Yu-Gi-Oh: A De-LIGHT-ful Casual Deck (Work-in-Progress)

Dear friends of the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game!

It seems my Magic-craze of late has diminished and so I am back writing about Yu-Gi-Oh! again after a long pause on the subject.

After browsing some of the cards in my quite extensive collection, I came across one of my older deck designs and re-built that deck with some tweaks. I am not sure if I already posted about this deck in particular on this blog (but I am pretty sure I posted it to my old Yu-Gi-Oh-only blog) so if this seems familiar to you, you may as well skip this article.

So while ago I built a deck just from random cards I happened to own, revolving around more or less subtle interactions of a number of Light Monsters, most notably

Lightray Grepher 

and the in my opinion very powerful Freed the Brave Wanderer.

Lightray Grepher and Freed the Brave Wanderer have a nice synergy which becomes apparent when you read what they actually do. While Lightray Grepher can be Special Summoned by discarding a Light Monster of Level 5 or higher and has the effect to banish a Light Monster from your deck by discarding any Light Monster from hand, Freed the Brave Wanderer lets you once per turn banish 2 Light Monsters from your graveyard to destroy any Monster on the field with a higher attack than his own. So basically, as long as you keep adding Light Monsters to your graveyard, Freed will keep destroying any Monsters stronger than 1700 ATK which is quite an awesome effect in my opinion. If you just use these two cards in conjunction, you can basically Normal Summon Freed on your first turn, then Special Summon Grepher the very same turn, discarding a higher level Light Monster and maybe also active his effect to banish one Light Monster from your deck and discard one Light Monster from your hand. By doing so,  you will not only be able to use Freed’s devastating ability repreatedly, you will also have a ton of banished Monsters which can, at basic level, be Special Summoned with Return from the Different Dimension or D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation.

Now those who are wise in the ways of Yu-Gi-Oh! will realize that this card would go awesomely well with this kind of setup:

Well as you can read for yourself, Lightray Sorcerer would ROCK combined with the two aforementioned Monsters. Only problem: I don’t own a single copy of it, but who knows, maybe I’ll get a hold of some sooner or later in case I find the deck enjoyable overall!

There is more to this deck than just the interactions of two central Monsters, Lightray Grepher and Freed the Brave Wanderer. Let’s have a look at the full deck list:

Lightforce Deck:


3 x Lightray Grepher

3 x Freed the Brave Wanderer

3 x Herald of Creation

1 x D. D. Warrior Lady

3 x Thunder Dragon

2 x Cyber Dragon

2 x Lightray Daedalus

2 x The Creator

2 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon


3 x D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation

1 x Pot of Greed

1 x Graceful Charity

1 x Trade-In

1 x Card Destruction

1 x Reload

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Premature Burial

1 x Foolish Burial

1 x Swords of Revealing Light

1 x Lightning Vortex

1 x Dark Hole


2 x Return from the Different Dimension

1 x Torrential Tribute

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Call of the Haunted

Well this deck runs many (Traditional Format) staple Spells and Traps such as Pot of Greed, Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, Call of the Haunted and Torrential Tribute among others. While I think all these cards are of great general usefulness, I am inclined to happily swap them out for some more thematic cards as soon as I come across such. For now the deck as it stands is probably decent and moderately powerful, not least due to the fact that it runs all the what I call “Power Cards” except things like Raigeki and Harpy’s Feather Duster, which I don’t play in my decks anymore in general, as I simply consider them too powerful and devastating, to an extent that a deck containing them becomes less fun to play than it would be without those.

So besides the aforementioned staple cards, what makes this deck work? Well we have already seen how well what I consider the key Monsters of the deck, Lightray Grepher and Freed the Brave Wanderer, work together. Also I have pointed out that Lightray Sorcerer would be an awesome addition to the deck. Alas, as stated above, I don’t have a copy or two of that one handy so I must manage without it – for the time being. The deck still has a lot going on for it though:

Besides Grepher and Freed I run 3 copies of Thunder Dragon, which is quite weak and sucky for a Lv 5 Monster but its ability makes it worth running in this deck as far as I am concerned. You can discard a Thunder Dragon from your hand to add up to 2 more Thunder Dragons from your deck to your hand. Why is this useful or relevant? Because firstly you can discard one Thunder Dragon to get two more, then, if you have Lightray Grepher out, you can discard one of the two to Special Summon Grepher and use the second Dragon in your hand to activate Grepher’s ability, letting you banish one of your Light Monsters from your deck (to be Special Summoned immediately or later on through D.D.R. or Return from the Different Dimension) by discarding your second Thunder Dragon from hand. So you will end up with a free Lightray Grepher, 2 Light Monsters in your graveyard to fuel Freed’s destructive ability and one banished Monster, which, as stated above, can be Special Summoned through various means from there. Also you have effectively thinned out your deck. There are also some minor synergies with Thunder Dragon and Card Destruction or Reload. Discard one Thunder Dragon to get 2 more out of your deck, then activate Reload or Card Destruction to create some minor card advantage that may or may not matter.

