Yu-Gi-Oh: New Structure Deck Cyber Dragon Revolution – Reviewed!

At long last, a Yu-Gi-Oh article again! šŸ˜€

Not long after the release of the Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck, which I enjoyed particularly well, Konami has followed up with yet another kickass (as we shall see) Structure Deck, revolving yet again around one of the most iconic Monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG:

Cyber Dragon Revolution!

The name says it all. The latest Structure Deck is all about the notorious, special summon for free Machine Monster: Cyber Dragon!

Since the card was and is highly popular among the followers of the Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG, many support cards, cards interacting with and refering to the original Cyber Dragon card were released, making “Cyber Dragon” a real “deck archetype” in the game. A good deal of these support and Cyber Dragon related cards is rightfully included in the Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck, which I grabbed as soon as it was released and about which I would like to talk a bit in the following!

So what do you get for the approx. 10 Euros one of these decks will cost you?

You will get a total of 42 cards, 4 of which are holos, among them 2 Ultra Rares and 2 Super Rares as well as your two copies of plain, old Cyber Dragon himself. I think it is semi-limited (I don’t care that much about official restrictions though) so that is just fine. Among the holos (ultra and super rares) are 1 copy of Cyber Dragon Core, Cyber Dragon Drei, the awesome Fusion Monster Cyber Twin Dragon and the new, Cyber Dragon deck ace card, the ultra-powerful and ultra-flashy XYZ Monster Cyber Dragon Nova.

For a detailed card list of the Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck I refer you to the Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia!

The deck itself is stoked with all kinds of Cyber Dragon related and support cards from the history up to the present of the game. This structure deck I think is not one of the easiest decks to pilot the right way, as there are many, more or less, subtle and intricate interactions, most of which revolve around Cyber Dragon and its derivates, so I would recommend against it if you are new to the game. It is these kinds of cards that have a whole essay crammed into a small text box with a font so small you’d need a microscope to read it properly (well actually it is not THAT bad) that makes me think this one is best for intermediate/advanced players. On the other hand, these qualities are what intrigues me, certainly belonging to the more advanced players, about this Structure Deck in particular. While the previous Structure Deck was pretty basic, revolving around the “vanilla” (as in Normal-Monster as opposed to Effect-Monster) Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the new Cyber Dragon Revolution Deck needs skill and experience to be played the right way in my opinion, but if you are able to master it you will be rewarded with awesome deck interactions including Fusion Summoning the powerful Cyber Twin Dragon or XYZ-ing into a no less powerful Cyber Dragon Nova.

If you always wanted to try out a Cyber Dragon Deck, this is your chance and I recommend getting three copies of this Structure Deck so you have all the powerful cards needed for this kind of deck at least in playsets of 3. I don’t think there has ever been a cheaper way to get your hands on a decent, even powerful Cyber Dragon deck like that.

Let me highlight a few of the more notable cards included in the Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck.

I will start with the “stars” of the deck: The Extra Deck Monsters:

Cyber Dragon Nova:

Cyber Dragon Nova is the real deal! You can XYZ-Summon him for example by overlaying two Cyber Dragons (and trust me, there are many ways to get two of those into play in this deck) and will get a 2100/1600 XYZ-Monster with so many great effects they could barely fit all that in that tiny text box! I mean you can read it for yourself, but you can for once detach 1 XYZ-Material from him to Special Summon a Cyber Dragon from your graveyard. Then you can banish a Cyber Dragon from hand or the field to increase Nova’s attack by a whooping 2100 ATK. Lastly, if your Cyber Dragon Nova goes to the graveyard through an opponent’s card effect, you get to Special Summon 1 Machine Type Monster from your Fusion Deck. Yes, that’d be Cyber Twin Dragon then. How can you not like this card? What a deal. So many great effects on just one Monster. I am intrigued…

Cyber Twin Dragon:

Your Fusion Monster in the deck has a quite impressive ATK of 2800 and the best thing: He can attack twice every turn. Not bad either and all it takes to Fusion Summon him is two Cyber Dragons. Considering how many of your Monsters like Proto Cyber Dragon count as Cyber Dragons when on the field, meeting thte requirements to facilitate Fusion Summoning Cyber Twin Dragon appears quite easy.

