Yu-Gi-Oh: A Marathon & Going Advanced Format

Dear readers and fellow friends of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG!

Man what a weekend that lies behind me! After like 5 weeks of total game abstinence, I got my fair share of Yu-Gi-Oh at last when my good friend and trusted boy companion Robin visited and stayed over the night. It was nothing short of a true YGO marathon and we counted (believe it or not) about 50 games in the end. We even played while eating Pizza and stuff – no rest for the wicked as it says!

Here’s a funny picture of the Nerdman (my humble self to the left) and his loyal boy companion Robin (to the right) – and yes, beer is an integral part of a two-day gaming marathon!


I think the picture speaks more than a thousand words. All in all we had a ton of fun, that’s for sure. So what we did was testing almost all of my decks, and I own close to 30 Yu-Gi-Oh decks at present, all assembled at the same time mind you, some more, some less competitive (in our casual environment) while Robin played with his trusted and pretty awesome Beast/Beast Warrior/Winged Beast Deck (which I will feature as a “guest deck” on here in my next YGO-related post I think!). I am always encouraging Robin to try and build more decks. You know the two of us are a bit different when it comes to decks: While I have so many deck ideas I wanna realize and love to pick and choose from a huge variety of readily available decks, Robin tends to stick to one deck which he perfected and mastered to play. But at some point during our YGO marathon, we actually took out my boxes-o’-cards and Robin did not build one but two new decks, one being a Dinosaur Deck which really really rocks and Robin actually thinks it is better than his tried and tested Beasts Deck, and the other being a Machine/Ancient Gear type of deck, which has great potential in my opinion and in Robin’s but needs some fine tuning. More YGO madness to follow coming Thursday when we meet again.

Here’s what my nerd-room gaming table looked like when we were in the middle of some massive deckbuilding action:


Yeah, this is what the process of brainstorming ideas, going through a thousand cards and assembling some fun decks from said cards look like – may look familiar to some readers!

So much for the 50 games YGO marathon madness.

As indicated in the title of this post, I and in fact we (Robin and myself) decided to go Advanced Format, for a reason to which I will be coming shortly. First I must note that this is highly unusual for me and unheard of in my still rather young history of playing the YGO TCG, as, so far I didn’t give a shit about Advanced Format or even Traditional Format banlists and restrictions, playing some sort of homerules traditional format with a list of restricted cards and no banned cards at all within the confinements of my purely casual, just-for-fun environment. However, after having played YGO so much, I proposed an idea, which I had never even considered before: “How about” I said to Robin “we go and play in an official tournament some time soon??” Robin was all in for the idea and we found a games store in a nearby city which holds YGO tournaments every Saturday – Advanced Format only, quite unfortunately to me as I would have prefered the Traditional Format.

But anyways, this is the reason why I will be going Advanced Format with at least one of my decks, with which I will be entering my first YGO tournament soon (I have played Magic: the Gathering tournaments in the past, but for YGO it will be a first for me). As for Robin, he doesn’t have to change a whole lot, neither in his Beast Deck nor in the Dinosaur one and he noted that while he has the most experience with the Beasts, Dinosaurs will be his choice for the tournament, which is quite bold and to which I applaud. Just wondering how powerful our future opponent’s decks will be! Again, neither Robin nor myself have ever played competitively in a tournament and we don’t have a clue about the metagame there so we have not the slightest idea what we will find ourselves pitted against there!

As for my choice of decks: My most competitive deck and deck of first choice for a tournament would be my “Rainbow Monarchs” deck which features lots of Monarchs obvioulsy and a ton of ways to get tribute fodder out to Tribute Summon them early and reliably. However! It wouldn’t be me to just take the most powerful deck in my posession and wreak havoc with it just like that. Of course I could just run my powerful and competitive Lightsworn or Zombie decks but I’d much rather surprise everyone with something totally unorthodox, so I will probably be running a “rogue deck”, as you would call a highly unusual and rarely seen deck in Magic: the Gathering, a deck that nobody would expect to be actually played in a tournament.

