one last thing: I have 14 cards in total (Monsters and Spells) that let me send Monsters  from hand or deck to graveyard. Dragon Shrine lets me send 2 at once and Apocralyph lets me discard every turn so accumulating the critical mass of 5 dragons in the graveyard for Dragon’s Mirror will be easily done. OF COURSE I DO REALIZE BANISHING WOULD TOTALLY KILL THIS DECK! 😀

Revolutionizing Cyber Dragon Revolution:

So while ago I bought myself 3 copies of the pretty awesome “Cyber Dragon Revolution” Structure Deck and posted a review along with a Cyber Dragon deck list on this here blog. After some testing I had the feeling the deck I had come up with initially needed a major overhaul as it never really worked out in all my test games. Then, not too long ago, I had THE idea how to “revolutionize” my Cyber Dragon deck so it might actually work out after all.

The main issue with the deck I had identified was this: You got some AWESOME Fusion Monsters in the form of Cyber Twin Dragon and Cyber End Dragon as well as a KICKASS XYZ Monster in the form of Cyber Dragon Nova, BUT I hardly ever managed to keep my many, many “counting as Cyber Dragon” Monsters on the field in order to Fusion Summon or XYZ Summon the aformentioned key monsters. So my new plan is twofold actually: Use stalling cards until you get out several Cyber Dragons to Fusion or XYZ Summon AND whilst your opponent is kept from attacking try to set up three of a kind for the Trap with the same name…

…which is made easy with tripple Machine Duplication and 3 x 3 Monsters as potential targets for the latter. the best case would be to use Three of a Kind, whiping out 3 opponent cards and then using the 3 Monsters, if they are or count as Cyber Dragons, to Fusion Summon Cyber End Dragon. That would definitely spell trouble for your opponent!!

But lets have a look at my totally restructured deck list (I took out at least a third of the cards from the original build):



3 x Cyber-Valley

3 x Cyber Larva

3 x Cyber Dragon Core

2 x Proto Cyber Dragon

3 x Cyber Dragon Zwei

3 x Cyber Dragon Drei

3 x Cyber Dragon


3 x Machine Duplication

3 x Polymerization

1 x Fusion Sage

1 x Fusion Recovery

2 x Limiter Remover

1 x Book of Moon

1 x Swords of Revealing Light


3 x Three of a Kind

3 x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

2 x Dimensional Prison

About the Deck:

Well there is not too much to say about this one. Simply stall using Scrap-Iron Scarecrow and Dimensional Prison as well as Swords of Revealing Light (I do realize I could play three of those but I refuse to do so cause I think this card SHOULD be limited!!) until you get 3 Cyber Dragons in play, pull off an optional Three of a Kind to eradicate preferably the opponent Spell and Trap cards/defenses to follow up with a Cyber End Dragon

…who is not only a big beater but will also deal piercing battle damage. Of course you can also just aim for Cyber Twin Dragon who only needs 2 Cyber Dragons to be Fusion Summoned and is quite formidable too:

There are exactly 14 Monsters in the deck that count as Cyber Dragons when in play or in graveyard (the latter does not matter in this particular deck) including 3 regular Cyber Dragons as well. In theory you could pull off a Cyber Twin Dragon or even Cyber End Dragon from your hand if you have an extremely lucky draw, but that event is VERY unlikely to ever happen so again, my plan is to stall until I have two or three Cyber Dragon Monsters in play to Fusion into Cyber End Dragon.

The best case scenario would be having a Cyber Dragon Core, a Machine Duplication,  a Three of a Kind and a Polymerization handy. You would play Cyber Dragon Core, which counts as Cyber Dragon while on the field, get 2 more copies of core into play via Machine Duplication, eradicate 3 opponent cards (best would be Spells and Traps so you will be able to attack safely later on with your Cyber End Dragon) and use Polymerization to get out Cyber End Dragon and attack right away.

Setting up a Three of a Kind should be really easy with stalling options and 14 Cyber Dragons in the deck. Furthermore, there are 3 different Monsters that can be targeted by Machine Duplication – the extremely useful Cyber Valley, Cyber Larva and Cyber Dragon Core – so you will be easily getting 3 Monsters with the same name into play to pull off a devastating Three of a Kind, which is awesome even if you can’t follow up with one of your Fusion Monsters right away!

Since Fusion Monsters are no longer any popular anymore as far as I know, I am strongly considering running at least two of these…

…as they would allow me to go bonkers Fusion Summoning whatever I can whenever I have a bunch of Cyber Dragons on the field.

One card I would like to mention before we get to the next deck is Cyber Valley. Just have a look at the amazing variety of things this one does:

It can stall and draw you a card. It draws you two cards when you banish it along with another of your Monsters – again Machine Duplication works awesome for that. And it can return a key card to the top of your deck. Definitely a Monster worth running in a deck like this one in particular.

An Odd Deck Full of De-LIGHT-ful Tricks:

Well this is quite an odd deck about which I am posting  for the third time, slightly changed though, now. I do not have any better name for it than “Light Tricks” cause it does a lot of nifty tricks involving Light Monsters and Support cards. Let us have a look at the decklist first and then I shall explain a bit how this seemingly random agglomeration of cards is supposed to work out as a stringet, semi-powerful deck. A fair warning: This deck is very experimental, featuring almost consisting of almost three quarters Monsters and only one quarter Spells. Still it works out pretty well so far and is extremely fun to play – NOT SUITED FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY mind you! But now on to the deck!

