Elemental Clash: Totally Stoned!

Dear readers and dear friends of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game!

The last few artworks needed for the imminent release of the Legendary Legacy Expansion Set are coming in one after another and as I write these lines I am not totally stoned as the blog post title might suggest, but rahter totally excited about the “Legacy of Legends” becoming a reality in a matter of a few weeks!

So I am pleased to provide you with almost daily updates and previews on and from the upcoming expansion and this time it will all be about Stones! Right, I am talking about Element Stones!

With Legendary Legacy being about Unique cards big time, the set will not come with 4 Non-Basic (Special) Element-Stones, like the Master Set did, but rather with 8 – four regular ones and four absolutely über-awesome Unique Element-Stones as well! (Remember, a card with “Unique” can only be included once in a deck and if a copy is already in play, further copies cannot be played.)

So here are the 8 different Non-Basic or “Special” Element-Stones that will be included in Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy, with the top row being the regular ones and the bottom row the fantastic “Uniques”. The Stones were brilliantly illustrated by Katy Grierson from the UK and our newest, talented member in the EC art team, Emmanuel Bou Roldán from Argentina.

EC LL Element Stones Presentation


I think, overall these stones, the uniques and regular ones, add a lot to the game and make cards that let you search your deck for Non-Basic Stones as well, namely Stonelore (Earth) and Dwarf Miner (Fire) all the more important, up to the point that you would be able to build a “Stone Toolbox” with some of the above Stones as well as the old ones from the Master Set being included in your deck once and you’d just search out what you need most at at any given point in a game. Obviously, some of the Uniques would make good inclusions in many decks, especially such that have access to Non-Basic Stone searchers.

But let me discuss all of the Stones shown above one by one, starting from upper left and working my way down to lower right:

  • Corroding Stone obviously punishes opponents for playing lots of Non-Basic Stones as you can just destroy it any time to destroy any Non-Basic Element-Stone. Might be a good trade if you are facing dreaded Haste- or Powerstones from the Master Set or even the powerful Unique Stones we are going to discuss later on!
  • Sparkstone may seem pretty weak as you can destroy it to deal 1 damage to any target, Creature or Player. However it can be quite useful against certain powerful Creatures (Will-o’-the-Wisp, a 6/1 Quickattacker comes to mind) or you can just use it to deal that last 1 damage needed to take down a big Creature or needed to defeat the opponent during late game, when sacrificing a Stone of your own won’t matter that much anymore anyways. Plus Sparkstone gives access to direct damage, albeit little, to decks of any Element(s), not only Fire, where direct damage is abundant!
  • Morphing Stone is a amazing addition to multi-Element decks as it gives you access to any one Basic Element-Stonewhen you destroy it. This would make for a great first turn Element-Stone play as you can look at your hand and just exchange the Morphing Stone to the Basic Element Stone you need most at that point. Multi-Element decks are made much more viable through this one, and this was an intentional design decision. We want to see colorful decks!! Also, Morphing Stone thinks out your deck as well – albeit too much deck thinning can be lethal in Elemental Clash, quite literally so!
  • Mirrorstone is similar to Morphing Stone as it gives you access to various Elements in one Stone as well, also making multi-Elements more and more viable. Mirrorstone might be a great first stone in a Stack as it will be producing various kinds of Energy at once.
  • Rainbowstone is the godfather of all Multi-Element-Stones as it produces Energy of all Elements straight away. Hence the “Unique” status! Again, decks featuring 3 or even all four Elements should be profiting massively from this one, especially if they include cards like Stonelore or Dwarf Miner to “fetch” the sole Rainbowstone from your deck. A perfect first turn Element-Stone needless to say!
  • Stone of Wisdom is kinda a must have in any deck as it has Boon, which means you will get it for free if damage dealt to you would send it to the Archive (discard) and you can just destroy it to draw 2 extra cards. Mind you however, excessive card drawing may be detrimental to your overall strategy, as paradox as it may sound because every card drawn will bring you one step nearer to defeat. Furthermore, there will be a lot of Anti-Unique cards that may urge you to include not that many Uniques as you’d want to.
  • Dragonstone has exactly one deck it is useful for and indeed it was made for: Dragons! See this as a hint to a bright future of the Dragon Creature Type in the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game! Dragonstone is a Powerstone and Hastestone in packaged in just one (Unique) Stone for Dragon Creatures, as all Dragons played to its Element-Stone Stack will get a +1/+1 Counter at once and have “Quickattacker” as well. Pretty amazing. If you are familiar with the Spellcaster “Prisma of the Many Colors” you will realize what awesome 4 Element Dragon Decks become possible with the release of both Dragonstone and the aforementioned Rainbowstone. Just use Prisma’s Flip Effect on turn one, fetch and place a Rainbowstone and put a Dragonstone on top. Then play any Element-Stone on top of that and play a Quickattacking, +1/+1 boosted Dragon of any Element on top of that on your very first turn. Mean. Maybe too mean?
  • Fatestone is simply a life-saver. If you destroy it you cannot lose by any means until the end of your next turn. In Elemental Clash, experience tells that games are often very close and one extra turn may mean the difference between victory and defeat! Should be playable in a lot of decks as well!

Well my friends, those are the new Legendary Legacy Element-Stones for you! Hope you are looking to seeing those printed and playing with them.

Don’t get stoned though. Cause, well, drugs are bad, right? 🙂

More Legendary Legacy Updates to come soon!

Game on!





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