Coming Up: Crystal Clash!!

Hello everyone!!

I just yesterday finished doing 320 individual card images in photoshop for the massive prototype of

Crystal Clash

a game that is not just yet another re-iteration of Elemental Clash, like Panzer Clash or Space Clash, and all that it has in common with Elemental Clash is the Clash in the name. Crystal Clash was born out of my sister Nora’s wish to take part in my game design passion, but, lacking the patience I possess, my sister backed out of the project after a while and I went on to design the game which my sister had given the igniting spark for, on my own.

I am glad to announce that Crystal Clash may be released and published by a renowned US-based games publisher, whose name I am not at liberty to reveal just yet, soonish, maybe later this year if all goes well.

CC Coming Soon

The deal is not yet sealed but the game is finished, all 160 artworks are already in and the lead designer of the unnamed publisher and I invested considerable time and energy in the project so the outlook is a VERY good one and I am confident that Crystal Clash will be printed and distributed soon (soon as in games industry standards, meaning it could happen later this year or some time next year even).

I will not tell you anything about how the game works, save for it being a non-customizable (well there will be sort of customizability and with possible expansion, deck tuning will become more of an option) card game coming with four factions – Light, Darkness, Order and Chaos – so it is for 2 – 4 players. What I will tell you, and this is remarkable, in Crystal Clash your Resources are your “Life Points” at the same time. You have to spend Crystals, the main currency or resource in the game, to summon fantastic Characters, forge mighty Relics and activate a variety of Abilities and each unblocked opponent attack costs you 2 Crystals. Whenever your Crystal total is reduced to zero, you lose. Do not worry however, as at the beginning of each turn you may discard a card adding a number of Crystals to your Crystal Pool equal to the card’s cost.

And one more thing to tease you: This game will come with a TWIST, in a quite literal sense, that has not been seen in any (customizable) card game before. I will not reveal the secret regarding my mysterious statement just now. All shall be made known in due time!

For now I will only show you some card previews (from left to right: A Character, an Ability and a Relic card) of each of the four initial factions that will come with the Crystal Clash base game.

Here are some Light card samples illustrated by Laurie Thomas:

Light Card Samples

And here some Darkness card samples illustrated by Manchen “Michelle” Yang:

Darkness Card Samples

Here card samples from the Order Faction illustrated by Cj Penna:

Order Card Samples

And finally some Chaos card samples illustrated by Dennis Saputra:

Chaos Card Samples

OK these are all the previews I got for you today. Hope you like the look and style of the cards. Note that each Faction Deck was illustrated by one artist so the styles of each deck are very consistent. You will have noted that there are a ton of icons on the cards. In an effort to reduce loads of card text and make the cards and their effects easier to read and identify at first glance, I replaced many common terms or whole lines of text with the small icons you can see all over the cards. For example the red sword icon stands for an “Offensive Ability” whereas the green shield stands for a “Defensive Ability” and so forth. I will do a proper explanation of all icons and discuss card anatomy in a future post on Crystal Clash!

Well I hope I can reveal the name of the publisher who will most likely release Crystal Clash soon and I will make sure to keep you updated on the progress of the project and finally will also reveal the still secret “twist” that will make this game stand out from the crowd!

Thank you for reading and

game on!






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