Yu-Gi-Oh: Building a Fairy Deck for my Sister & Update on “Pot of Destruction”

This Yu-Gi-Oh article will be about two things:

Firstly I am going to showcase a Fairies Deck which I built for and upon request by my younger sister Nora. I was surprised how many great Fairy-type Monsters and how many awesome Fairy support cards there are! You will see. Secondly I am going to discuss the out of the ordinary, Pot of Greed theme/fun deck I built and how I have changed it after some initial testing! So let’s have at it:

Building a Fairy Deck for my Sister:

My sister Nora’s favorite attribute in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG is without a doubt Light. So when I asked her recently what kind of deck she wanted me to build for her if she was to choose, she just said “How about a Fairy Deck?”. Sure, why not, said I and so I set out to research a bit on the Internet. At first I had some prejudice towards the Light Fairy Monster type and wondered what Fairies could be good for, even thinking of Fairies as a Deck for sissies! 🙂 I could not have been more wrong as it became evident after just some brief inspeciton on what the Fairy type has to offer. What I found were some very powerful Fairy-type Monsters in conjunction with amazing support Spells. I would like to show you the first draft of my Fairy Deck recipe and then go through the cards one-by-one, as I think each and everyone of the cards I included are worth a closer look as they all got a lot going for them! So here comes…

Fairies of Valhalla Version 1.0


1 x Marshmallon

3 x Nova Summoner

2 x Zeradias, Herald of Heaven

2 x Hecatrice

2 x Honest

3 x Airknight Parshath

3 x Thetys, Goddess of Light

2 x Athena

1 x Guardian of Order

1 x Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin


3 x The Sanctuary in the Sky

3 x Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen

3 x Cestus of Dagla

3 x Celestial Transformation

2 x Book of Moon

1 x Dark Hole

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Trade-In


1 x Torrential Tribute

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Beckoning Light

About the Card Choices:

Marshmallon looks as stupid as it gets but can be an awesome defender, as it cannot be destroyed by battle. Furthermore, when it is attacked and flipped face up, it inflicts 1000 damage to your opponent. We have one Marshmallon in the deck but the little blob can be special summoned from the deck via Nova Summoner, which would be a good target indeed.

Nova Summoner special summons any 1500 ATK or less, Fairy-type Monster from your deck when destroyed be battle. When Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field, you can instead special summon an Airknight Parshath from your deck, which would be a good idea.

Zeradias, Herald of Heaven can be discarded to get a copy of The Sanctuary in the Sky from your deck and

Hecatrice can be used in a similar way to search for Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen, which I consider the key-Spell in this deck.

Honest is probably the most versatile and powerful Fairy, which can be discarded from your hand as a bad surprise for your opponent, as it gives an ATK boost to any Light Monster equal to the ATK of the Monster it battles against. A very powerful card not only in a Fairy Deck but in pretty much any deck running a considerable number of Light Monsters.

Airknight Parshath has lackluster stats for a one-Tribute Monster at a measly ATK of 1900 BUT has two awesome abilities. Firstly, it inflicts piercing battle damage when attacking a defense position Monster and secondly, when it deals damage to an opponent, you get to draw a card. What a convenient combination of effects! Furthermore, this can be special summoned from the deck via Nova Summoner, provided Sanctuary in the Sky is active AND can be special summoned from hand via Valhalla AND can be upgraded to its more powerful counterpart Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin.

Thetys the Goddess of Light is probably my favorite Monster in the Deck, as I love drawing cards, and this one will draw you a new card whenever you draw and reveal a Fairy-type Monster. With 20 out of 40 cards being Fairy-Monsters this means you will have a 50% chance of drawing another card whenever you draw. So Thetys is an awesome draw engine in any Fairy Deck and the impressive 2400 ATK are just the icing on the cake! A worthwile target for special summoning with Valhalla, so you can skip the Tribute required when normal summoning the Goddess of Light.

Athena is another powerful Fairy which lets you exchange any Fairy in play with one from your graveyard. Just swap a uselsess non-Tribute Fairy to special summon  a huge one from your Graveyard.

Guardian of Order is an amazing one-of in the deck which boasts and ATK of 2500 and can be special summoned “for free” so to say when you have at least two Light Monsters on the field. You should be able to meet these requirements easily with this deck.

Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin is the upgraded version of Airknight Parshath and probably the most powerful Monster in the deck when  it comes to potential ATK-power. Firstly he has the same abilities as Airknight: The piercing battle damage when attacking a defense-position Monster and the card drawing whenever it deals battle damage to a player. Secondly, when you have The Sanctuary in the Sky in play and if you have more Life Points than your opponent, Neo-Parshath gets an ATK-bonus equal to the difference in LP.

The Sanctuary in the Sky is a Field Spell that prevents any damage you would take from battles involving Fairy-type Monsters.

Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen is probably THE centerpiece of the deck, the card that makes this deck shine so to say. Get it out ASAP (if you don’t have it in hand, discard Hecatrice to fetch it from the deck) and you will be able to special summon ANY Fairy-type Monster from your hand in case you don’t have any Monsters. That’s right, you can special summon ANY Fairy from hand, including Neo-Parshat and other high-level/high-power Monsters. Combine that with universal Monster destruction like Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute and you’ll surely have the upper hand on the field and over your opponent.

Cestus of Dagla is a nice little Equip-Spell giving a somewhat decent 500 ATK bonus to the equipped Monster. Furthermore, when the Monster Cestus equips deals damage to your opponent, you gain that much life. Pretty nice!

Celestial Transformation is another way to special summon Fairies from hand. Combine this with Book of Moon and the Monster you special summoned will not be destroyed at end of turn as specified by Celestial Transformation, so you can keep the Monster for later use. Also, since Celestial Transformation is a Quick Spell, you can use it to get an instant defender out during your opponent’s turn if need be.

