M:tG: Galvanize This! Another “Crap Rare” Deck:

Dear readers and friends of the Magic: the Gathering CCG!

I am in the mood for writing once again so I would like to show you another one of my notorious “crap rare” decks, which I have come up with quite a while ago. The central crap rare in this deck would be this usually overlooked guy:

When I saw Galvanoth the first time in the Izzet vs Golgari duel decks, I thought the ability had quite some potential, so I came up with a deck built around this Beast, trying to maximize the use of its quite potent ability. Here is the deck list I ended up with:


4 x Augury Owl 1U

4 x Galvanoth 3RR


4 x Brainstorm U

4 x Serum Visions U

4 x Condescend XU

4 x Reverberate RR / 4 x Twincast UU

2 x Discombobulate 2UU


3 x Time Stretch 8UU

2 x Cruel Ultimatum UUBBBRR

2 x Plague Wind 7BB

1 x Searing Wind 8R


4 x Izzet Keyrune


4 x Halimar Depths

4 x Izzet Guildgate

7 x Mountain

7 x Island

About the Deck:

Well this is one of these decks that totally rely on one card, in this case Galvanoth, hence this should not be taken as a serious attempt at building a competitive deck. It is more of a fun experiment which could work out as intended in like every other game, in a casual environment needless to mention.

The basic premise is to get Galvanoth into play as early as possible – favorably on turn 4 powered through Izzet Keyrune – and to use your manifold deck manipulation / scry spells to set up one of your big sorceries for Galvanoth to cast for free on the consecutive turns.

A redeeming factor might be the fact that the deck features at least some countermagic in the form of Condescend and Discombobulate, but in case you just don’t find one of your four Galvanoths despite the abundant deck manipulation, you are pretty much done for.

Speaking of deck manipulation, you got a ton of that. Halimar Depths is a land that lets you look at the top 3 cards of your deck and put them back in any order when it enters play, Augury Owl lets you scry for 3 when it is played and various cheap instants like Serum Visions and Brainstorm (probably the best deck manipulation spell you have as you can even put (a) card(s) from your hand on top of your deck to play it for free via Galvanoth) as well as the aforementioned counters that let you scry or look at and rearrange the top cards of your library.

The actual killers in the deck are 8 sorceries: 3 copies of Time Stretch, 2 Cruel Ultimatums, 2 Plague Winds and 1 Searing Wind. If you have Glavanoth and means to manipulate what is on top of your library you will be casting one of these for free every single turn at best. Reverberate will copy any of those for you at the mere cost of RR, which means 4 additional turns in case of Time Stretch and a game-winning 20 damage right in your opponent’s face with Searing Wind for instance! IF it works out that is…


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