Elemental Clash Major Update: New Spellcasters and a New Card Type!!

Dear readers, dear friends of Elemental Clash!!

The end is nigh (well not the end of the world but rather the work on the long overdue Elemental Clash expansion)! There are maybe about 10 illustrations missing until the, at least by myself, long anticipated first full 100+ cards expansion to the Elemental Clash Master Set…

Legendary Legacy Logo

…can be completed and put on http://www.thegamecrafter.com for any enthusiast of the game to purchase at their leisure!

And yes the holdup was all caused by delays on the part of some of my artists. Some of said artists have been replaced an now we are nearing the completion of the Set and my realistic estimate would be that EC: Legendary Legacy will be released and available on TGC by mid-May 2014!

And oh boy this set will have a lot going on for it, albeit I have to mention that this will be the first and last “full expansion” to the game. Do not worry, I won’t give up on my beloved brainchild any time soon, it is just that I will be starting to release “demi-expansions” which will be 90 cards total and each have a different theme and such (cough… Gravestorm… cough… Zombies…cough). Excuse my sudden coughing fit! Anyways the demi-expansions will make it easier to me to release new cards in smaller intervals and will save you a lot of money, as a tuckbox is way cheaper than the boxes EC: The Master Set comes in and Legendary Legacy will come in for instance, while not cutting down on gameplay value! But only so much about the future of EC!

In the bold title of this post I promised you some awesome updates, so here they come:

First of all, feast your eyes on four new, glorious Spellcasters magnificently “brough to life” by our very own Enggar Adirasa!

EC LL New Spellcasters

Well, kind people, I could post you one or several possible decklists for each of the above, awesome new Spellcasters but I shall spare you this time and let you ponder yourself how to best make use of any of the above! Just a few words on each at these amazing new ‘Caste. First I have to note something rather odd: With Korlash the Purger in the lower left hand side the first Orc makes an appearance in the world of EC – and not just as a regular Creature, no, as a might y Spellcaster right away!! Guess I will have to make some Orc Creature cards at some point soon! But here some brief comments on all the four new Spellcasters I am showcasing today:

  • Brith the Humble negates all Play-Effects, Destroy-Effects and/or Leave Effects while face up and you can flip him to give all your Creatures with printed ATK and DEF of 2 or less a mighty +3 ATK and +3 DEF boost until the beginning of your next turn. So the static ability is quite powerful against many decks as a ton of awesome Creatures have Play-/Destroy- or even Leave-Effects. Your Brith Deck could run Creatures without such effects and a Creature swarming deck featuring lots of low ATK/DEF Creatures would be perfect as they’d get the major boost from the flip ability if needed. Merfolk or Goblin swarm decks would come to mind for instance!
  • Omnia, Mistress of Denial should be a pretty annoying Spellcaster to face, as she’ll increase the cost of all OPPONENT Spells (not yours mind you) by 1! Plus if the opponent tries to pull off a major summon of a Creature or casting of a Spell you cna just flip Omnia to neutralize that card while being played. And, even more nasty, the stack cannot be used again right away since the neutralized card needs to sit there until its controller’s next Standby-Phase when it is Purged!! So no way to retrieve the neutralized card either. It is gone for good! One card that comes to mind that would rock with Omnia is Mercury’s Vice which is a Permanent-Spell that neutralizes all Spells unless the caster sacrifices an Element-Stone. I think you realize how ugly this could get in an Omnia Deck!
  • Korlash, Orc Purger, our first Orc in the EC cards “universe” is pretty straightforward and his Static Effect can totally wrack SO many common strategies you’ll see your opponents playing. Korlash just laughs right into the face of Boon- and Reanimation or Card Recursion decks. The fact that he draws you 2 cards each turn and that you can flip him to give all your Creatures a temporary 2 ATK  boost plus Purge suggests a Creature rush / beatdown deck approach for him, rounded out with some direct damage. Maybe Goblins would be the best fit since there are no Orcish armies in Elemental Clash to go with Korlash, thematically – yet!
  • Ogg, Goblin Maniac is proof that Goblins as well can ascend to “Spellcasterhood”, as he is the first Goblin that is actually a ‘Caster. You will have noticed that Spellcasters have expanded from just humans in the Master (base) Set to humanoids with Orcs, Dragon Ladies as well as Demons (as seen previously) and, yes, also Goblins. In the case of the Goblin Spellcaster, he’s a maniac as it is clearly stated in Ogg’s title and you must be a maniac too to dare build and play a deck around him. I mean just look at him. Ogg has a compulsive fixation on the number “3”, as he gives you a starting hand and hand size of 3, draws you 3 cards each turn and your deck may have up to 33 cards! So this means if you take zero damage and dont restock your Spellbook somehow, you will lose on your 11th turn with Ogg. Being an utter lunatic and all, Ogg has quite a bit to offer as well: As long as he is face-up you’ll get to deal 1 damage to target Creature or Player whenever you discard a card from hand. And there are many great cards that can act as “discard outlets” which in turn would work well with Salvage cards (which can be played for free if discarded from hand to Archive). If you don’t need the static ability anymore, Ogg has a fantastic magical power up his sleeve, as he can cast any Spell (except Permanent- and Equip-Spells) from ANY Archive for free when you flip him… Overall I think this is my favorite of the four new Spellcasters presented above as I am a madman myself, just as Ogg, and like myself a fine deckbuilding challenge, which Ogg definitely does offer!!