The deck which will be “the one” is actually just a mix of spare cards that came in the three copies of the “Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon” structure decks I had grabbed while ago, but, quite to my astonishment, it works so fucking well, winning again and again against Robin’s highly powerful Beast and Dinosaur decks, to which I lose all the time with most of my other decks.

So yeah, you may laugh now, as I decided to field an old-school Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck on the occasion of my very first official tournament! Nobody will see that coming and I’ll probably win the tourney as nobody would expect an ultra-fast  Blue-Eyes deck as mine surely is! Here he is for you, the glorious, old, blue-eyed bastard!!

Believe it or not, but with the following deck I play “Ol’ Blue-Eyes” on turn 1 and maybe even Synchro into his Synchro equivalent Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon as soon as the first turn, only to revive Blue-Eyes with Azure-Eyes’ Effect the subsequent turn.

But have a look at my current deck list, which I built for the Advanced Format (I hope I did it right and must note that I had to realize, much to my distraught, that One for One is limited… that was a key card in my strategy goddamnit!!)

Blue-Eyes Rocks Deck (Advanced Format):


3 x Maiden with Eyes of Blue

3 x The White Stone of Legend

3 x Rider of the Storm Winds

3 x Kaiba-Man

3 x Alexandrite Dragon

1 x Breaker, the Magical Warrior

3 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

1 x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon


3 x Cards of Consonance

3 x Swing of Memories

2 x Trade-In

2 x Stamping Destruction

2 x Burst-Stream of Destruction

1 x One for One

1 x Dark Hole


3 x Call of the Haunted

2 x Champion’s Vigilance

1 x Mirror Force


3 x Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

3 x Stardust Dragon

3 x Number 39: Utopia

3 x Gem-Knight Pearl

3 x ???

About the Deck:

As said before, this deck is all about good old Blue-Eyes White Dragon and getting him out fast as well as reanimating him over and over again from the graveyard. You could call this rather stupid looking but nonetheless seemingly very potent deck “Blue-Eyes Beatdown” as well. There are a ton of ways to reliably get BEWD into play, either from hand, deck or graveyard.

But first of all: I hinted at it before, but I am really pissed that One for One is restricted in Advanced Format.

This was really a key card in this particular deck, as it lets you discard one card, preferably a BEWD, and then Special Summon a Lv. 1 Monster from your hand or deck. I have 9 candidates for One for One and all of them are tuners with more or less very useful effects. Just for instance, I could discard Blue-Eyes to One for One, then summon one of my 9 Lv 1 Tuner Monsters, revive BEWD with Swing of Memories etc. and Synchro Summon into Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon – and that on turn 1. But alas, with only one copy of the great, great One for One that will happen only very rarely now.

But back to the deck strategy: So as noted before, there are plenty of ways to bring BEWD into play – fast! Maiden with Eyes of Blue for instance summons you BEWD from anywhere (hand, deck, graveyard) when she is attacked – and the attack is negated even. Furthermore she pulls off the same stunt when targeted by a card or effect… And she is a Lv. 1 Tuner, which means you can Synchro into Azure-Eyes after that as well.

The White Stone of Legend is extremely useful to get one of your BEWDs into your hand, as when the Stone is sent to the graveyard (from anywhere and by any means mind you) you’ll get just that effect: Add a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from deck to your hand. There are plenty of ways to just discard the stone, for example through the aforementione (restricted!!) One for One. But also Cards of Consonence will let you discard Stone AND draw you 2 cards while you are at it. Speaking of drawing cards: Even without any such fancy things as Pot of Greed or Graceful Charity, this deck features raw draw power. 3 Cards of Consonence paired with 6 Monsters that qualify as discard fodder for the former (I would LOVE to run 3 Flamvell Guards to up the count to 9 but I feel I need the 3 Alexandrite Dragons as excellent early beaters as well – what a dilemma!) as well as Trade-In, which lets you discard BEWD to the graveyard, where he may be more useful than in your hand with all the reanimation and stuff. Both Cards of Consonence and Trade-In draw you 2 cards, which is quite awesome for an Advanced Format deck, having basically 5 Pots of Greed (well with some drawbacks, that might well be benefits in many cases anyways).

