Yu-Gi-Oh: Trying To ROCK the Meta!! (100th Blog Post!)

Dear readers!

Before I go on to the actual article, let us just rejoice for a brief moment in celebration of what is no less than my 100th post on this here my humble blog! I do not know if it will be a worthy one, but i do not really care either so let me just seize the opportunity to thank each and everyone who has been reading my random ramblings on games and geekdom in general over the last couple of months!

But on to the main show! This article is going to be a deck/strategy article, which is supposed to be a follow-up on my recounting of my first Yu Gi Oh Tournament experience (the article can be found here) in which I will be showcasing an again rather unorthodox deck of mine which I think could POTENTIALLY wreak havoc on many of the decks I have seen and/or faced in yesterdays tournament.

The Premise:

As I have clearly seen in yesterdays visit to the cards store and in my participation of the Yu Gi Oh tournament there is that everyone is really going bonkers over XYZ and Synchro Monsters and the Special Summons they entail. Also Special Summoning totally overpowered Monsters from hand (like for instance the notorious Judgment Dragon or Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning) or from deck or graveyard were very commonly seen. So instead of just throwing a ton of my non-existant money at buying into the XYZ/Synchro craze to jump on the bandwagon and be in with the crowd, which would be totally unlike how I roll, I much rather wanted to attempt to come up with a deck that needs neither XYZs nor Synchros to win, but, to the contrary, would foil all those Special Summoning Shennanigans by tackling the “evil” at its root! And luckily, I happen to own all but 5 cards for the deck that had been forming in my head ever since I witnessed the XYZ and Synchro craze and even if I would not, all would be very cheap and budget friendly to assemble, just as I lke my decks. Once again, I will refuse to even use an Extra Deck, just as I did with my first tournament deck (my take on Monarchs, to be read about in previous blog posts). Before we move on to the actual decklist and strategy, just take a look at him, who shuts down all the madness once and for all, and who was the start of my Anti-Meta deck idea. Behold and tremble in fear, all ye who feel the urge to Special Summon:

The Deck:

Well, as always the following deck is my own take on a deck archetype, an archetype called “Rock Stun” and while I could make good use of a pure Rock deck to profit from the massive, universal ATK boost of Solidarity, I decided to build this one with a few Light Monsters, which I will explain and justify below (and Solidarity will still be an OPTION as you will see soon as well!). Let me share the decklist with you first before going into explaining what I am to do with the deck and how all is supposed to work! And NO I will not run Block Golem cause he is so awesome for facilitating easy XYZ Summons. NO EXTRA DECK for the love of Odin!

Anti-Meta Rocks (V. 1.0)


3 x Koa’ki Meiru Guardian

3 x Koa’ki Meiru Sandman

3 x Koa’ki Meiru Wall

3 x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

3 x Banisher of the Radiance

3 x Thunder King Rai-Oh

1 x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

1 x Gaia-Plate, the Earth Giant


3 x Pot of Duality

2 x Mystical Space Typhoon

2 x Forbidden Lance

2 x Catapult Zone

1 x Book of Moon

1 x D. D. R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation

1 x Dark Hole


2 x Call of the Haunted

2 x Dimensional Prison

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Bottomless Trap Hole

1 x Compulsory Evacuation Device

1 x Torrential Tribute

Side Deck…9

2 x Legendary Jujitsu Master

2 x Gigantes

2 x Mormolith

3 x Solidarity

The Strategy:

First of all a disclaimer: This is a) a budget deck so do not tell me to include Dark Horn of the Heavens – the 2 Forbidden Lances and3  Thunder Kings that were the only cards I had to buy to assemble this were costly enough and b) this is supposed to be a “Rogue Deck” as MTG players would call it, which means it is a rather unorthodox build running many cards you will be wondering why I favored them over ostensibly better card choices – it is my own take on an Anti-Meta deck and all shall be explained below. I cannot guarantee however how well and if at all my plan will work our as intended in the end. It all will be seen next Saturday!

You may also wonder what that rather strange side deck is all about, but be patient, this as well will be explained soon enough. But let us move on to the actual deck strategy. The overall idea is not to win with strong Monsters – a good deal of them are 1900 ATK beatsticks, no more, no less and I only got one “big guy” (Gaia Plate) whom I will not even need to win if all goes as planned – but to rather hose and foil your opponent’s every move and especially counter or prohibit right away any of your opponent’s Special Summoning attempts of anything and from anywhere! A card like the above seen Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo would simply destroy the very strategy of any of the decks I have seen in yesterday’s (tournament) environment at the cards shop in Linz.

