AWE-some News: Announcing the AWE Tactical Card Game!

Dear readers!

I am very proud and pleased to announce here and now my new collaboration game project

AW logo

which I am going to realize over the course of the year with my good friend and highly talented artist

Widodo Pangarso

from Indonesia, who has already shown his skills to great extent as illustrator contributing to my games Elemental Clash and Space Clash.

Widodo recently approached me with a proposition which came unexpected and is something like every game designer’s dream come-true: Widodo offered to do a game together with me, me coming up with a game and he kindly providing the artwork for the game I would develop. Of course I accepted the unique offer and thus “Antediluvian Wars – Extermination”, or “AWE” for short, was born.

(I had to promise Widodo to work on a “ghost hunter” themed game in the future and I hereby solemnly swear to do keep my word regarding that matter!)

So the logo is already AWE-some so to say, but what will make this game stand out from the crowd and make it really an AWE-some gaming experience? I won’t say too much in this first, really brief announcment, but these things you will be able to look forward to in AWE, the Tactical Card Game:

  • AWE-some Theme:

It is the end of the last Great Ice Age, roughly 12.000 years before our time and the world is at war. Four highly-advanced but nowadays almost forgotten, prehistoric civilizations dwelling on the four lost continents of legend and myth – Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, Lemuria in the Indian Ocean, Hyperborea in the arctic regions of the high north and Mu in the Pacific – wage war against each other, vying for world domination. In this historically not really accurate prehistory, where magic and technology co-exist, you will be the god of one of those grand, nowadays lost civilizations, their highest political and spiritual leader and authority, and will be marshalling a fantastic array of military units in order to dethrone the opponent god(s) before they can overcome you. With the unique and exciting theme and setting of Antediluvian Wars – Extermination, pretty much anything goes. Expect truly AWE-some units such as Muan Raptor Riders (see below), Zombie T-Rexes brought back to life through black magic, steampunky Hyperborean Steamgunners and War Mammoths, Atlantean Stargazers and Lemurian Vimana Flying Machines and much, much more. So don’t be surprised what fantastic things we are going to present you with over the course of the next few months as more and more visual previews and insights on AWE – The Tactical Card Game will be revealed gradually!

  • AWE-some Art:

My project partner Widodo is, as mentioned before, a highly gifted artist and illustrator and while I will be providing artistic guidance in the form of concept sketches and other instructions and input, he will bring the game to life!

And here for your visual pleasure, the first art & card preview for AWE:

Muan Raptor Rider Sample

What the actual keywords mean and how the card “works” will be detailed in a later post! Don’t want to tell you too much just now!

  • AWE-some Mechanics:

In AWE, some truly amazing new concepts and mechanics for your gaming pleasures, will be introduced. While the rules stand pretty much right now, I will not give away everything right now, but would instead like to showcase two of the core mechanics / concepts which are going to be featured in the game:

Firstly, THE core mechanic in AWE, which actually arose from a problem we were facing. Since Widodo is just one guy and has to work on paid jobs as well, the number of artworks he can produce in a limited time is… well… limited. So I remembered a concept my good friend, fellow game designer and vendor of fine wines, Tobias Strunz from Germany (Please do check out his own epic game project at , mentioned.

So in AWE, you will be able to use each card in three different ways, in three modes so to say. Please have a look at the graphics below, which will explain this AWE-some concept, which not only saves us a ton of art but also offers a ton of interesting in-game decisions that actually matter (which i regard as one of the key factors which all “good” games have in common):

How to play a card

The second concept makes a differentiation between “Wounded” and “Un-Wounded” Units. It basically goes like this:

A Unit comes into play Un-Wounded, or healty you may say, and is placed upright. When it would receive what would in similar card games be “lethal damage” it is not destroyed but instead turned sideways, rotated 90° to the left and now counts as wounded. If the Unit would receive “lethal damage” again, it is “slain”, defeated and sent to the discard pile.

The cool thing is that a Wounded Unit’s Combat Value (“Power”) can be changed when in Wounded state and the Unit may gain special abilities and/or other bonuses when Wounded. Just imagine a Warrior who is heavily injured going berserk in battle.

Also have a look at the graphics below to get a better idea how the “Wounded-Unwounded Concept” works:

Wounded - Unwounded

Alright I think I have given away more than enough info already for this very first announcement of the AWE TCG (Tactical Card Game). So I hope I was able to demonstrate that this game will be thrice AWE-some, featuring amazing art from a talented illustrator, an epic and rarely seen theme in which anything, from War Mammoths over Steamgunners and Vimana aircraft to reanimated Zombie T-Rexes, is possible as well as an innovative and exciting mix of mechanics!

I will post more previews and additional information on the rules and mechanics as well as about pretty much anything related to this game in the making on a regular basis on this here blog. So if you are interested after having read this first announcement, please subscribe to this blog so as not to miss anything AWE-some!

We will also have a facebook page where regular updates, news and previews will be posted. As soon as I have the link, you might as well join us there!

Well thank you for your time and attention, hopefully you liked what you saw and read, and please check back regularly for the latest news on Antediluvian Wars – Extermination!

So stay tuned and game on!

Sincerely yours,

Andi and Widodo


Update: Here is the official facebook page for AWE:


3 thoughts on “AWE-some News: Announcing the AWE Tactical Card Game!

  1. Very cool! Do the four different factions have different themes? Also, do you want any help with brainstorming card ideas? 😀

    • Thanks Louis and Nate for the encouraging comments! Nate: The factions will indeed have different themes like the Muans being magic and nature affinitive shamans, beastmasters and necromancers and the Hyperboreans being kinda steampunky and so on. Will describe each of the four factions / civilization in a soon-to-come post! No worries I will be sharing a lot more on the world of AWE in due time! 😀

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