So much for the new Spellcaster previews! Let us move on to the next major news feature:

Surprise everyone: EC: Legendary Legacy will introduce another new card type besides Equip Spells – well it is actually a special type of Creatures, so let me introduce you to:

Familiar Spirits:

I went out of my way (and of my money!) to make the Legendary Legacy expansion super-awesome and added 8 different extra cards to the mix: The 8 Familiar Spirits – 2 from each Element and each associated with one Creature type. If you have been following the news on EC here you will already know that the upcoming expansion features a lot of “tribal” cards and that each Element has its major Creature type, which is Trolls for Earth, Spirits for Air, Goblins for Fire and Merfolk for Water. However I realized there are also secondary “tribes” in each Element. The minor tpyical Creatuer types are Albs for Earth, Elementals for Air, Dwarves for Fire and Wizards for Water. So I had 8 Creature types, four major and four minor ones. This lead me to the conception of the Familar Spirit card concept and to the creation of the follwing 8 Familiar Spirit Cretures, one fore each major and minor tribe:

EC LL Familiar Spirits

What we see at first glance is that all the Familiar Spirit Creatures (all beautifully illustrated by Emmanuel Bou Roldán) cost 1 and have an ATK of 0 and a DEF of 1. Furthermore we see that each has the “Familiar Spirit” keyword in large font with a particular Creature Type specified after the dash. Let me show you one Familiar Spirit in detail in order to explain:

Troll Familiar


So the keyword “Familar Spirit – X” (insert a Creature type for the X) just means that during your Standby-Phase, when this is in play, you may attach it to a Creature of the specified type. You can just use it as a regular but rather weak Creature, best used for blocking / defending against opponent attacks if need be, but if you have the Familar Spirit and a Creature of the matching type in play during any of your Standby-Phases, you can attach the Familiar to the Creature just as you would attach an Equip-Spell. The Creature you attached it to is refered to as the “Master” of the Familiar. Any one Creature may have more than one Familiar Spirit attached. As long as the Familiar Spirit is attached to its Master, the Familiar cannot attack or block separetely and cannot be attacked directly (but you can hit it with direct damage or target it with other effects) and gives the effects specified in the card text to its Master. All Familiars give a default stats boost of +1 ATK and +1 DEF to their Masters and also an additional, useful ability. In the case of Troll Familiar above, you can destroy the Familiar (while attached) to prevent the destruction of its Trollish Master. While the stats boost is the same for all Familiar, the nature of the additional ability varies greatly among the different Familiar Spirits as you can hopefully see above. Oh and if the Master dies, the Familiar dies with him and Familiars cannot be detached once boned with a Master.

I think that covers the explanation of how Familiar Spirits, the new type of Creature I am inroducing in Legendary Legacy (there will surely be more Familiars in future sets!), actually work and so I conclude my rather extensive updated with wishing you a good time and happy gaming!

More EC-related news will be posted as it comes in so the waiting time until the scheduled release of EC: Legendary Legacy wil be a bit easier to bear (at least for me!)!

Thank you for being  reader and






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