Light Tricks Version 3:


3 x Lightray Grepher

3  x Freed the Brave Wanderer

3 x Herald of Creation

3 x Kaiser Seahorse

2 x Honest

3 x Thunder Dragon

2 x Cyber Dragon

2 x D.D.M. – Different Dimension Master

2 x Lightray Daedalus

2 x The Creator

3 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon


3 x Trade-In

3 x Light of Redemption

3 x D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation

2 x Reload

1 x Lightning Vortex

About the Deck:

Well again this is the third iteration of this deck I am posting about and again it is highly experimental, with 28 Monstes and only 12 Spells and no Traps at all whatsoever. Still there are so many great, great interactions in this deck, obvious ones as well as more subtle ones. Let me walk you through the deck by giving my thoughts and comments on each of the cards:

  • Lightray Grepher comes with lackluster stats at 1700/1600 but you can Special Summon him from your hand by discarding a Lv 5 or higher Light Monster from your hand, and once per turn he lets you discard a Light Monster from hand to banish a Light Monster from your hand. This works tremendously well with our next card, Freed the Brave Wanderer, who destroys strong Monsters at the cost of banishing 2 Light Monsters from your graveyard – that is a great synergy between Grepher and Freed. Furhermore, banishing Light Monsters from your deck is great as you can banish something bit and return it to play using D. D. R. or to your hand via Light of Redemption. A cool trick would be to banish The Creator and revive him from the banishment, as he only says he cannot be Special Summoned from your GRAVEYARD. Nowhere does it mention you can’t Special Summon him from among your banished cards.
  • Freed the Brave Wanderer is again weak stats-wise but has an amazing ability, forming a quite deadly duo with Lightray Grepher  as discussed above. Freed as well has an ATK of 1700 and once during your turn you can banish 2 Light Monsters from your Graveyard to destroy any one open Monster with a higher ATK than Freed (targets shouldnt be hard to find). Goodbye big guys! And while Lightray Grepher is your best option, there are other ways to get constant Light Monster fodder for Freed in this deck as well.
  • Herald of Creation: Can be quite useful to retrieve discardeed high-cost Monsters from your graveyard, while you can discard any card that you do not need at the moment. His effect works wonders in combination with Trade in: You got 5 Monsters that qualify for Trade-In (Lv. 8 Monsters) and you can just discard one to draw 2, then discard 1 for Herald retrieving your Lv. 8 Monster to use for further Trade-Ins right away or later.
  • Seahorse Kaiser is in there to power out a Creator or Blue-Eyes if needed, as he serves as 2 Tributes for a Light Monster.
  • Honest compensates to some extent for the weak stats that most of your Monsters have and your opponent will always have to worry when attacking whether or not you have an Honest ready to give the attacked Monster a massive ATK-boost.
  • Thunder Dragon is not actually in there to use as a Monster, as he would be quite a terrible one at  disastrous stats of 1600/1500 for a Monster requiring one Tribute. In fact I use him to discard to Lightray Grepher or do a little nifty trick if the opportunity arises. Just discard one Thunder Dragon to search your deck for 2 more and add to your hand, thus thinning out your deck and then activate Reload and you will draw as many cards as you had +2 due to the additional Thunder Dragons! It is one of the more subtle interactions in this deck which I am quite fond of and will not win you any game by any means, but creating card advantage is something I LOVE doing!
  • Cyber Dragon is in there twice for obvious reasons but it makes a good discard to Special Summon Grepher as well!
  • D.D.M. – Different Dimension Master  is a rather new addition to the deck and sadly he requires one Tribute to be summoned. But once you get him into play he is pretty amazing as you can discard a Spell once per turn to Special Summon any banished Monster. An ideal combination with Lightray Grepher, who should have banished your big guys – BEWD and first and foremost The Creator – earlier, which D. D. M. can convenientlty bring back into play.
  • Lightray Daedalus is an amazing 2600 Attacker that can be Special Summoned anytime you have four or more Light Monsters in your graveyard and has the somewhat situational ability to target a Field Spell and two other cards and destroy all the 3 cards. I realize there is some dissynergy with Freed, who removes Light Monsters from your Graveyard to activate his powerful effect, but these two get along quite well with each ohter if played right and as I know from experience.
  • The Creator is just awesome as he lets you Special Summon any Monster from your graveyard once per turn, at the mere cost of discarding one card. Use Kaiser Seahorse to get him out easier or banish him some way and Special Summon via D.D.M. or D.D.R. Also he is eligible to be discarded for Trade-In and you can retrieve him from your graveyard later via Herald of Creation.
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon is, well, just what he is! All I said about the Creator, besides the reanimation effect, applies to this one as well.
  • Trade-In is just amazing. Discard any of your 5 Level 8 Monsters to draw 2 cards and retrieve the discarded Monste somehow to do it one more time maybe.
  • Light of Redemption is the newest addition to the deck. I figured with so many ways to banish Light Monsters from the graveyard, a card that return one of those to my hand at the mere cost of 800 LP would be a worthwile card  to include.
  • D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation is just just awesome to bring back The Creator or a BEWD you had banished before.
  • Reload just gives you a fresh hand and I would never play the card if it weren’t for the occasional combo/synergy with Thunder Dragon as elaborated on above.
  • Lightning Vortex will be cut from the deck as soon as I find something more thematic. Just destroys all open opponent Monsters at the cost of discarding a card from hand.

OK that is my “de-LIGHT-ful” take on a Light deck with many cool interactions. Please note that I don’t run many Advanced format staples or power cards like Torrential Tribute, Dark Hole, Dimensional Prison etc ON PURPOSE as, in this particular deck, I prefer more thematic and creative card choices!


Well you guys, that was my quite lengthy re-visitation of three decks of mine. Hope you had a good read and wish you all the best and first and foremost:





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