AWE: About the Civilizations & A New Artist on the Team

Dear readers!

Today I am going to present you with a small update on my latest game project in the making:

The AWE Tactical Card Game.

For those who missed the initial AWE-announcement post, AWE stands for “Antediluvian Wars – Extermination” and is a game I am developing at the moment in collaboration with my Indonesian friend and talented artist Widodo Pangarso.

As our plan is to leak a little bit of information every now and then, I would like to do just that now by telling you a bit more about the factions to be featured in the game. There will be 4 of these factions, each inspired by real world mythology about ancient, long-lost civilizations who were said to be, albeit ancient, highly advanced in science and technology. Please take a look at the warrior concepts Widodo drew based on my very own sketches, each representing one of the 4 lost civilizations to be featured in the AWE Tactical Card Game:

AWE Warrior Concepts

Let me share some information on each of the four grand civilizations from left to right:

  • About the civilization of Mu:

The Muans are the ancestors of the Hawaiian and Polynesian people and look similar to them. While they abhor technology, they have great magical capabilities and they are a spiritualistic people of shamans, wizards and necromancers, among other things, closely bound to nature.  The Muans dress themselves in wooden armor, leather and other materials found in nature. While Muans are not very advanced when it comes to technology, they have powerful magic at their command and can summon, communicate with and control wild animals. Thus the Muan army includes among other things the “great lizards”, which live in the tropical regions where Mu is located. Some Muan soldiers for instance ride on Raptors and some even take to the skies on flying lizards. The Muans worship and are ruled by their God Oro.

  • About the civilization of Lemuria:

The Lemurians are slightly dark skinned similar to the people of present day Southern India and have curly, black hair. They are the forefathers of the Mesopotamian and Indian cultures. The Lemurians are the most advanced people when it comes to technology and have invented many powerful war machines, most notably the flying Vimana War Ships which harness the power of Vril – a knowledge that is lost nowadays. Their soldiers are dressed in precious and ornate silver armor and are equipped with “Thunderrods” which are ranged weapons, staffs that shoot lightning. They are great engineers and artificers and have many powerful weapons at their disposal such as the Brahamastra, the ultimate weapon similar to the modern day atom bomb. When it comes to magic, the Lemurians are not as skilled as the other civilizations which makes them equal to the others even though they are by far superior when it comes to technology. The Lemurian society is ruled by a caste of high priests who serve their God Krishna, The Prince of the Heavens.

  • About the civilization of Atlantis:

The Atlanteans are a fair, tall and white skinned race of seafarers and inventive scientists. They control a huge sea empire and are ruled by their God Hermes Trismegistos, who is said to have come down from the stars. After Atlantis sank into the sea, the Atlanteans fathered many cultures such as the Egyptian and South American civilizations of old. The Atlantean clothing style resembles that of ancient Egypt. The Atlanteans are masterful astronomers and researchers and have invented many advanced technologies. They have a very well organized army with infantry and cavalry. Their magical abilities are mediocre but they are closely bonded to the creatures of the sea so they can summon the denizens of the deep such as the dreaded Sea Serpent or the Kraken.

  • About the civilization of Hyperborea:

The Hyperboreans are the ancestors of Icelandic, Scandinavian and other Northern European Cultures and the mythologies of that cultures were inspired by the ancient Hyperboreans, which lived in a snowy, cold but volcanically active continent to the north of where Iceland is located today. The Hyperboreans are short and stout in stature, like to wear long beards and dress themselves in furs and pelts, their warriors wearing iron armor.They are expert engineers and master blacksmiths and have managed to harness the power of steam and gun-powder. One of their most feared warriors are the Steamgunner Squads which wield automatic guns powered by steam as their name suggests. The Hyperboreans also mastered taming the creatures that live in their homeland such as polar bears, woolly rhinos, mammoths and also dragons.  The ruler and God of the Hyperborean people is Heimdall.

So much for a brief overview of the four great civilizations in the (historically not accurate) world of AWE.

As the second part of this small update on the AWE Tactical Card Game, I would like to welcome

Dennis Saputra

to the AWE art team. Dennis is from Indonesia as well, just like Widodo, and some my know him from previous posts about other of my projects as he has worked on some before, most notably Elemental Clash, and has proven to be not only reliable, fast and affordable, but also great to work with. Widodo and I hired Dennis to help out with the initial, “pre-Kickstarter” viusals of the AWE Tactical Card Game and he could hardly be stopped from getting started!

Below a little card preview featuring great art by Dennis Saputra, based on a sketch I did myself:

Hyperborean Heavy Cavalry small


And here’s the card with Dennis’ art:

Hyperborean Heavy Cavalry Sample


Alright this is it for today’s AWE-some update!

Stay tuned as more is bound to come soon.

Game on!




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