Announcing Biomechanic Dino Battles – Kickstarter through Game Salute soon!

Dear friends and fans of both robots and dinosaurs.

After a long time of designing, developing, refining and testing followed by even more refining and tinkering, I am very proud to announce that my game

BDBDB Logo Game Salute

which I (to the left with my pet dinosaur) designed in cooperation with game design newcomer Nathan Moore from the United States of America (the gentleman to the right).

jilocasin the madman 2nate

The game was picked up, as you may have already guessed from the logo picture above, by none less than well-known and prolific US-based games publisher GAME SALUTE in August 2012. Now, after much work and the usual ups and downs of game design, the time has come to announce the upcoming game and start to fire up the propaganda machine full power, starting with this very first announcement on this here blog.

I will not reveal much in this article, just that we are looking at a MARCH/APRIL KICKSTARTER (I just hope I am at liberty to tell you that already, but now it has been said and I shall bear the consequences!) and I will mainly show you some visual teasers / eye candy.

Only so much about the actual game:

Biomechanic Dino Battles takes you to a somewhat dystopic future where the Terran Emperor keeps the masses entertained in grand coliseums where not gladiators duel for their lives, but genetically re-engineered and biomechanically enhanced Dinosaurs are pitted against each other. In this world where flesh, steel and bone meet in the bloody dust of the coliseums, you are a Dino Master who sends his fighting team of Biomechanic Dinosaurs into battle as glory, fame and fortune are to be gained by those emerging victorious from the prehistoric pitfight.

Biomechanic Dino Battles is an action-packed, combat centered and very interactive Deckbuilding Game (this is what sets the game apart from the first and most widely-known Deckbuilding type of game – Dominion) for 2 – 4 Dino Masters, featuring an innovative three type resource system and and an intuitive rules-set which makes the game very easy to pick up yet offering tremendous strategic depth, enourmous replayabiltiy and engaging and fun gameplay in general. Also the game will feature a cast of biomechanically altered and enhanced versions of everyone’s favorite Dinos such as the terrible T-Rex, voracious Velociraptor or spiketailed Stegosaurus to name just a few…

More info such as the game rules will be revealed soon – be sure to “like” the game’s official facebook page at to stay up to date on news and previews – but for now I would like to show you some mouth-watering visual previews from the game:

IMPORTANT NOTE: All images are previews which do not represent the finished product, which may and most certainly will differ from the previews shown below!

Firstly, the core, the heart of the game system: The three types of Combat Cards which will serve as currency for acquiring new cards to add to your deck and for powering different Dinosaur attacks or defending against attacks among other things.

Combat Cards

And here a sample Dinosaur card (left), one of the many different Strategy cards (middle) and one Tech card (right):


Well folks that is all that will be revealed today!! If you like what you saw and read please subscribe to this blog and also please do give Biomechanic Dino Battles a “Like” on facebook at as we will be releasing a ton of new art and card previews as well as additional information about the game itself in the coming months prior to and during a hopefully powerful and successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter around March/April this year!!

Please also take a look at or even subscribe to the Biomechanic Dino Battles game page on Boardgamegeek!

Thank you very much for your attention and interest! More to come soon as said before!

Sincerely yours,



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