Yu-Gi-Oh: Thoughts after my first Tournament

Dear readers and friends of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG!

So yesterday was the day! My gaming buddy Robin and I participated in our very first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament and travelled to the Magic (and more) shop in Linz, the capitol city of Upper Austria. Neiher of us had any clue what kind of decks would be awaiting us – the so called Meta-Game was a total unknown for the two of us.

I figured everyone would be totally crazy about XYZs and Synchros, and my guess turned out to be right, so I, always striving to not be “in with the crowd”, fielded one of my own deck creations, the FPM (Frogless Prismatic Monarchs) deck, which does not even have such a thing as an extra deck (due to the fact that I tend to avoid being mainstream and, much more important, because 6 of my key cards prevent you from summoning from your extra deck) and Robin just tried his luck with his own  homebrew Beast deck.

Here a picture of my fully optimized Monarchs Deck (You’ll find the full article here!):


Note: I replaced 1 Level Eater with a second Tragoedia, which is not seen in the above image. A trade that was well worth it in hindsight.

So let me share a few thoughts on and impressions from my very first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, in which, and I have to mention it proudly right away, Iwas able to finsih 5th out of 13, which is quite good for my first tourney experience, all the more considering I am into Yu-Gi-Oh for about a year, never played outside of my own home, knew zero about the current meta or any in fact any and faced  mostly total pro over the course of the event. So yeah, I am very satisfied with how I fared and Robin, although he made it as 11th out of 13 had a great time too and I think it was a great learning experience for him as well. I myself learnt a lot too from this great experience – that’s for sure!

What I found curious was the age range of participants which was an amazingly broad spectrum from 10 year old kids over teenagers, 20somethings like myself up to one guy, who was really nice in particular who was about double my age (me being 26 right now). And one thing I realized – don’t underestimate the wee ones. Some of the kids had totally awesome decks and wielded them equally well!

Overall the Magic store where the event took place was crammed full of people, as parallely to the Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament a Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release event was held  so the store was really crowded with approximately 50 people or so and filled with the loud shouting of the Yu-Gi-Oh “kids delegation” which I did find a bit irritating as I must admit. Notably, the MTGers and the YGO-crowd seemed to peacefully coexist, which I found pleasantly surprising, although I do think I as the only one there who was into both games at the same time!

In the tournament itself I won my first 4 games or two rounds without even getting any of my key Spells (March of the Monarchs and Return of the Monarchs) out a single time and still lost but 4200 Life Points in all the four games combined. My first opponent was a kid with an Aesir deck or something (in general I was surprised about my lack of deck knowledge, as I had not heard of like 90% of the decks I saw the whole day at the Magic store) and I felt somewaht evil for wreaking him with my Monarchs. The second opponent was a bit older but a newbie just like me. He ran a Dark World Deck which I stomped as well. After the first four games or two rounds I won without losing once, my luck somewhat took a turn for the worse (speaking of luck: It really sucks that you cannot draw a fresh hand even once so your winning or losing depends soooo much on the luck of the draw – which I personally dislike in a game, all the more as it could be changed easily tournament-rule-wise!). Round 3 I played against the kind older gentleman who ran an XX-Saber deck which worked out like crazy. Without exaggeration I think he special summoned (including XYZ and Synchro Summons) like a dozen Monsters each turn and the deck worked like a charm, even though he kept insisting his deck was kinda crappy and he would play it wrong. Anyways I lost two times in a row to him as all of a sudden all my Monarch support turned up but no Monarchs were to be seen, which was odd, as I was running 10 of them. Opponent 4 was a kid who totally obliterated me 2 times in a row with a completely insane Lightsworn beast of a deck which he played masterfully – so again, do not underestimate the YGO kids! Again It seemed like cursed – my Monarch support showed up but not the Monarchs! Anyways 4 wins out of 8 games was more than satisfying for my first tournament experience for me personally and ranking 5th in the end felt indeed very rewarding, considering all the aforementioned factors.

One thing however I realized: All the YGO experts, young and old, are totally going apeshit with Special Summoning, and all were totally fucking crazy about XYZs and Synchros in general. That made me think of two options:

The first is a non-option for me, as I hate just jumping onto the bandwagon and flush a ton of money down the sink by buying into the whole XYZ and Synchro craze that is apparently going on big time these days. When I detest one thing, than it is just being mainstream, this being the reason why I ran a rather unusual Monarchs Deck, whithout even having such a thing as an extra deck (although many great XYZs for 6 star Monarchs were suggested to me  – yeah right, suck it XYZs!!) and moderately successfully so even.

Option number two seems far more unorthodox and hence attractive to me. Instead of throwing my non-existant money onto getting a hold of pricey-due-to-popularty XYZ and Synchor Monsters, I will just go Anti! Yeah right, Anti Meta could win me a tourney or two in an environment were everyone from the kind mid-40s guy running XX-Saber to the snobby Lightsworn kid is all about Special Summoning. And it won’t cost me dime (well by far not as much as trying to jump on the already far too crowded XYZ/Synchro bandwagon) as I won all the cards (or most of them) to build a deck that would so ruin any of the probelmatic ones I ran into universally. Just two words:

Rock Stun

Since I doubt anyone showing up in next week’s tournament will read this blog, I will share with you in a subsequent post the deck I came up with – my very own take on an Anti-Meta / Rock Stun deck – that I think would bring down 90% of the decks I saw or faced myself yesterday. Just before I close this article and refer you to the next one dedicated to my next tournament deck, I would like to show you one card:

This one just says no! Synchro Summon? NO! XYZs? NO! Summoning from Graveyard or Deck? NO, NO, NO!

And there’s more than just this one!

Please read on in the next article where I will be showcasing my dedicated Anti-Meta/Rock-Stun Deck!

Thanks for reading and as always,

Game on!




2 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh: Thoughts after my first Tournament

  1. This is a really cool concept for a deck!! I really like the level eater idea in monarchs. How would this deck change with the new card “The Monarchs Stormforth”?

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