Yu-Gi-Oh: Two “Guest Decks”!

Dear friends and fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG! Today we’re having something rather special: I will not ramble about some of my own deck creations but rather showcase two decks my good (gaming) buddy Robin…


…whom I got really hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh in the past couple of months (ironically as a year ago or so I abhorred the YGO game and franchise – hate the Anime still!!) has built, one just recently and the other he has been playing, quite successfully over and over again since months (I always wondered how it would never become boring or stale to him!). I have to note that, as mentioned in previous YGO-related posts, that we are practicing and preparing for our very first tournament, which will be held in Advanced Format, so Robin and I had to modify our original (Traditional Format) decks to fit that format. Hence, the following two decks are modified versions of their original form to be legal in Advanced Format. Both decks are rather unusual builds and work terrificly well, whereby one is a Beast Deck Robin has been playing for three quarters of a year now or so and really perfected it. It is a creative mix of cards that all in all works together like all the parts of a well-oiled engine, which is illustrated by an awesomely high win ratio against all of my decks (and I think I have about two dozens assembled right now). The other deck is a Dinosaur deck, similar to the one I had in my “early days” which is also terrific in putting out crazy-powerful, high level Monsters quickly and reliably. Just as I was torn between Monarchs and Blue Eyes when thinking of which deck to pick for my very first tourney, Robin wasn’t really sure whether to run the new Dinos deck or the old and hence tried and tested, reliable Beast deck. By now however I think we both made up our minds and I will “go into battle” with my FPM (Frogless Prismatic Monarchs) deck I posted about just a few days ago and Robin will stick to the Beasts as far as I know. But on to my first two “guest decks” which I am pleased to be allowed to elaborate on! Let us start with the newer Dino  deck and save the best for last (the Beasts!):

Robin’s Dinosaurs


3 x Hydrogeddon

3 x Gilasaurus

2 x Hyper Hammerhead

2 x Frostosaurus

1 x Cyber Dinosaur

3 x Super Conductor Tyranno

2 x Ultimate Tyranno

1 x Jurrac Titano


2 x Big Evolution Pill

1 x Pot of Duality

1 x Card  Trader

1 x Magical Mallet

1 x Riryoku

1 x The Dark Door

1 x Magical Stone Excavation

1 x Terraforming

2 x Jurassic World


2 x Fossil Excavation

1 x Call of the Hauntedd

1 x Nightmare Wheel

1 x Magical Cylinder

1 x Draining Shield

1 x Memory of an Adversary

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Volcanic Erruption

1 x Strike Slash

1 x Kunai with Chain

1 x Survival of the Fittest

My thoughts on the Deck:

Well, after playing JUST ONE DECK for like an eternity (the Beast Deck we are going to look at later) Robin finally decided to build another one, and th result you can see above. In my honest opinion the deck is a bit unfocussed and could be modified, improved and fine tuned a lot, but hell, it DOES work, and surprisingly well. At this point I totally trust in Robin’s deck building skills so I will not force my own ideas on him though I could think of many ways how to straighten the above decklist to some degree, which would make the deck even more deadly. Robin is running a lot of totally obscure one-of Spells and Traps which, again, work unexpectedly well all in all as extensive test sessions have shown. But let me talk about the overall strategy now!

Well the basic plan is to get out Robin’s two main or “Boss” Monters reliably and early on, those two being


Both of these kickass prehistoric behemoths  have amazing ATK values of 3000 and 3300 respectively, with Super Conductor Tyranno even breaking that “rule of 3000 (ATK)”, which is a general limitation of top ATK-values in the desing process of YGO cards as far as I understand, thus putting even a Blue-Eyes White Dragon to shame. Both Tyrannos have totally badass effects attached to them, Super Conducter a bit to a lesser extent and Ultimate with an utterly devastating effect as you can see for yourself above. He will basically wipe out all opponent Monsters in one battle phase. Super Conductor’s ability will only be really useful in stalemate situations, as you can, instead of attacking, Tribute one of your Monsters in order to slap a whooping 1000 points worth of direct damage right in your opponent’s face. I have to mention that Robin runs a third 3000 or more Dinosaur: Jurrac Tyranno. While this one has some useful protective effect, personally I would swap it for a third copy of Ultimate Tyranno.

The main means of getting these beasts into play is Big Evolution Pill, although some Gilasaurs can be helpful as well.

By just Tributing one Dinosaur, you get a card that will let you Summon the above, extremely badass Tyrannos without any Tributes for three turns. The best case scenario would be that you Special Summon one of your (very handy as can just be Special Summoned from hand with a drawback that won’t matter in the early game) Gilasaurs from hand, use it as Tribute for Pill and then Drop Ultimate or Super Conductor Tyranno on turn 1. That would spell major trouble for many opponents, as you can follow up with two more bigass dino beasts on the consecutive turns.

