Elemental Clash: Queen of Dragons

Dear readers and friends of Elemental Clash!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to an all-new, exciting Spellcaster to be released with the upcoming expansion set

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and this time, it is a lady-Spellcaster, yet one far from being a fair lady!

I just love Dragons, in any game or also in art, literature, film and so on so I am pretty excited about this Spellcaster, as she was especially made with the Dragon Creature-type in mind. So bow your heads and meet

Draconia the Dragon Queen

Draconia the Dragon Queen

Draconia sure makes the Dragon deck type a whole lot more powerful as she gives all of your Dragons a +1 ATK boost AND the Quickattacker ability, which will let them attack when in your Element-Stone-Zone, so the very turn they come into play. When you flip her it gets even worse for your opponent. Whilst giving up the static ability’s benefits, you can flip Draconia to put any one Dragon Creature from your Spellbook (deck) right into your ATK-Zone. You could possibly do this on turn 1 to have an instant advantage over your opponent, but you would forgo the static abiliy’s benefits, which are considerable as well. However, Draconia has her downside as well. While many Spellcasters let you draw more cards than normal and/or grant you a larger starting hand, the Dragon Queen gives you a standard hand of 7 cards and standard draw of 1 card per turn and allows only for a 35 card Spellbook (deck – 40 is the normal Spellbook size in Elemental Clash).

So this Dragon-lady Spellcaster begs for a Dragon deck being built around her. Here’s what I have come up with:

Queen of Dragons:

Spellcaster: Draconia the Dragon Queen (35 cards)


3 x Dwarf Miner

1 x The Paradox Weaver

2 x Lightning Dragon

2 x Fire Dragon

1 x Sea Dragon

1 x Bargost Thundertail

1 x Ascarius, Lord of Storms

1 x Grimlock the Cruel

1 x Finborg, Sire of the Seas


3 x Stonelore

3 x Royal Revival

3 x Necromancy

2 x Bookmark


3 x Magmastone

2 x Peakstone

2 x Islandstone

2 x Demonic Stone

1 x Rainbow Stone

2 x Mars-Stone

The Strategy:

So this is my approach of a Draconia Dragons Deck. It features all 4 Elements and tons of ways to get any of your dragons, the one you need most at any given time during a game, into your hand or directly into play. To get the dragons out fast and to have the right Element-Stones you need in play, the deck runs Dwarf Miner and Stonelore. Both search for any one Element-Stone, also non-basic ones. Dwarf Miner puts one in your hand as its Play-Effect (which triggers when it enters play) and Stonelore puts it in play right away and has the great “Boon” ability to top it off! Good targets for those two would be Demonic Stone, which produces 2 Energy instead of 1 (Neutral Energy that is), or your “Unique” Rainbow Stone, which produces 1 Energy of ANY Element.

The deck features a multitude of dragons, which will all have +1 ATK and Quickattacker, which will allow them to attack the very turn they enter play due to Draconia’s terrific Static Ability. Most notably, the four Dragon Lords make an appearence in the deck. All of them are highly powerful but have the “Unique” status/keyword which limits them to one copy per deck. Fear not however, as there are plenty of ways to “fetch” them from your deck! But first I want to show you the dragon lords in the form of their cards, brilliantly illustrated by Alonzo Emata of the Philippines:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there are many ways to get just the dragon you want and need in any situation:

Draconia herself can be flipped to get any one Dragon from your deck into your ATK-Zone right away, ready to strike so to say. Then there is Bookmark, a Spell that lets you take any one card from your deck into your hand. Lastly, there are some powerful reanimation Spells in the deck, such as Royal Revival, which costs just 1 Earth Energy and can summon any 1 Unique Creature from ANY Archive (discard pile), also from your opponents’. In Elemental Clash, lots of cards will be sent to your Archive over the course of the game naturally, as in this game, every point of damage a player takes results in sending the topmost card from their deck to their discard. This means you will have plenty of targets for your reanimation Spells sooner or later. I like to call that an “Archive/Discard Pile Toolbox” as you will be able to pick and choose to revive the dragon you need most at any given time.

Actually, I am glad that my good friend and “partner in crime” (game design that is) makes a cameo in this deck. Meet the Paradox Weaver, also known as Rob Seater, in the form of a card he designed for Elemental Clash and which bears his likeness:

The Paradox Weaver

Rob, I mean the Paradox Weaver will allow me to switch the type of Energy my Element-Stone-Stack produce freely. By the original rules, the bottommost Stone in a Stack determines the type of Energy the whole Stack produces. The Paradox Weaver turns that upside down so the topmost, the one played last, will determine the type of Energy. Plus he draws me a card when played, which is a nice side-effect!

Well I hope you enjoyed this litte preview / deck article! Drop by every now and then for more strategy articles and Legendary Legacy previews!

Game on!




One thought on “Elemental Clash: Queen of Dragons

  1. My list embraces and is named after the magic format I used to play: Elder Dragon Highlander. It is a singleton deck that uses Prisma to rapidly hit the level 3 spells and dragons. I look forward to one day clashing with you.

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