Besides the fossilized main man of the show, I decided to break the “all-rockness” of a typical Rock Stun Deck to add this littel mischieve maker:

This guy is simply amazing, as he not only shuts down any deck searching shennanigans but can also be sacrificed to negate any Special Summoning of a Monster! Pretty awesome and all that comes on a 1900 ATK beatstick to boot! I do realize the dissynergy between my Thunder Kings and my Pots (of Duality) but I think I can handle and time all right to make good use of both cards in one deck.

And then of course we got the Koa’Ki Meirus, Guardian, Sandman and Wall, which shut down the activation of a Monster Effect (destroying the Monster as well), the activation of a Trap (destroying it as well) or the activation of a Spell (and destroying it) respectively! You have to sack them for their effect but that is what I call control!!

koa ki meirus

After we have established that the deck has massive control capabilities, limiting or even entirely shutting down opponent Special Summoning attempts via Pachycephalo and Thunder King as well as Effect Monster, Trap and Spell negation through the Koa’Ki Meirus, let me go through the decklist card by card giving you my brief comments and thoughts on each:

Koa’ki Meiru Guardian: Farewell to any nasty Effect Monster!

Koa’ki Meiru Sandman: Goodbye annoying Trap!

Koa’ki Meiru Wall: Good riddance to you, mischievous Spell!

Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo: Just says NO to any and all Special Summoning and/or destroys all Special Summoned Monsters when flipped face-up. His only weakness are his more than meager stats but there are ways to protect him or get him back as we will see.

Thunder King Rai-Oh: As discussed above, this one shuts down any adding of cards from hand to deck except by your regular draw phase draw (hence to be used carefully with your Pots of Duality) and negates the Special Summon of any Monster – repeatedly even, as the deck has ways to retrieve/reanimate the Thunder King.

Banisher of the Radiance: I figured banishing cards rather than have them sent to the graveyard would be awesome for shutting down many graveyard based effects as well as negate Monster effects that trigger when the Monster goes to the graveyard. If I get him and manage to hold him on the field for some time, this could be good against Lightsworn amongst other things.

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole: A great card for stalling in general but again a terrific way to get rid of any Synchro or XYZ Monsters, as he sends any Monster he battles (and himself) back to your hand before damage is calculated and dealt. No wonder this guy is limited to 1 copy per deck!

Gaia-Plate, the Earth Giant: None of the Monsters in my deck exceed 1900 ATK except for this one, which is kinda the Boss Monster in the deck that isn’t even needed for the win. Note that this has to be used with care in combination with Pachycephalo as, however powerful Gaia-Plate may be (an ATK 0f 2800 and the ATK and DEF of a Monster battling with him are halved…), he can only be Special Summoned (easily – by banishing 2 Earth Monsters from your Graveyard). So you’d have to get rid of your Pachycephalo somehow first if you really feel the need to Summon Gaia-Plate. Anyways the Earth Giant can serve as a good backup plan if need be!

Pot of Duality: Just a great way to sift through your deck, and in a deck that does not Special Summon at all (well save for Gaia-Plate) it comes with no real drawback whatsoever. Again you have to use it when there is no Thunder King Rai-Oh on the field as  he would chancel out the Pot’s effect. All in all these rather small dissynergies can be handled if the deck is piloted the right way!

Mystical Space Typhoon: Self-explanatory as it just get rid of any Spell or Trap card. Many will scold me for not running a full playset of 3 but I had to make room for giving the deck my “personal touch”!

Forbidden Lance: A card of many uses, just how i like it. Lance decreases the ATK of a Monster by 800 for one turn and it is also unaffected by Spell and Trap cards other than Lance for the rest of the turn. Most basically you could just decrease the ATK of an attacking opponent Monster by 800 so it would be killed unexpectedly, but more importantly, you can protect your key-monsters, first and foremost your Fossil Dyna Pachycephalos from unwanted and/or destructive Spell and Trap effects. Very useful indeed.