When it comes to Spells and Traps (this deck has a high S/T ratio as you can see in the above list – which should be alright though) Robin is really running a creative mix of cards, if I am looking at the bright side of things – or a raher unorganized and unfocussed accumulation of more or less random cards. On the plus side, you never know what nasty Trap Robin might have set for you as there is such a variety of Traps (and Spells), not all of which I would be playing in a deck like this, that you never know what bad surprises may come up. On the downside, I think the deck needs to focus some more on Dinosaur-Support. For instance, if it was my deck, I would add a third Big Evolution Pill, as this card is indeed the centerpiece of the deck and the more copies you run, the greater the odds you get it in your starting hand, early on or whenever you need it. There is one Trap in particular which I’d really run not once but thrice in this deck (hell, it even features Ultimate Tyranno in the artwork!! :D):

Giving a permanent surprise boost of 1000 ATK (!!!) to any of your Dinos is simply amazing and then you get that awesome effect in addition! Slamm that on Ultimate or Super Conductor Tyranno and you will have an unstoppable prehistoric powerbeast in your army! Also, you can use this with Hydrogeddon so it becomes strong enough to destroy many opponent Monsters in battle so you’ll get to Special Summon additional Hydrogeddons from your deck.

I will not go through all the various (and curious, maybe even odd) Spells and Traps Robin is running as you can look them up on the yugioh wikia or wherever you want yourselves. One card I have to mention before we proceed to the other deck is one that my young friend is running in all his decks: Card Trader!

Card Trader is a really nice card if you think about it: Once per turn just take the least useful card in your hand and shuffle it into your deck to draw a fresh card, with a good chance to draw into something more useful. While it certianly does not create any card advantages, you can really profit from the effect, though the element of luck obviously plays a big role!

Robin’s Beast:

Monsters…19 1 x Key Mouse 3 x Hyena 2 x Hand of Nephtys 2 x Trojan Horse 1 x Chiron the Mage 2 x Manticore of Darkness 2 x Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys 2 xMosaic Manticore 2 x Beast King Barbaros 1 x Behemoth, King of all Animals 1 x Alector, Sovereign of Birds Spells…11

2 x Big Cattle Drive

1 x Trade-In

1 x Swords of Revealing Light

1 x Card Trader

1 x Foolish Burial

1 x Dimensional Capsule

1 x Lightning Vortex

1 x Dark Hole

1 x Spiritual Forest

1 x Gaia Power


3 x Horn of the Phantom Beast

1 x Call of the Haunted

1 x Dark Bribe

1 x Dust Tornado

1 x Chain-Whirlwind

1 x Icarus Attack

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Extra Deck:

1 x Naturia Leodrake


My thoughts on the Deck:

So this is Robin’s main deck, which he built like three quarters of a year ago, and played ever since without major modifications to the original build and with great success nonetheless. I must admit I had initially utterly underestimated this deck when Robin assembled it from spare cards in my quite extensive collection, as I thought it was, agian, just more or less a random agglomeration of cards, and furthermore I worried that with the overall high high level Monster ratio this would never work out. But much to my joy and surprise, everything fell into place more than just neatly, and the deck worked and still works fantastically, having so many tricks and different strategies accessible. The high win-ratio against my various decks speaks for itself.

The above decklist is Robin’s original Beast Deck, just slightly modified to be Advanced Format legal so he can run it in the upcoming tournament as noted before.

Man, where to start on the strategy of this deck, as there are so many diverse strategies and obvious as well as more subtle interactions going on in it. You know what, I will just go through some cards worthy to note and give my comments on each!

But first!! Most AWESOME card in any deck running at least a few Beasts/Beast-Warriors:

Isn’t that über-awesome? No only will you give a permanent surprise ATK boost of a whooping 800 to any of your Beasts or Beastwarriors, no, you will get to draw a card each time the Monster destroys another in battle, just like that. Card draw is so rare and precious and this is one of the best draw-engines I have come across so far (provided you run the right monsters along with it).

I kinda had to force Robin into running a playset of 3 of each but I think he has realized the raw power of this card himself by now!

OK on to some cards worth mentioning:

  • Key Mouse

This one is a Lv. 1 Tuner and can be used with any of the many Level 8 Monsters to Synchro Summon into Naturia Leodrake.

  • Hyena

Robin always seems to be able to set one of these on turn one. When I attack into it, he will be able to Special Summon the other two Hyenas from the deck to block furhter attacks from me or to conveniently use as Tribute Fodder in his following turn!

