Andi’s Games Realm teaming up with THE COLLECTIONARY!

Dear readers!

I am always astonished and baffled, in a positive sense, about the mails I am receiving with awesome offers and opportunities or whatnot, and as it happened, I received such a pleasantly surprising mail just recently. A very kind person from a very interesting and ambitious project/website/web-community reached out to me, having read my old Yu-Gi-Oh blog, which I discontinued to dedicate myself to this here more diverse blog, and seemingly having liked what I wrote so much that they decided to contact me. I am not only honored but also humbled that somebody appreciated the countless articles I wrote back then that much!

The Collectionary is a web-platform with the ambitious plan, noble quest or worthy cause, whatever you prefer, of creating an extensive collection of images and info of anything collectible, which includes of course, among many other things, collectible card games such as Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh, the latter being the reason why they noticed me thanks to my extensive blogging on the game back then on my old, Yu-Gi-Oh exclusive blog.

The motives of the The Collectionary crew are pure, ambitious and bold and something, which I welcome and want to engcourage. As my contact person Pretty Hagad put it:

“We are working on building a Dictionary of all the amazing Collectibles ever created, and we’re hoping that your readers will learn about us.”

Well, dear readers, if you are into collectibles of ANY kind, not just cards but ANYTHING that is collectible, I would highly recommend you to take a look at their site at, have a look around and maybe even become a member of their active and dedicated community.

There are many differen sections on their main page. If you are most interested in board games you might want to check out

Collectionary Board Games

For the Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast there is a “club” found at

Collectionary Yu Gi Oh

There are countless more categories so I’d really recommend you explore this awesome site a bit, as I will surely do once I get some spare time again after all the work that occupies me fully these days is done.

Oh and lest I forget, there are huge facebook fan/community pages on facebook run by the Collectionary guys. You might want to join the fun at

if you are into board games in general or at

if you happen to be into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG!

Well I hope you find this site which was totally new to me up until a few days ago as interesting as I do.

Next upcoming blog post on here: A news roundup about various (game) projects I am currently occupied with, including Elemental Clash and EC HEX, Biomechanic Dino Battles and among others.

Thank you for your attention and a very special thank you to Pretty of the Collectionary for getting in touch with me about this!

Game on!



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