Cyber Dragon Core:

This one lets you add a “Cyber” Spell or Trap card from your deck to your hand when Normal Summoned. Also, if your opponent controls a monster and you don’t control any you can banish this from your Graveyard to Special Summon a Cyber Dragon from your deck, which is pretty amazing. Also note that this card counts as Cyber Dragon as long as it is on the field or in your graveyard. Pretty handy!

Cyber Dragon Drei:

Cyber Dragon Drei has a respectable 1800 ATK for a Lv 4 Monster. What makes this card special are its many awesome effects as you might have guessed. First of all, when you Normal Summon it, you can make all your Cyber Dragons Level 5, so including those which aren’t actual Cyber Dragons like Proto-Cyber Dragon, which makes it very easy to pull of one, or who knows even two XYZ Summons of Cyber Dragon Nova. What is more, when Cyber Dragon Drei is banished, you can make one of your Cyber Dragon Monsters immune to card effects for one turn. Lastly, Cyber Dragon Drei will count as Cyber Dragon when on the field or in the graveyard.

Cyber Dragon Zwei and Proto-Cyber DragonĀ are two more Monsters that count as Cyber Dragon when on the field (or in the graveyard in the case of Cyber Dragon Zwei.

Cyber ValleyĀ has an amazing array of different effects of which you can chose to activate one: Either you banish it when it is targeted for an attack by an opponent Monster and then draw 1 card and end the battle phase. Or banish Cyber Valley and another Monster you control to draw 2 cards which is pretty awesome! Or banish Cyber Valley and another card from your hand to put any one card from your graveyard on top of your deck. With so many options and the inherent interactions in this deck including banishing stuff I can really see this card shine. If nothing else you can always use D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation to Special Summon a Monster you’ve banished with Cybertal OR even unleash a Return from the Different Dimension when you have banished lots of Monsters already to bring them all back at once. So many possibilities!

Cyber Repair Plant:

This Spell is quite useful in the context of this deck and has two different effects. If one Cyber Dragon is in your graveyard, you may activate one and if at least 3 Cyber Dragons are in your graveyard you may activate both effects and resolve one after the other. The effects are either add one Light Machine Monster from your deck to your hand OR chose a Light Machine Monster from your graveyard and shuffle it into your deck. This is an incredibly powerful searcher in a deck filled with Machine Monsters of the Light Attribute. And if you happen to have at least 3 Cyber Dragons in your graveyard (mind you that not only regular Cyber Dragon counts as Cyber Dragon when in the graveyard in this deck) you can even use Cyber Repair Plant to basically add any Monster to your hand, even from the graveyard. It appears to me that this deck features many cards with multiple uses. This is certainly one of them!

Evolution Burst:

Another powerful Spell card featured in this deck that lets you destroy any one card your opponent controls, with the requirement that you need at least one Cyber Dragon (or a card that counts as Cyber Dragon) on the field. A requirment that is easily met with this particular kind of deck. The only downside is that your Cyber Dragons won’t be able to attack the turn you activate Evolution Burst. Well anyways you can get rid of pretty much any unwanted card which redeems this Spell for me!

Dimensional Prison:

Well just a better version of Sakuretsu Armor. The reason why I am mentioning this Trap card in particular is that they aren’t actually cheap to buy. This is another reason why I got myself 3 copies of this Structure Deck!

Well that concludes my little review of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck, “Cyber Dragon Revolution”. All in all this is an exciting addition to the game’s Structure Decks series and again, while I would advise a beginner against picking up this particular Structure Deck (Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon is much more beginner friendly in my opinion) it offers a lot of fun and (gameplay) value to the more advanced afficionados of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. If you are seriously interested in a decent Cyber Dragon deck, I can wholeheartedly recommend picking up 3 copies of this Structure Deck, which will give you pretty much all you need for building a successful and exciting deck of that kind.


3 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh: New Structure Deck Cyber Dragon Revolution – Reviewed!

  1. After playing magic off and on and finally deciding to quit for numerous reasons but not willing to give up card games as a whole I started playing yu go oh with a friend and his girlfriend and it has been quite enjoyable. I started playing with the blue eyes deck you mentioned but after about a month of playing it I’ve decided to give cyber dragon a try this helped a ton I thought I was gonna be going out of my league by trying it but I’m not I think haha. Anyways thanks look forward to more articles.

  2. what about cyber eltanin its my trump card for the deck and even if you cant make it have thousands of attack you can use it to clear your opponents field.

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