Welcome, Emmanuel Bou Roldán to the EC Art Team!!

Dear readers and friends of Elemental Clash!

I would like you all to give a warm welcome to our newest member in the ever-growing family of talented and dedicted artists working hard on bringing the Elemental Clash cards I come up with in such a bountiful manner to life:

Emmanuel Bou Roldán

from Argentina (is that even correct, Emmanuel? :P)!!

Usually I am the one to look for and write to artists whether or not they wanted to join the EC art team, but in this case it was the other way around actually. Emmanuel discovered me or rather the Elemental Clash project and contacted me requesting art commissions for the game from me. That was actually a long while ago and at that time I simply had no budget to hire any more artists, however inexpensively they would work and howerver talented they might have been.

Well Emmanuel and I kept in touch and we agreed to wait until I had saved some money. So the time has come finally, as several “financial windfalls” occured and I could finally tell Emmanuel to get started. So without much further ado, here’s what you all are most curious about: The actual art!

Emmanuel did 4 pieces in like 4 days so far. So he is not only a kind and gentle fella and great to work with overall as well as a highly gifted illustrator, but also works fast as hell! Emmanuel could probably do a kickass artwork faster than you could say “Elemental Clash” thrice! 😀

Have a look at the stunning first 4 artworks from Emmanuel, with the proper card previews included:

Carrion Maggot:

Carrion Maggot Art and Card small

Shrewd Magpie:

Shrewd Magpie Art and Card small

Algorn, Wizard Adept:

Algorn, Wizard Adept Art and Card small

Lord Zephiros:

Lord Zephiros Art and Card small

Well you guys, I hope you all enjoyed the (in my humble opinion) awesome Legendary Legacy card and art previews!

More to come soon!

(A secretive cycle of 8 additional cards I want to release in Legendary Legacy has already been assigned to my new artist Emmanuel and I will reveal the result of his work soon. Or maybe I keep these additional 8 cards a secret until releases, so people have to actually buy the expansion to discover what awesomeness awaits! :D)

And before I forget: If you would like to see more of Emmanuel’s fantastic work, please have a look at his portfolio here!

Thank you for reading and for your attention and stay tuned for more awesome, EC-related news!!

Keep clashing!!




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