Then this deck features – surprise, surprise – several “Boss Monsters” as you could call them.

Instead of Lightray Sorcerer I am running 2 Lightray Daedalus, which can only be Special Summoned when 4 or more Light Monsters are in your graveyard. While that requirement is easily met with discarding Thunder Dragons and/or through the effect of Lightray Grepher for instance, I do realize that there is some dissynergy between Daedalus and Freed the Brave Wanderer, the latter banishing Light Monsters from your Graveyard when activating his effect while the former needs Light Monsters in the graveyard in order to be (Special) Summoned. However I think this is managable and Lightray Daedalus is quite the “Boss Monster” to have with 2700 ATK and a situationally devastating effect (Target 1 Field Spell and any two other cards on the field and destroy all of them – once per turn). This one is going to be swapped out in favor of Lightray Sorcerer if I decide to get a hold of those eventually).

Then we got The Creator as another “Boss Monster”. For a LV 8 Monster his ATK is lackluster at 2300 (but he has a great DEF of 3000 – which will hardly ever matter though) but again, it is his effect that redeems him. Once per turn you can discard 1 card from hand (again a possible discard outlet for creating more Light Monster fodder for Freed the Brave Wanderer) to Special Summon ANY 1 Monster from your Graveyard. Your prime target will be one of the two Blue-Eyes White Dragons which I am running as the third Boss Monster for lack of a better idea and mainly as a powerful beater. The Creator himself can not be Special Summoned from your graveyard however, and I don’t run Seahorse Kaiser either, which would count as two tributes for your Creators, I am having a different plan for getting out The Creator easily, bypassing the two tributes needed and the “cannot be Special Summoned from Graveyard” clause: Nowhere does it say The Creator cannot be Special Summoned from the Banishment. So what you would do is banish him either from your deck through Lightray Grepher’s effect OR banish him from your graveyard through Freed’s effect, after having dropped your Creator there by your various means of discarding and just Special Summon him from the Removed From Game Zone with D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation or Return from the Different Dimension.

Another card which is not overly powerful but has some nice synergies in this deck in particular is Herald of Creation. At 1800 ATK its stats are decent for a Lv 4 Monster and its effect lets you discard a card (again useful to populate your graveyard with Light Monsters) to take any Lv 7 or higher Monster from your graveyard back into your hand. You can retrieve you lost “Boss Monsters” with this effect or discard Blue-Eyes or the Creator from your hand to draw 2 cards from Trade-In and return the discarded Monster to your hand. It is basically a Monster Reincarnation on a 1800 ATK Monster, so overall a pretty decent card which should come in handy many times.

Two Cyber Dragons and one D. D.  Warrior Lady complete the deck’s cast of Monsters and provide additional power and usefulness. If you cannot Special Summon your Cyber Dragon(s) just use them as discard fodder for Lightgray Grepher for instance, thus adding additional Light Monsters to your graveyard.

When it comes to Spells and Traps, I already mentioned above that the deck runs, quite uninventively, a ton of common staples. Besides those, 3 copies of D. D. R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation and 2 copies of Return  from the Different Dimensions are key Spells and Traps in this deck. We have already seen how many ways there are in this deck to banish Monsters, either from your graveyard to activate Freed the Brave Wanderer’s effect or from your hand or deck through Lightray Grepher. While D.D.R. lets you Special Summon one of these banished Monsters at the cost of discarding a card from hand, Return from the Different Dimension Special Summons as many of your banished Monsters as possible, thus acting as your finisher card. The only downside is you have to pay half of your Life Points to activate it and, more importantly, destroys all these Monsters at end of turn. So you’d better make sure not to run into a Mirror Force or other nasty things as you got only one shot with this card. Book of Moon would let you keep one of the Special Summoned Monsters but I am not sure if that alone would warrant adding a few Books…

Well that is my Casual Light Creature deck for you. I know it is far from being perfect or competitive and I could think of a dozen cards that would do it good such as Honest or the aforementioned Lightray Sorcerer, but consider it as a fun work-in-progress!


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