Elemental Clash Update At Long Last – Featuring Tons of Trolls!

Dear readers, dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

I have been terribly silent lately when it comes to news on the upcoming, indeed imminent Elemental Clash Legendary Legacy Expansion…

First off, I have to apologize for the lack of news and information on EC LL. At this point I am just waiting for the last dozen or so artworks, but for several reasons I don’t really know about, some of my key artists are having some issues and cannot be reached via mail or social video. So I, and the Expansion, are kinda stuck at the moment, not because I lack the money for commissioning those last few artworks, but simply because my artists just do not communicate for like weeks or so.

Rest assured though, the long overdue Legendary Legacy Expansion will be released eventually, as soon as possible in fact and I will resolve the “artist issue” one way or another. If worse comes to worst, I will just hire new artists to finish the job, although I’d hate to not let my “regulars”, with whom I have worked together so greatly in the past, do the missing art jobs….

So in an effort to appease you, dear reader and dear fans and friends of the Elemental Clash CCG and to demonstrate that I have not been idle at all since I last posted, please have a look some stunning art and card previews from the “Troll Tribe” in the upcoming expansion, all done by the magnificent Evgeni Maloshenkov. Enjoy!

Trolls are THE major tribe/creatute type of the Earth Element in Legendary Legacy (the others being Spritis for Air, Merfolk for Water and Goblins for Fire) and as he greatly did with the Goblin tribe, Evgeni Maloshenkov from the Ukraine magnificently illustrated all Troll cards for hte expansion. Lets start it off with the smallest Troll:

Troll Shaman has weak stats but is cheap as well. He may be nothing more than a “chump blocker” (if you excuse me borrowing from Magic: the Gathering lingo) early on but later in the game his ability may come in very handy if you run a substantial number of other Trolls in your deck! Upon entering play, Troll Shaman returns any one Troll card from your Archive to your hand. Quite nice recursion in a dedicated Troll Spellbook (Deck)!

Troll Shaman Presentation small


Next up we have a Troll that has the power to rise from the grave: Graveborn Troll has Boon, meaning when he is sent from Spellbook to Archive (discard) direclty, you will be able to put him into play directly and for free. However he will spawn from the grave with a -1 ATK and -1 DEF counter on him. Still he’ll be a free 1 ATK / 2 DEF Creature that way so that is pretty nice anyways!

Gravenborn Troll Presentation small


Next up the chieftan of all Trolls, the aptly named Troll Chieftain!! Not only does he give all your other Trolls a +1/+1 boost as long as he’s on the field, he also turns each one of your Trolls into little card recursal engines, by letting you retrieve one card from your Archive to your Spellbook whenever one of your trollish minions deals damage to a player. Pretty neat as well.

Troll Chieftain Presentation small

Last of the Troll Creatures in the Legendary Legacy Set is Venus Caller. This one I got only recently so I don’t have a card preview for you just yet. All you need to know is that you get to pick up the top 3 cards of your Spellbook when he comes into play and add all Trolls to your hand and put the rest under your Spellbook. A very vital card in a Troll tribal deck that ensures you don’t run out of steam, or Trolls, during mid and late game. Here’s the amazing art for you (you can see his ghastly brethren behind him!):

venus_caller small


OK everyone! That is the latest news and art / card previews I can show you for Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy!

As I said I will do my best to resolve the artist issues and see to it, that the long-anticipated (at least by myself) expansion will see print finally!

Thank you very much for your patience and thanks for reading this here post!

Game on!!




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