Catapult Zone is a card many will laugh at me for playing and ask why I don’t just cut it and swap in a third Mystical Space Typhoon and maybe a Dark Horn of the Heavens etc. The reason why I chose and insisted to run at least 2 Catapult zones is quite simple if you think about it: It once per turn prevents one of my key Monsters like the stats-wise very weak Pachycephalo or the slightly stronger but still just 1900 ATK strong Thunder King from being destroyed in battle and lets me send any Rock Type Monster from deck to graveyard. This not only means I might be able to save one of my weakling key Monsters from dying in battle, but also allows me to send a Grand Mole or Pachycephalo to my graveyard, from where I can conveniently reanimate it through Call of the Haunted (so yeah, even this deck is not complete without at least SOME Special Summoning!) . Plus Catapult Zone fills my graveyard with Rocks to pay for Gaia-Plate’s upkeep cost if I should drop that one at some point in the game.

D.D.R.: Different Dimension Reincarnation: I am sitting on the fence with this one. On the one hand I think I should just run a third Call of the Haunted instead and on the other hand I think it may be useful to get back banished key Monsters in case my Banisher of the Radiance removed some of them from play. There would also be the option of the Release from Stone Trap which Special Summons a Rock Monster from the Banishment but then I would rather play D. D. R. as the latter could also get me back my Thunder King Rai-Oh, which Relase from Stone could not. Really not sure if I should drop this card or not. Testing will have to show.

Book of Moon: Just a generally useful card in any deck. I like the thought of flipping Pachycephalo face down in order to use his Flip Effect (again)!

Dark Hole: Destroy all Monsters in play. Any explanation needed??

Dimensional Prison conveniently banishes an attacking Monster, protecting your key Monsters, preventing some damage and through the banishing clause preventing many nasty Monster effects that trigger when the Monster is sent to the graveyard from happening.

Bottomless Trap Hole destroys AND  banishes any Monster with ATK 1500+, Normal or Special Summoned. The banishing aspect once again can and will be crucial many times!

Mirror Force annihilates a full attacking army. Wish I could run 2 of these but I do not know what to take out in favor of a second copy…

Compulsory Evacuation Device is every XYZ- or Synchro-Summoned Monster’s worst nightmare and works pretty nicely on other hard-to-summon Monsters as well!

Call of the Haunted is a special addition of mine to this rather unorthodox Rock Stun build of mine and I plan to mainly use it to reanimate Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and Thunder King Rai-Oh, to use the effect of the latter one more time. And if my thinking is correct I could even pull of some nifty tricks with convenientyl and instantly reviving and sacking Koa’Ki Meirus with this as well. Really not sure if I should drop the single D. D. R. in favor of a third Call…

Torrential Tribute is yet another card of general usefulness that needs no furhter explanations.

So much for the individual cards in the deck. Now all that remains for me is to address the major weakness of the deck, the poor overall Monsters stats. So here comes…

The Plan B:

All my Monsters but Gaia-Plate, who shouldn’t show up in too many games, have a maximum ATK of 1900, which is not a bad thing for non-Tribute Monsters with awesome effects like Thunder King or my Koa’ki Meirus (in fact more than half of my Monsters, 12 to be precise, have an ATK of exactly 1900), with many being much weaker. While I think that in the Meta I have encountered, the effects of the Monsters I am running in this deck outweigh the sheer attack power, which seemed less imprtant to me in the games I had, I still have a plan B in case I will encounter a/some deck(s) relying more on high stats than on effects and XYZ/Synchro/Special Summoning. This is what the somewhat obscure Side Deck is intended for! My plan is to swap out the 6 non-Rock Monsters (3 Thunder Kings and 3 Banishers) as well as 3 other cards to swap in 6 Rock Monsters in their stead (2 of each Mormolith, Gigantes and Legendary Jujitsu Master) along with 3 copies of Solidarity. As long as I have at least 1 Rock Monster in my graveyard, and this should be incredibly easy to accomplish, all my 1900 ATK guys will be respectable 2700s if I have only one Solidarity out! That should solve, to some degree at least, the low-ATK-power issue of the deck. Also, the 3 different Rock Monsters that will be added have some quite awesome effects as well, so they are not just random replacements for Thunder King and Banisher.


Well that is the best answer to the meta I encountered on yesterday’s visit to the cards store and the YGO tournament there I could possibly come up with without actually testing it all out. I will just have a shot at it in next Saturday’s tournament with my rather unusual, homebrew attempt at an Anti-Meta/Rock Stun Deck. We will see if the plan unfolds as intended or if I will fail miserably! I for one am looking forward to it, regardless of the outcome!

Will keep you posted in any case.

Game on!







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