Elemental Clash in 2014: What is coming…

Dear readers and friends of Elemental Clash!

The good news regarding the Elemental Clash customizable card game just doesn’t seem to stop coming!

In this brief overview I will tell you what exciting things await in the still young new year 2014 regarding Elemental Clash.

And more is bound to come as one might have expected, as you can see for yourself in the nice picture below:

EC in 2014 Promo small

Here a brief overview of the awesome things to come THIS VERY YEAR:

EC App in the App Store (iOS) soon!

After fixing some intital bugs we had a great start with the EC App in Google Play (Android-version) and received a majority of outstandingly positive reviews, with people calling the App the best of its kind for mobile devices so far, which I take pride in as I have done my fair share in making the App a success (by designing the actual game! 😀 ). Due credit and “mad props” to my coders in Indonesia as well of course!

Those who don’t have Android but prefer Apple devices, do not fear. The iOS-Version of the game will be released and available in the App Store worldwide soon. When I say soon I mean in a matter of weeks. I cannot tell you the exact launch date in your country at this point as there will be a few “soft launches” in some countries to check for problems prior to the international release. The time of waiting will be over soon, Acolytes of Apple, that I can promise! 😀

EC: Legendary Legacy Expansion to be released this spring!

As you have probably read many times before on here or on facebook, a spring release of the first, full 100+ cards Expansion to Elemental Clash: The Master Set, going by the name of “Legendary Legacy” is more than realistic, not least due to the fact that several financial windfalls occured for my benefit, or rather for the benefit of the EC project as a whole (thank you supporters and patrons – your rewards shall be bountiful!). So we are making great progress with the creation of the card art, which is the only reason why I cannot release the Legendary Legacy Set right now, as about 70% of the artwork needed is already completed an paid for. Just follow the news on EC on facebook (www.facebook.com/elementalclash) or on here and you will get to see a lot of awesome art and card previews in the next few weeks and months, as we are nearing the completion of the art needed (just today I posted some of said awesome previews on here and on facebook :D).

EC Special Edition “Slavic Tales” to be released this summer!

My good friend and long time supporter of Elemental Clash, Filip Bąk from Poland…


…who studied architecture but also happens to be an amazingly talented comic artist, is going through the trouble of creating nearly 100 artworks for an EC Special Edition going by the name of “EC: Slavic Tales” which, following that which I have begun with “EC: Austrian Tales”, will be a full Elemental Clash Set with a slavic/eastern european mythology theme. Filip has completed a substantial part of the needed artwork already and is soldiering on diligently and full of enthusiams – unpaid, mind you – and told me that he would estimate that all art will be done some time this summer, so a summer 2014 release of EC: Slavic Tales on http://www.thegamecrafter.com (where else?) is highly likely.

This set will be special for another reason to the quite exotic theme (well for most it will be! :D) as we attempted to design a whole set of EC with all Creatures and no Spells! How that is supposed to work you ask? Well you just wait and see as we will do our “magic” and release some first card previews in the coming weeks and months! I will show you some of the magnificent artwork Filip created already for EC: Slavic Tales. While it may look different from the regular sets, the look is unique and everything will look highly consistent in the end as all art in this EC Special Edition will come from one person: Filip Bąk!

Here the art previews for your visual pleasure:

Here a very exclusive first card preview for you, dear readers!

Dobrochoczy Promo

Quickplay and Quickdefender are new keywords that will be introduced in Slavic Tales.  I will talk about all that and much more in a post dedicated to the Special Slavic EC Edition soon!

EC Special Edition “Nusantara Tales” to be released this fall!

Lastly, I am happy to announce that the Elemental Clash: Nusantara Tales project was just a few days ago conceived. I cannot show you any visuals yet but all you have to know is that it will be an EC Special Edition similar to Austrian or Slavic Tales all about the rich, fascinating and exotic world of Indonesian mythology and legends. My trusted artist Dennis Saputra, his CCG-savvy brother Novaldi (Aldi for short 🙂 )and I are working together on this Indonesian-themed set of EC. So far all we got is a list of mythical creatures and legends, but that is exactly how Austrian Tales started! I will surely keep you updated on this as well but please know that Dennis is currently very busy with illustrating yet another project of mine and will start on the Nusantara Tales illustrations later this year. We could be looking at a fall 2014 release though as Dennis is not only highly talented but also fast as hell when it comes to illustrating.

Anyways it is a great honor and pleasure to work with the  two Indonesian brothers on such an interesting and fascinating subject that may help to uphold and honor their home country’s cultural heritage!


So that is what we are looking at (and some hopefully looking forward to) and what is bound to happen with Elemental Clash in 2014!

Looks like 2014 will be a “Clash-tastic” year for friends and fans of the game. Let’s make it happen!!

So as always, keep clashing!

Sincerely yours,



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