Now for something completely different: “The Soundtrack of my Life”

Well, dear reader expecting games and nerddom galore,

this is not a post you were expecting to see here, as it has to nothing to do with either games or nerddom. In a sudden notion of nostalgia when hearing an old favorite song of mine on youtube, I suddenly realized that about every stage, every major part of my still quite young life (It is now the year  2014 A.D. and I am 26 now, turning 27 on 31st of May this year) had its kind of music, either one whole music genre, one band, one album, or even just a song which I will forever link with that time in my life and which, when I hear it today, invokes the feeling of what life meant and felt like back then in my mind. I call this, the “Soundtrack of my Life” and would like to share my fond, very personal, musical memories with you, dear reader. Oddly the musical “tour de force” pretty much starts with the Lords Prayer of the Christian faith (well the techno verison at least, as a redeeming factor) and leads to anti-theist punk band Bad Religion’s “Shattered Faith”, which could not have been a better fit for that particularly exciting and important time in my life. I have to note that I still listen to many of the songs I have loved years and decades ago, and, as you will see, my taste for music can well be called diverse…

1) EAV: Nie wieder Kunst – My earliest years:

My first contact with the fascinating and to me mysterious world of music was when a fellow pupil back in elementary school showed a song to me to tease me. Back then I was already widely known as a talented junior artist and the titel of the track was “Nie Wieder Kunst” which translates to “No more art”. The music is horrible but I had to get that tape and my career as a passive musician (one that only listens and cannot create music himself that is) began:

2) E-Nomine: Vater Unser – Early teen years as a Christian… cause I liked the music

When I was about 10 or 11 years of age I was a christian. A cultural christian, because I knew nothing else and cause I loved that music!

3) Basil Poledouris – Riddle Of Steel / Riders Of Doom – Choral as a novelty in my musical universe

This one fascinated me when I was around 12 years old and my godfather gave me a CD called “Cinema Choral Classics” as a present and still fascinates me today.

4) Jamie McKenny, Kornog: Jesuitmont – A long-term relationship after discovering celtic folk music

Man this was a revelation to me, the instruments, the overall sound, the energy. This should mark the beginning of a long-term love relationship with music with celtic roots (irish folk etc.).

5) Vangelis: Conquest of Paradiese – A time of mystery and magic begins

This still makes shivers run down my spine, always has and always will! It marked a time of spiritual exploration and magical thinking, distancing myself from my former, indeed childish, catholic belief system. A long journey which would culminate in postreligionism would begin.

6) Ambra: Walking in the Air – Fully immersed in the world of magic, wicca and spiritualism

In the midst of my spiritualistic / esoteric phase, I thought I could actually walk in the air if I just meditated hard enough.

7) The Beatles: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Discovering musical diamonds in the past

I first came across the music of the Beatles when I gave a CD of them to my mom as christmas present. I ended up listening to that one all the time and the Album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” inspired me to my first great period of artistic activity.

8) Scott McKenzie: San Francisco – “Man why wasn’t I born earlier?”

I think I always was a hippie, and I will always be I guess. I just wished I could have been at Woodstock…

9) Hammerfall: Follow the Signs of the Crimson Thunder – Heavy Metal, first contact

A friend let me listen to this and I was enthralled. First contact with one of my all-time favorite music genres was established. The song itself is kinda cheesy and is still a running gag with me and some friends.

10) Placebo: Every you, every me – Unrequited teenage love condensed in a song

I must have been around 16 or 17 when I was madly in love with a girl. It was unrequited love alas and the title song of that awful film I don’t know the english title of was just in the cinemas. A perfect fit at that time…

11) Anti-Flag: 911 for Peace – My Anti-Bush-Regime views in a world that had changed

In 2001 the world changed all of a sudden. The results, apparent craving for global domination, undescribable injustice and “war for oil”, awakened the politically thinking person in me. Back then I digged that kind of music as it expressed my anger and powerlessness. The part of Martin Luther King’s famours speach still sends the shivers down my spine.

12) Queens of the Stone Age: Little Sister – Driving myself through my final exams

The Album Lullabies  to Paralyze and this song in particular powered me through studying for months on end for my final exam.

13) Wolfmother: Colossal – A new band of a classic kind

During my days of civil service (instead of serving in the army) this band playing a strange kind of rather old fashioned music awakened my interest in the roots of heavy metal and hard rock.

14) Flogging Molly: What’s left of the Flag – Another kind of irish folk

This music was the perfect mix between modern, (punk)rock elements and classic cletic/irish music. So powerful. It captured me immediately.

15) Led Zeppelin: Achilles Last Stand – Discovering the grandfathers of heavy metal

After Wolfmother and during my beginning studies of Social Work, Led Zeppelin was my loyal companion with this song and others.

16) Bad Religion: Shattered Faith – Letting go of god for good

Finally, time was at hand to make a clean cut to the religion I was born and raised in. This kind of music gave vital moral support during this exciting and important albeit also difficult step in my life.

17) Hubert von Goisern: Iawaramoi & Schleiniger – Far from home, back to the roots

A practical placement in India brought me farther away from home than I had ever dreamt off and the music of Hubert von Goisern, magnificently blending classic Austrian folk music, which I had abhorred up until then, with modern elemenets helped cure the homesickness.

18) Corvus Corax: Ballade de Mercy – Going waaay back in time to discover an exotic kind of music

Got hooked on the exotic and beautiful tunes of bands emulating and drawing from medieval music, first and foremost Corvus Corax.

19) Black Sabbath: Paranoid – Going insane over a distant woman

I had been listening to Black Sabbath before but there was a brief time in my life when a very distant woman was driving me insane like it goes in their song “Evil Woman”. Listened to Black Sabbath a lot during this time and this is my favorite song.

20) Amon Amarth: Twilight of the Thundergod -Discovering pagan/viking metal

A combination I had never thought possible: Pagan/Germanic/Viking lore and elements mixed with heavy metal. Kickass for a neo-heathen like myself.

21) Omnia: Lughnasadh – Holding up the legacy and traditions of the ancestors

This is simply beautiful and meditative for me. Hail to Sun and Hail to Life! This really made me realize that even though you are an atheist you can still find beauty in natural objects and phenomena and, whilst not worshipping or praising them, at least appreciating them.

22) Corvus Corax: Ragnarök – The present

The Album Sverker by Corvus Corax is what is running non-stop since like 2 weeks in my humble “nerd-cave”.


Well I hope you enjoyed this little but very personal tour through the music of my life. Who knows what will come next? I for one am curious to find out!!

Being back soon with more games and nerdness – promise.

Yours humanly,



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