Another foolproof way to get out BEWD as early as turn 1 is Kaiba-Man. As long as you have BEWD in hand you can just summon Kaiba-Man, tribute him at once to Special Summon your Blue-Eyes right away! And if you don’t have one “handy” in the literal sense, just send a White Stone of Legend to the graveyard by any means (One for one or Cards of Consonance would be favorable solutions) and fetch yourself a BEWD for Kaiba-Man to put into play early on!

Another great, great card in any Dragon Deck is Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: This badass dragon has a respectable 2800 ATK but what matters is you can Special Summon him from hand by just tributing any Dragon. And his effect seems just too good to be true: Once per turn you may Special Summon ANY dragon from hand or graveyard. Here’s a neat trick which isn’t even hard to pull off. First turn: Play White Stone of Legend, tribute it to Special Summon Darkness Metal Dragon. Stone goes to the Graveyard and fetches you a BEWD. Then just use Darknesss Metal Dragon’s effect to Special Summon BEWD from your hand.  And hey presto, one 3000 ATK and one 2800 ATK dragon on turn one! Next thing your opponent will do: Unleash a Dark Hole! Still an awesome first move!

The deck features a huge numberof Level 1 Tuners (almost half of my 20 Monsters) with awesome effects. About Maiden with Eyes of Blue and The White Stone of Legend I have already talked. The third Level 1 Tuner I am running is Rider of the Storm Winds. I am really torn between this one and Flamvell Guard. While Flamvell Guard is a Level 1 Dragon Tuner and a Normal Monster, thus eligible for reanimation via Swing of Memories with quite a good DEF of 2000, Rider of the Stormwind somehow convinces me more. You can attach her from hand or play to any Normal Dragon Monster, so preferably your BEWD, which will then get to deal piercing battle damage. My guess is that could be vital in overcoming the opponent defenses, so for now I will try the deck with Rider instead of Flamvell Guard. With so many Lv. 1 Tuners and so many ways to get BEWD out, summoning the mighty Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon should be a piece of cake, happen reliably and early on!

Other Spells I play and haven’t mentioned yet are 2 Stamping Destruction, 2 Burst Stream of Destruction and one Dark Hole. The first I am running as an alternative to MST (Mystical Space Typhoon) rahter because they are very thematic and less because of the 500 damage they deal and with Burst Stream of Destruction I can pull off a nice trick: So with a deck that reliably gets out BEWD, Burst Stream of Destruction is awesome, destroying all opponent Monsters as long as you control a BEWD. The drawback of BEWD not being able to attack the turn you activate Burst Stream can be circumvented just by Synchro Summoning your BEWD into Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon, because that one CAN attack even after activating Burst Stream of Destruction and the field will be clear of defenders in addition! The purpose of Dark Hole should be self-explanatory.

As for Traps, I am running a full playset of Call of the Haunted for some very obvious reanimation action as well as 2 Champion’s Vigilance, which act as Solemn Judgment for no life point cost. You can only activate it as long as you have a  Level 7 or higher Normal Monster in play, which should not be the problem in this particular build, and which can be a real life saver, negating any Trap or Spell or Monster Summon that might be troublesome for you! And a copy of Mirror Force is in there just in case…


Well folks, that is my first actual Advanced Format Deck for you. I wonder how it will fare in a totally new and unknown tournament environment and I won’t mind at all if I get stomped by more crafty deckbuilders / competitive players! I am counting on the element of surprise and am curious to see what comes off it!

More Yu-Gi-Oh related stuff to come!

Game on!




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