Book of Moon is a card of general usefulness which combos well with Celestial Transformation as mentioned above.

Dark Hole and Monster Reborn go well with any deck, so we decided to include them in this one as well.

Trade-in is nice card draw when you have a Lv 8 Monster to spare (in your hand). Discard a big-one with Trade-in and reanimate it later with Athena’s effect.

Beckoning Light can refill your hand with Light Monsters from your Graveyard and Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute made the cut for general usefulness as well.


OK that is our current Fairies Deck. Overall I must say this is indeed something I would be playing and not at all a “deck for sissies”!

Let’s move on to the second part of this deck article, in which I am going to share some of my “after-play” thoughts on the Pot of Greed fun/theme deck I have come up with recently:

About “Smoking Pot”:

Well first of all: Don’t. Just stay off the drugs and do Yu-Gi-Oh instead!

Joking aside, I recently posted a deck list for what was supposed to be a fun/thematic deck centered around massive card draw in general and my all-time favorite card, Pot of Greed, in particular.

After having played the “Pot of Destruction” Deck, which combines major card draw / card advantage with tons of (pinpoint) monster removal, I realized a few things and applied some changes to my initial deck list.

First of all, I realized that the “win-condition”, while being a great, great card, in the right deck, was just too complicated to set up in this deck and the setting up took up way too many card slots. I am talking about Dark Armed Dragon. The guy is amazing at 2800 ATK and the awesome ability to banish any 1 card in play for the mere cost of banishing one of your Dark Monster in the Graveyard. Yet I had to run 3 Giant Germs and 3 Mystic Tomatos in order to get enough Dark Monsters into my graveyard and even then the special summoning condition of having EXACTLY 3 Dark Monsters in the graveyard was hard to meet.

As an alternative to Dark Armed Dragon, I included exactly 2 Monsters. That is right, I intend to win with this deck just with two “killer monsters”. The first is Chaos Sorcerer, which is 2300 ATK and can banish one face-up Monster per turn instead of attacking. The second, the true “killer” is Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, which has an impressive 3000 ATK and two amazing effects of which you can choose one per turn. Either banish any opponent Monster or attack a second time in a row if he destroyed a Monster in battle this turn. Both Sorcerer and Soldier have the same special summoning requirement: Banish 1 Light and 1 Dark Monster from your Graveyard. Admittedly, this seems hard to accomplish in a deck with only 5 Light Monsters (Black Luster Soldier included) and 4 Dark Monsters (Chaos Sorcerer included) but in a deck with this “control” approach, it is actually not too hard to pull off, as you got plenty of time to set it up, considering all the Monster removal packed in the deck.

Another thing I realized after a few initial plays was this: The deck misses some Traps. Running tripple Fissure, tripple Smashing Ground and tripple Shield Crush is more than enough to deal with most of your opponent’s Monsters. The only problem with that strategy is that none of these are Quickplay Spells, hence they cannot be played on your opponent’s turn. What happened to me was simply that the opponent dropped a Monster on their turn and attacked right away, thus constantly inflicting some damage before I could take down their Monster with aforementioned pinpoint removal Spells. The simple solution to this shortcoming is adding in some (destructive) Traps. Two Raigeki-Breaks (as I have ample cards to discard for its cost) and one Mirror Force made the cut. Plus I added one Mask of Darkness to retrieve any key Trap such as Mirror Force). I would have liked to add 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blasts as they are awesome for interfering with your opponent’s plans but didn’t know what to take out in favor of those…

What worked and worked extremely well and indeed as intended by me was the massive card draw combined with the Monster removal. Gold Sarcophagus fetched Pot of Greed very soon and reliably, Avatar of the Pot was amazing to draw 3 (!) cards and A Feather of the Phoenix retrieved Pot to do it again. Jar Turtle worked wonders, turning every Jar into a Pot so to say and is an awesome defender at 2100 DEF to top it off. Also, the more Turtles the merrier and it was indeed not too uncommon to have two Jar Turtles out, which meant one Jar of Greed drew me 3 (!) cards at once. Man I love that turtle. How often do you see someone draw 3 cards with one card effect in Yu-Gi-Oh?? I removed one Shard of Greed though in favor of the Pot with the little Hitler-moustache: Pot of Avarice. This one is great during mid-late game as it returns 5 of your destroyed Monsters to your deck, which is awesome AND draws you 2 cards, which is double awesome… With all the potent card draw in the deck I was able to draw most of my deck – before losing – most of the times.

One word of advice though: Never use A Feather of the Phoenix when you want to activate Gold Sarcophagus. Yeah, it is obvious: Feather returns a card from your Graveyard to the top of your deck and Sarcophagus makes you shuffle your deck. Still I did that one time and “lost” the Pot of  Greed I placed on top of my deck in that way… 😦

Overall I must say that I am pretty happy with the way the deck plays out – for a fun deck. Again, this is not aiming to be competitive in any way! 🙂

So here is the revised deck list for “Pot of Destruction”:

Pot of Destruction V 1.1.:


1 x Magician of Faith

1 x Mask of Darkness

1 x Sangan

3 x Avatar of the Pot

3 x Royal Magic Library

3 x Jar Turtle

1 x Breaker, the Magical Warrior

1 x Chaos Sorcerer

1 x Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning


1 x Pot of Greed

3 x Gold Sarcophagus

3 x A Feather of the Phoenix

3 x Fissure

3 x Smashing Ground

3 x Shield Crush

1 x Lightning Vortex

1 x Shard of Greed

1 x Pot of Avarice


3 x Jar of Greed

2 x Raigeki Break

1 x Mirror Force


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