  • Hand of Nephtys

Tribute her and another Monster to Special Summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys from hand or deck. Not half bad! 😀

  • Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse serves as 2 Tributes for Earth Monsters and can help drop Mosaic Manticore, Beast King Barabaros and Behemoth easily.

  • Manticore of Darkness

This one is especially funny and frustrating to play against, as he keeps coming back! When he hits the graveyard, no matter from where or how, you can discard a Beast, Beast-Warrior or Winged-Beast to Special Summon him at the end of your turn. A neat trick is to send it from deck to graveyard via Foolish Burial only to revive it by said method at end of turn. Plus the Monster you discarded for him can be revived by Call of the Haunted later as well! Pretty awesome.

  • Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys

Pretty cool as it respawns when destroyed by card effects and if it does, it wipes out all Spells & Traps on the field, which can backfire if you do not handle it and plan ahead correctly.

  • Mosaic Manticore

A respectable 2800 ATK beater that lets your Special Summon the tributed Monsters. They cannot attack and have no effects but you will have instant Tribute Fodder for further Manticore Madness or other ghastly beasts!

  • Beast King Barbaros

This one is EXTREMELY flexible and versatile as you can use / Summon the Beast King three different ways: Either without any Tributes as a 1900 ATK Monster, by offering two Tributes as a regular 3000 ATK Monster or by offering three Triubtes, which will not only give you a 3000 ATK Monster but also whipe out ALL opponent cards at once. In this deck, having access to three Tribute Monsters is not as hard as you might think so I saw the last, devastating Beast Kind mode happen many times!

  • Big Cattle Drive

This CAN potentially be better than Pot of Greed, as it draws you 1 – 3 cards depending on which Monster Types of Beast, Beast-Warrior and/or Winged Beast you have on the field when you play it. Robin mostly plays it with just having one Type to draw one new card, which is a very wise move in my opinion, but a Pot of Greed effect of drawing 2 cards happens occasionally as well which is pretty awesome!

  • Trade-In

This card was added recently upon my personal recommendation/suggestions. With so many Level 8 Monsters in the deck, drawing 2 cards via Trade-In is a great option and a way to get rid of surplus, unusable 8 Level Monsters in your hand and trade them for something more useful. Plus some times you want to have a bigass Monsteri in your Graveyard, to be reanimated by Call of the Haunted.

  • Card Trader

Robin’s favorite Spell is in this deck as well. Why this is a nice card was already discussed earlier!

  • Dimensional Capsule

This can be very useful to get a key card out of your deck and into your hand, although you need to wait for 2 turns until you get the desired card.

  • Dark Bribe

Giving your opponent a free extra card sucks, but being able not only to destroy a Spell or Trap but also negate its activation is something highly useful.

  • Chain-Whirlwind

This can be awesome Spell and Trap card removal, as you can activate it whenever a card is destroyed by an effect and then destroy up to 2 Spells or Traps. Cards get destroyed all the time so the requirements for activation of this Trap are to be met easily.

  • Icarus Attack

Also a recent addition. Tribute a Winged Beast to destroy any 2 cards on the field. Raw power!

  • Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

This is the most annoying card ever (Well at least in this deck). It negates one Monster attack each turn and that turn after turn after it was originally set. I dread this card!!


OK that is about it about my first two guest decks I had the honor to showcase on this here blog! I hope that I portrayed the decks well and did them proper justice (Robin will scold me if I have not!) and furthermore, I hope you had a good read!

We will see how Robin’s Beast Deck will fare in the upcoming tournament. What would rock would be if the two of us would have a major face-off as the two finalists. Monarchs or Beasts: Who will win the epic battle?! The answer is clear to me already! 😉

With this I bid you, dear reader goodbye and hope you’ll come back for more YGO and other games related stuff!

Game on!




2 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh: Two “Guest Decks”!

  1. That is so awesome! I literally flip shit any time I find or meet someone that is into yugioh like me. Unfortunatly it does not happen as often as I would like , although I think my girlfriend is starting to get into it, so life is good. I love your blog man, and I would be honored if oyu could check out my page and let me know what you think

    • Hey there! Glad you like my humble writing that much! 😀

      Actually, a year ago or so I would have committed myself to a mental assylum for even considering playing YGO but I always try to keep an open mind so I gave it a fair chance and grew to love it!! As a game designer, I still could complain about some game design flaws, especially in the older cards, but I tend to overlook those nowadays and so I am having a ton of fun with the game!

      Thanks for being a reader and kind regards from Austria,


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